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Happy Hour

Chapter One

"Good morning Konoha! It is now 6:15 A.M. The weather outside is in the high 70's-"

A hand reached over to press the snooze button, turning off the radio. Without reading the digital clock, he got up from under his navy sheets and headed straight the bathroom like a zombie. The lights in bathroom flickered on as he went over to the sink. He turned on the facuet and splashed some cold water to wake himself up. Looking in the mirror, his onyx eyes stared back at him. He looked like shit. After long hours at the office, he didn't know why he went home in the first place. Maybe it was to get away from the paperwork, or to get away from the people who were beginning to get on his nerves, namely a blond someone.

At age twenty-four, he was single. Single and not looking. His job prevented him from enjoying any socialable aspect of life and he was fine with that. Wherever he went, whispers of how gorgeous he looked were never-ending. Women would give him seductive looks, but he would always ignore them. Girls, especially in their teens would give him coy smiles which made him scowl more every day.

Turning off the running water, Sasuke returned his toothbrush and his cup near the sink and walked into his room. Opening his closet, he donned on a navy buttoned-up shirt, black slacks and a belt. After securing his a tie around his neck, Sasuke grabbed his silver watch, car keys, badge, and wallet. He locked the doors of his apartment before getting into his car to drive to work. The drive was short and he pulled into the parking lot of the Konoha Police Station.

Every phone at the station rang endlessly. As soon as Sasuke reached the doors, the women who worked there greeted a 'Good morning, Sasuke-kun' and walked off blushing like high school girls. Deepening his scowl, he proceeded through the room and walked into his office.

"Hey, Sasuke. Why the long face?" Naruto had a stupid grin on his face and a bowl of ramen in his hands, along with a pair of chopsticks. The only thing he would eat was ramen. There was no time to cook when you're a cop, so your only choices are "instant" or "takeout". The badge on his orange collared shirt is pinned on his left pocket, and as always he wore a blue necktie.

Sasuke ignored him and sat down at his desk. Numerous volumes of books and encyclopedias lined the selves of the bookcase near the windows. Not a beam of sunlight is shown through anything that is transparent of the Uchiha's room. The blinds on the windows were always down. Set on his on desk was the usual: a computer, a cup filled with pencils and a lamp.

"We have a meeting in like five minutes," Naruto said in-between slurps.


"You know what, Sasuke?"

"No, what?"

"I heard that this case is going to be an undercover thing."


"Oh, come on. I know you like a challenge. This is exactly up your alley."

"What is it this time?"

"I don't know, but the lazy ass is going to the meeting and mentioned something about women," smiled Naruto.


"Who knows, maybe we can get promoted after this case."

"In your dreams."

"Hey, I want to make Captain one day, and if I have to do more undercover work to get there, I'll do it."

"Uchiha, Uzumaki." They both turned their direction to the doorway. "You're both needed at the conference room." It was Neji. Dressed in a silver shirt with his collar unbuttoned revealing a glimpse of his chest, he had his hands crossed. His clothes and sleeves were crumpled. No doubt he pulled an all-nighter. The pupil-less eyes of the Hyuuga stared straight at the Uchiha. Though their age difference was just a year apart, they had some similarities in personalities and lifestyles. Both of them are very attractive, yet they don't seem to be interested in women. It even occurred to Naruto one time that they were both gay, but he could tell they were just sad bastards with very big egos.

Caught in between the world-is-ending-and-you-two-are-just-staring-at-each-other contest, Naruto gave a sigh. This was ritual would happen every day of the week. The boss would call them to a meeting and for the fun of it, that lazy pervert would always order the Hyuuga to go fetch them. Eventually, they would snap out of the staring trance and go on about doing what they were suppose to in the first place. Yeah, like after a good ten minutes or so.

"Oh, get a room you two. Considering how you two love your privacy, I think you two should consider it." A pen landed Naruto's head with great accuracy, throwing him off his balance. His chopsticks went flying to the floor as he clutched his bowl of ramen closely to his chest, being careful to not spill the broth. The blond grumbled something along the lines of 'Stubborn lovers who are just hiding their true affections for another' and stalked off to his desk to get another pair of wooden chopsticks. Their 'undying love' was something he often tease them about. He was just trying to lighten up the mood since the prodigies seem to have the 'I'm going to murder you in your sleep' atmosphere about them.

