The Date

UC Sunnydale,

Sunday 7th November 1999, 16:00

If anyone who knew Xander Harris saw him right now, they'd be extremely worried for whoever he was looking for. The look on his face has appeared before but not often; Buffy was on the receiving end of it once when the Anointed One kidnapped Willow, Angelus witnessed it during their confrontation outside Buffy's hospital room, Jack O'Toole witnessed it when they were standing either side of a bomb.

The person that caused the look to return is Parker Abrams, the man who in Xander's opinion gives all men a bad name. His treatment of Buffy, the woman who Xander has once again fallen for, has enraged him and vengeance is called for. As he stalks toward the frat house that Parker lives in, it is as though an invisible plough is clearing him a path, people instinctively moving out of the brunette mans way for fear that his anger will spill out onto them.

He throws open the door to the frat house, those in the living area turning to the sudden noise. "Where is he?" he asks in a cold voice, far more effective than any bellow.

"W.Who?" one of them asks, desperately hoping his name won't be the answer.

"Parker," Xander replies with a sneer that sends shivers down everybody's spines. Silence reigns for a few moment as they all choose whether to betray their frat brother or not. Patience is not one of Xander's virtues at the moment and he growls slightly, "don't make me ask again, you won't like how I go about it." they all look at each other before nodding in unison.

"Second floor, third door to the right." Xander nods once in acknowledgement before making his way to the stairs. As he does so, the brothers in the living area sigh in relief before quickly leaving, not wanting to be around when the screaming starts.

It only takes a few seconds for Xander to be standing in front of Parker's door, preparing himself for what he was about to do. He is trying to keep his anger in check as he knows he could easily kill the man that's the other side of the door if he loses control; he maybe a killer but he is not a murderer. Taking one more calming breath to ensure his anger remains at a slow boil he kicks in the door to Parker's room.

"Hey there Parker, we need to have a conversation about treating women with respect."

"Who are you?" Parker asks with a slight hitch in his voice. Try as he might he cannot contain the fear he is feeling right now, having the door to your room kicked in isn't exactly a calming experience. He's sure that if he saw the man standing in front of him at any other time he wouldn't pay him a second glance but right now he was danger given human form and impossible to ignore.

"I'm a friend of Buffy Summers," was Xander's terse reply, doing his best to resist the urge to put Parker's head through every solid object in the room.

"Who?" Parker knew that was the wrong response immediately as Xander surges forward with a vicious right hook that sends the other man flying into the wardrobe behind him, turning it into nothing more than a pile of kindling. Blood is flowing freely from his obviously broken nose, his eyes glassy and unfocused.

"The amount of pain you'll end up in during this conversation completely depends on how you respond to what I say, so I suggest you think before you speak from now on." Parker nods his head carefully; aware of the pain he is already feeling. He can see that the man standing over him has no qualms in causing him serious and possibly permanent damage. "Do I take it that you now remember who Buffy is?"

"Yes." He did remember the petite blonde now, was a descent enough lay but she was too clingy for his liking after the fact and it took him a while to extricate himself from her surprising strong grip when he made his exit later that night. He'd had better, but it tided him over until the following night when he met Anya, who while being completely without tact had a mastery of her inner muscles that was second to none.

"You flirted with her, made it seem you wanted a relationship and then once you got what you wanted you dumped her like yesterdays trash. If you had made it clear from the beginning that you were just looking for a good time, I wouldn't be here and you wouldn't need a new wardrobe. Instead, you lead her on and left her a crying mess without a single word of explanation. I take offence to anyone that does that to one of my girls, generally ending with me putting something sharp in the offending person's chest," Parker's eyes widen in fear at the prospect of being killed, "but I tend to shy away from things that would send me to jail for the rest of my life unless I have no other option." Parker's fear lessens but doesn't disappear, not by a long shot.

"Whatever you want I'll do it." Xander smiles, but Parker can tell there's no humour behind it, in fact it unnerves him greatly.

"I'm very glad to hear that. This is what's going to happen; you're going to apology wholeheartedly and sincerely to Buffy, making it clear that she is in no way at fault for what happened."

"I can do that." Parker quickly said.

"You can and you will, that is if you like the use of your legs." The smell of urine reaches Xander's nose and he looks down at Parker with distaste.

"I give you my word." Parker said, only to have Xander stamp on his right knee, causing it for a moment to bend the wrong way and sending blinding pain through Parker's system.

"Your word means shit to me, but I will hold you to it. You'll also promise me, right here and now, that you will never treat another woman the way you treated her."

"I promise," he immediately responded, "I'll never do it again."

"You better not, because if you don't I swear they will never find your body. This is you're only 'get out of jail free' card you'll ever receive from me."

"I swear on my mother's life!" he shouts.

"Good." Xander punches him full force in the face once again, sending Parker into unconsciousness before leaving his room.

He had so wanted to inflict more damage to him, to return the pain he caused Buffy ten-fold, but to do any more than he already had would make no better than his father and he swore on Jesse's grave that he would never allow that to happen.

Now that was over, he could prepare himself for the hard part of his self-imposed mission; asking Buffy out on a date.