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Final Chapter-Wordless Farewell

As the rain slowly died it soon became nothing but drizzles around the village. Before everyone knew it, the rain stopped. The large and deep puddles miraculously dried up and were gone. The village returned to its normal ways and everything went on as it was to.

It was about five o' clock. He and Yui decided to spend some time together before her leaving. It was already the 18th of the month and she'd be leaving on the 19th. Time went by so quickly. Tomorrow was the last he'd see her.

Kakashi looked at himself in the mirror for the last time before sighing. His hair…it never really occurred to him that it was that way. That it was like that…that it was always like that. Always. "Is it always this way?" He asked himself. He ran his fingers through it and sighed. "It is." He never really combed his hair. "Do I even own a comb?" He looked around his bathroom to find he did…but it only had a few bristles left. Great…he had a date with Yui and his hair was a mess. He smiled to himself when he thought about it. 'She likes my hair this way.' Thoughts of their talk before began to play in his head. It was when they decided to go out.

It was morning. She was over her flu. Sakura would make a good housewife with those motherly ways of hers. She made Yui stay in bed. She fed her and even kept her company. The young girl did what she needed to do to cure her ill friend. He had recovered too, but a bit sooner than she did. He was sitting on her bed. She was getting ready for their final training session. Or so they thought.

"The rain hasn't died down." She said as she brushed her blonde locks. "It hasn't died down at all. I almost wish it would."

"…Almost?" He asked while looking out the window.

"Almost. I love the rain. It…it comforts me. Washes me away from pain."

"Washes pain?"

"Yeah. Like you do." She placed the brush down on the dresser and he looked at her. She seemed brighter than usual, despite the grey rain. "You always comforted me, even when I didn't want you to."

"You never fought back when I did. That's the only reason why I continued."

"…is that the only reason?" His reflection in the mirror was what she had been staring at. Her eyes never moved from the image.

"…yes." He lied.

Yui brought her fingers to her locket and traced its shape with her finger. Her eyes never moved from his image in the mirror. She smiled slightly. "Sure." He walked over to her and hugged around her waist. He breathed on her neck gently and nibbled her ear a few times. "You don't even wear your mask around me anymore."

"I have no need to. You know me. I don't have to hide."

"Tsunade-sama knows you. Your comrades know you. Your students know you. They haven't seen your image. Why have I? What makes me different?" She pulled his arms from around her and walked over to the window as to close it. Rain water was spilling in. It was wetting her things. The stuff she had packed in boxes. She'd be leaving in two days.

"You're going soon."


"And I've only just began a real relationship with you. It's almost like you're running away from me."

"Almost." She said.

"Almost, but not quite."

"I'm still here now."

"You'll be gone in two days"

"So enjoy while I'm around." She turned to face him and saw both his eyes were hurt by her tone. It had come out harsh.He wasn't use to her being cruel to him. Angry, yes. Not cruel. In a way, to his own surprise, it hurt him. "I'm sorry." The sound of the rain was the only thing he could hear. The only sounds that she could hear. It was the only thing that made noise as they kissed each other. There was no other sound. If so, amongst the passion their lips shared, it could not be heard.

She lay on his chest. The rain continued to fall and she could hear his heart beat. It was calming to her. It relaxed her. She liked it. He ran his fingers through her hair. She liked that too. At this point they were just together. His shirt was on the floor along with hers. Their kissing had gone further than it should have. Than it was meant to. If not for him, they'd be making love right there and then. Something would have probably been regretted. He did not want regrets. She didn't need them.

As she rose up the strap of her black bra left a light red mark against his skin. Maybe she had been pressing against him too hard. That or his skin was just tender. She stood up and picked her blouse off the ground. It was a light shade of pink. Sakura had bought it for her. A small gift between friends.

He sat up and looked to her. He did want to feel her but couldn't. In his head thoughts of the type of things he'd do to her played. He could hear her screaming his name begging him to stop teasing her.He could hear her crying out in pleasure for the actions he took. The fantasy would have been reality if his conscience didn't resemble Iruka dressed as an angel telling him it was wrong. He bit his bottom lip. He damned the chuunin for being the better side of him.