"Nice of you to join us, Naruto." Present in the room was Neji, Sasuke, and Shikamaru. Without taking his eye off his orange book, Kakashi motioned them to take a seat on the cushion chairs of the long maple wood table. The rays of the sun danced in every corner of the room between the gaps of the blinds from the wide glass windows that had the view of the streets below them. The wall adjacent to the windows had a white overhead screen rolled down several feet. Placed on the center of the long table was a projector, signifying that they were going to have a briefing.

Sasuke took his seat near the middle of the room and sat there with his arms crossed. Shikamaru didn't waste time and just took a seat next to Neji. They all had that bored look in their eyes, wanting to get the meeting over with. An irritated scowl was on everyone's face, except for Naruto. Holding a fresh pair of chopsticks, the blond didn't get the chance to touch his breakfast when Kakashi ordered him to shut the blinds. Frowning, Naruto did what was told of him and pulled the strings to deflect the sunlight aimed in the room. Getting back to his seat next to Sasuke, he hungrily stuffed his face with ramen, keeping his eyes in front for the room. After a good minute, Kakashi finally closed his book and took a remote out from his pocket. Pressing the red button, the overhead projector sprang to life, emitting a light on the screen in front.

"Last night, the forty-eight year old head mobster Gatoh was founded dead." A picture of a white-haired man wearing a pair of sunglasses in a black suit appeared on the screen. His wide forehead accented the sinister look he was giving to the people around him.

"The location of his death was in a bar called 'Red Love' owned by a guy name Gaara. He is a twenty-one year-old male, height: 5' 9'', weighs 140 lbs, DOB: January 14th, and blood type is: AB." The eyes in room gazed at the picture of the bar owner. The mop of red hair on him made him look years older. Dark circles under his eyes showed that he was suffering from insomnia. On the right side of his head was a red tattoo displaying the kanji for love. The deep scowl on his face showed that he was not just some ordinary bar owner. He wore a black fishnet shirt with a red vest that cut off a few inches from his arm length finished off by a pair of long dark tan pants that gave him an urban look. Though he appeared to be from a city, his characteristics proved otherwise.

"We have limited information on him including where he originated from. Though his record is clean, the bar he owned has numerous ties with the gang members in town. Many secret meetings are held in there with discussions of war for the claims over the city. We have concluded that the death was not accidental. Gatoh had a lot of enemies who would give anything for his head." Kakashi continued as he pressed the next button.

"Investigators found Gatoh in a chair without any cuts, bruises, or bullet wounds. His blood had no signs of poison and he didn't seem to have any heart problems. There were no marks on his neck, so we know that he wasn't strangled to death. His death is a mystery, but I can tell there is more to the story. The death of was reported by four young girls who worked there for a few months. Half a year tops." A picture of four girls were shown on the screen. Zooming in, Kakashi focused on the girl with pink hair.

"This is Haruno Sakura, known as Blossom at 'Red Love'. Age: 22, DOB: March 28th. Height: 5' 3'', weight: 115. Blood type: O."

"Hey, she's kind of cute!" Glares were shot at him for his unnecessary comment. Sheepishly, the blond rubbed the back of his head and went back to eating his ramen. Turning back their direction, the three waited for Kakashi to proceed.

"The next one is Yamanaka Ino, known as Lavender. Age: 21, DOB: September 23rd. Height: 5' 3'', weight: 110. Blood type: B."

"The girl next to her is Tenten, known as Amber. Age: 23, DOB: March 9th. Height: 5' 4'', weight: 120. Blood type: B."

"The last one is Hyuuga Hinata." At the mere mention of that name all eyes of the room darted at Neji, who just continued to look fiercely at the person in front of them. No one said a word but they kept their attention on the Hyuuga male. The last suspect was his cousin. Protol call dictates that family members were not allow to be involve in cases that would result in a conflict of interest. It seemed that Kakshi had made an exception to this rule. They have little knowledge about Neji's profile, but the feud between the Main and Branch families were infamous. Everyone in the city knew. Times past and the arguments between the houses died down ever since the heiress disappeared.

"Known as Pearl at 'Red Love.' Age: 21, DOB: December 27th. Height: 5' 4'', weight: 112. Blood type: A. These four girls are the main focus to the case. Although they are just the bartenders, we believe that they can be suspects of the case. They are the eyes and ears of the bar. Your first assignment will be tonight. The four of you will have to go undercover and see what kind of information you can gather from them. I've assigned each of you to a person." Pulling out four manilla envelops from the desk behind him, Kakashi gave each of them one.

