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Chapter 5: Is it cracking?

Warnings: angst and slight swearing.

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-- -- -- That afternoon -- -- --

Stupid Sasuke! Stupid Villages! Stupid Mission!

Why did HE have to see that happen!

Now he's going to be asking me questions tomorrow...but then again, he might just ignore me like always...

Naruto looked around and found himself at the same place that he had bumped into that pottery owner. The sky had a light orange tinge to it, indicating that the night was fast approaching. Looking down the street, Naruto found that it seemed quiet; devoid of the hustle and bustle that could always be found.

Argh! Who cares about that bastard anyway!

Think of something else Naruto! Don't think of that bastard!

Hey! Maybe I could go ask Iruka-sensei to treat me to some ramen! Yosh! Ramen!

With a bounce to his steps, Naruto proceeded down the street in the general direction of the Academy. After a few minutes of walking, his steps had slowed down and the bounce was lost. The fox vessel felt the blond strands on the back of his head stand on end at the strange eerie quietness of the street. Slowly turning around, the blond turned to see emptiness. Shrugging the odd feeling of being watched away, the obnoxious blond proceeded to head further into town.

No more than halfway down the street, Naruto felt that he was being watched again. This time, instead of turning around slowly, he turned around faster to try and catch the person staring. What he found was a little unexpected but not unusual. Standing behind him like a herd of bees were the clouded figures of the village people, standing and staring–no glaring–at the blond.

Setting his face into his precisely practiced fox grin, the blond turned his back on the crowd and continued down the street.

Ramen, ramen, ramen! Chanted the hyperactive blond as he quickened his pace.

However, the crowd that was behind him had also quickened their pace. For each step that the blond took, the villages seemed to have taken three or four. Soon, Naruto found himself making out for a light run.





Harsh words filtered through the afternoon air as they stung like wasps into the blond's soul. Little by little Naruto found his mask slipping. The near impenetrable smile that he had taken years to perfect was starting to show a slight crack.

Breaking out into a full run Naruto used a little bit of chakra to put as much distance as he could from the accusing stares. However, the crowd of villages didn't seem to want to lift up.

A small rock was thrown and hit the fox vessel on the shoulder. It wasn't a hard throw as it didn't hurt but it was the beginnings of a series of other rocks and sticks that hurled his way.

A whimper escaped the blond's lips as a rather large stick had hit just under his kneecaps, making him fall to the ground in a rumpled heap. The long dark shadows of furious individuals closed in on the shivering form on the ground.

Ten metres.

Seven metres.

Five metres.



Picking himself up with what strength he had left in his emotionally drained body, Naruto made a last attempt to get away from it all. Seeing the dense bushes in front of him that indicated he was nearing towards the outskirt of the village, the blond made a final sprint into the safe foliage provided.

Cheers were heard with cries of "the monster's gone!" and "that'll teach you to come back here again!" filtered through the air. Soon, the cheers dimmed to nothingness as the obnoxious blond leapt from tree branch to tree branch, putting as much distance he could.

For what seemed like eternality, the blond continued to leap through the forest in no particular direction. Not once did he stop to neither breathe nor look behind him.

Tears were prickling at his eyes and his vision became blurry. Jumping back to the soft forest ground, Naruto finally came to a rest. His body collapsed to the ground in a protest of the unexpected run he had endured.

No. Not now. I have to keep going.

Need to keep going.

Need to stop the pain.

Need to...




On shaky legs and unshed tears, Naruto pushed himself up and made the last final step. A step that brought him through another bush...and into a warm chest.

Pale arms came around to secure themselves around the tanned waist, protecting the dishevelled blond from the harsh world of reality. Naruto felt himself being pulled against a chest that had the faintest smell of cinnamon.

"Shhh, its okay." whispered a familiar voice.

As if his tears were waiting for this moment, the blond felt his mask finally fall and hit the ground. Burrowing his head into the offered chest, salty tears streamed down whiskered cheeks and landed on the dark fabric of the one that was holding him.

Tear upon tear of loneliness, self-hatred, hurt and sadness flowed from baby blue eyes as he clung to his taller companion.

"S-Sa..." A sob wracked through the small frame of the fox carrier as he tried to hold in the tears.

After a few calming breaths, Naruto wiped the evidence of ever having cried in the first place away. Tilting his head up, blue meet black as the blond held his breath.

