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Kyuubi thoughts

Other's thoughts

SCENE SETTTING: This story takes place after Naruto has 'defeated' Haku at the bridge. They are still in the Wave country and it is the night after so they are still staying at Inari's place. They'll be leaving in a few days as the mission is nearly complete.

Chapter 1: About the first moon

It was a clear cloudless night and the stars and moon seemed to shine more brightly then ever. Naruto sat up on the futon that he was lying on and made his way quietly to the other side of the room, making sure he didn't make any noise at all to wake up the other dark-haired occupant in the room. Leaving the door ajar so that it'd be easier to sneak back in later, Naruto made his way out of the house and into the forest that Team 7 had done their charka training earlier that week.

Taking to the trees Naruto jumped from branch to branch. Tonight seemed to have an alluring feel to everything that seemed to call out to Naruto. Everything was confusing him at this moment and to make matters worse it had only just been yesterday that Sasuke had done something like that to Naruto at the bridge. And to top it all off, there was also that other incident at the bridge.

Flashback: At the bridge yesterday
The power of the kyuubi rushed throughout his body, overriding his own blue charka system. Naruto felt his whole body changing into a different form yet he could not say that it felt strange. In fact, it felt like he was free, that he had been caged all along and someone had just opened the door and he was able to spread his wings and fly away. It was like freedom.

But … there was something wrong with this kind of freedom, he was not completely in control and that was what was scaring him.

It's … full moon … 4 more nights …

Huh? Where did that come from? thought Naruto. There is something VERY wrong here. He had to get control of his body NOW! But how was he to do that? He couldn't even get a grasp of his own mind let alone control his own body.

Just at that moment, the enemy ninja's mask slipped to reveal Haku's face. At that instance Naruto recognised him and gained back all of his senses and control.

Back with Naruto in the trees
Naruto had made it further into the forest then he had intended but he didn't care. He needed something but he didn't know what. It was like his mind was leading him on a wild goose chase and he needed to catch something but his mind and senses weren't providing an image or hint of what it was he was supposed to be looking for.

Stopping at the end of the forest edge Naruto was greeted with the sight of the sea. The water was calm during this night and nothing, not even the owls even dared to disturb the calm quiet of the atmosphere. The moon shone brightly against the dark-blanketed sky.

It's going to be a full moon in three nights' time.

Huh? Where had that come from? Damn, that fight has been on my mind too much. Kakashi-sensei said we'll be leaving in a few days when Sasuke-bastard is healed more.

Why did he have to do that? Why me? I'm not worth protecting so why did he take the fall for me? Is it even called "protecting"? I know he hates me, just like the others …

Thinking about the raven haired youth caused more unanswered questions and quite frankly Naruto was not up to thinking his pretty little head off about some bastard with a I'm-better-than-you-cause-I'm-an-Uchiha attitude.

Naruto jumped off the branch and landed on the sandy ground underneath. Sitting down against the tree, Naruto lowered his eyes so he was looking out at the calm waters. The moon's own reflection stared back at him, willing him to look up. And he did, he looked up at the nearly full moon, basking in the beauty it created.

Bump . . . Bump . . . Bump

The moon seemed to sing a song, a silent song that could only be heard by his ears. The song was soft and just barely above a whisper yet there were no words.

Bump . . Bump . . Bump

Naruto's attention was solely fixated on the moon now. Nothing could avert his eyes elsewhere. Even if Sakura had come out of the bushes wearing a white and soft pink dress and shouted "I love you Naruto-kun" Naruto would not have batted an eyelash.

Bump Bump Bump

The moon … it's so pretty …

Naruto spent that whole night sitting peacefully against the tree trunk, mesmerised by the sheer beauty that the moon provided. It was only when the sky had lightened and the moon had become but a faded image of itself did he snap out of his stupor.

Why am I here? What's going on? How did I get here?

Somewhere back at Inari's place
"Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura had woken up a bit early today so she could check up on her Sasuke-kun. But what she found when she walked into the room was not her prince in shining armor but the copy-cat nin.

