Disclaimer: Back to the Future is not mine.

Author's note: I know this is a few days late, but it's written in honour of BttF's 20th Anniversary. So... Happy Birthday, Back to the Future!

I came up with most of this while doing my maths last night; I wrote down the first line, because it had been stuck in my head for quite a while, and after that the rest of the poem kept coming... One verse in the middle was started during today's band concert rehearsal while waiting to go onstage, and finished while waiting for my exam in the afternoon to start. Inspiration strikes at the strangest of times. It was a welcome change from my ongoing Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy poem, which has proven to be much more of a challenge to write than I'd expected.


Do you remember the future, Doc?
Back then in 'eighty-five
It may be strange to you, but yet
It's where I live my life.
My parents then were middle-aged
Not teens as they are now
They've changed so much, over the years
I sometimes wonder how.

Do you remember the future, Doc?
Skateboards and Pepsi Free
An actor as the President
And colour on TV.
Peabody's farm a shopping mall
Your mansion was no more
Clocktower standing by the pond
Hands stuck at ten o'four.

Do you remember the future, Doc?
Your white hair all astray
A dog named Einstein; he was yours.
Star Wars, and JFK.
Reruns were showing all the time
Rock music on the air
Hairdryers, Playboy, CPR
And Trekkies everywhere.

Do you remember the future, Doc?
I'd been your friend for years
The other kids made fun of you, yet
You didn't mind their sneers.
I came to see you after school
You helped me with my work
And comforted me if I had
Been bullied by some jerk.

Do you remember the future, Doc?
The streets were filled with dirt
The movies filled with drugs and sex
The world was filled with hurt.
And people's lives all kind of sucked
Bad guys were on the roam
A messed up place to live, and yet
It's still what I call home.

Do you remember the future, Doc?
The Libyans driving by
Their gunshots sounding in the air
I had to watch you die.
The Libyans tried to get me, too
I barely got away
Escaped through time, so here I am
In 'fifty-five today.

Do you remember the future, Doc?
I need to tell you, see.
'Cause I don't want you to be killed,
I must change history.
I know that you won't want me to
Trust me, I understand
But it's a thing I gotta do
Because you're still my friend.

Do you remember the future, Doc?
Perhaps one day you might
I hope that things all turn out fine, but
It's late now, so goodnight.
I guess I'll go to bed now
Though sleep will not come easy
But so you know, I'll always be
You're friend in time: Marty.


Happy 20th Anniversary.

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