Chapter 4: The Rescue

Here is the last chapter of Summer Vacation. I hope you like it. I tried to put a lot of action into it. (Kung-fu fighting. Hiya!) This is my favorite chapter out of all the chappies I have created. Enjoy it! Love it! Review it! I will be back with more exciting stories. Trust me!


Disclaimer: Kim Possible and other related characters are property of Bob Schooley, Mark McCorkle, and Disney.


Ron, sitting in his hospital bed, thinks about who else but Kimmy. It is one day after her last mission and Kim has not even bothered to call him. Wait a minute… that is very unlikely. K.P. would have visited and accompany her best friend. So the question now is… where is Kim Possible?

The question of the day lurks in Ron's head. Where, o where, has Kim Possible gone? O where, o where can she be? As his head gets heavier with more thoughts of Kim, Ron drifts off into a deep sleep.

Unknown voices move to Ron's ears.

"What should we do with her?"

"I have an idea! Lock her up in a cage and brainwash her to become one of your henchmen… or henchwomen, in this case."

"What a brilliant idea!"

These voices move father into the dark, dark room. Footsteps scramble across the cobblestone. A bright light invades the pitch black room and there a young girl with beautiful red hair is chained to a wall.

The unknown voices turn out to belong to Dr. Drakken, Professor Dementor, and Monkey Fist.

"You all won't get away with this.", says the girl.

"Crime always pays. Muhahahaha!"

"It's time for nighty-night-night!"

Monkey Fist pulls out a needle and injects it into Kim's right arm. Immediately, Kim is mute and sound asleep.

Ron wakes up. The dream replays in his mind. Over and over again.

That young girl with beautiful red hair is Kim. Ron presses the hospital button for a nurse. Momentarily, a nurse comes in.

"What is wrong, dear?"

"Can I use the phone? I need to make an important call."

"Sure. I will be right back."

Ron waits patiently for the phone to arrive and when it does he calls Wade.

"Ron, what's up?"

"Have you heard from Kim?"

"Actually, no! I am now beginning to worry."

"I think she is in trouble. She needs help."

"I'll send in a group of ninjas to check on things."

"Hey, Wade! I am going."

"Hello! You have a broken arm!"

"I need to make sure that my best friend is okay."

"Are you sure about this?"

"As sure as I'll ever be!"

"How are you going to get pass the doctors and nurses?"

"I'll find a way. Over and out!"

"Be careful! The ninjas are going to meet you at your house. You all will be taking a jet to Kim's location."

Ignoring the fact that he is terrified of jets (extremely terrified), Ron is ready to rescue his best friend from the three psychos---Dementor, Fist, and Drakken.

Ready or not

Here I come

You can't hide

Ron hops out of the bed and replaces his body with two large pillows. He puts on the same clothes he came in with. I can do this. I can do this. He cautiously opens the door enough so that he can see the hallway. Only one person in the hallway…luckily. Ron tiptoes to the clear end of the hallway and does the same down the flight of stairs. A nurse comes out of nowhere, but Ron acts casual and manages to slip past her with no questions asked. He makes it into the waiting room. Walking down the walkway to the doors, Ron acts as if he is an ordinary guy in an ordinary room.

"Wait a minute.", says a doctor 3 feet away from Ron.

Ron, scared out of his trousers, turns around as if nothing sufficient is going on.

"Yeah, doctor?"

"Where do you think you're going? Your shoelaces are untied, young man."

"Oh! Thanks!"

Ron bends down to tie his untied laces. That was so close. I am so psyched out. All that… for a shoelace. I almost had a heart attack. Whew!

Ron steps out of the hospital in one piece. He walks to his home where he meets up with 5 ninjas all dressed in jet black karate ensembles.

"Hey! You have the privilege of joining me on the journey to rescue Kim Possible.", says Ron.

"No. You have the privilege of having us to accompany you on this mission.", replies a ninja.

Ron rushes into his room where he gets his own "karate" outfit and then returns in front of his house where the ninjas stand, waiting for the jet to arrive.

Suddenly, a giant jet falls gracefully out of the sky and the six rescuers hop on. In no time, the jet stops in mid air at the top of a tall creepy-looking mountain---Mt. Evil. Without any hesitation, the ninjas jump out of the jet and land on one of the platforms of the mountain. Ron, terrified, closes his eyes and jumps off the jet. Safe and sound, he follows the ninjas into an opening in the side of Mt. Evil. The source of lighting in the room is a small ceiling light in the center. From the little light provided, the ninjas hop onto a ledge and onto the floor with Ron following like a shadow.

