It was with mixed emotions that she watched her son return to her house. It was beautiful – he was beautiful – but at the same time, it made her insides twist with disgust.

He'd always been her favorite, whether or not he knew it. She'd always loved him best, and yet he was the one who left her. Then again, perhaps it was best – Regulus' fate had not been one she would wish on her blood-traitor of a son.

He opened the door and his eyes had landed immediately on her. Their gazes had locked, and all was still.

She wanted to cry out to him, wanted to be a mother to him like she hadn't before. Wanted to tell him 'I love you' and 'I missed you', and 'It killed me that you had been sent to Azkaban, but come, let me get a good look at you.'

But she didn't.

She opened her mouth to say these things, and suddenly her life came rushing at her, rushing at her in one single sentence.

Mudblood, half-breed, filth, blood-traitor of my flesh!

And instead of "I love you" she shouted, "Get out of my house!"

Before she knew it, the curtain was shut and she was left wondering why she had let herself fail.