"What now?" She asked as she put the blouse over her head. "I mean we don't plan to do much anything else… we can't train. We've talked enough."

"Let's just enjoy each other's company."

"Put your shirt back on before you get sick again." She threw it to him. He smiled and did as told.

For some reason, even though he couldn't see himself as a married man, a man with a wife and children, even though he couldn't imagine any of that, he could still imagine himself with her for an eternity. He could see himself with her forever. He didn't want to be settled down. That wasn't in him. What was in him was the urge to keep her close. The longing to have beside him always…

He did not want her to suffer .

It made sense to him why he couldn't find himself being tied down. Being close to anyone. He feared his loved one's pain. He feared it more than anything…it was great to him being he did not fear much. He didn't fear death nor lost. What he did fear, was her pain. Her pain. He didn't want her to suffer. The life of a shinobi wasn't a happy one. With what happened to his father…Obito…Yondaime…he wouldn't let such a sadness reach her. Not after what she had already gone through. He loved her too much.

He placed his feet to the cold wooden floor and sighed. She looked at him with worry in her green eyes. "Kakashi, you okay?"


She could tell he was lying. She knew a man's look. Their expressions and tone of voice. She was too use to it. He was lying. What was wrong? She touched his cheek and then pinched it. "You liar." She pinned him down to the bed and he grabbed her pillow in defense from her pinches.

"I'm fine." He said from behind the pillow.

"No, you're not. You're a lying bastard!" She threw the pillow to the floor and looked into his eyes. She pressed her forehead against his own and sighed. "What is wrong?"

"…nothing. I was just thinking about something, that's all." He closed his eyes and Yui climbed off him. "You worry too much. Relax more." He sat up and ran his fingers through his silver hair.

"You're talking too much, now." She stood up rom the bedand walked towards her dresser. "Anyways, we should do something. We can't sit around here bored till I leave."

"What plan do you have?" He said and walked over to her. He looked at her in the mirror's image and noticed she was smiling.

"Well…we've only gone on one date really…how about another?" She touched the mirror's reflection of him and sighed. "And let's make it interesting." She picked an open case of lipstick and brought it to the mirror. She marked over the image of him in the mirror and laughed. "You look so pretty with red lipstick Kakashi. Not more beautiful than I though." She giggled and he took away the lipstick.

"You are awfully sure about that?" Using the red lipstick he marked on her forehead 'bitch'. "Now I am very sure you are not more good looking than I." He smiled to the now angry woman. Yui raised her hand as to slap him. Her hand not too far from his face stopped when only an inch from his cheek.

"You...you…" She kissed him and simply smiled. "You always know how to make me smile." She was giving her closed eye smile and Kakashi could see it was a fake. (A/n: Her eyes weren't smiling… uu you get it right?) "Clean this nonsense off my forehead you bastard before I kill you." Kakashi laughed and Yui frowned. He loved her…and because he did...

"Okay, how about…day after tomorrow we do something?" He said as he headed into her bathroom to get something to clean her forehead off.

"Huh? Why not tomorrow?"

"I want you spend some time with Naruto and everyone before you go. I'm sure they'll be happy to do so." He exited with a warm, wet rag and pressed it against her forehead. He rubbed it gently as not to irritate her skin. Everything about her was precious to him.

"I guess." She shrugged. "And I would like to spend time with them."

"So then it's settled. You hang out with them tomorrow and the day after that it's all just you and me."

"Okay. I like that idea." Yui smiled as she looked into the now lipstick marked mirror. "I think its all gone." She touched her forehead and found that it really was gone. "Thanks." She took the rag from him and headed into the bathroom. "What do you want to do?" She asked as she washed the lip stick filled rag. Her voice and the running sink water could be heard.

"I don't know for now but I'll surprise you."

"Surprise? Oh no." She turned off the running water and hung the rag to dry. She exited the bathroom and shook the water off her hands.