Unknown voices move to Ron's ears.

"What should we do with her?"

"I have an idea! Lock her up in a cage and brainwash her to become one of your henchmen… or henchwomen, in this case."

"What a brilliant idea!"

The ninjas follow the voices. While Ron does the same, thoughts race across his mind.

Where have I heard these voices? I know I have heard them before. Am I going crazy?

Then, Ron realizes that he has heard these same exact voices saying the same exact things in the same exact order… in his dreams.

You know that feeling that you get when you feel like you saw or heard something happening before? It has a name that rolls off the tongue. Vansway? No! Navidad? Nope! Is it dé-já-vu? Yeah, that's it!

DÉ-JÁ-VU! Ron is experiencing this feeling right at this moment.

"I know who is holding Kim prisoner. It is Dr. Drakken, Professor Dementor, and Monkey Fist."

As Ron says this, he sees Kim chained to a wall with the three villains circling her. The ninjas and Ron hide behind a bookcase in a corner. They wait for the villains to end their "torturing session". (That was a very long time behind the bookcase.)

"Kim Possible, I want you to suffer for you have caused us all a great load of inconvenience. Muhahahahahahahahaha!" screams Dr. Drakken as he exits the room. The other two psychotic criminals join in on the "evil laugh period". Muhahahahahaha!

The door slams shut signaling that the coast is clear. One by one the ninjas flip into action. Ron simply runs into action! Kim's eyes pop out at the sight of Ron. With one gust of power, the ninjas break the chain connecting Kim to the wall.

"Thanks! Ron, what are you doing here?"

"What else would I be doing here? I am saving my best friend's life!"

"Thank you! You're my hero."

A pink naked mole-rat pops out of Ron's pocket and gives K.P. a hug.

Kim then says, "Ninjas and Ron, let's kick some villain butt."

Everyone in the room hears the door open. In comes Monkey Fist.

"Sorry to break up the party, but… MONKEYS ATTACK!

A whole bunch of angry monkeys barge into the room and begins to fight.


A battle breaks out---monkeys versus K.P. and ninjas! After about five seconds, all the monkeys along with Monkey Fist lay knocked-out cold on the cobblestone floor.

Kim decides to lock them in the room. In the walkway leading to the same room with the single ceiling light; Kim, Ron, and the ninjas hear another shrill evil laugh. They follow the laughter to find Dr. Drakken meddling with the time machine.

Drakken says, "I finally have the power of time in the palm of my hand!"

"Not so fast!", K.P says.

"Kimberly Ann Possible, we meet again! Let's skip the talking and fast forward to the kung-fu fighting! SHEGO!", Drakken says.

"Kimmie has come out to play?", mimics Shego.

Kick. Punch. Kick. Punch. Jab. Jab. In a matter of seconds, Kim defeats Shego.

"Give it up, Drakken."

Kim, Ron, and the ninjas race to the time machine. Uh-oh! An army of robots charge the machine. In the spur of the moment; K.P., Ron, and the five ninjas hop into the time machine and surf through time.

"We have only one more minute until summer vacation.", exclaims Kim Possible.

"Awesome! I have all the time in the world to eat nachos from the GREAT Bueno Nacho." As Ron says this statement a growling noise races to Kim's ears.

Ron's little pal, Rufus, wiggles with excitement while in Ron's pant pocket.

On the inside, both Ron and Kim are wiggling with excitement just like Rufus! (Who would not feel excited? It is the end of the school year!)

5, 4,3,2,1! Blast off! SUMMER VACAY!

Every student at Middleton High tramples the floor of the school longing the adventures of the school break ahead. What's ahead? -----swimming, skateboarding, shopping, hanging out!

Kim looks around at the people in the crowd. She recognizes teachers and you know what? She gets a feeling that she has experienced this moment before. DÉ-JÁ-VU! An image keeps entering her mind---Ron lies on a hospital bed with a broken arm.

Kim searches for Ron and spots him in the middle of the crowd. She grabs his arm and leads him away from the crowd where he can't get hurt.

"That was a close one! That crowd almost crushed me!"


K.P. exits her school year of homework, and annoying teachers. The words "What are we going to do this summer?", escape her mouth. Kim expects to hear a very exciting suggestion from Ron.

"I don't know. Every day is an adventure! I got the whole summer to spend time with you, most of all."