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The Sickness and The Cure.

"Yashamaru, does it hurt?" The young red haired boy asked.

"Yes Gaara, it does." The blonde man replied.

"What is pain Yashamaru?" The child questioned, his small eyebrows knitting together.

"Its like.." cough "like physical sadness, like the feeling you get when the villagers avoid you or you think of your mother but you can feel it in your body, in places besides your heart." The ninja said coughing again and drawing a shaking breath.

"Goodbye Yashamaru." The sniffling youth whispered tears rolling down his pale cheeks.

"Goodbye Gaara." The older one said, the sand already swarming and starting to surround him.

Desert Graveyard.

The Sickness...

He woke up with a gasp, a sheen of sweat on his forehead, the man next to him stirring.

"Mmgh. Gaara? Y'O.K?" A sleepy-eyed Sasuke asked leaning closer, his arm wrapping across Gaara's torso to hold on to his hip.

"Yeah. Just an old memory." He said snuggling into the warmth of his lover.

"Again?" The raven haired Jounin sighed resting his head on the smaller man's shoulder.

"Yeah. S'no biggie." The red head replied tiredly, already falling back to sleep.

"Luvya Gaara." Sasuke mumbled out.

"Love you too Sasuke."

The Cure...

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