The other stared at him intently, bearing through to his already shattered soul. The two stayed locked in that instance, staring at each other. However, that moment did not last for long.

Just as quickly had the moment come, it was just as quick to go. A scrawl started to appear across pale features as the dark eyes travelled down to stop at the three whisker marks.

One pale hand came up to trace one of the whisker lines. The features on the others face became clouded as the fingers reached the end of the whisker. Slowly, lightly, the hand travelled down past the jaw and stopped on a throbbing vein around a tanned throat.

Swallowing a little which sounded too loud even to his own ears, the fox vessel tried to look into the other's eyes. However, they were covered by raven locks that started to blend in with the surrounding night.

"Bakemoro." That one word was like as if someone had plunged a knife straight into Naruto's intestines and twisted.

Feeling a cold sweat coming on, Naruto tried to move, to say something, to do just about anything to deny that one word. The blond wasn't able to even open his mouth when the pale hand that was still on his neck tightened into a death-like grip.

NO! P-Please! S-Sas-!

The Kyuubi vessel bought his hands up to his throat and wrapped it around the pale hand that held him captive. Startled eyes brimming with fear tried to focus on the one that was holding him.

Please! L-Listen to m-me!

Silently crying out in his head, Naruto tried to lessen the hold on his neck but stilled at the other's words.

"Die bakemoro!" with much hated venom placed into one voice, the raven-haired youth started to slowly and painfully close their fist around the tan throat.


The blond's struggles became half-hearted at those words.

W ... –

Blackness was starting to surround the lithe figure. Feelings of being betrayed, of being hurt, of dieing were not registered nor acknowledged by the blond. Instead, emptiness settled in as the Kyuubi carrier decided to give up on even his last breath.

... –up!

-- -- -- In someone's apartment -- -- --

The room flared up in a pulse of an angry red chakra from around a figure on a bed. It then simmered down to a light orange colour as the last wisps of chakra wrapped around the shivering form to return the said entity back into darkness.

Gulping air hungrily into his lungs, the small figure pushed themselves up to lean against an old headboard. Looking down at their own shaking fingers, the moon watched through the only window at the blond form that had just woken from a nightmare.

-- -- -- All around Konoha -- -- --

Every leaf shinobi that had been present 12 and a half years ago to witness the Kyuubi's destruction felt a cold chill run down their spins. The flare of red charka that felt like a small prick on the finger had put everyone on alert but not enough to seriously go into full panic mode...yet.

"Captain?" An Anbu with a wolf mask turned to look at his comrade that was clad in the darkness.

"Let's go." With the order given, four Anbu members dashed through the darkness, heading towards a small apartment.

-- -- -- At Iruka's apartment -- -- --

The young chuunin rushed out of the door of the lone apartment in hastened steps. Leaping onto the nearest rooftop, a frown started to mar the teacher's face.


Please be alright.

-- -- -- Back to Naruto's apartment -- -- --

A few minutes had passed since the blond had woken up. The moon shone through the window in its half sate as the figure on the bed tried to calm their shaking hands.

It's just a dream. It's just a dream. It wasn't real.

Four 'poofs' then resounded in his apartment to announce the arrival of four Anbus. One wolf Anbu stepped out of the shadows to address the blond on the bed.

"Uzumaki Nar-"

However, before the Anbu could get another word out, a gust of wind blew into the small apartment. As the leaves settled on the wooden floor, Kakashi stepped up to the bed to look at his once hyperactive student.

"Naruto, let's go." Placing a hand on his student's shoulder, the silver-haired instructor tried to bring the other from their troubling thoughts.

Pale blue eyes looked away from his trembling and sweaty hands to the lone eye of his sensei. Getting up slowly on shaky legs, the Kyuubi carrier bowed his head before standing straight.

The wolf Anbu looked irritated behind his white mask as he stepped towards the small boy.

"We'll take it from here Hatake-san."

"No. I'll take him." With that, the Copy Cat Nin placed his hand back on the other's shoulder as both disappeared in a whirl of leaves.

Not soon later, the Anbu squad also left the small apartment to follow the Sharingan user. The apartment turned quiet again as all of its midnight guests and resident disappeared off to the Hokage Tower.

A few minutes later, pounding could be heard at the front door.

"Naruto! Naruto, it's me, Iruka-sensei! Are you alright? Open up." Hearing no immediate reply, the chuunin knocked on the door a few more times.