"Report back to me when you have something that might help with the case. You all are in luck," said the silver haired pervert. "The girls are going to put on a show tonight. I heard they were very talented, so keep a close eye on them. Any questions?"

Shikamaru raised his hand.


"Why do we need to gather information when all we need to do is study the scene of the death?" Kakashi didn't miss a beat.

"We need to determine the ties Gatoh has around the bar, and the information would not come easy. There are still unsolved gang cases and this is one of them. The information founded can help the department figure out when and where the 'Triad War' is going to happen. Now if everyone doesn't have any farther questions to ask, meeting adjured," finished their boss. Pressing the button to turn off the machine, he went over to the windows and pulled the blinds up. The sunlight brighten up the room as they left the room.

Sasuke walked out the door with the folder in his hand. He went to the lounge and poured himself a cup of coffee. The bitter liquid reached his lips as he took a sip. There was no one in the room, so he enjoyed the peace of the morning. Living in the city was not all fun and games. There were robbers and the nights were always filled with endless sirens of police vehicles. Many crooks live in the city of Konoha. They would try anything to get a couple of bucks by either conning, or robbing some bank. But in the end, they would all get caught. They always do.

"Let's see who I got," Naruto said in excitement, waving his papers around. He opened his folder and read the profile. "Shit, I have Neji's cousin." He placed the folder with the close up photo of Hyuuga Hinata on the table, and went to the fridge to get a can of soda.

"So Sasuke, who's the lucky lady?" Flipping open the file, the Uchiha took a glance and turned it toward Naruto. Her emerald green eyes had a look of innocence that complimented her kind smile.

"Lucky bastard," Naruto grumbled as he popped open his can of soda.

His head banged on the surface of a desk. His arms were at his side, dangling a few inches from the floor. Loosening the red tie around his neck, Shikamaru looked at the clock on his desk. It was 9:00 a.m. The lazy cop continued to stay in that position, not caring if his light green shirt was getting wrinkled. It wasn't his style to be in a shirt with a collar and a tie that would choke you to death. Heck, it was currently seventy-three degrees outside and he was stuck inside, slumped on his desk and wearing annoying clothes that businessmen would live to wear. At least there was air conditioning at the station.

The sound of phones ringing echoed from the outside of his office. With the door closed and the windows revealed, Shikamaru went over to lay on the couch that was in the room. Yes, a couch. It was his couch. It served as a stress relief for the young detective. Though he's known for his smart tactics, he was lazy. Very lazy. Plopping down his head on the hand rest on the deep forest couch, he brought his hands on top and gazed out the window. He was cloud watching, a childhood hobby he would do often instead of doing the paperwork on his desk. Who could concentrate when there are other things happening outside the window? Sure, this is a city, but the thing is about the people of this city is that they don't pay very much attention to the world around them.

Being a cop was not his childhood dream, but Shikamaru wanted his parents to be proud of their only child. Impressing them was hard despite his high I.Q. So, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps. The many generations of the Nara clan were promising doctors and investigators in the criminals division. Now, it was his turn. He doesn't ask for much. All he wanted was to watch the clouds and live his lazy lifestyle. Too bad his job prevented him from living his own life.

Aside for that, he now had a case. To him, it was just more paperwork he had to do. Reports, information, and documents. To hell with documents. Like anyone in the damn station would read them anyways. If cases were solved the recorders would just slap a big ass red 'Solved' stamp on it and file it with the other thousand folders sitting in the metal cabinets collecting dust. There was just no point, except for a keep of reference. That was important in a way. The thought of paperwork didn't come to his mind until he had to take the tests set up for him. Hell, he didn't know how he passed training, but the academy he went to gave a good word about him.

Not the whole academy agreed, but his mentor was determined. Sarutobi Asuma had fate in the lazy smart ass. Now a days, he and his mentor would meet together and play a friendly game of chess. A smile appeared on his face when the memory of his mentor's shocked expression came to his mind. It was the first time he played the statistic game with another person other than his father. The days of the academy were easy for the Nara, but no one said that being a cop was going to be easy. What the hell was he thinking when he took the damn entrance exam? Oh well, it was too late now.

A knock at the door interrupted his moment of tranquility. Ignoring it, Shikamaru proceeded to watch the white fluffy clouds in the blue sky. The knocking of the door stopped but the hinges squeak opened and the person walked into his room. It was Neji, a person Shikamaru had worked with before. They worked on many cases together and have great experience when it came to undercover cases. No one seemed to care what they thought of each other as long as they captured the criminals. But between the two, they knew things about each other. Their relationship was not just working as partners on cases, but friendship as well. They both knew their places and don't care what other people think. It is their life, let them live how they want it.

