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It was a dark and stormy night
The future forecast had been right
The black clouds rolled across the sky
As Doc Brown waited for McFly.

Bright lightning flashed and thunder clapped.
Around Hill Valley, strong winds slapped
Against the buildings which had stood
The test of time; tonight they would
Go through a storm of such furore
Hill Valley had not seen before.

The Clock Tower stood firm and staunch,
Three score and ten years since its launch.
But soon its hands would move no more
The time forever ten o' four.



Hill Valley High was filled that night
With students, music, laughter bright
The dance was on, and everywhere
Were signs of romance in the air.

On the stage, the band played on
As George and Lorraine gazed upon
Each other's face. Aged seventeen,
Two lives changed by a time machine
That had a fair big part to play
In making things turn out this way.

Up on the stage, their future son
Was having quite a bit of fun.
His fingers picked at his guitar
With expert skill unmatched by far.
He slid about the floor in ways
That wasn't proper in those days;

A boom, a squeal, a speaker fell
And silence joined the fall as well.
Marty guessed they weren't ready yet
(Their kids would love it though, he bet.)



The lightning flashed as on the clock
Hands hung a rather frazzled Doc.
For Marty's sake, he did engage
In feats too strenous for his age
He climbed, he swung, he slid, he fell
And danced when things all turned out well.

Then down the street the footsteps sounded
As Marty's Nike footwear pounded
'Gainst the road. He went up to Doc -
The old guy fainted from the shock.
And this is where it fades to black;
Though it won't be long till they come back.


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