Only silence greeted the young Academy teacher again. Placing his hand on the door knob, Iruka turned it to find that it was unlocked.

That baka! I told him to lock his door after he goes to bed! Why would he leave-

Iruka stepped into the small apartment to find it empty and devoid of the single life that was supposed to be sleeping underneath bed sheets. Worry graced the other's face as a search through the other parts of the apartment proved fruitless.

Wher-? No! They wouldn't have tried anything!

Kami! Naruto! Please be alright!

With those last thoughts, the brown-haired teacher dashed out of the room, turning to the only person that would know where or what to do.

-- -- -- At the Hokage's office -- -- --

The Third looked across to the dishevelled blond figure that has seated in front of him.


Pale blue eyes greeted the speaker as the fox vessel looked forlornly at a place just to the right of the Hokage's shoulder.

Naruto...what happened?

As if hearing the other's questions just as if it were spoken, Naruto turned his gaze to the Sandaime before they fell back onto his shaking hands. Taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down or at least stop the fingers from shaking as much, Naruto opened his mouth to explain.

No words came out of the loud, obnoxious ninja that everyone knew. Sensing that his voice was not going to co-operate with his mind, the blond closed his mouth to try again.

"I-I..." the rest of the sentence died in the silent room as the Hokage waited patiently.

Naruto looked around the room of the Third's office, worrying his lip and trying not to feel like a caged animal himself. There was no getting out of this situation although he still didn't know what he had done. The last thing that he did remember was the dream and that was all.

Looking completely lost, the fox carrier decided to tell them what he did know.

"I...I don't know what happened. All I remember is waking up from a bad dream." Naruto's gaze returned back to his now, calm hands. Idly playing at the hem of his white pyjama top, the fox vessel waited for the other to speak again.

Puffing on his pipe, Sarutobi regarded the other more closely this time.

A bad dream? About what? Could it be the Kyuubi doing this or is it the villages again?

The Sandaime took a long, slow inhale of the smoke provided by his pipe. Blowing it out in a slow stream, the Hokage's eyebrow creased a little.

I don't know which is worse. That the Kyuubi is creating those dreams or it's because of the villages. Again.

Sarutobi's frown deepened at the 'again' statement. This had not been the first time the obnoxious youth had experienced such dreams.

However...this is the first time the Kyuubi's chakra has come out like that. I'm a bit worried. Has the seal broken?

Sighing mentally, the Third made his way around from behind his desk.

"Naruto? Can I take a look at the seal?"

Nodding his blond head, Naruto stood up to pull his pyjama top up to reveal his tanned stomach. Calling a bit of chakra forth, the Kyuubi holder was able to display the vivid black markings of the spiral seal.

Kneeling down on one knee, the Sandaime examined the intricate designs of the seal. Finding nothing out of place, Sarutobi stood back up.

A series of muffled voices and the sounds of a scuffle outside the Hokage's doors distracted the Third from further thoughts. Not soon after, the doors burst open and a worried chuunin stepped through.

"Hokage-sama! Naru-" Frantic brown eyes fell on the small tuff of blond hair next to the Sandaime. The chuunin breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of his ex-student.

Sarutobi chuckled a little at Iruka's worried antics over the blond.

"Naruto? Would you like to stay at Iruka's for a few nights?" enquired the aged Hokage.

Dull cerulean eyes light up by just a little shade lighter at the invitation. Seeing the other's somewhat enthusiastic reaction, Sarutobi turned towards the young school teacher.

"Is that alright with you Iruka?"

"That's not a problem Hokage-sama. Come on Naruto. Let's go home." With that, the Academy teacher placed his hand on the shorter one's shoulder, guiding both out of the cold building to a warmer, cosier apartment.

Watching from his window from his office, the Third looked down on the two retreating figures. Sighing at no one in particular, Sarutobi turned around to face the other figure that had been hidden during the whole event.

"Kakashi. What has happened to Naruto?"

-- -- -- In the morning, Team 7 meeting place -- -- --

Wahh! Sasuke-kun and I are together. Alone! This is just like one of those love scenes!

/ Ha! Beat that Ino-pig/

Sneaking a look at the other, emerald eyes shyly regarded the young heart-throb of Konoha. Forgetting about the other member of Team 7, the pink-haired kunoichi continued to discretely stare and blush at the other.

