Girl Next Door

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Chapter 20: Teenagers in Love

The Sun's rays casting over them created an array of colors. There was not a single exchange of word between them. Intense atmosphere beheld them as they wished for someone to break the ice. Their closeness seemed to fade with time. Right now, they appeared as complete strangers and not buddies anymore.

"I…" they spoke exactly the same time. Their faces appeared flushed as they glanced at each other. Sakura bit her cherry lips before saying," You go first…" She looked down and stared hard at the ground.

"Well…I…heard that you moved out of Ino's house. Is that true? You move out willingly?" Kakashi said earnestly. His face was feigned with concerns which were a rare sight.

Sakura raised her head up and looked at him, shocked. She wondered what kind of nonsense he had been hearing of these past few months when he was away and whoever said all these nonsense to him, she wondered. Ino's father didn't even know that she moved out. Ino…

Kakashi was appalled by Sakura's sudden emotion and said coldly, afraid that Sakura might think that he's very much concerned about her," It's just plain curiosity. You don't have to answer me if you don't feel like it."

"No," Sakura interrupted. She paused for a while before continuing," It's true. I did move out willingly too." Come to think of it, I did. Willingly.

Kakashi raised his eyebrow as he had no idea this would be so easy. He looked around the park and asked," How come you're here anyway? You're staying near here?"

Sakura felt intimated by him. How come he seems to know everythingKakashi was brilliant at talking indirectly without expressing his inner interest. Sakura replied with a single nod. This meeting with him had already given her much shock that she would obtain in her entire life and her mind was completely wiped out of any personal details.

He looked back at her and said softly," I knew it." Sakura glanced at him before looking blankly at the faraway playground. She placed her hands inside her pockets as she waited for him to break the ice again. She wondered whether Naruto was done with Hinata. Did they have enough time to talk about individual's particular interest? Would it be rude if she go home right now?

"Sakura." There was a note of urgency sighted in his low voice. "I have rented a room for you at a nearby flat." Sakura looked at him with her jaws hanging loose. A sudden idea popped into her mind, hinting that Kakashi might still be interested in her. That was amazingly impossible. Perhaps Ino's father requested him to take good care of her privately in order not to incur the wrath of her precious daughter? She lacked of brain juice to think of anymore ridiculous ideas.

"Why are you treating me so good?" Sakura had no time to think of something sensible to say. She wished she could take back her words. What would Kakashi think of her? She would like him to think of her as a sensible younger sister that wouldn't cause any unnecessary trouble and not as a naïve little girl from the past.

He eyed her closely and said," I been tasked to do this." I should have known better!

Sakura dropped her graze and she seemed to be affected by what he just spoken. But oh well, she could move to the flat and stop being a nuisance to Hinata. Did she want to move? Hinata was a great roommate. She wanted their relationship to deepen. She wanted to continue spotting Naruto lurking around the area.

Kakashi turned his back towards Sakura and threw the keys accurately at her. "There's a tag attached to the key stating the location. See you around." Sakura caught the key with her right hand and pressed her lips together. What was the meaning of this? His dark figure slowly vanished away. Sakura had the sudden urge to move to the flat. She couldn't figure what exactly her mind was thinking. She longed to see him again. Not in the case of a misleading relationship. But in the case of she wanted to know why he back for was.


Sakura was tossing and turning in the luxurious queen-sized bed when suddenly her annoying phone rang. It was also a weird loud sounding ring tone that she had randomly chosen because of its unique name. She spent the entire evening moving her entire stuffs to this flat. She had the image of a beautiful private flat with water fountains and well-maintained blooming gardens. But to add to her disappointment, she saw dumping of dogs' poos and walls that the colors had bleached.

She shifted her hand around the dressing table, hoping to reach her phone without bothering to open her tiresome eyes. She pressed the main button and said sleepily," What can I do for you?"

"Sakura! I'm thrilled for you! You have a rare opportunity to shoot…" Before the speaker had finished, Sakura was standing on the bed, jumping with excitement. Shoot a movie? Wait, wait. I don't even know the details! "Sakura, are you listening? This is Anko, by the way." Oh Anko, from the modeling school. Anko! A modeling job, I suppose?

