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"What should we do now?" Viewtiful Joe asked his girlfriend, Silvia. They were patroling the city to make sure everything was in order.

"Well, we should probably look for some villain to thwart." The heroine answered.

"I know, but where should we look? Is there even anyone new to face?"

"We should probably go see daddy. He'll know if there's any trouble."

"Yeah, I guess. Things will be more intresting. Come on, Six Machine!" The small red airplane known as Six Machine flew over to Joe and Silvia instantly. They both hopped on and flew out of the city. In mere minutes, the duo had reached a deserted space station hovering above the Earth.

"Daddy!" Silvia called out. The hero, Captain Blue flew down from where ever he had been and greeted Joe and Silvia.

"Hello there, Joe, Silvia!" Blue said with a smile.

"Hey, Blue," Joe said with a small nod. "We were wondering if you could create some plot for us. It's been boring to just patrol around a peaceful city."

"Hmm, I've got just the thing." Blue led the heroes into a small room that had a strange machine with a door and several buttons. He pressed one of the buttons and opened the door. Inside was a purple vortex. "All right, just walk through here and you'll be sent to a world that needs your help. You can find a great adventure there."

"Perfect!" Joe said, with glee. He ran towards the door, but Silvia jumped in before him. Joe hesitated for a moment and then looked at down. "Hey! A nickel!" The hero picked it up an examined it.

"What? Joe, go through the portal!" Blue said angrily.

"Huh? Hang on a second, this is a cool spacenickel! I wonder how it got here?"

"Forget the nickel!The portal is closing!" Blue shouted as the purple vortex started to fade away. He quickly grabbed Joe and flung him towards the opening, but was too late. "You simple-minded fool! You were supposed to go through the portal with Silvia!"

"Well, you can still re-open it, can't you, Blue?" Joe asked, rubbing the spot on his head he had landed on. "Why'd you throw me?"

"You idiot! Can't you tell that I'm not your hero, Captain Blue?" Blue said. He was engulfed by a small tornado and his outfit became black. He was more fit and looked younger."

"Who are you? Where's the real Captain Blue? Oh, and where's Silvia?"

"I am Blue's dark side, the one you defeated before. I was resurrected by the demon lord to help conquer movie land. Blue and Silvia are hostages back at our base."

"I doubt you can keep Silvia locked up there for long," Joe said with a small laugh.

"My orders were to eliminate any threats that weren't captured! So good-bye, hero." Dark Blue began to glow a black aura.

"About time I struck some action!" Joe shouted. A metal plate came out of his helmet and covered his mouth as he crouched into a fighting pose. "Henshin a-go-go, baby!" Joe did a flip over Blue and landed back-to-back with the villain. He then grabbed his opponent's hand and flung Blue over his shoulder. Dark Blue reacted to the attack by landing on his feet and quickly charging into Joe. The red hero flew back several feet before landing on his hand and doing a back flip. He landed on his feet and slid to a stop.

"Not bad," Blue said, impressed. "Try this!" Blue held out his hands and shot out two black laser beams.

"Slow!" Joe shouted as everything slowed down. Joe then leaned back to dodge one of the lasers. He put the speed back to normal and jumped over another laser. "Mach speed!" Joe began to move at twice his normal speed. He approached Blue and began a flurry of punches and kicks. Blue quickly used his slow power to slow Joe down and dodge each attack.

Joe quickly did a back flip away from Blue to think of a new strategy. He looked up and noticed that the roof was made of glass, and beyond it was the depths of space. With a new idea, he charged over to Dark Blue and ducked under a strong right punch. He quickly used a low kick to knock Blue off of his feet, and followed up with an uppercut. Blue was sent high into the air, and into the roof, shattering it instantly. Joe followed him easily into space. Blue and Joe were both flying in outer space now. Blue threw a right punch, which Joe blocked. Joeraised his feet and kicked Blue in the stomach. Blue was sent back as Joe was propelled towards Earth.

As Joe entered the atmosphere, he started to catch on fire. He flew down like a meteor and crashed into a grass field, leaving a large crater.

"Ugh, I'm not trying that again!" Joe said as he picked himself up. He looked around, seeing nothing but grass. "Now what?"