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-xXx- ? –xXx-

"Drago, how did the encounter with Kenobi and little Fett go?" Katsov frowned at her partner. The two were in a dingy one-room apartment. The only features were the table with two wooden chairs and a single, uncovered glowpanel.

"You mow, disen totawee sphereopicical," Drago answered through a mouthful of spaghetti. He swallowed. "Sorry. This is totally stereotypical. We don't even have a TV!"

"Did Kenobi believe that you were really from 'Switch'?" Katsov demanded, losing her patience.

Drago nodded, choosing not to speak with his mouth full again.

"Good. Now, you know what the question is today?" Katsov slammed her hand on the table as Drago shook his head. "Of course you don't, I haven't told you yet!"


"The question today is: 'How am I going to hurt the Fetts today?'" Katsov announced happily.

"Oweh-kay. Why?"

Katsov stopped and gave Drago the death glare. "You know why," she said dangerously.

"Oweh weah! Ee's donwe da-"

"CHEW YOUR FOOD!" Katsov screamed, lunging across the table at her partner.

Drago swallowed in fear and began choking.

Katsov ignored him. "We will hurt Jango and Boba Fett beyond their wildest nightmares of pain!" she continued fanatically. "They'll beg for mercy as father and son!" She finally noticed her partner. "DRAGO!" she screamed. "STOP CHOKING!"

Finally managing to swallow, Drago stood up, military straight and saluted. "Yes, sir!"

"We're going to kidnap someone close to little Fett!"

"Sir, yes, sir!"

"When little Fett comes looking for him, we'll capture little Fett!"

"Sir, yes, sir!"

"Then went old Fett comes looking for little Fett, we kill him!"

"Sir, yes, sir!

"Any questions?"

"Sir, yes, sir! Wait, I mean, sir, no, sir! Wait, I meant-"


"Sir, yes, sir! What do we do about Skywalker, sir?"


"Sir, no, sir!"

"What did you say?" Katsov demanded angrily.

"If we kill the Jedi, the whole Temple will come after us, sir!"

"Well... We'll bring him with us!"

"Sir, yes, sir! Ummm, they already know me in the Temple, so I kinda can't go back..."

"Well wait for them to go outside the Temple, dipshit."

"Oh. Can I sit down now?"

"NO! Leave for Coruscant immediately!" Katsov grinned evilly. "I'll take care of Skywalker."

-xXx- KAMINO –xXx-

Anakin sat on the edge of his bed, swinging his feet. "I'm bored already."

"I shouldn't be gone for long," Jango told him. "I have to go on an assignment."

"You mean a bounty hunt. Can I come?"

"You're a Jedi. No, you can't."

"What am I supposed to do while you're gone?"

"Practice using the blaster and the sniper rifle. Do Jedi stuff. I'll be gone for about four days."


Jango put on his helmet and keyed the door. "Don't get into trouble while I'm gone."

"Yes, sir."

Jango left, and Anakin was bored. He picked up two of Boba's starfighters and began making engine and laser blast noises. Fifteen minutes later, he was bored again. He lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Then, Anakin jolted up and fell of the bed as someone pushed the buzzer for the door. "Ouch!" He stood up and wandered toward the door, absently wondering if Jango had forgotten his blaster or something. The door hissed open, but there was no one there.

Anakin stared in confusion, looked up and down the hall, and then closed the door again. He turned around and saw a woman standing a few centimeters from his nose. "Ah! The Grudge!" he screamed, seeing her dank black hair and pale skin. He reached for the blaster at his side and got off one shot that missed completely.

The dank-looking, greasy woman stabbed him in the neck with a tranquilizer dart, grabbed him under the arms and dragged him away down the hall.


Jango was on his way to the Slave I when he was stopped by four men in shiny white clone armor. "Sir?" one asked.

"What is it?" he demanded.

"We just wanted to thank you for distracting the Kaminoans so we were able to escape, sir."

"Ah. You're welcome."

"Sir, may we speak with Jedi Skywalker?"

"Sure." Jango smiled at them (they wouldn't be able to see it through the mask, anyway) and gave them his address. His clones seriously creeped him out, but maybe they would be able to keep Skywalker from getting into trouble while he was gone.


Fi, Niner, Atin, and Darman walked down the hall on the way to Jango's apartment.

"This should be it," Atin said. The four clones stopped in front of an apartment with the door left open.

"That's weird," Darman said.

"Yeah, why would Jango Fett or Jedi Skywalker leave the door open?" Niner wondered.

Fi walked a few steps forward and held up one gloved hand. "Smell that?" he asked, for once losing his sarcastic demeanor and speaking seriously. "Ozone. Someone fired a blaster. And I don't think it was Jango Fett."