"Yo." The one-eyed ninja was currently sitting near the windowsill with his infamous orange book in one hand.

"Um, ano … where is Sasuke-kun, sensei?"

"Aa, he said something about going for a "light walk" so he left early. Have you seen Naruto?"

"Oh, I see. Um, no. I haven't seen Naruto. Ano, where did …"

"In that case, if you haven't seen Naruto then I guess I should go find him. I want you to go with Tzsune (? Is that how you spell his name) to the bridge today. I'll get Naruto to join you when I find him." And with the crinkle of one right eye the copy nin poofed out of the room.

/ Inner Sakura /

Noooooooo! What about Sasuke-kun! DAMN YOU NARUTO! It was supposed to just be me tending to Sasuke-kun's wounds and he was to fall in love at my caring hands! ARGH! You just get in the way of everything!

/ End Inner Sakura /

Back with Naruto
Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Where am I! How am I supposed to get back! Dammit! I stayed out longer then I was supposed to be! I wonder if anyone will notice. I guess not. It's not like I'm an important part of the team. I just get in the way. Just like how the others …

DAMMIT ALL TO HELL! I'm not going be like this anymore! I promised myself that I was going to be the next Hokage and get everyone to acknowledge me. I WILL prove it to them! Just as soon as I get out of this forest and maybe after some sleep as well…

Somewhere else in the forest with Sasuke
Sasuke had walked back to the same clearing that they used for charka training. Picking a random tree he started to throw stars at the poor defenseless object while contemplating on a few things which is mostly a certain blond, blue-eyed teammate.

What happened back there? How did Naruto beat that guy with the ice mirrors? Kuso! He wasn't even scarred!

Which is good.

Good? How can that be good? That stupid dobe …

Can't look after himself so we have to protect him. We can't let anyone harming our Naru-chan now can we?

Exactly! WHAT! What's THAT supposed to mean! And who are you?

For a genius you are pretty dumb. I'm your subconscious which means I'm you and you're me. But back to the important topic at hand. Naruto.

What about that baka?

Well, when are you going to tell him?

About what? There's nothing to even talk to him about. It'd be more like holding a conversation with a thick brick. A VERY thick brick.

Awwww, come on. He's not just a thick brick and you know what I mean.

Suddenly a picture of a VERY seductive Naruto with half-glazed eyes flashed into Sasuke's mind all complementary of his subconscious. Then another one was shown. This one was of Naruto who was wearing ONLY Sasuke's high-collar, dark blue shirt, sitting on his cute little bum with his thighs together and knees bent flat on the ground. His left hand was tugging at the hem of Sasuke's shirt in an attempt to cover his private area, causing tan, whiskered cheeks to blush a rosy red. To top the image off, Naruto had the tip of his index finger of his right hand at the entrance of a set of parted lips.

Kami-sama, what is wrong with you!

What ever do you mean? I'm you remember? If there's something wrong with me then there's something wrong with you as well. At least I'M not in denial. It's soooo much better if you just admit you like that golden sun-kissed hair, sky-blue eyes and perfectly smooth and tanned skin of a teammate we have. And if you didn't have ANY feelings for him then why are you blushing? Hmm? Can you explain that one?


And what's the colour of a tomato?

I do NOT have ANY feelings for that …


Sasuke whirled around to catch a rather eyeful of none other then the object of his affection. Naruto was still in his white pjs, his night cap from last night and the standard blue sandals. During the night Naruto had got one of the branch twigs caught on his top button and so it was lost in the battle to get the branch to let go of his shirt. It was a fierce battle and sacrifices had to be made and thus the lone button had to be parted with.

However, this gave ample opportunity for some bare tanned skin to be exposed to the chagrin of one Uchiha Sasuke. To top it all off, the sun was just rising up from behind Naruto so the rays illuminated whatever blond strands that were not engulfed by the night cap. Staring at the moon all night had started to take its toll on poor Naruto so his eyes were half closed.

Almost like in a seductive manner. Thought Sasuke.

