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Why So Alone?
A Yuugiou DM fanfic
By Ryu Jonesu

Chapter 1: Why I'm Alone

The white-haired boy stood alone by the door of Domino High, leaning against the wall with his hands folded behind his back.

'Same as every day,' he thought to himself.

School had let out half an hour ago and it had quieted down since most of the students had either gone home or were settled in their after school clubs. But this boy still waited. He jumped a little when he heard the door next to him open. Looking up he saw two of his friends walking out of the school, talking about some card game he'd never heard of. He smiled weakly when they stopped next to him.

"Hey there Ryou-kun," said one with blonde hair and honey-colored eyes. "What are you still doing here?"

"Nothing really, Jou-kun, just waiting," he answered in a sweet tone, his English accent only adding to the warmth of his voice.

Katsuya Jounouchi was the first person Ryou had met when he'd moved to Domino City three months ago. He was tough and got into a lot of fights, but was really gentle and caring inside. He was tall but lithe, and, Ryou wasn't sure, but possibly half American.

"Did you need a ride home?" asked the other, much smaller, boy that had come out with Jou.

"No thanks, Yugi-kun, I've got it covered," Ryou responded kindly.

Yugi Mutou was another person Ryou'd met early after his move. He'd been scared to talk to Yugi at first because, despite being only five feet tall, Yugi was kind of a goth. His hair was black with red tips and he wore it in a star-like shape but let his blonde bangs hang down in his face.

Yugi was, in a word, adorable. His features were youthful and angelic, his eyes a violet color, large and innocent, lined in black eyeliner. His fingernails were painted black and he wore a black leather collar and wristbands with silver studs. When not in his school uniform he wore black leather pants and shirts as well as shiny black boats.

Ryou had been surprised at how sweet Yugi was. Though he looked scary, Yugi was actually always worried about his friends and even about people he didn't really know. He had become another of Ryou's best friends.

"Are you sure?" Yugi asked. "Onii-chan can give you a ride."

Just as Yugi had said that a black car sped around from the back of the school and parked in front of them. The engine purred a bit before it was turned off and Yugi's twin brother, Yami, stepped out of the driver's seat.

Yami was only three minutes older than Yugi but you could tell them apart very easily. While both dressed similar, sometimes even exactly the same, they held few differences, the biggest being that Yami was of average height, though still a bit small, while Yugi only stood as tall as Ryou's chin. The other difference was their eyes. Yami's were much harder, though still with eyeliner, and were a rose red color.

"Yo, Ryou-kun," Yami said, walking up to them from the gate.

"Hi, Yami-san," Ryou said. Even though they were both 16 he felt like Yami had a certain air about him that demanded more respect.

Yami smiled kindly at Ryou. At first he'd been uncomfortable with the formality but had grown to accept it. Like Yugi, Yami was surprisingly gentle and caring.

"Did you need a ride Ryou-kun?" he asked.

"No, otou-san should be here soon," Ryou replied. "Thanks for the offer though."

"Any time," Yami said. "Come on you two," he added, turning to Yugi and Jou.

"Hai. Ja, Ryou-kun," Yugi said before turning to follow Jou and his brother.

Ryou watched as they climbed into the car, fastened their seatbelts, and then sped away at twice the speed limit. He sighed when they were out of sight. He would have loved to be in the excitement of Yami's car, holding onto the seats for dear life as the eccentric goth sped around town.

Since the buses didn't run to Ryou's house he walked to and from school every day. Going with Yami, Yugi, and Jou would be fine but Ryou wouldn't want to upset his father. Ryou's father had been a gentle person at one point. But that had changed a year ago.

Ryou could still hear his mother's cries from the first night it had happened.


A loud slap rang through the house as a woman fell from her husband's blow. He stood over her, his long white hair a mess, his umber eyes flashing angrily. Barak Bakura was normally very warm and caring but he could defend himself, and defend himself and his family was what went through his mind when he saw the unfamiliar woman with jade eyes and earthen hair that ran down her back. He didn't recognize his own wife.

"Bakura-kun, what's wrong?" she screamed in terror.

"How the hell do you know my name?" he roared back at her. "Get the fuck out of my house before I call the police!"

"What's going on?" a sleepy, fifteen year old Ryou asked, coming out of his room, rubbing his eyes, wearing a white tee shirt and powder blue pants.

"Onii-chan," a small girl yelled, running up and throwing her arms around her brother, tears and horror mixed in her eyes.

"Amane-chan, what's wrong?" Ryou asked, now wide-awake He looked down at the little eight-year-old girl latched to him. She had grayish-brown hair and dark green eyes. Her pink pajamas were torn from her panicked scampering as she tried to escape her father.

The little girl turned her tear-stained gaze up to her brother. "I don't know what happened," she cried to him. ""Otou-san came home and saw mama in the kitchen. He just started yelling and attacking her. He's acting like he doesn't know her at all."

