Chapter 21

Chapter 21.


It was perfect—the kiss between Yuna and I. And I knew that it was the first time that I had ever kissed a girl and actually had it meant something. It sounds so stupid, but it was the truth. All my other ex-girlfriends were just all about the way they look, and they only used me because they wanted a good reputation. I actually found it possible that deep inside, Yuna was more then that. She was much more then that. And maybe that's why I was crazy about her.

I was done disowning thoughts that were obsessive or thoughts that always had something to do with her. I knew that it was true—I knew I had fallen for her. I mean, even my best friend, Gippal had noticed. I was so infatuated by her that it was sickening. All my friends were learning to accept it—why couldn't I? I was sick of fighting with the voice inside of my head. . .I just went in for the kiss. And the kiss had settled everything; I was in love with Yuna.

I didn't even want to break the kiss, honestly. That's how much it meant to me, that's how much I was captivated by this girl and her abnormal colored eyes. . .I loved them. I could stare into them for hours. They were like an ocean of teal and sapphire, and they were gorgeous. I was foolish for ever referring to them as "freak eyes", because they were beautiful, without a doubt. . .I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. Compared to every other girls' eyes, Yuna's was the best. It made me wonder why I was so mean to her before, why I hadn't been enticed with her before, why I had shunned her instead of adoring her. It all baffled me. But maybe this is for the best—maybe the timing just wasn't right. . .maybe I needed to grow up.

We rushed home. I knew Auron was going to have his undies in a bunch anyways. He always worried so much about us. I never understood why. Maybe he knew we were into each other. . .it wasn't hard to guess that we'd end-up like this. Our story is so cliché. . .we hated each other, and then we seen passed the flaws in each other and see something completely different—seeing each other in another light. It happened a lot with people, but for some reason, to me, it didn't feel like just another clique romance—it was so much more. It wasn't just lust that caused me to pull in for that kiss—it was something a lot more. . .something I have never felt before.

And I was happy.

Wow, was I happy.

The week seemed to go by in a blur. Nothing seemed to happen. . .just the usual hang out with my friends, Yuna tags along, Auron worries. .

From afar, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I didn't know why, but at the same time, I could name off twenty different reasons why I couldn't. My friends would give me strange looks, and ask me if I was all right sometimes. . .but I could only smile and nod.

As days passed by, I began to realize a lot of things. The summer wasn't going to last forever, nor was the time I spent together with Yuna going to last forever. I felt like I should tell her my true feelings, but as the idiot I was, I was afraid to. Sure, she may have let my tongue go in her mouth, but was she ready to hear that I was in love with her? Has she ever even heard that before? Did she know what love was?

Heck, I didn't even know the exact definition of love, to be truthful. All I know, is that with Yuna, I get this amazing. . .surreal feeling, a feeling I've never gotten before, and that if it isn't love, then I don't know what love could possibly be. I've never been on cloud nine with anyone, but just standing next to her, I feel this sensation. . .it's like fireworks and by her side 24-7, and I see them whenever I'm near her. I feel like I'm floating on air, and everybody else has just disappeared—it's just Yuna and I. I could try and explain more and more, but it's like. . .it would take me forever to write out all the feelings combined. I doubt I even could—there's so much to say. . .it's all too indescribable.

We were watching the sunset at my house, it was the last week of summer. . .definitely the best summer of my life. I was burnt from all of the extra sunlight, and she was bronzed by it. . .she took my breath away, even more.

"Yuna. . ."

I said carefully, trying to get her attention. She placed those eyes on me, sending jolts of electricity throughout my body,

"Look, I wanted to tell you before summer ends, because, well. . .I feel like it's needed to be said. I hope this doesn't scare you or something. . ."

I began, nervously. Her eyes showed that she was interested, and she didn't look frightened yet, but there was something in her eyes that surprised me. The way she looked at me, it kind of reminded me of the way I looked at her—with that spark in my eye, that admiration I had for her. . .maybe she really did care about me too. . .as much as I cared about her.

"That kiss, . . . I felt something."

I said simply, my eyes locking with hers with intensity. There was so much emotion in the air, I could've passed out, but I had to continue,

"I. . . think I'm in love with you, Yuna."


My heart was racing faster than the speed of sound. I could hardly breathe. I could not believe what he had just said, and had he tried to kiss me, I would've been so breathless, I wouldn't be able to. I about fainted. I loved the boy so much I could've cried out of happiness. And at the same time, I was scared that he was going to get the wrong impression by the way I looked so unwell.

"Yuna?! Are you alright?"

