Chapter 1: Stampede

"We have only one more minute until summer vacation.", exclaims Kim Possible.

"Awesome! I have all the time in the world to eat nachos from the GREAT Bueno Nacho." As Ron says this statement a growling noise races to Kim's ears.

Ron's little pal, Rufus, wiggles with excitement while in Ron's pant pocket.

On the inside, both Ron and Kim are wiggling with excitement just like Rufus! (Who would not feel excited? It is the end of the school year!)

5, 4,3,2,1! Blast off! SUMMER VACAY!

Every student at Middleton High tramples the floor of the school longing the adventures of the school break ahead. What's ahead? -----swimming, skateboarding, shopping, hanging out!

Kim looks around at the people in the crowd. She recognizes teachers and you know what? They are screaming louder than the students themselves. Are they that happy to get rid of the students?

K.P. exits her school year of homework, and annoying teachers. The words "What are we going to do this summer?", escape her mouth. Kim expects to hear a very exciting suggestion from Ron.

Surprisingly, there is no reply.

"Ron?" (Cricket, cricket) "Ron?" (Cricket, cricket)

Kim Possible quickly turns around to begin her search for Ron Stoppable.

1 step... 2 steps! … 3 steps… 4 steps... lead to the spot where Ron lies limply.

Uh oh! It turns out that the crowd of teens running out of the school stampeded like a herd of elephants over Ron's poor, little body.

"Oh my God", screams K.P. while reaching for her communicator. She calls up an ambulance that can rescue Ron from his state.

While awaiting the arrival of the ambulance, millions of thoughts crowd Kim's mind.

Why did it have to be Ron? What am I to do? I hope Ron is going to be okay. It should have been me.

Over the noise rattling in her brain, Kim hears little footsteps. Tap! Tap! Tap! The bushes shake in the slight breeze. Kim spins around to see a dark shadow emerging from the green, rustling bushes.

In the sunlight, Kim sees that the shadow is in fact… a small, pink, naked mole-rat.

"Rufus!", K.P. yells with anxiety. "Are you alright?"

"Yup!", Rufus replies, marching up to Kim with fear in his eyes.

Rufus takes one glance at Ron and climbs into Kim's pant pocket like a scared kid that just saw the boogie man.

Weeeoooo! Weeeeeeooooooo! Weeeoooooo! A loud screeching sound spreads through the air. The ambulance stops right in front of Kim. Like bees in a hive, men swarm around Ron and lift him onto a harness. The doors of the ambulance quickly slam, leaving scared little Rufus in the pocket; depressed Kim on a ledge; and limp Ron on a harness. In no time Ron is riding to safety at a hospital with his two best friends by his side.

As the speeding truck races through all the traffic, a weird feeling fills Kim Possible's body. That same feeling came over Kim when her uncle was taken by the merciless killer, DEATH.

"We shall always remember, Dr.Slim Possible, for he has touched us in so many ways. LORD, I ask that you watch over Slim's family members and ensure that they remain safe. FATHER, help Dr. Possible's soul reach you in your palace. Amen!", pray Reverend Douglass at Slim's funeral.

Kim, standing beside her mother, is attacked by a feeling of sorrow and woe. In no time, tears pour from Kim's eyes like Niagara Falls waters. Looking this way and that way, Kim realizes that she is not alone. Other people are crying as much as she is. The feeling of sorrow and woe takes charge of every person at the funeral. The sky cries too.

Like the day at the funeral, tears pour out of Kim's eyes. This time only one person/ animal feels her pain and that person/ animal is Rufus.