It's All In The Book...


It's 20 years after "So The Drama." Kim and Ron are married, and has a daughter named Dawn. When Dawn finds a book that's written by her mother in her school library, she's not convinced that her writing is true. Kim says to read it, and believe it. Can reaccuring events from 20 years ago make Dawn believe, when she becomes her mother? Warning: Some parts from the actual movie are in the story. If you had not seen it, and don't want any spoilers, please do not read.

Author's Note:

Warning! Spoiler for the intro of "Kim Possible Movie: So The Drama" is in this chapter! If you wish not to be spoiled for the movie, please do not read! As for the people who want to be spoiled, or have seen the movie, enjoy and review please! Chapter Two: Repeating History will be up soon! Until then, see ya! ;-)


Chapter One: Biographies

"I can't believe they have a new book in the library." 15 year old Dawn Stoppable whispered to her friend, Monica.

"It's a new biography." Monica whispered back as the two friends reached the biography section, "According to the librarian, it's the only paperback/hardcover book in the section."

"And here it is!" Dawn shreiked in whisper, taking out the paperback/hardcover book. The cover of the book was a thin cardboard or other material. It wasn't thick like the other hardcovers, and was flexible like a paperback.

"'So The Drama' by..." Dawn stopped reading the cover out loud when she saw the author's name.

"Who?" Monica asked.

Dawn lowered her arms that held the book and answered, "Kim Possible."

"Kim Possible?" Monica repeated dubiously, "But, that's your mother's name before she got married."

"I know." Dawn furrowed, "It's after school and my mom's picking me up. I'm gonna have a chat with her."

Dawn signed the book out and ran down the stairs of her school to the front, where a woman with auburn red hair and sparkling olive green eyes, dressed as a modern teen adult (a red blouse, denim capris, and white gym shoes), waited by a red convertible.

"C'mon, Dawn!" the woman called, "Get in the car! We're supposed to meet your dad at Bueno Nacho!"

"Coming, mom!" Dawn called, half groaning. Sometimes she got embarrased to get a "cool mom." Others say that they're jealous of her. Even Monica.

As Dawn got into the front passenger seat of the convertible, her mother got to the drivers seat and started the engine.

As the mother and daughter duo drove down the street from Middleton High, there was a brief silence. Until Dawn broke it.

"Mom," Dawn began, "You won't believe what I found in the library."

"Oh?" Dawn's mother asked, "And what was that?"

Dawn dug into her school bag and pulled out the book. "A book called 'So The Drama' with your name on it! As the author!"

When Kim parked the convertible in the parking lot of Bueno Nacho, she took the book and studied the cover. "About time this thing got published..." she muttered.

"About time?" Dawn retorted, "Published? You're telling me you did write this?"

"And you're telling me your father never told you?" Kim retorted, getting out of the car.

"Uh, no he didn't!" Dawn shot sarcastically, "Why didn't you tell me directly?"

"I'd found out that you'd have to find out eventually by yourself." Kim answered, as the two girls entered Bueno Nacho, "After all, you practically live at the school library. Just like how me and your father practically lived here during our spare time."

"Right," Dawn groaned, "Dad's favourite spot. Speaking of which, there he is. Hey, dad."

"Hey, Dawn." the man known as Dawn's father replied. He had blonde hair and brown eyes. He also was dressed like a modern teen. Dawn felt embarrased every day.

Dawn had inherited most of her looks from her mother. But she inherited her father's freckles and eyes.

"Look what Dawn found in the biography section of her school library, Ron." Kim said, handing the book to her husband.

Ron took the book and read the summary. "About time these things got on the shelves."

"You knew it too?" Dawn groaned.

"I thought I said that your father was supposed to tell you that it was published." Kim answered.

"Didn't know you really meant it." Dawn answered, "And how did you know that I found it in the biography section and not the Fiction section?"

"Why would it be in the Fiction section?" Kim asked as Ron skimmed through the pages, "Everything in there is true."

"So not." Dawn retorted, "You did not save the world when you were 17, mom."

"So did." Kim smiled, "If I was lying, it would've been in the Fiction section. You can ask Mr. Barkin if this is true or not."

