Summary: The last day of school has arrived, but there seems to be a new enemy developing. The Inner scouts are suprised when three girls appear with Haruka one day, and find out their identities to be Sailor Scouts. And why is Seiya, Taiki, & Yaten back?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, but Eisley, Xandra, and Acadia and the enemies are mine, as well as the storyline.

"01: Starting Over"

"The last day of the year, doesn't even feel like it," said Minako, looking up at the sky that was clouding over already. "What are we going to do?"

Usagi yawned apathetically. "Anything that doesn't require complete and complex thoughts."

Minako wrapped her arms around her shoulders and laughed. "Leave it to you to think of something like that," She waited for a response, but when none came, she sighed. "Lovely. Let's see… we could go to the arcade, the mall… park, library… museum…" her voice grew duller the more she listed.

Makoto stretched as students walked past her to their vehicles, laughter all around the seemingly joyless four. "The arcade would be nice. I hear they got a new racing game, Minako, Usagi…"

Minako, Ami, and Makoto directed their gazes at Usagi, who was looking at the cement that was becoming speckled with rain. She looked up at the sky that was raining and she shrugged. "Sure. I need to…" but she trailed off before finishing her sentence. Her mind was elsewhere, on a certain rainy day on a certain school rooftop with a certain longhaired boy with a red suit on, asking a seemingly unanswerable question at the time.

"Am I not good enough?"

It echoed with every raindrop.


Usagi looked at her friends. "What?"

Ami smiled at her. "We were asking if you were there… you were just staring at the sky."

"Oh," Usagi said. She opened her briefcase and looked at all the papers in it that were reminiscent of a time when Seiya sat behind her in class, and notes they wrote back and forth. They were the only thing left in it; she had thrown out all her other papers and notices. She closed it and turned back to them. "Sorry. I just have a lot of my mind right now… I'm sure you guys understand."

They nodded in unison. "Mamorou?" Minako asked.

"Eh… no," but before they guessed dead on what it was, she smiled her trademark smile and started another conversation. "But let's go to the arcade and the Parlour. I'm starving."

× × × × × ×

Three girls stood in a vast dark room, standing on nothing, standing on something. Before them stood the Gates of Time, and just before them, the scout of Time herself, looking at the four girls.

"Sailor Pluto…" said one girl, a fair and feminine voice that was tinted with that strange American accent.

"It's been absolutely ages," another said, a gentle and loving voice that carried through the emptiness like a bell.

Sailor Pluto smiled at the four girls. It had in fact been ages; they had been sealed in crystals, preserved after Galaxia had destroyed their planet in her first rage of world domination, ridding of the rare and unknown senshi. These four were included. Pluto, however, favored the trio and managed to pull them from the ruins, restore their Sailor Seeds and placed them in revival crystals.

"It has, indeed. I'm glad you girls are healed. Because I have a mission for you ladies."

"Whatever it is, we will surely do," a third voice said, matured and young all in one.

Sailor Pluto looked at the Gates of Time and sighed. "There seems to be a… problem arriving to plant Earth, when we thought all was done. I am not sure… but I need you four to descend there and… make sure everything is all right. You should meet my human self, Haruka who is Sailor Uranus, Michiru who is Sailor Neptune, and Hotaru who is Sailor Saturn. From there, you will meet the legendary scouts, Sailor Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and the Princess Serenity. Protect them."

"Princess Serenity? We shall befriend her?" asked the first voice.

"Yes, you will," Sailor Pluto said. She held her staff high in the air, over her head with both arms. "Queen Serenity, grant the Senshi of the Intangible their powers!"

A bright pink, green, and orange light spilled over the three kneeling girls, and they were transformed into their Senshi selves in a flash of bright lights. When the light cleared, the Gates opened up and a soft white color came forth, lighting the objects at their feet, their transformation sticks.

The third voice looked up Sailor Pluto. "We will not fail you… or the Princess."

Sailor Pluto smiled at their collective courage. "I know you won't."