She's more annoying than that dobe. Thought the Uchiha as he turned his head to the side, ignoring the other's not-so-discrete stares.

At the thought of the blond his mind wondered back to yesterday and the event that had perspired.

Why did he apologise for? He wasn't in the wrong!

Frowning at his mind's replay of the scene, the Uchiha looked down at a small (innocent) pebble on the other side of the bridge.

Damn that man! He made the dobe cry. He's going to pay. Dearly.

Not finding an answer to his growing questions and frustration, Sasuke settled for glaring at the small (innocent) pebble while he waited for the blond to show up.

-- -- -- Three hours later -- -- --

The small (innocent) pebble sweated profusely at the intense Uchiha Death Glare that it was being subjected to. Obviously the blond had not shown up at the meeting place which did not sit well with the young Sharingan user.

"Yo!" greeted the ever late sensei of Team 7.

"YOU'RE LATE!" half-screamed a pink-haired girl. Half screamed because the other individual that was supposed to scream along with her was not there. It was also done in a half-hearted manner because the silver-haired jounin was instantly forgiven as she had gotten to spend three blissful hours with her crush.

"You see, I saw this raven that was having a heart attack because his crush, which was a fox, was not paying attention to him. So, being the good person I am, I tried to help the raven get into the fox's pants. Er, I mean, get the fox to fall in love with him."

Finding silence greeting his explanation, Kakashi looked down at his two students in wonder.

"Eh? Oh, um...liar." came the small reply as the pink kunoichi blushed and turned her attention away from the raven-haired genin back to their sensei. On the other hand, the hidden meaning did not go unnoticed by the Uchiha as his cheeks barely reddened.

Quirking his only visible eyebrow at the responses he received, Kakashi cleared his throat to gather both of his student's attention.

"Ahem. Well, today we've got a mission. We'll be doing garbage collection at the river. So...this way!" chirped the ever happy jounin.

Groaning under her breath about how perverted senseis can sound so happy about garbage collecting missions, Sakura made her way in the general direction that said perverted sensei indicated.

Sasuke, on the other hand, didn't budge from his spot.

"Naruto's not here." Was the raven-haired's only curt remark on the whole situation.

Stopping in mid step with his long left leg still hanging in the air, the jounin instructor made a 180 degree turn on his right foot, finished his step and peered closely at the Uchiha.

"Whatever do you mean Sasuke-kun? Are you worried about Naru-chan? Hmm?"

Keeping a blush that, in the Uchiha's opinion, wasn't supposed to be there down, Sasuke diverted his eyes elsewhere.

"Ah, thought so (insert a wriggle of Kakashi's only visible eyebrow). Don't worry! (crinkle of eye) Naru-chan's already ahead. See?" With that, Kakashi turned back around, flipped out his orange love novel and continued to sashay his way to the riverside.

-- -- -- A few hours later -- -- --

The younger members of Team 7 were quietly collecting rubbish in the river while their instructor was perched lazily on a tree branch flipping methodically through his favourite book. There were no bickering, insults, challenges or any such disturbances of the peaceful tranquillity that had cloaked the three genins all afternoon.

Sakura was relieved for the silence and used this chance to ogle her crush as she worked. If it hadn't been for the silence then her time would have been spent scolding the blond, an activity that she did not enjoy.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was becoming even more worried for the blond. The other wasn't usually this quiet and any attempts on his part to rile the other up were either ignored or well, ignored. Feeling a bit frustrated at not being at the blond's center of attention, the Uchiha stabbed his fork at a floating piece of paper bag. Missing the said paper bag, the genius genin ground his teeth before attempting a few more times before his frustration dissipated a little at finally catching the measly object.

Unbeknown to the irritated young Sharingan user, Sasuke had been at the fox carrier's center of attention since last night. Thoughts of what his dream meant and what had happened yesterday had put the blond in a depressed mood.

Maybe Sasuke does hate me after all.

He'll definitely hate me once he finds out I'm just like what everyone else said I am...

A monster in disguise.

Meanwhile, at the back of Naruto's mind, the Kyuubi was pacing around in his cell. Being caged for 12 and a half years, one would assume that the great creature would have gotten used to being caged. However, this was a different matter.