"Your mother was a legend around these parts." Ron explained, not taking his eyes off of the book, "She was a teen hero."

"Like the ones on Saturday Morning Cartoons?" Dawn grumbled.

"More like secret agent." Kim answered, "I'm still a legend around here. Even your grandparetns know about it."

"Grandma and Grandpa?" Dawn scoffed, "No way."

"Yeah way." Ron answered, "They're right here in the book also."

"What?" Dawn exclaimed, snatching the book from him and reading the first chapter after the prologue, "You saved Tokyo and the Nakasumi Toy Corporation?"

"It's all in the book." Kim smiled.

"You got in late for that." Dawn pointed out.

"I know." Kim answered.

"The ending I already know." Ron smiled.

"How?" Dawn asked, "You know how secretive mom is when it comes to her works on the computer. Especially against Uncle Jim and Uncle Tim. Oh, my god! They're in the book, too! Missles? You've got to be kidding me!"

"I had to hit 'em with a frying pan." Kim grumbled at the memory.

"You did?" Ron exclaimed.

"You call Uncle Jim and Tim..." Dawn checked the book, "Tweebs?"

"Twin dweebs." Kim replied quickly.

"Do they really cook up that much trouble?" Dawn asked, looking back to the book.

"You think?" Kim answered.

"I'm gonna read it from the beginning." Dawn said, "But, I still don't know for sure if this is true or not. I'm gonna ask some old students from the year 2005 from Middleton High. Like, Monica's mom!"

"Monique?" Kim asked. She laughed, "Oh, she'll know definatly. She won't have to know about the book!"

"You know Monica's mom?" Dawn cried.

"I've known her since High School!" Kim replied with a laugh.

"Oy," Dawn groaned, "You knew a lot of people when you were in High School."

"And college." Ron added.

"Whatever!" Dawn cried. She slammed her head down on the booth's table.

The Stoppables, of course, were sitting at their usual booth. At least, it was usual for Kim and Ron over 20 years ago.

"I'm gonna read the book." Dawn groaned, forcing her head back up and grabbing the book, "But I doubt I'll believe it." And with that, she began reading the prologue, and got pulled into the story with the first section of the book;

"No," I replied, "But real close."

I front flipped down the platform and got into my battle stance infront of the three ninjas.

The ninjas got out these electric swords and charged towards me. I kicked every single one of them.

Two of them headed back towards me. I cheerleader kicked the two out of the way, and air kicked the other charging ninja.

"Ron!" I cried. No sign of Ron.

"Ron?" I cried again, more questioningly.

"Workin' on it!" Ron's muffled voice replied from the Nakasumi Balloon.

Nakasumi-san, the president of Nakasumi Toys, ripped out the piece of the balloon, making Ron tumble out.

"Heh, heh." Ron laughed sheepishly, "Thanks."

From above, I heard a thud, as a sumo ninja landed infront of Ron on the platform.

"Sumo ninja?" Ron exclaimed.

"I am strong like the mountain!" the sumo ninja cried, almost clapping Ron's head. Luckily, Ron crawled under the ninja and behind him.

"That is just sick and wrong!" Ron retorted.

The sumo ninja furrowed and began crushing Ron in his strong arms, as I fought the three ninjas below.

"Rufus!" Ron choked, "Help!"

Rufus, Ron's naked mole rat, popped his head out of Ron's pocket and yawned. He noticed the sumo wrestler and gasped. He climbed up to the top of Ron's head and began flailing his arms and legs wildly, then kicked the ninja's eyes, making him drop Ron.

"Naked mole rat," Ron smiled, "Too weird for ya?"

"I am your doom!" the sumo ninja bellowed.

"Uh...KP?" Ron called.

"Just a sec!" I replied, kicking the three ninjas out of my way. Ron collasped on me, bringing both of us to the ground.

"Ron!" I cried, pushing Ron gently aside.

We both gasped as the sumo wrestler belly jumped to the bottom platform, tossing us into the air.

I back flipped and landed gracefully on my feet on the sumo wrestler's back. I smiled broadly.

I knelt down and gloated, "Uh, that one, won the cheer reagionals!"