Unfortunately, or fortunately whichever way you look at it, the simple exposure of EXCESS skin (according to one very cough-sexually-cough frustrated Uchiha Sasuke) resulted in the said Uchiha staring with fixated eyes on that same piece of excess skin. Sasuke tried to hold back a large gulp while his subconscious stored every single detail about the current state of the blond for future reference.

This act of staring was misinterpreted by the other blond. In his half-fogged and sleepy state, Naruto had interpreted Sasuke's staring as a glare and so he crossed his arms on his chest. This, yet again, simple act resulted in the piece of white fabric to fall over his right shoulder, exposing even more tanned skin underneath.

"What are you glaring at teme!"

This pulled Sasuke out of his exhilarating watching of tanned skin to glare somewhere past Naruto's left shoulder, hoping against hope that he was not caught staring and ESPECIALLY not at the blond idiot in front of him.


"Oh … stuff … yawn … you … tooo." By this time, Naruto was too tired out from the events of yesterday and staying up all night to hold up any argument. Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at Naruto's lack of response but did not dare shift his eyes to the right for fear of falling back into his previous stupor of staring. As for Naruto, his half-fogged mind was just not working for him and he REALLY needed to sleep.

Feeling like he was about to fall flat on his face from all of the exhaustion Naruto walked further into the clearing until he was just at the edge. Mumbling under his breath about certain bastards with something up their asses all the time Naruto yawned one more time like a baby tiger kitten and plopped himself 'ungracefully' down at the base of a tree directly opposite Sasuke. As in Naruto did not see the uplifted root that was sticking out in his path and thus fell victim to its corny joke and landed at the base of the tree the said root belonged to. Too tired to pick himself up, he shifted around on the grassy area to find a better position to fall asleep in.

"Yawn … wake … me … yawn … up …" The rest of his request was lost as his eyelids finally fell closed and the sweet bliss of sleep blanketed the angelic blond.

Sasuke diverted his eyes to the now fallen blond. Before Sasuke could contemplate on his fallen teammate a poof sound was heard to his right and a kunai was drawn out, ready for any attack that might come.

"Yo." Kakashi greeted with his ever so orange love book in hand.

"Aa. Seems you've found Naru-chan, Sasuke-kun." The lone eye of Kakashi's turned up into an arc and if it weren't for the mask one would assume that he was smiling at his only awake student. However, Sasuke could have sworn that that was not the expression his sensei had under that mask of his.

What does he mean! WHY is he calling Naruto NARU-CHAN! Naruto may be his STUDENT but he is NOT his! DAMN you Kakashi!

Unbeknown to Sasuke, the feeling that he was experiencing was a horrible eight-lettered word called 'jealousy'. However, this word did not exist in the young Uchiha's vocabulary but the heated glare he gave his sensei did exist and it was an Uchiha Death GlareTM.

Oh ho ho ho. This is much better then Little Love Paradise Volume 4: Yaoi Edition! Sigh. Unfortunately it would have been better when they are a few years older. Then I can tease Naruto as well! Hehehe, teenage hormones would be running wild during that time and it would be soooo much more interesting.

Well, beggers can't be choosers! At least our Sasuke-kun is a genius and may already have an extensive knowledge about the "birds and the bees" thanks to his fan club. Now if only Naruto knew about the "bees and the bees"…

A gleam could be seen on the single visible eye of Kakashi's which brought Sasuke out of his death glare and into a feeling of unease. There was just something in the way that his sensei was looking at Naruto and then to a page in the orange book that had Sasuke inching just a little closer to the sleeping blond as a way of protecting him.

Suddenly the single eye fell upon the last Uchiha and his eye crinkled up into an arc once again, sending all of Sasuke's senses up into danger mode.

"Maa, Sasuke, seems like Naruto's had a rough night. I wonder what kept him up?" Sasuke eyed his sensei carefully, trying to figure out what his plan was before something else happens. Having Kakashi as their sensei has taught all three of his students to expect the unexpected alright and this was no exception.