Right now, his host was knee deep in water. A liquidity substance that flowed through fur, clung to fur, dampened one's senses, weighed one's fur down and just plain "irritated" one fox spirit. Yes, it made the other "irritated" NOT anxious because such a word does not exist for a great demon as the Nine tails.

The thought that his host did not have as much "fur" and wouldn't experience these same problems did not cross the Kyuubi's mind. However, what did get through was the fact that his host was in the water...and he, the Great Fox Spirit, was trapped inside his host. Who was still in the water.

So, to sum it all up, foxes do NOT do water and having to spend two hours, sixteen minutes and thirty four seconds in the said horrid substance was enough for the Kyuubi. Bearing his fangs out in a low growl, the fox decided to voice his displeasure on their current situation. Naruto, however, was too engrossed in his own train of thought to notice any other unpleasant signals his parasite was giving off.

A little peeved at having been ignored, the Kyuubi paced back and forth behind the cage doors. Barring his extended fangs one more time, a deeper rumble emitted from his throat. A little caught off guard by the strange growl that was being sent to him, Naruto lost his footing on a rock and fell into the river.

What the hell! Was the only thought that ran through the blond's head as he got swept downstream by the moving current.

Seeing the other struggle against the current with a wet jumpsuit and a sack full of rubbish, Sasuke jumped in after Naruto. Just as both of the genins were about to go over the edge, the Uchiha threw a couple of stars with his thin wires attached. With one hand holding the wires tightly, the other reached out to wrap around a slim waist, swinging both entities towards a branch that jutted out of the cliff face.

Naruto closed his eyes as soon as he saw the edge of the waterfall rushing towards him. A few seconds later, he toppled over the edge as the rush of air and small water particles assaulted his other senses. Then he feels strangely warm and protected as a firm rhythmic sound beat within his fingertips.

After a few minutes of nothingness and the sound of water rushing past him, the blond decides to open his eyes and comes face to face with one Uchiha Sasuke. Make that one Uchiha Sasuke that is looking intently into sky blue eyes that seems a tad bit too close for Naruto's comfort.

Thinking that the other had found his inner most secret, the fox carrier looked petrified at the other before pushing away at the chest his hands had unconsciously landed on. Not having predicted this kind of reaction, Sasuke watched in slow motion as the other stumbled back on the narrow branch and start to topple to the side.

Acting on his quick reflexes, the Uchiha threw his hand out to catch the other's front jacket. With a little heave, the Uchiha survivor was able to pull the blond back onto the branch closer to the cliff. However, his pull was miscalculated and instead of the fox carrier falling off the branch, it was now one raven-haired Uchiha that fell.


Naruto watches in terror as the Sharingan user tumble through the thick push and land with a resounding 'oof'. Assuming that the other had not fallen down the whole of the cliff, the blond used chakra to scale the short distance down to his fallen team mate.

"Sasuke!" cried the blue-eyed genin as he found a flash of blue and black among the green background. Rushing towards the moving object that could only be the Uchiha, Naruto found the other in a mess with leaves and scratches here and there.

"S-Sasuke...a-are you a-alright?" enquired the fox vessel, uncertain as to whether to go and help or leave and get help.

"Dobe." Was the only reply given as the young Sharingan user propped himself against the cliff face.

"Maa, don't worry Naruto. I'm sure Sasuke is alright." Said the Copy Cat Nin as he hung from the side of the cliff with his gravity defying hairstyle. Flipping the page in his ever present orange novel, their jounin instructor giggled like a school girl before continuing.

"Hmm. Sasuke, you seem to have quite a few scratches and bruises there. Naru-chan, please take care of Sasuke-kun's wounds." With that, Kakashi smiled underneath his mask behind his favourite book. Not that his two charges could see anyway.

"Oh, and the mission's complete so as soon as Sasuke's wounds are taken care of you're both dismissed. Now I have to hand in the report. Sigh." With that, the silver-haired jounin disappeared in a puff of smoke to the Hokage Tower.

-- -- -- 10 minutes later at Hokage's office -- -- --

"So how is his behaviour today?" enquired Sarutobi.

"He's not fairing that well. He seems to be down about something." Reported the instructor of Team 7.

"I see."

"But not to worry Hokage-sama!" chirped the happy Sharingan welder.

"And why may I ask should I not?"

"Well, let's just say that it's only trouble in love paradise." Replied the silver-haired jounin.