"The thing is, there's a photo shoot on 'Teenagers in Love'. The supposedly main female model was sick and we had to assign another model. It was a last minute act and we had nobody in mind." Oh… "I think you know the male leads or something before one of them sort of nominate you. We thought you'll be great as the color theme is pink."

Sakura's mouth shape was formed into an "o" and she replied," Oh…" I wonder who the culprits are. "So are you free right now? This photo shoot is due by today and we really have to finish this entire shooting. This will hugely increase your fame."

Without hesitation, Sakura replied with a 'yes'. She's so damn interested in knowing the male leads too. More money too, perhaps she could pay Kakashi the rent she stayed for one night and moved back to the warmness of Hinata's humble house.


"So, you really have nothing better to do, yeah?" The hairstylist was styling Sakura's soft curls and Sakura was eyeing Naruto in the mirror. Sakura's face was coated with luxurious branded snow powder and her eyelashes were curled up nicely. Her lips were painted with a light pink punch and her cheeks are slightly flushed. Sakura looked completely different.

He grinned sneakily," You helped me with Hinata and brought us to higher heights so I might as well help you." I'm so grateful. There were two male leads only. One was Naruto and another was Sasuke. Just the look at Sasuke brought her back to the sea where he carried her piggy-back back to the mansion. She blushed at the thought of it. Should she count her lucky stars for this opportunity?

"You're ready to be capture." The hairstylist patted her shoulder. Sakura smiled lightly at him before looking painfully at Naruto. The cameraman had insanely paired her up with Naruto. With the theme of "Teenagers in Love", she wondered how this would increase her fame. She felt liked letting Hinata down and there was absolute no way she could pose with Naruto with love glowering around them. Faking an euphoric pose with Naruto would be out too.

"Lights! Background should be completely white." The cameraman shouted. Sakura didn't expect shooting behind the scenes to be this hectic and stressful. No wonder she only appreciated the finish product and never the behind-the-scenes stuffs. Sakura was thrown into an allure of pure whiteness and saw Naruto next to her. What role was she playing? An angel?

Sakura looked down at her outfit and frowned. She was wearing a boat neck top with plentiful laces around it. Her skirt and shoes had polka dots ribbons on it too. Did teenagers in love wear this? She couldn't care any less. She had no idea what kind of feeling she should express when she's indulged in love.

"Stand together please!" The cameraman shouted, frustrated. Sakura was fearful of his attitude and reluctantly stood next to Naruto who was waving to Sasuke. Sasuke had finished his previous shooting, a solo one too. No wonder he had been riding on his fame. Sakura tried to avoid his glares.

"Now, everybody wants to finish this fast. The last shoot is supposedly the girl holds hand with the guy. Look at each other and smile. Lips close together as if you are about to kiss with each other. We do not promote teenagers to be in love in this photo shoot. It's a just a public awareness." Anko said, pushing Sakura towards Naruto's arms.

What an awkward and tense situation. Sakura was about to brawl her eyes out when she heard what Anko had just said. There was no way she could be lovey dovey with Naruto. They were good friends not lovers.

Sakura stood behind Naruto with her arms on Naruto's shoulders, trying to smile as widely as she could. Naruto tried to make her less pressurized by saying," I heard from Hinata that you moved out from her house. Why? You made her lonely and sad."

"Sakura, please smile more. Naruto, please shift your head a bit so Sakura's head will be next to yours." Anko's voice lingered in this shapeless area. Sakura smiled broadly by saying happily," Someone rented a room at a flat for me. I couldn't bother Hinata anymore so I decided to move out."

"No wonder. I was surprised when she told me, I didn't know you had that kind of money. Whose that someone anyway?" Naruto responded. Sakura was a bit anxious that there was no flashing of cameras because she was frozen in the exact pose for about five minutes or so.

"No, this won't do it. Naruto and the girl's faces clash completely. Totally sunshine, we needed a darker element. Naruto was posing as an innocent student just now too right? Hmm…I think…" The cameraman looked behind and smiled at the perplexed Sasuke who was drinking his coffee," Sasuke! You are more suitable than Naruto for this kind of shoot."

Sakura looked directly at Sasuke who was taken back by what the cameraman just said. Naruto sighed loudly, purposely. Oh dear. I should be thanking that it is Naruto and not Sasuke but now, it's Sasuke! I'm so dead. Teenagers in love. Tell me how should I assist him? Sakura wondered whether she should count on her lucky stars. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.

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