The sumo ninja grunted in pain. I looked behind me to see that Ron gave the ninja a wedgie. He snapped back down the underwear.

"Ooh," Ron groaned, "Gotta put some ice on that, champ!"

Then, I heard a whirring from above. I looked up to see Shego's aircraft head towards our direction. A giant metal claw shot out and grabbed Nakasumi-san.

I pressed a button on my wrist watch, and my jet shoes were set off.

I leaped on the two platforms, and leaped off the main platform, as Nakasumi-san was sent flying on the roped claw.

I flailed my arms and legs to stay in mid-air. I managed to grab Nakasumi-san's ankle.

"Gotcha!" I smiled.

But Shego noticed me. She began to spiral in the sky, trying to lose me off of her tail.

Then, my Kimmunicator beeped. I took it out of my pocket and answered it.

"Hey, Wade!" I answered.

"Hey, Kim." Wade answered, "Is this a bad time to call?"

"Remember when the President of Nakasumi Toys said that he thought he was in some kind of danger?"

"Uh, yeah?"

"He was right. Gah!"

"Hold on!" Wade typed something in his computer, "Got you on GP lock."

Then, suddenly, Wade cried, "Kim! U-turn!"

I looked up and gasped. I forced my feet to slide on the neon wall as Shego made a U-turn. I finally ended up landing on the sidewalk, after hitting a few cars along the way.

"Monique wanted me to get her through, but," Wade said, "You seem to be a bit busy."

"You think?" I answered sarcastically.

"It was no big deal, anyway." Wade said, "Just something about Bonnie and Brick."

"What!" I cried, "Put her through, like, now!"

"Okay, okay!" Wade pressed a button and Monique's face replaced Wade's.

"Monique," I said, "Off or on?"

"On, again!" Monique exclaimed.

"How many times can two people break up and get back together?" I wondered out loud with annoyment as I was lifted back into the air.

"She loves the drama." Monique answered.

"Oh, she just needs a date for the prom." I answered, then looked up. "This is bad."

"If you ask me," Monique said, not knowing what I was talking about, "They deserve each other."

"No, I mean, this is bad!" I answered, facing the Kimmunicator's screen as the aircraft charged towards a neon sign that showed the Nakasumi Toys logo.

Monique gasped.

"Monique," I said, putting the Kimmunicator away, "Gotta go."

When I was close enough, I forced my feet back on the neon sign, making screeching sounds along the way. When I was forced off, the neon sign exploded.

I looked ahead and gasped. The three ninjas were back, battle ready in mid-air. They were dropped back down, though, by Ron, who sped out of control with his Rocket Boxers. Apparently, he forgot his Rocket Shoes.

"Thanks, Ron!" I called, as Ron screamed.

Then, the Rocket Boxers ran out of fuel, and sputtered. Ron ended up screaming as he landed on the front of the aircraft. He looked down and furrowed. "Shego."

"Oh look," Shego said sarcastically, "The sidekick."

I felt the aircraft turning upside down. Ron slipped and began to twirl down to the city of Tokyo. Along the way, he grabbed me, forcing the claw to unclamp Nakasumi-san.

"Sorry!" Ron screamed.

As Ron got hold of me, Nakasumi-san began dropping down, screaming helplessly.

I spread out my arms and began diving down towards Nakasumi-san, I finally got a hold of him.

When we were low enough, I took out my grappling hook and shot it at a nearby neon sign.

We began to swing backwards, as Shego's aircraft charged towards us.

She set off another clamp, only two clawed this time. She got hold of Nakasumi-san's coat.

"Gotcha, toy man!" Shego smirked.

Luckily, the grappling hook forced us up and pulled Nakasumi-san out of his coat.

Soon, as we were out of harm's way, Shego lost control when a couple of balloons got a hold of Shego's aircraft.

While the aircraft went flying, I unclipped the rope as we landed on our feet on the float's platform. I twirled the hairdryer and put it back in my pocket.

The citizens of Tokyo began cheering.

"Boo-ya!" Ron exclaimed.

Looks like that mission was over. But our greatest one was about to begin, and I never knew it.