Ryou looked up just in time to see his father landed a hard kick to his mother's chest. Cringing, he looked back down at his sister and told her, "Go to my room and lock the door."

The little girl nodded and did as she was instructed while Ryou ran just in time to intercept his father's next blow so his mother wouldn't have to. He was surprised at how strong the normally gentle man was. His father had been a champion of judo and kendo in high school but that was almost twenty years ago, he hadn't harmed a fly since. Then he remembered what his father had once said: 'I only fight to protect the ones I love. And if I have to I'll kill anyone who might be a threat to my family. I'll kill them with my own bare hands.' But this was his wife, the mother of his children, why would she be a threat?

Bakura stared in shock at his son sprawled out on the floor.

"What are you doing Ryou-kun?" he asked, his voice a mix of fear, anger, and his own English accent.

"Why are you attacking okaa-san?" Ryou shot back, trying to stop the threatening tears pooling in his eyes, rubbing his sore back.

"Okaa-san?" Bakura spat out, confused. "What are you…" he trailed off as a sudden look of realization crossed his face. He fell to his knees; a few tears falling passed his eyes. "Aichi… oh Aichi… Ryou-kun… I don't k-know what came over me…" he sobbed. He took his wife's hand in one of his own and Ryou's in the other. "Forgive me…" he sobbed to them, "Please… forgive me…"


That's how it had all started. At first they tried to forget the incident, pretend that it had never happened. But then it happened again, and twice more after that.

Bakura started going to doctors, looking for an answer, until he was finally diagnosed with something called Spontaneous Memory Lose Disorder, or SMLD; a condition similar to als timers, although usually found in people ages thirty to forty that causes the patient to lose a random memory from their life at a random time for an indefinite amount of time.

Bakura was currently in the third stage. At this point it's become irreversible, and medication can only do so much for it. He'd entered the third stage four months ago, meaning he'd lose parts of his memory a few times a day.

When he was first diagnosed he tried his best to remain the same caring person he was but after five months of it he'd started to lose faith. It wasn't until his eighth month, four months ago, that he'd finally given up. He became cold, depressed, and uncaring; he stopped noticing that his memory would alter. It was at that point Ryou's mother had given up too.

She filed for divorce and,a month later, it became final. It was decided that Amane would live with their mother while Ryou moved with Bakura. He wanted to stay with his mother and sister but someone had to watch out for Bakura and Ryou had volunteered, wanting to keep things as easy as possible for his mother and sister. That's just how Ryou was, always wanting to make things easier for everyone else before he did for himself.

Ryou had tried to keep things normal for himself but that had become difficult. Not long after he'd moved to Domino he'd taken a ride from Yami. As a result Bakura had chased the car away, forgetting he had a son again. After that Ryou had decided trying to have friends still was pointless.

And that was the story. That's why Ryou's life was miserable. That's why he didn't get close to anyone. He just didn't want to be a problem to anyone. He wanted to make life easier for everyone he knew, even if it was at the cost of his own happiness.

Being in such a daze going over his life from the past few months Ryou'd almost walked right by his house. He let out a heavy sigh as he turned up the walkway to the small, one story structure. Checking the door first, he found it locked and pulled his key from his pocket, taking the mail from the mailbox next to the door before unlocking the door and entering the house.

"I'm home," he called, slipping his shoes off and setting his bag by the door.

He waited a second only to find that no one was home and smiled. He didn't have to deal with Bakura just yet. Because of his condition Bakura couldn't get a job so he just did whatever and went wherever he wanted during the day. And yet there was still money coming in. Ryou wondered about it but didn't really care. They had money and that's all that really mattered.

He sat the mail down on the coffee table and lied down on the couch, yawning loudly. He was on the edge of sleep when he heard the front door open and sighed in preparation. He figured Bakura would come in raging, not remembering his son's life or face.

"Who's in my house?" Ryou heard down the hall. "Why's the fucking door unlocked?"

Ryou listened as Bakura stomped down the hall and into the living room. The boy opened his eyes tiredly to see an almost exact mirror image of himself. Both Ryou and Bakura had long, slightly lavender, fluffy white hair that fell down their backs, although Bakura gelled the front of his into a bat-wing shape. Both had pale complexions and were very lithe in build. Their eyes were another indicator as to who was who. Ryou's were soft and chocolate colored while Bakura's were hard and more umber colored. Bakura also had a large scar on right cheek.

Ryou couldn't remember where or how his father had gotten it but didn't bother to ask. He figured Bakura probably didn't remember either.

"Hello otou-san," Ryou said tiredly from the couch.

"Who the hell…" Bakura stopped mid-sentence and studied the boy before his features softened and relaxed. "Oh, right, hi," he said, waving before turning and leaving the room.

Ryou sighed again, thankful that it had ended peacefully. He closed his eyes again and yawned, he was always so tired these days. He wasn't sure, but he thought he felt a single tear slide wetly down his cheek as sleep came and overtook him.

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