Girl Next Door

Summary: Sakura is a girl who behaves like a guy. They say love can change everything. Will she remain a tomboy or change into a lady? Most of all, will she ever find someone who will treasure her?

Chapter 1: Just Me in My Perfect World

Ring. Bright and early in the morning, a certain cherry-pink haired girl was awakened by the annoying sound from the alarm clock. The mechanical penguin opened its mouth and spoke in a cheery voice, "Good morning, it's 6.30am. Feels great to hear my voice the first thing in the morning right?" Grr.

Sakura slammed the penguin down with her hand and threw it out of the window. Ino. I do not enjoy hearing your voice in the morning and please do not sneak in and check my belongings!

Sakura sat up and rubbed her eyes. That's the way she was. She did not really give a damn of what others thought of her. She liked to do things her own way and hated people telling her what to do. Haruno Sakura, number one girl. Sort of.

She quickly got up and changed into her uniform. A proud student of Konoha High School. A prestigious school where only the smartest and richest attended. But for her, she had gotten in not because she was smart or rich. It was all due to the fact that she had to take care of her mistress or rather friend or rather classmate. Yamanaka Ino, the heiress to the Yamanaka's chain of flower shops.

Sakura had been taken in by the Yamanaka family when she was small and she was appointed as Ino's personal maid and soon became her friend. Ino had no friends as her father was scared she might get kidnapped. Idiotic thoughts.

"SAKURA!" Ino banged the door of a going-to-collapse hut. Yamanaka mansion had a grand forest surrounding it and Sakura's hut was located in the middle of it, Ino did not want Sakura to stay in the main house because she did not want people to gossip. Nobody knew that Sakura was Ino's maid, they just thought that Sakura worked there. Ino wanted to save her face, she didn't want people to think she still needed protection when she was already fifteen years old.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Sakura grabbed her black duffel bag and opened the door. She did not comb her hair but she did not really mind.

Ino was there with her hands crossed, posing a model's look, "Haruno Sakura. Shouldn't you wake up earlier upon hearing my cute chirpy voice in the morning? Today is the first day of school, we cannot afford to be late, you know?"

"Ino, don't barge into my room without my permission! Stop recording your voice into my penguin! He will be suffocated by your toxic voice. What's wrong with being late?" Sakura retorted and bent down to tie her shoelaces.

"Sakura, my voice is so enchanting that boys swoon all over after hearing my voice. We absolutely can't be late. We are in a new class this year, we will meet new people, hopefully guys. You never know maybe one guy will take a liking to me since I'm so hot." Ino smiled. Dots.

"Okay, okay. So what you want me to do? Help you attract attention or what?" Sakura got up.

"I can manage on my own, thank you very much. You ride your bike, I'll sit in the car. We'll pretend we don't know each other in school," Ino said.

"But we'll know each other. Kiba and Shino know our relationship too." Sakura looked at her. My followers or rather henchmen.

"Idiots. Your fault for telling them about our scared relationship. Just don't talk to me in class, I need to make friends without you interfering," said Ino and she glanced at her watch, "I'm going to be late! See you in class… maybe not…" She ran to the entrance.

I never interfere, it's my job. Why are you in such a rush to grow up and make new friends? Keep the old and glance at the new. They're plain evil.

Sakura heaved a sigh and got on her bike and cycled out of the gates. She looked at everyone who wore neighborhood schools' uniforms. It felt great to be in a school where famous people studied in it too. But she never met any famous people, everyone shunned her away. Only her best buddies, Kiba and Shino stayed with her.

Kiba and Shino were quite smart and they were once saved by Sakura from being bullied by some gang members. Kiba and Shino were cousins and they had crushes on Ino. But Ino never had eyes for them.

"He's so cute!" One girl wearing the Konoha uniform shouted.

"I swear he looked at me just now!" Her friend squealed.

Then the group of girls started running and screaming, "NO! He looks at me!"

What the heck? Brainless girls. Sakura carried on cycling and looked to her right. "ARGHHH!" She screamed. Sakura had fallen off the bike and she was sprawled in a rather uncomfortable position on the pavement. She had cuts on her legs and blood oozed out.

"Why don't you look where you are going?" Sakura snapped at the guy who had crashed into her. He wore sunglasses, wearing the same uniform as her.

"I'm sorry. Some people just started chasing me and you happened to stop in front of me," He apologized, but there was accusation in his voice.

"Hey! Don't push all the faults to me… you sunglasses freak." Sakura glanced at him. Everything about him was so dark. His hair was dark, his shoes were dark and his bag was dark in a way.

"… I waste my breath talking to you…" He got on her bike, "I'm borrowing your bike, I'll return it to you later…" He quickly rode off without another look back at the shocked Sakura.

Sakura stood up, screaming her lungs out, "HEY! That's mine. Make sure you return it to me or else I'll tell the principal and get you expelled! Y-you sunglasses freak!"

His back disappeared into the thin air and then noises could be heard.

"I thought he was here a few seconds ago?"

"I knew it, one of you must have kidnapped him!"

The same group of brainless girls.

"Hey girl," One of the seniors looked at Sakura, "Have you seen a guy wearing sunglasses?"

Sakura shook her head innocently, "No."

The senior's friend whispered to her, "You shouldn't have asked her. She beats up all the guys and despises them. She's the fearless tomboy, how could he mix around with her?"

"Let's go to school and find him!" One of them shouted and then all of them left rapidly. Sakura glared at their backs with dislike and walked behind slowly. I wonder who that guy is and… wow… I'm so famous in a rude way. But I don't care, I'm a tomboy and I won't change regardless of anyone.


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