"Well, I better get Naruto out of the forest and back to the house then. We can't expect you to carry Naru-chan in the condition you are in now can we? Naru-chan may get upset that Sasuke-kun got hurt because of him again and then I'd have to comfort him again." And with that Kakashi proceeded to pick up the sleeping blond, making sure to turn around with said blond cradled in his arms. At that instance, Naruto snuggled deeper into Kakashi's chest, trying to get more of the warmth and into a more comfortable position.

A contented sigh escaped the blond's mouth and Kakashi's eye turned into an arc again.

"Well, ja ne, Sasuke-kun!" With that Kakashi took to the trees cradling the blond and leaving behind a seething Uchiha and his conscious mind planning painful revenges for the copy nin while his subconscious mind was planning on ways to get the said blond to sigh like that in HIS arms.

With Kakashi and Naruto in the trees
Hmm. I wonder why he was in the forest. He seemed to have been awake the whole night to be this exhausted. Was it because of the fox inside him? This could get dangerous if it was and I don't want to resort to other matters in holding him down. It could harm Naruto and then I'd also have to explain to the rest of his teammates. I guess asking Naruto what happened yesterday will have to come later. I'll let him sleep today off and maybe he'll be awake by dinner or something.

It just feels like something is amiss. As soon as Sasuke feels he is able to travel the better. I want to get back to Konoha and speak to the Hokage about this incident. Maybe there's something I've overlooked? Well, whatever it is it'll have to wait.

But after this entire ordeal is settled I can go back to my 'other' interest. Hehehe, who knew that our little Uchiha is interested in our wee Naru-chan?

Dinner at Inari's house (Everyone's at the table)
DAMMIT NARUTO! You left me with Kakashi-sensei at the bridge! How could you do that to me and Sasuke-kun!

/ Inner Sakura /

Hell yeah! You're going to pay for this! Nothing is going to get in the way of our love!

/ End Inner Sakura /

Sakura was fuming inside. She had wanted to spend her time tending Sasuke's wounds but had instead spent her time with an old geezer and a perverted sensei on a bridge that had just been finished today.

"Sasuke-kun, how are your wounds? Are you feeling better today?" Sakura looked at her long life crush and blushed a little at thinking about the said wounds and how naked he would have had to get if she were the one to treat them.


"Hm, in that case we may be leaving tomorrow then. Naruto? I want you to actually get some sleep tonight. We don't want you to be sleep walking into danger now do we?" Kakashi's eye then diverted their attention to Sasuke.

"But if you still have trouble sleeping tonight then I suppose I could carry you back to Konoha like this morning."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed at Kakashi's last statement.

To hell I'll ever let you touch my Naru-chan again! Eh? Where did that come from! Why'd I call that dobe 'Naru-chan'? I don't like him in THAT way! Do I?

"Naruto-ni-san! Are you really leaving tomorrow?" Inari looked up with watery eyes at Naruto.

"Eh he he he. Seems like it but don't worry! I'll definitely come to visit you so don't feel down! It's not like I'm leaving forever! Once I become stronger I'll get loads more missions and if I get another mission that is near the Wave country then I'll definitely come visit! That's a promise!" Naruto gave his trademark fox grin and rubbed the back of his head.

He looks kind of cute like that. CUTE! No I did NOT just think that dobe is cute! I am an avenger, not some love-sick puppy! The only emotion I should have is HATE! There is no room for love!

But what's this warm feeling I keep getting when he smiles? It feels familiar yet in a different way. Could this really be love? NO! It can't be, it shouldn't be!

Sasuke shook his head, also trying to shake the feelings out.

"Sasuke-kun? Are you alright?"


Naruto growled a little under his breath.

Why does that bastard always get all of Sakura-chan's attention! I'm better than that stuck-up teme! He doesn't even care about her! At least I treat her better then he does. How can anyone ignore her! She's so beautiful …

Looking over at Sakura Naruto contemplated her beauty while taking small bites of his dinner. The light above the ceiling illuminated a low glow around Sakura, giving her an ethereal look.