× × × × × ×

"You have to quit cheating! I almost had you beat!" Usagi said, leaning back in the seat, crossing her arms.

Minako beamed at her friend, leaned back and folded her arms behind her head. "Of course you did."

Usagi dug in her pocket. "Let's race again!"

"Hey, look. It's Haruka," announced Ami, looking at the door, before Usagi or Minako could get money from their pockets.

Makoto stepped forward and paused. "And it looks like three other girls."

Makoto was right. Behind the three Outer Scouts were three girls they didn't recognize. If they had, they certainly would have remembered.

One had bright pink hair that was in two twisted buns tied neatly behind her head. Another had lime green hair that was right above her ears, straight as could be. The third had orange that was wavy and shoulder length.

Ami blinked a few times, feeling conscious of her own blue hair.

Haruka saluted the girls from the entrance, approaching. "Good afternoon, ladies."

Usagi stood up and smiled. "Hello!"

"I'd like you girls to meet some friends of ours," Haruka said, looking at the Inner scouts, waiting for a reaction. She smirked kindly. "This is Acadia."

The girl with the pink hair smiled at the four girls.


The green haired girl smiled meekly.

"This is Xandra."

Xandra, the orange haired girl nodded confidently, smiling.

There was an awkward pause, and then Minako jumped up. "It's nice to meet you!" She shook their hands over excited.

Haruka's voice became more serious. "Can we continue this in private somewhere? I must tell you something important," The five younger girls nodded, hesitantly. "Great. My car is right out here."

They all went to her car and managed to pile in. The ride was extremely uncomfortable and quiet. Usagi couldn't resist watching Acadia's hair, the radiance it contained within itself. It glowed on its own. Memories filled her mind… only they were too vague to gather anything from.

Haruka looked back at Usagi. "Is Rei at the temple?"

Usagi nodded. "Yeah, she is. Should she be included in this?"

"Yes. This is… very important."

Haruka sped to the temple as fast as she legally could. When the car stopped, all the girls got out of the car, and looked up at the stairs.

Xandra looked up at the stairs. "This is so lovely," Her short hair blew in the moist air. "I haven't seen anything like this before."

Ami went up to her. "Where are you from… Xandra?"

Xandra looked at Ami. "We all came from America."

Usagi's heart stopped and she asked the question she always asked. "Where in America?"

"New York City."

Usagi watched Haruka come towards them. "That's where my boyfriend is…"

Haruka motioned for the girls to follow. "We have to hurry. Let's go!" The girls went up the stairs, the wind arguing with their direction.

What strange weather… thought Ami, looking at the shivering tree limbs. Why is it like this?

At the top, they could already see Rei, looking up at a tree with her broom in hand. The priestess smiled as she noticed them. "Hey, guys!" She came up to them. "Where's Michiru?" she asked Haruka.

Haruka's sandy hair blew in her eyes. "She couldn't make it."

"Oh," Rei said. "What's up?"

"We're going to be having a dilemma." Haruka said.

No one said anything for a second or two. Rei looked up, her black hair whipping in the violent wind. "Yes. I can feel it, too," Rei turned to the temple's entrance. "Would you like to come in?"

× × × × × ×

"Can you tell us now what is going on?" Ami asked expectantly.

Haruka looked at the four girls that everyone was familiar with by now. "It started back when Sailor Galaxia started her terror streak. These three girls," she pointed at Acadia, Eisley, and Xandra with her blue eyes. "Are Senshi from their planet of Ansable. Their planet was among many that Galaxia destroyed; everyone died, and these girls' Star Seeds were captured. Luckily, Galaxia was not near as powerful at the time, and Sailor Pluto managed to get their seeds back and returned. Pluto favored these four as sisters or as children. She sealed them in revival crystals for ages, to restore their health and life on, ironically, the planet of Kinmoku. The crystals were built in a cavern deep under the surface and were unaffected when Galaxia struck Kinmoku.

