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Summery: Ok so what if Janeway and Chakotay were on New Earth for longer? What if Chakoaty had tie to build a log cabin? What if they had time to start a relationship?

Yes folks that's what this is. I nice little AU fic that has been in my head since that one episode.

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The crackle had cut through the tickle induced laughter like a hot knife through butter. They both heard it; they both looked across to the shelf where they had placed their comm badges.

Captain Kathryn Janeway reluctantly pulled herself up off the bed and wrapping a sheet around herself took the three strides need to reach the shelf. Commander Chakotay was one step behind her.

Janeway picked one of the badges up as the crackle came through again, this time it carried a faint voice with it, "Captain Janeway please respond"

Tapping the badge in her fingers Janeway responded. "Janeway here"

"Captain this is Voyager, We will be arriving back within orbit of the planet in approximately 36 hours"

"Tuvok, what are you doing here?" Chakotayasked over Janeway's shoulder.

"We have been successful in procuring a cure for the virus"

"How" Chakotay asked puzzled

"I believe that explanations should be left until we arrive at the planet. Voyager out"

The signal closed with a chirrup from the badge. They both just stood there in silence for a minute. Suddenly Janeway gathered up the last of the sheet and grabbed some clothes from the drawers. Then without having said a word withdrew into the bathroom. Chakotay watched her in silence. Once she was gone he slowly got dressed himself.

36 hours later

The dazzling lights from the transporter beam faded and left two people standing in the sunshine on the expanse of grass, twenty metres away stood the survival hut. Finding the hut empty the visitors began to explore, looking for their lost comrades.

500 meters away they found the log cabin that had been built. Heading towards it they started to hear raised voices travelling through the still air, clearly coming from the inside the cabin. One of the visitors hesitated for a moment before carrying on.

Just before they reached the cabin the door was pulled open and a figure emerged and headed off suddenly in a different direction. Another figure appeared at the door and called after the first, "CHAKOTAY". She watched him as he carried on walking away; he hesitated at the sound of his name but then carried on walking. Spotting the visitors the figure at the door moved forward to greet them.

"Tuvok, Tom. It's good to see you. Why don't you come in?" Glancing briefly at the retreating figure in the distance, Janeway made her way back inside, followed by the others.


"Please have a seat. Would you like something to eat or drink?" Kathryn asked.

"No thank you Captain." Tuvok replied as he and Tom sat down at the table

"So tell me, how were you able to produce the cure?" Kathryn asked the scientist in her intrigued. Tom suddenly began to look sheepish causing Kathryn to become suspicious and speared the two of them with the old I'm-your-captain-and-I-will-get-my-answer-now look.

"We were able to procure a drug from the Vidiians that they assured us would cure you of the disease." Tuvok said in his matter-of-fact way.

"You did what? I seem to remember that my last order to you as Captain was to stay away from the Vidiians." Kathryn said her tone telling them not only how annoyed she was at being disobeyed but also the confusion at what would make them do that.

Tom gave a snort of laughter, "Really Captain did you actually think that we would let you and the commander just stay on this planet and rot, after all you two have done for us?"

A sheepish but grateful look flickered across Kathryn's face before she managed to get her poker face back, damn I guess it's just been too long since I needed to hide my feelings she thought.

Turning away she busied herself with getting her guests something to drink, even though they had declined when she first asked. She just needed to do something.

"Captain I have a hypo-spray loaded with the drug, I just need to give you both an injection of it and you can return to Voyager." Tom said, as though it was the easiest thing in the world. To leave this place to leave what she now considered paradise, could she do it?

Looking up she was about to turn around when she glanced out of the window and froze. Damn, damn, "Damn!" they were now looking at her in confusion.

"Captain?" Tuvok asked but didn't get a reply as Kathryn launched herself at the door, pulled it open and ran out shouting for Chakotay at the top of her voice. She didn't even get two paces when she Chakotay running toward the house from the direction he had stormed off in earlier.

"KATHRYN" He shouted still too far away. She just stood there waiting for him, behind her she could hear Tuvok and Tom moving over to stand in the doorway, "Captain, what is going on?" Tuvok asked again, by now Chakotay had gotten closer and Kathryn just ignored Tuvok as she said "I'll go secure the garden you do the house"

Chakotay just shook his head "There's no time you know that, you'll get caught outside if you attempt to go for the garden."

"But…" She began only to be cut off by him as he quietly said with a tinge of anger lacing his words

"Kathryn, with Voyager here and a cure to the disease, just why exactly are you bothering about the garden?"

She continued to stare at him for a moment before the intense pressure building in the air reminded them why them of the coming storm. Turning to the others they were about to order them inside when Tuvok's comm badge crackled and Harry Kim's voice emerged "Kim to Tuvok" Gently tapping the pin he replied "Tuvok here go ahead."

"Sir we're reading a massive plasma build up in the atmosphere, B'Elanna said that if we don't transport you up now we may not be able."

"Understood prepare for transport on my mark."

Looking at the Tom he asked, "Do you need to inject them here or can they return to Voyager first?"

"Here, it won't take a moment"

"Then I suggest you hurry lieutenant" Nodding he stepped up to Kathryn and pressed the hypo to her neck before turning and performing the same action on Chakotay.

"The cure should begin to pass throughout your body immediately; I'm not sure how long till your completely cured but given the circumstances I think we should take the chance of returning you to Voyager"

They both nodded and Tuvok once again tapped the comm badge on his chest and repeated the standard phrase

"Tuvok to Voyager 4 to beam up, energise."

As the transport beam began to take them and the familiar tingling sensation swept throughout their bodies the plasma storm hit.