See? Even the lights make her hair seem pinker and lighter looking! It's so … it's so … eh … it … um …

Her hair is blinding to the eyes.

They do not! She's beautiful and … and …

Naruto could not say that she was gentle nor nice as she had never shown that to him. But she WAS nice and gentle, just not to him.

She's ugly. Her forehead is scary.

Yeah, I know. What! Where did that come from! She's not ugly! Her forehead is wide for a reason! She's brainy!

She's weak. She'll never be able to protect us. The weak don't make a good mate.

Naruto looked closer at Sakura who was sitting opposite him. Now that he was actually looking he took more interest in her features. This time around, the light above her seemed brighter and her forehead seemed to SHINE! Making her head seems bigger then before. Naruto scrunched his face up, annoyed. Even Sakura's hair seemed to hurt his eyes.

Ahhh! When did her head become so wide! Her hair is also hurting my eyes! It's so PINK! Wait! Hang on! Who's there! What are you doing to me? Are you that damn fox? How did you get inside my head!

"What's wrong usuratonkachi?"

"TEME! Don't' call me that!" Naruto averted his eyes to his right and glared at the Uchiha.

He'd make a good mate. He's strong and his features are like that of night. His eyes are alluring yet sharp.

WHAT! Are you telling me that I should pick him over Sakura! NEVER! I LOVE SAKURA!

That girl is weak. He is strong. I approve of him but not her. I'll never accept her as a mate.

M-mate? What do you mean?

Ha ha ha! Don't tell me that you do not know anything about the mating ritual?

At that instance Naruto's pure innocent mind was assaulted with images, naked images of a certain raven haired Uchiha hovering above him and doing certain NC-17 things. Naruto's cheeks became a very rosy red colour. To make matters worse his mind was assaulted one more time. This time it was NC-23 images WITH certain feelings attached.

By now Naruto's face was beet red and he was starting to find the room EXTREMELY hot. He also found it hard to breath and was now hyperventilating a little. Naruto had now stopped eating altogether and his eyes were downcast.

It's better when you do it for real. I'm sure the dark-haired one wouldn't even object.

W-what? I-I-I c-can't d-d-d …gulp … d-d-do … t-t-t-t-that! A-and e-e-especially w-with S-S-S…


Naruto was bought out of his musings by Inari looking curiously at his face.

"Why are you all red? Are you alright? Did you get a cold from sleeping in the forest last night?" Inari peered inquisitively at the older blond but Naruto kept his head bowed down, trying to hide himself behind his hair.

"I-I-I'm f-fine. I-I j-j-just n-n-need s-some r-rest." And with that Naruto excused himself from the table and darted up the stairs to his temporary room.

Everyone looked questioningly after the retreating blond.

"Maa, I guess he's just tired that's all. He'll be back to his normal self in the morning. I wouldn't worry too much about it Inari, he's strong so he won't fall sick that easily." Kakashi's eye crinkled up in a smile just to settle the boy's doubts.

Plus he has the Kyuubi inside of him. The fox won't let Naruto die so easily. This was the main reason to not worry about the blond but Kakashi wasn't going to voice this thought out since it wasn't for him to tell them, especially not Sasuke and Sakura.

Well, I guess the talk will have to wait until tomorrow I guess. Thought Kakashi.

"Ne Sasuke-kun, we should continue eating right?" Sakura blushed taking a side glance at her crush while inner Sakura was gloating that she was spending her first dinner alone without that annoying blond egg-head.


Sasuke looked back to where Naruto had gone and then to the blond's unfinished plate. Something seemed a bit off to the Uchiha about Naruto's behaviour lately but he was not about to express it. If he did then it would seem that Sasuke would have CARED enough for the idiot blond to be worried and he was NOT one to care about anyone. Uchiha Sasuke was an avenger and he DOES NOT CARE for ANYONE, especially a cute, blond, blue-eyed, BLUSHING teammate.

Upstairs with Naruto
Oh kami-sama! What is wrong with me? Why do I keep thinking about Sasuke like that! I don't even LIKE him! But more importantly, WHO'S GIVING ME ALL OF THESE PICTURES!