"We have been in peace lately. But it seems there is something new approaching. We aren't sure what it is right now. It's strong, though. Pluto has been debating whether or not to ask for release of the girls to help battle this. Ultimately, she decided to release them. But this new force… we're unsure what this is."

No one said anything for a while.

Haruka had been hesitant to say this part, but she had to. "And, Princess?"

Usagi looked up.

"There is something wrong with your destiny. The one you saw… it seems to be wrong."

Ami spoke. "It's wrong?"

"According to Pluto."

"What is wrong with it?" asked Makoto.

Haruka looked up from her hands. "We believe that Mamorou might not be the rightful King of Crystal Tokyo," she said. But before anyone could say anything, she quickly said, "But we are not sure. Pluto is looking into it."

"Who would it be, then?" asked Rei.

Haruka was silent. "I'm not sure."

"This is horrible," whispered Usagi.

× × × × × ×

"Fighter… are you awake?"


Princess Kakyuu laughed. "Get up, goofball."

Seiya sat up in his bed. "What is it? Is something wrong?"

The Red Princess smiled. "No, nothing is wrong here. The trees are green. The sky is blue. It's lovely out," she peeked out a dark red curtain outside. "Would you like to see?"

Seiya shook his head sadly. "That's alright."

"Is something wrong, Seiya?"

Seiya lay back in his bed. "I'm just tired from the rebuilding."

Kakyuu touched his forehead. "Of course you are," she paused, and he could hear her delicate smile. "Would you like to vacation?"

Seiya was aghast. A vacation? He could only be so lucky. "Princess… that is ridiculous."

"Is it ridiculous if I want you to go?"

Seiya was caught. "No."

"What about your brothers?"

"Yes," he said slyly.

Kakyuu laughed. She projected her voice out to the hall. "He said you are ridiculous."

Seiya sighed.

Kakyuu finished laughing at something Yaten had retorted with, and faced Seiya once more. She spoke soothingly. "Well… where would you like to go? Anywhere."

Without thinking, "Earth," Immediately after he realized what he said, he shot up and covered his mouth. "I'm… sorry…"

Kakyuu laughed heartily. "Oh, it's fine! I knew you would say that because I know that was where your heart was left. You ache for earth, don't you?"

Seiya frowned. "I do."

"You and your brothers should go there for a while. I suspect they miss you."

Taiki and Yaten came into the dark room and stood behind Kakyuu. "Usagi is there," said Yaten, sing songy.

"Shut up, Yaten!"

Kakyuu looked from Yaten to Seiya. Then to the framed picture that was on his bedside of a girl with buns and hair hanging down, smiling with him in an amusement park. "I see. Your heart aches for the Moon Princess," she stood up. "Great things will come, Seiya. Go. Go to earth."

× × × × × ×

Usagi walked into the house of her family.

"You have a message on the phone, dear," shouted her mother from the kitchen.

Usagi walked into the hall to the phone. "Thank you, mom."

She saw the red button flashing, and the red button lit up next to her name. She pressed the play button.

"Hey, Usagi, it is Mamorou. I'd really like you to call me back when you get this, I need to talk to you. Bye."

Odd… he didn't say he loved me. He usually does, she thought as she dialed his American telephone number. She looked at the blue painted wall, waiting as it rang. When she was about to hang up on the sixth ring, there was an answer.

"Hello?" It was perfect English, coming for the man's voice she knew.

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi said, and smiled. She leaned against the wall, blushing.

"Oh, Usa…gi. How are you?"

Usagi played with the phone cord. "I'm pretty good. Today was the last day of school."

"That's fun," Mamorou said, uninterested. "We need to talk."

"Okay. About what?"

She could hear Mamorou sighing, thoughtfully. Then she heard a door open in the background of his phone, and a woman's voice.

"Mamorou! I'm home! Who are you on the phone with, love?"

All the blood drained from her body and she swallowed back the tears. "Oh. I see," she said, brokenly, closing her eyes.

