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Chapter 6

The words hung in the air for a moment, a look of disbelief covered his face, "What?" Kathryn stepped back out of her arms and turned away from him as she explained, "When we got back to Voyager, while we were unconscious the Doctor performed a scan to ensure that the cure was working, when he discovered I was pregnant."

A look of understanding crossed Chakotay's face, "The complication." She nodded but still didn't turn around and slowly a look of anger began to appear on his face and in his voice, "But why wouldn't he tell me? We have just been stuck on this planet for nearly two years together, who did he think the father would be?"

Kathryn finally turned to look at him, "The Doctor thought I would want to tell you, that's why he didn't say anything."

Anger radiated from Chakotay and he couldn't hide it when he heatedly said, "Instead you decided to run away from me, to hide down here. Why Kathryn? Do you think I won't be happy with this?"

She looked away from him, "I thought after our fight...I thought I had ruined any chance of there being a relationship between us...I thought I had lost you and that I would have to do this alone."

Chakotay let his anger go and stepping forward softly forced her head up so that he could look her in the yes, "Kathryn, listen me. It took you so long to accept our life here but eventually you did and we were happy. Then when Voyager returned you accepted falling back into that life so easily, I admit it made me angry the thought that you were so willing to give all this, to give us up. But that doesn't mean I stopped loving you. I just didn't want to lose you." He gently pulled her back into his arms, "I have no intention of letting one fight force me from your side, be it as your first officer or as your lover I will always be there for you," he moved one hand to cover her stomach and smiled as he finished, "And our child."

This time the tears gathering in Kathryn's eyes were ones of happiness, "I think this is the first time since we were pulled into the delta quadrant that I can honestly say I'm happy that we were thrown here." He smiled back at her before gently lowering his head and capturing her lips in a soft kiss.

Breaking apart Kathryn's smile dimmed slightly as she asked, "I guess now we just have to decide if we stay here or go with Voyager?" Pulling out of his embrace she moved to retrieve the tricorder whilst saying, "I've come to think of this place As more than just home, it's as close to paradise as we have ever been able to find in all our years of exploration. It's quiet and safe."

Chakotay gave a nod of agreement, "An ideal place to raise a child, but Kathryn we would be alone. On Voyager there would all of our friends, all willing to help. Not to mention much better medical facilities."

Looking back at him she couldn't help saying, "But it would also mean telling everyone. I'm just worried as to what their reactions will be, they risked their lives to get us this cure and now we turn around and tell them not only am I pregnant but that I can no longer be their Captain."

Chakotay looked unsure, and with a little shake of his head said, "I still don't see why you have to step down as Captain. After all Samantha Wildman stayed on duty during her pregnancy."

Kathryn gave a small shake of her own head in reply, "Ensign Wildman wasn't in charge of a starship. Can you really say you would be happy for me to be heavily pregnant and standing on the bridge in the middle of battle?" She looked at him questioningly but he didn't answer her and so she continued, "Then there is the fact that as I progress my hormones will become erratic, making it harder for me to control my emotions. Not exactly ideal for someone who is regularly required to go into stressful situations where it is paramount that I keep control at all times.

Chakotay was looking unhappy now as he found himself being forced to agree with her, "I guess when you look at it like that it would be difficult to justify you remaining Captain. But I'm sure we could find another role for you, science officer maybe or even astrometrics, two areas you've always been interested in."

Kathryn's smile returned at the suggestion, "I suppose the thought of sitting around for months doing nothing would drive me a little crazy."

This caused Chakotay to finally laugh out loud, "Crazy, Kathryn you'd try to re-take the ship with some outrageous plan, despite the fact that you could just ask and command would be given to you." He walked over to her and curled his arm around her "But there is one other thing." She looked at him waiting for him to say what he was going to say.

Taking a deep breath he looked her deep in the eyes and said, "Kathryn, before Voyager arrived I was going to take you out in the boat to that clearing not far from here for a picnic. I want you to ow that I was planning to do this for a few months now, and that it's not because of anything that's happened today."

She was looking concerned now but before she could say a word he pushed on, "Kathryn I love you and I will always be there for you and you would make me the happiest man in the entire quadrant if you would marry me."

It took several seconds for the words to sink in, but once they had Kathryn couldn't stop the smile that grew as she breathlessly said, "Yes." His own smile re-appeared and again he couldn't stop himself from giving her a gentle kiss. When they broke apart smiling they began to slowly make their way back to the log cabin.

On the way they couldn't help coming up with both wedding plans and some outlandish ideas for her to re-take the ship in a fit of insanity. When they cabin came into view they paused and a sense of seriousness settled over them again as Kathryn said, "As funny and wonderful as some of these ideas are, it still doesn't help with how we tell the crew, also I know you may not want to hear this but is it fair that we ask Tuvok to relinquish command after doing such good work for so long."

Chakotay considered her words before saying, "Honestly I hadn't really thought about it much. After hearing that Voyager was returning I just assumed that we would be returning to our original ranks. But now you mention it Tuvok and even Tom as his first officer may not be comfortable moving backwards." A smile split his face, "Maybe we could both move departments."

Kathryn's own smile re-emerged as she asked, "And just what department were you thinking of moving into?"

"I was thinking that it's a shame there isn't one for building home comforts such as baths."

She couldn't help laughing at that, "I shall certainly miss that bath, maybe we could modify my...our quarters and take it with us."

His smile grew at her mention of them being their quarters, but couldn't resist saying, "Maybe and if we can't I'll just build you another one in one of the Cargo bays." This caused them both to start laughing. Soon though they calmed down and he said, "Seriously though I could help in Sickbay, we could always do with more people being trained there, or even hydroponics with Kes."

She gave a nod of agreement before saying, "But this still doesn't answer the question."

Chakotay gave a shrug, "Ok then why don't we start with our closest friends, the senior staff and take it from there."

After a few moments of consideration she agreed with him and taking a final deep breath, "Very well then."

She straightened slightly and a look of determination fell across her face and Chakotay couldn't help a gently smile as he said, "It's good to see that look again."

She looked at him puzzled, "What look?"

He couldn't help the teasing quality to his voice as he answered "The look that says you've made up your mind about something and everyone had better agree too or get out of your way."

She gave a laugh at his comment, "Well they had better." Before pulling his arm around her tighter and asking, "Ready?" He gave her a nod and tapping the comm badge on her chest said, "Janeway to Voyager two to beam up. Energise." With that they disappeared in columns of blue sparkling light to face their friends with the biggest announcement they had ever made.


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