Naruto flopped down ungracefully on his futon and buried his face into his pillow. Giving out a frustrated and silent scream Naruto flipped over onto his back staring at the now darkening ceiling.

Blond eyebrows furrowed into a small frown as he contemplated his current predicament. Naruto tried to concentrate on who or where he was getting all these "naughty thoughts" from.

Could it be my subconscious? But that would mean that I'm just as perverted as the Third Hokage!

The frown deepened at that thought in disgust.


But if it's not that then what!

"Argh! Too much thinking!" And with that Naruto proceeded to get ready for sleep.

In Naruto's dream land aka mind

Where am I? Is this a dream?

Looking ahead Naruto saw a dark corridor with dim light-bulbs attached every few metres along the wall. Walking cautiously along one side of the walls Naruto made his way further into the darkness until he came to a large room. Bars that formed a gate to some cage were aligned to one side of the room with a seal placed at the top.


Then it all seemed to dawn upon the blond's head like a tone of bricks. The deep voice inside his head, the thing that happened at the dinner table, the indecent images about Sasuke and staying out all night in the forest, it all made sense!


A deep laughter thundered around the walls but Naruto was neither scared nor amused, in fact he was beyond furious!

So this is all your doing! I DEMAND you to stop this NOW! If not then there will be HELL to pay! And I do not go back on my nindo!

Of course not brat. I know you well enough so stop your bickering. This isn't entirely my fault. Actually, to some extent you could say that you got yourself into this mess in the first place.

W-W-WHAT! Explain yourself!

You called on my power did you now?

W-Well, I don't really know. Eh he, it kind of just happened and I can't remember much.

Well, I'll fill you in.

A feral grin appeared on the fox's face and Naruto took a step back. This didn't sound good.

You released the seal between us to some extent.

WHAT! How can that be! You're still in there and I'm still out here!


A few moments of silence followed as Naruto tried to calm himself down in order to listen.

As I was saying, you've released the seal to some extent. Right now it seems you have bonded our feelings and thoughts together.

Ok, I understand but does that mean I'm going to lose myself to you?

No. It just means you can now hear my thoughts.

"Hear your thoughts"? What does that mean? Are you saying that all this time you were LISTENING to my thoughts ALL ALONG!

Yes, unfortunately. You can be stupid at times you do realise?


But I guess you do have your moments. Anyway, we're getting off the topic here. What's really important now is that the full moon will arise soon. You need to be prepared.

Prepared? What do you mean?

We need a mate.

At this new information Naruto passed out inside his own mind if that were ever possible.



Well, this first chapter didn't go quite what I had in mind. I actually wanted to have it end on the night of the full moon but I guess I'm lacking some mental motivation. I've got the inspiration but I guess I just wanted to get this posted!

Anyways, I thought I'd just make a few last notes. You know, just to make this fic seem believable, real etc. etc.

1: Sasuke has a fan-girl and fan-boy club and sometimes the members go "a bit crazy" in sending him "certain things and pictures". That would explain nicely why Uchiha Sasuke has the sexual mentality of a 15 year old while he is still 12.

2: Naruto never had anyone really to look after him so thus his mind is PURE PURE PURE … until Kyuubi-sama came along with his images of cough-naked-cough Sasuke. Thus he does not have the sexual mentality as other normal boys his age and so he may be dense in certain areas …

3: Sakura may be brainy but when it comes to love, she's stupefied so this means it MAY turn out to be a Sakura bashing fic. Depends on what you guys want.


And now, on the next chapter of callings of the round moon:

What will happen next? Will Sakura find out about Sasuke liking Naruto or Naruto liking Sasuke? Will Naruto LIKE Sasuke?

What will Kakashi do? Will he "help" educate Naruto about the "bees and the bees" or will Naruto find out himself from pure instinct from Kyuubi-sama?

But what's this! Naruto is wearing one of Sasuke's shirts!

Oh the juiciness of it all! So stay tuned to a computer screen near you for the next chapter: Chapter 2: Going by instinct