"I'm sorry…"

But that phrase was lost to Usagi because she had slowly hung up the telephone, covering her mouth with one hand. She breathed slowly, and suddenly she felt a sense of relief, like a weight was removed. She moved her hands up to her face slowly, and felt the cool metal of her ring on her hand, the ring he had given her as a promise.

× × × × × ×

When morning arrived on Tokyo, it hardly seemed like morning. Dark clouds hung drearily over the building and citizens, like sheets. People walking out of their homes to go to work or tend to their lives, looked up and knew they were in for some bad weather.

Usagi woke up quite early to her telephone ringing. She thought her mother would answer it, but come to find out her mother and brother was out of the house at nine in the morning. She then recalled her brother, Sammy, had a dental appointment at nine. Her father was at work. She crawled out of her bed and into the hallway to the phone.

"Hello?" she asked sleepily.


Usagi rubbed her eyes and yawned. "Excuse me? Who… is—wait."

There was a pause and she could sense the excitement building up on the other side of the telephone. She closed her eyes and tracked through her memory of whose voice this was. When it finally came to her, she heard a mental click! inside her head and she shouted the name a loud, unintentionally.

"Seiya!" She caught herself, and smiled. "Is that you?"

"Ah, it may have taken you a while but you do remember me! But, of course, how could you forget me?"

Usagi ignored that cockiness and sunk to the ground, leaning against the hallway wall. She pulled her nightgown over her knees and looked around her, wrapping the cord around her. "What are you doing back?"

Seiya sighed. "Kakyuu allowed us to return to Earth for a while, since Kinmoku is rebuilt," he paused. "A vacation."

Usagi twisted the cord the same way she had the night before. "You just came back to visit Earth?"

"Yes," Seiya said. He was silent for a minute, looking out of their apartment's window. They had managed to talk to their manager, rekindled their music career, and find their old apartment. He looked at the rising sun. "How are you? Anything new?"

Usagi bit her lip and looked at her empty fingers. "Well… yeah. School got out yesterday," she paused, hesitant to finish. Very quietly, she said, "Mamorou and I broke up."

"I'm sorry… what did you say?" Seiya was unsure if he heard right or if she was just mumbling to herself.

Usagi closed her eyes and said, clipped. "Mamorou… and… I… broke… up."

Seiya was silent. To mourn this, or to be happy because now he stood a chance? "I'm… very sorry to hear that, Usagi. When did this happen? What happened?"

Usagi patiently explained the message on the answering machine and the conversation, blow by blow. Seiya sat silently, a million thoughts racing through his mind, but not enough to completely distract him from what she was telling him. He clung to every word. When she finished what she was saying, there was a moment's hesitation. Then Seiya spoke.

"Usagi, would you like to go get some breakfast somewhere? I would love to see you."

"That would be wonderful, Seiya. I'll go get ready."

Seiya grinned, looking out of the window. "I'll be by in a bit. Good bye."

"Good bye!" Usagi said, and hung up, happily.

Seiya turned the cordless telephone off, smiling at his fortune, and turned around to see Taiki standing away from him in a tee shirt and longer pants. His smile faded quickly.

"Seiya, why do you bother?" his arms were crossed and he had a look that was sympathy and annoyance mixed together.

Seiya winked at him, and smiled a little. "I'm not going to lose this time, Taiki," he said, approaching Taiki. "Because, guess what?"

Taiki continued staring at him, waiting, like a mother would to a lying teenager.

"Mamorou and Odango… broke up!"

The impact of this news showed on Taiki's face, as well as sounding from the third bedroom.


Taiki and Seiya looked behind them to see Yaten's head poking out of the bedroom, perplexed as ever. The two laughed at him. "They what?" Yaten asked again.

Seiya sat on the couch and explained the story to Taiki and Yaten as Usagi had. Yaten and Taiki found seats in the white couches facing the other one, which Seiya was in. "So, it seems Mamorou was cheating on Usagi while he was away."

Yaten was leaning forward; his lovely boy face propped up on his white and slender hands. His rich emerald eyes blinked and he leaned back. "This is perfect for you, Seiya."

