Title: First Times

Author: DnKS - giRLs

Rating: PG

Pairing: so many of them…count yourselves

Warning: OOC-ness is the GOOD-ness (smile)

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Chapter 1- To Oishi Shuichiroh

Oishi, nya…..

Um… let's see…. First time I met you, I was on my trek to the school. I remember that time I was so much in haste because I woke up late. And to make things worse, nee-san somehow had managed to drain the last bits of my favourite toothpaste to nothingness. That was my one and only watermelon-flavoured toothpaste! Nee-san was so cruel, and so I spent most of my morning time by mourning over my bad luck, pouting at nee-san and finally went to school. I ran like I was being chased by the devils and suddenly I saw you. You were the doubles guy – because that time you were reading about doubles… I still can't understand how you could read a book whileyou werewalking like that. But… but when I saw you, my heart went 'kira-kira' because… 'Hey, this guy is playing tennis too' or so I thought. So, it just made my decision to join the tennis club become so it could become stronger. I knew it ever since our first meeting that we would be great friends, and I am right, ne Oishi…

Ano, then first time I talked to you – since we didn't really talk that much in our first meeting – you showed me the club. I had joined the tennis club by then, and by hearing you speak, I thought like…uoooohhhh… Oishi was so cool and mature!

But then, I heard rumours about you. It seemed not everyone in the club accepted you. And when I heard you talking to Yamato-buchou, doubting his choosing you, I became really mad. REALLY mad! That was the first time I got pissed off because of you, Oishi!

My first match with you happened because our fight that took place earlier. I hated you, really, Oishi, because I thought you had wasted your talent. You really were a bad person! But as our game continued, I found out how strong you were. You beaten me and I still felt the match was unfair. I mean… sure I know that you were, and are stronger than me, but that time I played the good person and you played the bad one. The bad ones were supposed to be lost in every story, right!

But that was fine, since that match was also one thing that made us able to form our doubles team; and our deeper relationship later. Honestly speaking, I never thought that I would love you, Oishi. It just became apparent that you and I were meant to be together as time passed by.

First time I said I loved you, I was so nervous until I could not hear your answer. I even ran after I had said that without concerning what answer you would give. I was so scared and my heart felt like it wanted to jump to my throat instead of staying peacefully in its proper place in my chest. I was so confused that I might cry but in the same time, I also felt relieved because I had told you the secret of my heart. My feeling was so messed up that night. I had never experienced such feeling before and ever since.

On the second thought, maybe I had that feeling again… you know, Oishi, the feeling that I might cry and laugh at the same time, and that was when you said for the first time that you also loved me.

That time, I was sure my heart really had jumped to my throat…

First time you went to my house, I poured tea all over your shirt, made you fall from the stairs, ruined your dinner, and almost made you killed by my neighbour's dog. It wasn't my fault that you decided to come over when I was all alone in my house. It also wasn't my fault that I was so nervous until I could neither serve tea in right manner nor prepared the dinner. It wasn't my fault that I accidentally stepped on that dog's tail and it somehow thought you had done the crime. But we really enjoyed our times together that night, ne, Oishi? We had neither my sisters nor my brothers nor my parents to disturb us, just you and me.

First time we had a date, you brought me to this amazing crepes store that I love so much. I had never before tasted such sweet and fluffy crepes like what I tasted that time. You sure had a good taste in food, Oishi! Then we went to the amusement park and I had my first kiss there.

I still remember it, and I hope the same thing also goes to you, Oishi. You still remember it too, ne? That time we were somewhere around our trip in what they called a mystery mansion. It was so dark and our train moved so slowly. I was really scared and suddenly I felt your lips on mine. Oishi was kissing me!

But honestly, that time I almost screamed. Not because I was happy but because I thought the Dracula thingie that was hanging on the ceiling had somehow got me and was about to drain my blood. So my first kiss went like that, in the dark where I could not even see your face. Just great!

But you made that up and kissed me again once we were outside that darkened tunnel… hehe… that was my second kiss and somehow it felt better than my first. Maybe it was because I could see you that time and Oishi's blushing face was so… so… CUTE! I want to go kyaa-ing like a fangirl.

Oishi, I love you!

The first person who knew about our relationship was Fuji since he was my best friend. You are not my best friend, Oishi, you are my lover and a lover is different from a best friend. I was so glad when he said that he was happy for me. You see, Oishi, I was kinda scared of what our friends' reactions would be if they heard about us. But my worry was disappeared as I found out that everyone was happy with us being together.

Then again, have you not promised to me that no matter what will happen, no matter what awaits us in the future, and no matter what we will become, you will always be there to give me support and never to leave me. You see, Oishi, I think you really are a romantic person. Those words could make me almost melt at that very time. I don't know what have made you love someone like me because I am loud, I am childish, I am dependant, and I need Oishi's help almost every time. I don't know how to repay Oishi's kindness and helps. So I just do the only thing I can, that is to show Oishi that I love him as mush as or even more than he loves me.

Oh yeah… I forgot to tell you. Believe it or not, you are my first love! And I doubt if I will ever want to get my second or third or fourth or any other lover than you.

So, Oishi, thanks on being my first special someone. You are one of the greatest things that present in my life together with grape-yoghurt-flavoured toothpaste, tennis, lobster-steak and my family.

We are The Golden Pair, Oishi, don't forget that, and we will be The World's Number One for sure

See you next week!

Eiji (smiles)

– end for now –

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