In unison, the Recon Commandos reached for their DC-17s. "Darman, Fi, and I'll go in," Niner's orders were only audible over their helmet-to-helmet link. "Atin, you check the hallway."

Cautiously, the three entered the room and split up to search the apartment. "Clear!" Darman called.

"Clear," the others echoed.

Niner went into the security recordings and saw the Slave I already lifting off. No help would be coming from Jango Fett. He rewound back and saw a woman dragging Anakin away.

Atin jogged in to join them. "There're skid marks going down the hallway all the way to the turbolift."

"What do we do, Sarge?" Darman asked Niner.

"He's a Jedi," Atin answered. "It's our duty to rescue Anakin."

"Well, let's go then!" Fi announced.

They followed the skid marks all the way to the turbolift. Once inside, they were at a loss as to what to do next.

"What floor would they take him to?" Atin asked, as elevator music began playing.

Darman stared at the buttons, then finally pushed one. "They'll take him offworld," he said as lift started rising. "The landing platform."

They were silent, and the only sound was the doleful music. "Listen your heart/ when he's calling for you/ listen to your heart/ there's nothing else you can do...

Fi took off his helmet and cocked his head. "Hey, I like this song." He began singing along. "I don't know where you're going/ and I don't know why-"


Mercifully, the doors opened, Fi replaced his helmet, and they charged out onto the platform in the pouring rain... just in time to watch the ship take off.

Atin grabbed for his pack and threw a tracking device to it, and it stuck to the ship's hull.

They watched the ship take off into the stormy clouds above.

Darman looked at the others. "Now what?"


Barriss, Boba, and Master Kenobi had had a serious discussion on whether to tell Master Unduli, but Kenobi had eventually decided that it would make life easier in the long run.

So they made Obi-Wan tell her.

The two Padawans stood outside and watched as a giant Force push threw Obi-Wan back through the door. "That's not funny, Obi-Wan!" Luminara shouted, stalking out in the hallway after him.

Obi-Wan elbow-crawled backward, not taking his eyes off the other Jedi Master until the wall halted his retreat. "Barriss! Boba!" he yelled. "Help!"

It had taken serious convincing, not to mention a huge shouting match between the two females. Obi-Wan and Boba watched it like a tennis match.

"Ten credits that Luminara forbids Barriss to go," Obi-Wan whispered.

"You're on," Boba whispered back.

Fifteen minutes later, it was over, and Boba grinned. "Pay up," he ordered Obi-Wan.

Both women turned as one and glared. "You were placing bets on us?" Luminara asked, looking angrily at Obi-Wan.

"Umm... RUN AWAY!" Obi-Wan shouted, and he and Boba sprinted away screaming.

They passed Mace Windu and Yoda on their flight, and the sound of the two's screaming snapped Windu out of it. The two Jedi Masters stared after them, mystified. Then they saw Barriss and Luminara running after them, almost running over poor Master Yoda.

Boba and Obi-Wan ran into a supply closet and hid... then discovered that they weren't the only ones in there. They saw two glowing red eyes and froze. "AHHH!"

"Chill, people, I'm a Chiss," came a female voice.

"Oh." As their eyes adjusted to the dim light, they saw that it was indeed a Chiss.

"Padawan Shiredan," Obi-Wan said familiarly. "I, ah, didn't know that it was you."

The Chiss gave him a wry salute, then looked at Boba. "I'm Naganna Shiredan."

"Boba Fett."

"What are you guys hiding for?" she asked.

"You first," Obi-Wan said.

Naganna grimaced. "I waxed the floor outside the Jedi Council room." She imitated the various Jedi Masters. "Wee! Ahhh! Weee! AHHH!"

"So you're the one behind the floor-waxing every week," Obi-Wan said wonderingly.

"Except Master Windu wasn't there," she added thoughtfully.

Boba kept his face carefully straight. "I wonder why."

"Who are you guys hiding from?"

"His girlfriend and her Master," Obi-Wan said, jabbing a finger at Boba.


Naganna winced. "Ouch. Don't worry about it, kid," she told him. "At least half the people in the Jedi Temple are going out with each other."

Obi-Wan's jaw dropped. "What?"

"You didn't hear it from me, though."

"Where does everyone go?" Boba asked.

Looking suspiciously at Obi-Wan, Naganna wrote something on a piece of flimsiplast and passed it to Boba.

Boba unfolded it and held it by the door for the maximum amount of light. You can get street clothes from NagaCorp. You and your girl drop by my quarters before you go. I'll recommend you to some places when you come. He folded it back up and put it in his pocket.

Obi-Wan looked at her. "How come I don't know any of this?"

"You're a Master. This information is for Knights and Padawans only," Naganna looked at him again. "Why? Do you have a girlfriend too?"


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