"Nothing. It just better be good." Kakashi walked towards her and kissed her. Her arms wrapped around his neck and his circled around her waist. As their lips parted he whispered to her.

"It'll be great."

There he stood. Now dressed and ready to take her out. His closet wasn't incredible, being he wore mostly the same outfit everyday, but he did have some stuff. He was surprised when he found a white sweater and some black pants in his ownership. He slipped those on a still kept his mask and forehead protector on. Those, no matter what he wore, were apart of the outfit. He exited the bathroom and took up a blue scarf from off his bed. It was a birthday gift from Sakura.

As he walked the village streets he saw a young woman selling flowers. "Orange carnations, yellow mums and burgundy daisy pompons are the best for the season!" She said. Kakashi walked to the woman and smiled.

"I'll take a bouquet."

"Sure." He handed her the money and smiled. "Thanks and have a great day. I'm sure your loved one will be more than happy to receive this from you."

"I hope so." He took the flowers from the woman and walked off feeling a bit happy. Joy was his present feeling and that's all there was to it. Sure he seemed a bit off but he was in love and nothing could change that….nothing could keep hm from happiness…'I can't keep her.' He stopped walking when he stood outside the apartment door. He couldn't…if so…he'd only get hurt. He didn't want her to be hurt. He didn't want her to be worried.

"Hey! You're early." She said as she opened the door. Her voice broke his train of thought and he looked at her stunned. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She wore knee high boots and a coffee colored skirt. Her sweater was close fitted and had an auburn color. Her hair was combed up into a neat bun with a few strands left out. She had a little brown hand bag and still wore that sweet strawberry scented lip-gloss.

(A/n: Okay, so what if that outfit is too modern and etc. I don't care! I'm like at my last lines here and I'm not in the mood for critique. School has started and I'm a little Twitch off. You know what…whatever….I don't care right now.)

"You look nice. No beautiful." He said to her.

"Really? I just found this stuff while shopping with Naruto and everyone yesterday. Sasuke choose suggested the outfit. I didn't know he had such a sense of fashion."

"The boots?"

"It's the same pair Sakura wears. I always wanted a pair. Naruto thought they'd both be a great combo so here I am."

"My students, fashion specialists? Surprising."

"Well what's today's surprise?"

"You'll see.And this isfor you." He handed the bouquet of autumn flowers and smiled. "I hope you like them."

"Yes. Let me got put them in water." She stepped back inside the apartment and did so.She looked at each petal and their color. It was the same flowers she placed at her father's grave the last time she had gone with her mother. Back when her mom was still caring and kind.."Let's go." She exited the apratmet, closing the door behind her. After she was done the two were off.

They two boys of team 7 were in Sasuke's apartment. Naruto looked into the sky through the balcony window. "I'm bored." Naruto said. "It's a nice afternoon why not go out or something?" He turned and looked Sasuke. They were just hanging around.


"You don't care right?"

"Right. I thought wespoke about you talking too much. You're doing it again." Sasuke turned off the TV and placed his feet to the floor. "You're talking too much about trivial things and not enough about things that matter."

"Things that matter? Things like what Sasuke? I just can't tell what is important to you, so how am I so supposed to talk about things which matter?" Naruto looked to his friend with annoyance.

"Naruto don't fuck with me. " Sasuke said coldly.

"I'm the one who should be telling you that. You don't even know what you're talking about anymore." Naruto walked towards Sasuke and looked him deep in his eyes. "You've been really tense lately Sasuke. More than usual. What's wrong?"


"Me? What'd I do? Every problem you have seems to start with me."



"You and Sakura, Naruto. What has gone on while I wasn't here?"


"You're lying."


"You guys were together weren't you?" Sasuke looked into Naruto's blue eyes wanting to hear truth. No more game were to be played.


"Why didn't you say something?"

"Why do you care? You never care, why dopes it matter now?"

"Because now I care! Why didn't you tell me?" (A/n: So what of Sasuke is OOC! He can't be one-hundred percent stoic all the time. I mean sometimes those type of characters serve no purpose to the story…you know what? Whatever. Life's a bitch then you die.)

