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Important note: If you haven't seen season 7 yet, this contains SPOILERS! Nothing big, but if you don't like spoilers, then don't read.

We all know love letters are romantic and mushy, but come from the heart. I recently had the opportunity to read a letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother 60 years ago. It spoke volumes about their love.

So it inspired me to write this one-shot. It a letter from Piper to Leo after Leo becomes mortal.

Leo rolls over in bed, he had struggled the whole night to fall asleep. Ever since he had fallen from grace and given up being an Elder in order to be with family.

The biggest draw back was the fact that he had no powers and he couldn't heal. If he or those he loved was to be seriously hurt, he or they would die.

He rolled over to look at Piper sleeping, only to find her not there. Laying on her pillow was a letter. He flipped on the lamp for more light, cause it was barely light outside.

Opening the letter, he began to read:

Dear Leo,

WE both know I'm not poetic. I just spent the last three hours listening to you toss and turn. While fending off the urge to roll you out in the floor so I could get some sleep, I came up with this letter.

I know it's hard for you now that your not a Elder. I wanted to let you know how much it means to me that you chose me and the boys over immortality.

You overcame amnesia given to you by the Elders to find your way back to us. I mean they dumped you in Texas, far from San Francisco.

That speaks volumes to me about our love and how strong it is.

Getting used to being mortal will be difficult for you, but I will be here to help you. We will find a way, we always do. And the Elders will probably assign us another white-lighter, I mean they have to right, we;re the Charmed Ones, they need us a hell of a lot more then we need them. Then we won't have to worry about you or Wyatt again healing us.

Leo, even though your no longer an Elder, or white lighter, your still my angel.

Love Always,

Your wife, Piper.

Leo folded the letter back and leaned against his pillow. He closed his eyes, and heard the words again, 'Your still my angel...'

"I love you Piper," he says as he falls asleep."

Piper is standing out in the hallway leaning against the wall, let's a tear fall down her face, wiping it away, she whispers, "I love you too Leo."

We'll be all right my love. We've been through so much worse, to let this tear us apart.

2 Hours later...

Piper walks into the nursery to find Leo rocking baby Chris to sleep, and watching Wyatt play in his playpen. "Morning Leo."


"How did you get Chris to sleep?"

"He's been cranky all night."

"Maybe he sensed I was being cranky," he smiled. "Sorry about that."

"Don't be, I understand."

"But I want you to know that we will be fine."

"How do you know?"

"Cause I love you and the boys, and I'm willing to fight."

"You don't have to fight, we're already yours."

"I mean fighting demons and fate to keep you guys."

"Well if it helps, you don't have to fight alone." she said kneeling in front of him.

"Yeah that does help," he smiles.

"And we have a new white lighter."

"We do? When? Who?"

"Hold up, slow down," she holds her hand up, "First off, yes we do, since this morning, and it's Kyle."

"Paige must be ecstatic."

"Yeah she is."

"Well I better get up to magic school. I have 20 minutes before I'm late."

"20 minutes huh?"


"Put Chris down and meet me in the bedroom."

"I can do that," he says with a smile, as he slowly stands up and places Chris in his crib.

"Good, I love you Leo."

"I love you too.

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