× × × × × ×

Usagi stood in front of her closet, looking at her clothes, trying to decide what to wear as fast as she could. She had spent too much time, looking at her pictures of Seiya to refresh her mind of their memories. Luna sat at her feet, looking up at her Princess. Usagi reached into the closet and pulled out a dress. It was black and knee length. It looked as though it had a white short sleeved shirt underneath it. "What do you think, Luna?"

Luna smiled. "Yes, I think that would look fine, Usagi."

Usagi leaned down and stroked Luna on the head, something she didn't do too much anymore. Luna purred, and Usagi skipped off to the bathroom to change and style her hair. As she was getting into the dress, she heard the doorbell ring. She frowned, and pulled the dress the rest of the way up, and walked out of the bathroom, and trotted down the hall and stairs to answer the door. Her hair was all down, not styled.

She opened the door and saw Seiya standing there. "Come in!" she pulled him inside and closed the door. Seiya laughed at her unchanged persistence.

"I'm still not quite ready, but give me a little more time and my hair will be done!" Usagi said, and ran up the stairs to the bathroom, leaving Seiya in the living room, lost. He shrugged and walked up the stairs after her, laughing.


She stepped out of the bathroom, her hair up, and tied with black ribbons. She had short white socks on and black flat shoes on. "I'm ready!"

Seiya looked at her and smiled. "Too cute, Odango…" He stepped towards and her and embraced her tightly. "Where would you like to go? I need to be reacquainted with this place."

× × × × × ×

Acadia, Eisley, and Xandra sat in a small café for a small breakfast.

"So… Usagi, the Princess," began Acadia, taking a drink of her orange juice. She eyed the two other girls as they ate.

Xandra grinned. "She's lovely, and in over her head."

Eisley shook her head. "I think she is where she needs to be. Did you hear about the battle between her and Galaxia? If she were 'in over her head', she wouldn't have defeated her. It's amazing."

Xandra shrugged and looked over Acadia's head at the door. "There she is now." All three girls looked over at the door and saw her walking in with Seiya.

Acadia turned back around. "With Mr. Seiya, it seems," then she proceeded to grin as she took a sip of her drink. The other girls smiled, too.

Usagi sat beside them, recognizing the three. "Hello, Acadia, Xandra, Eisley."

The three looked up shyly, and smiled. "Hello, Usagi. How are you this…" Acadia looked outside to observe the weather. Dark. "…dark morning?"

Usagi giggled. "Oh, I'm fine.

The three looked at Seiya and he blinked… and then their identities clicked. He didn't say anything, but the recognition glowed in his face. "Hello, ladies."

The three waved. "Hello, Fi— Seiya!" Xandra said, catching herself, covering her mouth. Seiya smiled cautiously. "What are you two doing here?"

"We're getting breakfast. She's a friend of mine I haven't seen in a while… as you know."

Acadia nodded placed the napkin on the plate. "Well, it has been nice seeing you two lovely people, but we have to—"

Acadia didn't finish her sentence to depart, because the next thing she knew the wide bay windows to the street were busted out with a surge of energy and all the tables and people were forced to the ground and thrown across the room.

When the dust settled, there stood a young girl in a bright red dress, a tight top and loose skirt faded to pink, wearing pink high heels that tied around her slender legs. Her red hair was pulled up in a bun with glowing gold stars stuck in it. On her arm was a long lace glove, with intricate designs. The opening was decorated with red lace sticking out. She held her arm high in the air, with a long, thin, silver chain wrapped around her hands and arms, holding something in the palm of her hand. Her left arm remained dormant to her side.

"My precious!" she said, and grinned. "Come out and fight me, Sailor Senshi!"

Seiya was on top of Usagi, protecting her. Acadia, Eisley, and Xandra stood up, and at the same time shouted bravely, as everyone looked on,

"High Lonesome Power, Make Up!"

"Incentive Radio Power, Make Up!"

"Graphic Skin Power, Make Up!"

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