"What happened between us then is not your concern! You weren't here so it doesn't matter! It's not your business whether we were together or not! It's not like we're with each other now!"

Sasuke looked around and sighed. "…Why didn't you say something…? I didn't ask for much it's just that…I dunno." Sasuke looked at the floor and sighed. "I don't anymore…"

Naruto looked at him. For the first time really…he saw his friend's depression to the whole thing. He was truly hurt by all this. "We both were hurt, and we both wanted comfort." Sasuke raised his head and looked at Naruto…he'd listen to every word he had to say.

Yui and Kakashi sat under a tree. The leaves which fell from the branches landed at the two lover's feet. Yui sighed. As she watched each and every leaf fall she knew that her moment with him wouldn't last forever. She knew she wouldn't be by his side for as long as she wished to. All good things came to an end. All wonderful things never lasted long. No happiness she had ever lasted long.

She leaned against his shoulder. The cool wind blew the few strands of her hair over her eyes. Here they were. On a real date. Sitting under a tree before the memorial site of his friends, and comrades made her think. It caused her to have thoughts of her own friends, and family who were lost in battle or on a mission. So many memories.

"some of pain…" She muttered. Kakashi raised an eyebrow and looked to the woman. "Memories of those gone. That's what I meant."

"Yes. Many memories."

"My father…or Obito….I don't think they'd want us to sit here for our entire date." She rose up and dusted the dirt from her end. Kakashi rose up and did the same. He looked at the memorial and walked towards it. Yui watched him as he sent his fingers across the characters which spelled out 'Uchiha Obito'. The chilled breeze blew again and Yui shivered slightly. "It's a bit cold…" After giving the name one last look Kakashi retuned to Yui's side. He took the blue scarf from around his neck and put it on her.

"There." He smiled.

"It's really warm in this. You sure you don't mind me wearing it? I mean, won't you get cold?"

"I fine. Really Don't worry about me." He put his arm around her and a pink color touched her cheeks. "Better?"


"So what would you like to do?" He asked.

"You said you'd surprise me."

"Well here's the surprise…I have none!" He smiled. The blonde glared at the sliver haired jounin and bit her bottom lip as to restrain herself.

"Great…you get me all prepped up for nothing! I shouldn't have believed you. You're such a dumb ass!" Yui walked ahead and a laughing Kakashi followed. "I mean sometimes I have second thoughts. I mean how could I fall in love with such an idiot as you!" Kakashi grabbed Yui's hand and smiled to her once more.

"How could you not?"

"…true." The two walked together and Yui's stomach growled. "I guess you're hungry then."

"Well yeah. Let's go and eat." She ran ahead of him and Kakashi slowly walked behind. She turned and shouted for him to hurry and he smiled. It was a shame she couldn't remain his longer…

After eating the eating the two walked on for sometime then came to a photo booth. Yui looked at it for a while and Kakashi was fairly paying attention so…

"Oh! Let's go in!" Yui said. (A/n: I dunno if they have it or not, their technology is confusing. I mean radios and video tapes etc. but not even bicycles. I mean I don't get it. For the sake of this story there are picture booths, okay?) "Come on!" She pushed the jounin into the booth and placed in the money.

Kakashi sat down confused for a moment and Yui sat in his lap. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and she winked as the flash went off. The second picture was taken with her pulling down his mask and kissing him. By the third flash the couple was making out in the booth. A long line formed outside and people began complaining.

Sakura passed by with groceries and saw the commotion. "Huh? What's going on?" She asked some one on the line.

"Some losers are in there and won't get out." He said and frowned.

"Oh?" She looked and saw the line was an obstruction to her path. Sakura frowned and decided to find out the answer to the problem by heading to the booth and finding out which pair of idiots would be there. She pushed through the crowd and stood before the booth. "Hello?" She called. After a couple of minutes there really wasn't much of an answer. "Hello?" She called again. Her left eye twitched in anger. The sons of bitches in the booth were ignoring her. "HELLO!" She shouted. She then kicked the booth and it shook violently. Giggles and laughs could be heard inside. Sakura frowned when she heard so. The voices were familiar. "Kakashi-sensei?" She called with annoyance in her voice.

