"Once upon a time," Remus said, smiling that silly, jolly, teary kind of way people gets when dealing with babies, while Lily cooed towards a very sleep Harry. James groaned, picking up a pillow and throwing it at Remus, missing on purpose.

"Oh, not again!" he mock glared towards his friend. "You're going to scar my son for life if you keep on telling him your creepy fairytales."

Lily half glared towards where her husband was currently against a very sleeping Padfoot (Sirius claimed that baby's wailing didn't disturb a dogs sleep. Peter had said that not even a small war could disturb his sleep) and a very still Peter. She caressed her son's wild mop of hair.

"Well, I like those fairytales."

"You like me, and you still won't let Padfoot and me to take Harry on a broomride."

"He's three months old and we're on the middle of winter, and I've seen the way you two fly!"

"Lily! Do you think I'd let my son fall? Do you think Padfoot would let Harry to get hurt?"

"No. But I do think that you'd be tempted to throw him like a quaffle and that's a no." Lily softened her voice again, turning towards Remus who was also almost falling asleep but he kept on looking at Harry. "It's okay, Remus. You are probably going to be the one good influence my son's going to have, anyway."

"So you want him to tell him about Little Red being eaten by the wolf?" now it was Lily the one that threw the pillow at James. If he wasn't as good in quidditch as he was, it would have hit him square on the face, but he just grinned. "Muggle fairytales are so perverted."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Why do I suddenly feel like a teacher?" Remus asked softly, stretching a little bit and smiling. "Okay. Next time I'll think of a children story that doesn't start with 'Once upon a time'. Would you like that, James?"

"Thank you, Moony."

"Once upon a time it's silly anyway. " Peter had been so still and so quiet that they were ashamed to admit they had almost forgotten about him. He was always like that, lately. Quiet and morose and depressed. The war, but they tried not to talk about the war in those spare few minutes they had for themselves.

"Why do you say that, Peter?" asked Remus. Peter shrugged.

"Because 'Once Upon A Time' it's only valid when you're going to have a happily ever after, but happily ever after it's just relative... they never say that Cinderella didn't know how to properly behave, or that Snow White and Prince Charming bored each other to tears."

Lily held her children closer, as if he wasn't just a three months old baby, as if these words could somehow hurt him.

"Pete, they're just stories." James said. Remus quiet eyes where on Peter, where the young man was folding a napkin so many times that it was starting to tear. "To inspire... they're not supposed to be real."

"Then what's the use of Once Upon A Time, if you can have the Happily Ever After?" Peter asked, rising to his feet, opening the nursery's door. "What's the point of anything if your happy endings always ends before you enjoy them?"

Padfoot's whining in his sleep was the only answer to his walking away feet.