A white eyebrow rose quizzically at the new found information. Puffing on his pipe, Sandaime turned around to face the window that overlooked the village center.

Is that so...

"Then I assume you've also come to the conclusion that Naruto's incident last night had to do with this "problem in love paradise" as you put it?"

"Hai, hai. Don't worry Hokage-sama. I've got everything under control!"

Yes, and it's you that's got the control on this matter that I'm worried about. Thought Sarutobi.

Turning back around to face the other, the Third's expression fell further as he found one of his elite jounin giggling yet again behind an orange novel.

"That is all." Sighed the Sandaime as he dismissed the other.

Now I AM worried. Was the Third's last thought on the matter as the other left in a puff of smoke.

-- -- -- At that same time somewhere else -- -- --

Naruto and Sasuke are now back up on the top of the cliff near the river. Looking around, the blond found that their pink-haired teammate had left quite a while ago and that their sensei had left a white first aid box behind. Turning back to his companion, Naruto noticed that Sasuke had scraped a knee, skinned his arm between his wrist and elbow while he spotted a scar along his jaw from hitting against a jagged tree branch.

Moving towards the first aid box, Naruto avoided eye contact with the Uchiha as he worked quietly at cleaning and bandaging up the wounds. During this whole ordeal Sasuke observed the other's profile closely, trying to find out what was wrong. Not being able to find any answers to his many questions, the Uchiha decides that a more direct approach was needed.

"Dobe, what's wrong with you?" Although insulting the other wasn't going to particularly help in getting answers faster, the Uchiha still looked at the mop of blond hair for a response.

Silence greeted the raven-haired genin again for the millionth time that afternoon which was starting to worry the young Sharingan user instead of getting irritated at the other.

"L-Look, if it was about that sales man from yesterday..." then I'll go and beat him up or something. The genius genin thought although he wasn't going to voice that last bit out.

The awkward silence lengthened between the two as Naruto tied the last bandage on the other's pale arm. Not wanting to really talk with the other, especially after last night's dream, the blond made to stand up and leave as quickly as he could. However, his plan to "escape Sasuke as fast as possible" failed when the Uchiha grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled him back down on the grassy ground.

"Naruto." with anger lacing the one name, Sasuke tried a different approach to get his answers.

"Are you running away from me? Are you a scardy cat?"

At the hated name that had proved his weakness before, the blond head whipped up to glare into obsidian eyes.

"No I'm not running away from you because it's none of your business! You bastard! I don't need you so just leave me alone!"

Taking the shorter ninja's rant in stride, the Uchiha fixed a stern glare at the other in which Naruto shivered at being on the receiving end of such suppressed anger.

"And pray do tell me Naruto why should I leave you alone?"



Wracking nervously through his muddled brain for a valid enough reason, the blond dropped his gaze to the interesting insects on the green grass.

"B-Because...Everyone else does so why can't you do it! Everyone hates me so you should too! I'm used to it so just leave me alone...everyone else does. We'd all be better of-"

The next part of the blond's nervous ranting session was silenced as a pair of pink lips descended on his. Naruto stood shocked as he was kissed by his taller companion. This kiss was not like the previous kisses that they had shared.

This was not forced, not heady and definitely not under a full moon. In fact it could almost have been classified as sweet if there ever were a classification for it.

"I don't hate you because I'm not like everyone."

The two stayed beside the rushing waters for what seemed like eternality after the Uchiha's whispered reply. Gathering back his scattered brain, or what he could put back in place, Naruto tried to steady his breathing.

"But y-" Again the blond's words were cut off by the same set of lips as before.

"I said I'm not like everyone else." Replied a more irritated voice this time round.

Not knowing what to think or do next, Naruto fell silent and looked at the swaying leaves and branches in the afternoon air. Another silence fell upon the duo but this time it wasn't as awkward.

Maybe he doesn't hate me...Thought the blond as a small smile tugged at the ends of his lips.

Seeing the other finally smile that day, the Uchiha felt a smile tugging at his own lips but his stubborn mind stamped it out before the other saw. Blue meet obsidian again.

Y-Yeah...he's not like everyone else.

Repeating that last thought again, a full smile graced tanned features that could rival even the prettiest sunflower.

"Hn. If you keep smiling like that you'll split your face in half."


With that, the remnants of a black dream dissipated in the presence of the other. Leaving behind a blond that had just a bit more hope.



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