"Hm?" Kakashi said. He broke his kiss with Yui. "Sakura?" He pulled his make back up, re-covering his face and poked his head out the booth to see an angry crowd and a glaring Sakura. "Hi." He waved.

"Kakashi-sensei." She pointed at the crowd of people and he looked at them confused.



"…what am I suppose to do?" He asked. A genius, a ninja genius but sometimes he really was…

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!" She shouted. Inner Sakura kept going on how Sakura knows how slow her teacher could be. She really should have not even bothered. Her expecting him to figure it out was asking too much of his half thinking mind. In fact the only things that Sakura thought her teacher thought of were perverted novels, maybe occasionally Naruto and everyone, but mostly perverted novels. Even with Yui and him in a relationship maybe much would change…well…he'd be more absent minded to them.

After a couple of minutes he finally figured it out. "Sorry." He pulled out the giggling Yui and helped the girl fix her clothes. "Look what we did. Sakura is mad."

"Hm?." She stopped his hands from touching her anymore. ". Sorry about that Sakura."

"Don't tell me sorry, tell them." She pointed to the crowd.

"Oh, we were in there long then."


"My bad." Yui said and laughed nervously. "We'll be going now. Later." She grabbed Kakashi's hand and the two walked off. Sakura smiled. It was nice to see her teacher in love. For some strange reason it brought her such joy.

'I can't wait for such times like that of my own.' She turned to see the crowd had died down and that her path was now available. She was heading over to Sasuke's apartment. She and the boys were going to having dinner together. Talk some, and spend some time together. Along with that a lot of things were to be said.

Sasuke had a fist only centimeters from Naruto's face. His eyes were angry and he gritted his teeth. The stoic young man had lost his cool and became infuriated when hearing Naruto's story. He couldn't believe so much had gone on, for such a long time. It was more than news to him, it was devastating information. He brought his fist down from his friend's face and bit his tongue. He had become foolish.

"…I knew you wouldn't be happy to hear it." Naruto said to Sasuke. He stood there unmoved by Sasuke's advance and withdrawal. He almost appeared cocky.

"Shut up."

"But you can be less upset now…we aren't together."

"But the fact is…still…how could I have not seen it?"


"Don't apologize." Sasuke sighed. Naruto turned away and looked at the front door. "Sakura should be here by now, right?" He looked at the blonde less angry. He tried cooling off.

"Yeah. Lemme see if--- " The young blonde headed towards the door and it swung open hitting him in his nose. Tears welled up his eyes from pain. He covered it trying to cover the fresh blood coming from his nostrils.

Sakura dropped her groceries and stood there wide eyed. She looked at Naruto with glints of anger in her eyes. Knots were in her throat and her knees were killing her. "Sakura-chan---" The young medic-nin threw a hard punch into Naruto's face. He stammered a few feet back and Sasuke stood there stunned. Naruto spun around crying for his bloody nose and swollen cheek.

"You told him! How could you? You…we…we were supposed to talk to him together! Naruto how could you?" She ran out the apartment and headed down the hall away from two young men who hurt her. The two young men she loved.

Sasuke looked to Naruto who had stopped his games and tars of physical pain. "…We messed up."

"No. I messed up." Naruto said and wiped the blood from his nose. He looked at the fallen items on the floor and saw foods for dinner. "She was going to make miso ramen…my favorite."

"Look, here come the love birds." Gai whispered to Asuma. The two laughed as Kakashi and Yui entered the bar. They approached them and joined them in the booth. "Greetings young lovers." Gai smiled and held up a beer.

"You mean old lover and young lover. Remember Kakashi is old now." Asuma reminded him.

"Right. My mistake. Never again will I insult the youth." Gai nodded and earned a kick to the shin by Yui and her heels. "…ouch…" He cried.

"I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" She asked innocently. Kakashi laughed and placed an arm around her neck. "I didn't mean to Gai-san…it's just…you kept talking…and well…it sort of pissed me off."