"You seem to be doing that lately," said the prodigy. He closed the door and took a seat in a chair. In his hands was the manilla Kakashi had given to each of them. The idea of investigating the female suspects was totally barbaric in their minds. Throughout the years of working together, their perspective on things weren't that much different from one another. Without taking a glance at the uninvited guest, Shikamaru laid there in silence. The start of the case was tonight and they need to prepare for it. Information has to be memorized and plans for the course of action are to be rendered through the group before the time comes. Forms of communication was an important factor in this case.

Even though they were assign on the same case, their work had to be separate from the rest of the group. Being undercover was a big issue. One false move and your cover can be blown by some idiot who thinks he have solved it. Right now, they only have a good fifteen hours before they start the investigation. Preparation would take weeks to concoct, but they were the best in the business. This was not something they haven't done before. They always pulled through, at the very last minute that is.

Sharp turns of paper could be heard in the quiet room. The Hyuuga was studying the file of his suspect. In it contained a picture of the girl with two buns on her head. She had on a Chinese style tank and a pair of black cargo pants. From the looks of it, Neji concluded that she was a tomboy. Her figure gave the impression that she was a physical one. Looking at the photo, he could see the outlines of her muscles on her arms and legs. With the small smirk on her face, she seemed to be one of those girls who doesn't take crap from anyone. Maybe this case might not be boring after all.

"This case is going to be troublesome," Shikamaru said at last. His eyes were still glued out the window and his face had that look of irritation. He already took a peak at his suspect. It was the blonde. When it came to females, he didn't want to have anything to do with them. On his last case, he had to deal with a girl by the name of Kin. She was one of those woman with a bitchy attitude. Kin was apart of a gang that was harassing a citizen and he happened to be the one strolling in the park to get away from the noises at the station. He would usually go on rounds (his favorite place to watch clouds to think quietly), but not that time.

When he passed by them, the citizen was crying for help and he couldn't just ignore her. So, he did his duty and told the woman to back off. The next thing he knew, the bitch pulled out a knife and like the crazy bitch she was, Kin went up to his face and attacked him. After dodging some close calls, Shikamaru finally tripped her and had her pinned on the grass. As if getting attacked wasn't bad enough, she just had to cuss him out from under his weight. He did the logic thing anyone in his position would do and pressed her face farther into the dirt. That didn't keep her quiet much because of violent temper she had. Cuffing her to the bench, Shikamaru said a few words of her rights and waited for some other damn cop to bring her in. Women were troublesome in his opinion. It was just another reason to stay away from them.

"The meeting with Uchiha and Uzumaki is in a few minutes. We need to go through the procedure and make sure we don't make any mistakes this time," stated Neji. He remember the last time they were on a case together. It was another undercover situation where they had to be drug dealers. At first, it went good until that ramen eating idiot was cornered to take the drugs to prove them they were real. The customers assumed that they were fake because of the stupid grin he has on his face. Seriously, a grin. What kind of drug dealer would have a wide grin on his face when he's selling illegal substances? You might as well wear a sign that says 'I'm not a real drug dealer, I'm cop going undercover. Don't trust me because of my goofy smile.' Hellbent on keeping his cover, Naruto didn't think twice before he swallowed the pill. Though they caught the buyers of the drug, the side affects of the drug was what gave them a hard time.

When they returned to the station, Naruto went to his office all fine and dandy. A couple of minutes later, a loud crash came from his room. Rushing to see what the commotion was about, they can never forget what they saw next. In his office, Naruto was stripped from head to toe. They would still have nightmares if he was not drugged up enough to take off his boxers. The blond complained about being hot and was then dragged to the bathroom to cool off. Drenched in water, Naruto started to talk nonsense about being in love with a bowl of ramen.

By the time he woke up, Naruto couldn't remember what he did under the affects of the drugs. Now, they have to work together again. Making the best of the situtation was definitely Shikamaru's main motivation. He could care less about Naruto's inconsistancies and ridiculous attitude. At the end of the day, Naruto was one of them.

Finally getting up, Shikamaru slowly walked out of his office with Neji following behind him. There was no point in delaying the case. The sooner they all commit, the faster they could get it solved.

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