Chapter Ten: Future Plans

Author's Note:

And the results are in! And so is the final chapter! Look out for the companion novel, "Ice Dreams." Here's a little sneak peek. This is in trailer format:

Before she was a teen heroine...she was an ordinary girl, who was never noticed.

Andrea: How was school, Kimmie?
Kim: Horrible.

Now, she's given a chance, to prove herself.

Ron: Kim, you skate in your backyard, you can join the Recital and make it to the Regionals!

Kim: I got a...Junior Pass.

Lily: Whoa! You skipped two levels!...You get to go to the Junior Regionals!

Kim: Is that true, Ella?

Ella: Yes, it is.

But now, she'll have to choose to skate for gold...

Tannis: You only skate for the gold, everyone knows that.

...Or skate for her friends and family, and skate with her heart...

Ella: This isn't about winning, Kim. It's about skating with your heart.

The story of a girl, before she became a heroine...Ice Dreams: The Story of Kim Possible.

That story will be released this winter, and there is an original version by me on I will also be posting the movie poster up on DeviantArt for you to see. For now, enjoy the final chapter of "It's All In The Book," Chapter Ten: Future Plans. Enjoy and review! Until later, see ya! ;-)


"Shelia, how'd I do?" Dawn asked as a camera filmed them and Dawn's scores were being announced.

"You did great." Shelia said, "Look! The scores!"

"How'd she do?" Samantha asked.

The score board of where Dawn and Shelia were shown, and the scores below them, began to scramble between numbers. Dawn and Shelia held their breaths as the scores were being announced.

"Oh my gosh, look at those scores!" Samuel exclaimed, "She got perfect tens!"

Dawn began squealing in happiness.

"Did she make it?" Samantha wondered out loud as the final score scrambled.

Dawn and Shelia held their breaths.

It matched to a ten.

"She did!" Samuel cried. The crowd cheered.

Dawn was practically jumping up and down with joy.

"You did it!" Shelia exclaimed, as the two shared a hug, "You won the gold medal!"

Dawn looked down at her gold medal. She skated onto the ice as the others began to leave. Flashbacks of her on the ice for the final half of the competition raced through her mind, and it all ended with the final bow.


Dawn turned to see Adam, holding a bouquet of red roses in his hand.

"Congratulations." Adam smiled, handing the roses to Dawn.

Dawn accepted them, and skated to behind Adam. Adam followed her movement.

"Thank you." Dawn smiled.

The two gazed at each other for a moment, then, the couple's lips met each others. After a few seconds, the two departed.

Dawn couldn't help but giggle and blush.

"Dawn, you were right." Shelia said, as Kim and Ron joined them, "These two were alive the whole time. They were accidently hit with the Aging Ray, not the Annialation Ray. So, your parents were lucky. Unfourtunatly, they were turned 20 years older, they have no choice but to move to a retirement home. Don't worry, these two lived a healthy life to live life so short. They'll probably live up to be about 200 years old."

"But, you will have to live with Shelia." Kim said weakly, but her voice hasn't changed.

"Don't worry, you can visit anytime." Ron added.

"Thanks mom, thanks dad." Dawn smiled. Then, her lower lip trembled and tears formed in her eyes. She hugged her mother tightly.

"I thought I lost you guys!" Dawn wept.

Kim smiled and hugged Dawn. "So did we."

"I'm afraid that since we can't work anymore, we can't afford it anymore." Kim explained as she, Ron, Adam, Dawn, and Shelia walked out of the rink stadium and down the stadium halls to the entrance, "We'll need someone else to pay for her unfourtuantly."

"Dawn has a job at the skating club at the concession stand before her practice times and that usually helps her gain a lot of money." Shelia explained.

"Also, me and my family can help pitch in!" Adam chimed in.

"There's also a donation fund for orphans who skate." Shelia explained, "They can help out."

"Thank goodness." Kim sighed.

"Hey, at least we're together again!" Dawn smiled.

"True!" Ron laughed. All five began to laugh.

Looks like life with Shelia and her parents at the retirement home won't be so bad after all!

The End

Coming Soon! The companion novel to "It's All In The Book," "Ice Dreams: A Kim Possible Story." Coming December 2005.