She couldn't sleep that night. Her mind kept going back to that place. Back there. Where she did not want it to be. She dreamt of dreams that are too dark for nightmares to even go.

He caressed her and kissed her neck. His hands went further and further. She wanted to fight him but she knew this was the only way to get him. Lying in his bed, in his apartment she felt ill. But catching the devil took the ultimate sacrifice, her virtue. He stopped and looked at her.

"I've wanted this since….since I first saw you. Couldn't you feel it?" She winced.

"I've felt it but I tried fighting it." He nodded.

"But it didn't work did it?"

"No." He kissed her again.

"Are you sure you want to?" Of course she didn't want to. She wanted her first time to be with Adam, not HIM. Yet to get him, he needed to be vulnerable. She knew he loved her and hated her at the same time. As for her? She just hated him.

"I want to."

It felt like an eternity for it to be over, when in reality, it was maybe ten minutes. They lied in bed for a while. She took her fingers and stroked his arm.

"Just one thing" she stared. Carefully though, otherwise this was all for nothing. He smiled.


"The Church. And Mr. Polanski's temple….that was you right?" He sighed.

"Do we need to discuss this?" Her eyes locked with his.

"I need to know."

"Yes. I did." She didn't say anything. "And?"

"And…it was brilliant." She put her clothes on and walked to the door, but he caught her arm.

"That was…superb. Too bad Adam never held out." She kissed him on the lips, opened the door and walked out into the hallway. This feeling overcame her, she wanted to vomit. She checked her bag when she got out of the building and took out this little device, no bigger than a small mp3 player. She hit play.

Just one thing. Anything. The Church. And Mr. Polanski's temple, that was you right? Do we need to discuss this? I need to know. Yes I did. And? And it was brilliant.

She clicked it off. Now she had all the proof in the world that Ryan Hunter was guilty but she had to wonder, was it really worth it?

When Joan awoke, she awoke with a deep sweat, panting. She could never see Adam. She could never see any of them.