"I've been trying to shut him up for years. And you, Yui, in his a few seconds accomplish all of that. Excellent job. Kakashi you have a great woman on your hands." Asuma applauded.

"Yes I know. Beautiful…violent…short tempered. What more do I need?" The three laughed and Gai continued crying in pain.

"So what up? How are some things. Haven't seen you guys in a few days." Asuma said patting the crying male in green spandex on his back. By this time he felt pity for him.

"Oh, we're just hanging out." Yui shrugged.

"Oh. It seems you've come to terms with your feelings for Kakashi, huh Yui?"

"Eh? Well…yes." She smiled. Kakashi couldn't help but smile as well. She was so happy with him. He couldn't…he had to. "We were just going to hang around. I'm going home tomorrow."

"Oh. So soon? Kakashi you better work on that long distance relationship." Gai said. By now he was over his pain…although he still had some dried tears on his cheeks.


"Well let's go Kakashi. It's late. I wanna get to bed early you know? Bye you guys. The four cleared out the booth and Yui hugged to two jounins. Asuma smiled and Gai flinched a bit before embracing her. Yui waved and left the bar. The two men stood there smiling.

"Can you believe thanks to your stupid challenge those two are together?" Asuma asked and looked to Gai.


Sakura sat in her room. Her knees were brought to her chin and her face showed sign of sadness. 'How could they do that…how they talk about it without me…? And Naruto totally went against my trust. I mean…' Sakura found herself sighing. She really was a fool. How could she expect her closet friends, who were close friends themselves, to keep quiet about such a thing? Even if it was a blood seal between her and Naruto it was another blood seal between eternal rivals, best friends, brothers…between them.

Well it was to happen. Sasuke would find out she and Naruto were with each other anyway. Her wanting to hide it for so long was dumb. She changed for bed. It really was late. Minutes to twelve as a matter of fact. As she slipped under her covers she brought the blankets to her chin….Yui was leaving tomorrow…she'd have to get over her problems to face her 'big sister' leaving…she'd deal with Naruto and Sasuke later.

Sasuke threw Naruto another ice pack. His cheek was still swollen. The boys were hanging out for the night and were already dressed for bed. Naruto had his makeshift bed on the ground Sasuke sat on his bed watching his friend. "It should have gone down already."

"I know. But...it is Sakura."

"Yeah." Sasuke went under his blanket and looked into the ceiling. "Yui leaves tomorrow."

"Uh huh."

"You think we'll see her again?"

"I don't know…"


"What?" The blonde boy was half asleep. His blankets wrapped around him loosely and the ice pack lying next to his pillow.

"…I'm picking up your bad habits."

"Why you say that?"

"I'm talking too much." Sasuke closed his eyes and Naruto began snoring. The night sky had clouds gather and they showed to be a bit dark.

"Well…the day is over." Yui said and held Kakashi's hand. "I'm gone soon."

"I know"." Kakashi hugged the blonde woman and ran his fingers through her hair. He enjoyed the sweet smell from it. Strawberries. He really did like those strawberries.

As late night was the only audience the two had, they enjoyed the taste of another. Kakashi held the woman close to him not wanting to let go. Not wanting her leave him come sunrise…not wanting her to go. But so she could one day be truly happy…he'd have to…he'd have to let her go.

As the grey clouds filled the sky Team seven stood in front of the gates of Konoha ready to say farewell to Yoshimitsu Yui. The silence amongst them was understandable. They had become attached to her and she was now leaving. It was hard.

"Take care, okay?" She said as she hugged Naruto and Sasuke. The two boys found they were very much fond of her and were disappointed in her leaving. Especially Naruto. "Sakura I hope everything works out, okay?" She hugged the girl and the two cried a bit.

"They're such girls." Naruto said rubbing his eye.

"So why are you crying?" Sasuke asked.

"I got something in my eye alright? Lemme alone already."

"Yui." Kakashi called. He stood a bit more ahead, away from his students for a moment to speak to her for a last time. Yui released Sakura and waved bye as she approached Kakashi. She faced him and he faced her. The time had come.

"I wish I could be here longer…I just...we've just…" Kakashi placed his finger on Yui's lips and looked into her jade eyes. A cold fall breeze blew some dead leaves around their feet. He couldn't let her hurt. He'd have to end it. Yui looked at Kakashi lovingly and slowly brought her hands to his face. Gradually she drew down his mask. Soon his beautiful face was unhidden. His lips were now available to her and she leant forward for a kiss.

They enjoyed the last taste of another. Kakashi held the woman close to him not wanting to let go. Not…not wanting her to leave. When their lips finally parted Yui smiled. She removed his forehead protector and looked into both his eyes. "I love you so much."

"…" Kakashi looked away. No words coming to his mouth. Yui looked at him mildly confused. She waited for him to say something but nothing came.

"Kakashi…are you listening?" Again there was no response. His eyes never looked at her. "Why won't you say something…please say something…"

"…" Nothing.

"Kakashi…don't you…don't you love me?" She asked as she held his hands. Again she waited for a response and soon thunder was heard. The sky became dark and the same rain that came when she had first said those words had returned.

The three young Chuunin pulled out umbrellas (AN: I don't know from where) and covered their heads. They watched their teacher and his love stand there. What was going on?

"Kakashi say something…don't you love me?" She caressed his cheek and his eyes never again met her hers. Tears began to well. His silence said everything to her. "So it was a game to begin with." Kakashi released her hands and sighed. He recovered his face and turned his back. He couldn't…it was better this way. He walked backs towards the gate and stopped as she screamed "You never loved me, did you?"


"I.. can't you…" Finding herself unable to form proper words, Yui brought her hands to her locket and held it. "I can't believe this…"

"Kakashi-sensei doesn't love her?" Naruto asked and stepped forwards. "I don't understand. I thought…wait…"

"Why…?" She tired to find some sense in his latest actions and figure out what was going on. "I…I thought…I thought you loved me."

"No. I never did say I loved you, Yui." Kakashi's words hit her hard and cold. It was heavy just like the drops of rain which fell from the sky. "I never said I loved you."

"…" She stared at his back and couldn't contain her pain and anger anymore. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she cried and pulled the locket from her neck. "FINE! FINE…THEN I DON'T NEED YOU!" She threw the no longer valued object to the ground, and stepped on it. "If you never cared you should have just said so. I'll never forgive you…you bastard…" She turned around and ran as fast she could. Kakashi stood there. His fist was clenched and on the inside of his mask he bit his lip. He did it. He could feel it…he was slowly dying on the inside.

"Kakashi-sensei, do something!" Sakura shouted and ran up to him. She looked at his face and saw he was hurting. "Call her back!"

"…no." Sakura watched as the blonde girl ran off into the distance. The grey rain made it harder to identify her. Soon she could no longer be seen. She was gone. Kakashi walked back toward the village gates and stopped when Naruto called him.

"Kakashi-sensei…how could you?" He asked. He didn't understand his teacher's latest actions.

Sasuke frowned and closed his umbrella. He threw it to the jounin's feet. He walked towards the older man and faced him. "You really are a punk ass bitch."

Sakura searched. Her hands felt thought the wet grass and mud looking for the precious item. When she finally found it, it was covered in mud and was opened. In it a picture of a handsome blonde man with eyes as green as emeralds. On the other side of the locket a picture of Yui and Kakashi…


Naruto: What kind of ending is that? And what was up with Sasuke being so rude to Kakashi-sensei?

Magic: An ending which leaves room for a sequel. For you guys who still care what happens…read An Unknown Romance the sequel to Romantic Antics. See you all there. Oh, and i promised my best frined I'd have Sasuke say that cause it'd be 'cool' to her. and..blah blah. LEMME ALONE! Don't question my ways!

Kakashi: Great…more…I need a nap.

Sasuke: But to let her leave that way really was punk.

Kakashi: YOu just keep it coming don't you?

Sasuke: Yes. Yes I do.

Sakura: Please read the sequel ou guys, I mean..you wanna know what happens right?