He asked, suddenly noticing my pale face. I knew I had to speak up, but I did not know what to say. I loved him too. I've loved him since the moment I locked my eyes on him. I loved him when he continuously taunted me, when he made fun of my "freak eyes", I had loved him when he made me feel so inferior to him and his clique, when he had been so mean to me that I cried myself to sleep at night. . .I've loved him throughout all of it. And though I denied it in my head—I knew I have always loved him.

"I understand if you don't. . .it's alright, it's kind of quick, and I was mean to you for a long time. . .this is my fault,"

He seemed to be disappointed, his eyes showing nothing but sadness and agony with my silence. He sighed heavily and began to walk away. I stepped forward, regaining my ability to speak,

"I. . .wait,"

I spat, my voice finally working. I was trembling from the inside and out. What was wrong with me? Had I been going crazy? I was addicted to this boy—everything about him; to the way he messed with his hair when he was thinking, to the way that he smiled so brightly over absolutely nothing. He meant everything to me, and I could not voice my own feelings. Tears freely flew down my cheeks and I weakly fell to the ground.

Tidus looked at me with worried eyes and hurried to my side,

"Yuna?! What.."

"I love you too, I. . .have loved you since I met you."

My voice was shaky and I sobbed along with the feeling that was being expressed with my tone. Tidus looked down at me, stunned by my tears and response. He bended down towards me, and put a hand to my cheek,

"No you haven't."

"Yes. . . I have."

I retorted, throbbing from the amount of emotion that had taken me over. He shook his head,

"Yuna. . . you shouldn't have, I was such a jerk. But through this time, we've spent together, I really do care about you, it's made me realize how stupid I was, judging you, I was ignorant. . .forgive me, Yun."

"I forgave you. . .at first, I thought you were just like any other boy, but truly, you are different then I first suspected. I loved you from your looks, but there's more to you than that."

I whispered, looking into his eyes with sincerity. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me off the ground, sending butterflies to be felt in my stomach,

"Yeah, all I've ever wanted to do was prove that to you. . .I'll always be here for you, Yuna."

He kissed my forehead gently, and wrapped his arms around me. I felt a sensation take over me with the feel of his arms around me. I felt protected and strong within his grasp. I was floating—and there was no better feeling in the world. I just wanted to stay there, forever in the moment. I felt as though it was meant to be—supposed to be, as if he was supposed to be the one to sweep me off of my feet in the end. Everything felt so flawless when I was with him—nothing was wrong, everything was like heaven. It was the closest that I had ever been to it. And I did not want to leave his arms. . .ever.

"What is going on in here?!"

We instantly broke the embrace when we found Auron standing at the door, staring at us with rage. I looked at Tidus, searching for the answers in his expression—but found nothing.

"Uh. . . Yuna, she, was kind of sad. . .I was just cheering her up,"

Tidus said, his eyes full with lies. Auron shook his head angrily,

"Braska and Jecht would not tolerate this. Nor would I. . .this has to stop!"

"What!? Sir Auron!"

I exclaimed, outraged by his rudeness. What business does he even have interfering with our love lives, anyways?

"You can't just control our lives. . .I care about Yuna—"

"You're hurting her, boy, you're hurting her."

Auron cut Tidus off with a stern tone. I looked at Tidus, a confused look on my face. How was he hurting me?

"I'm not going to hurt her, old man."

"What? Do you actually believe you two can afford being together? Did you forget about the future, Tidus? You're going to completely different colleges. It is foolish, plus, Jecht wouldn't want this."

Auron snapped, staring at us, miffed by our "foolish" choices. I looked up at Tidus, expecting a response from him. He looked down though, a blank expression on his face.

"I don't care what Jecht would want. And we can still be together—Auron you can't run my life. . .if I love Yuna, then I love Yuna, just because you're lonely and you don't have a lover!"

He shouted, fuming at Auron. I was surprised by the way he stood up to Auron. I would never be able to yell at Sir Auron like that. He was too powerful of a man.

"Tidus, as Jecht's son, you are going to walk into his footsteps and defeat Sin, and disappear, you know that's your future after college. . . even if you wanted to, you could not make this work."

A sickening feeling went over me as Auron continued speaking. I suddenly had a distaste for being near Tidus. I forgot about the future. I forgot about everything. I forgot who Tidus was—Jecht's son. I felt weak, livid, and as if I was nothing. I began to walk away, Tidus pulled me back,

"No, don't, Yuna, don't even listen to him—he's full of lies, I'm not going to walk in his footsteps, I'd rather die then be just like him—"

"It is your destiny. . .how can you go against that?!"

I cried, looking at him with incredulity. He shook his head, pulling me closer to him again,

"He doesn't want this—but I do. Just trust me, Yuna, we'll make this work. . .we just have to work together. I love you, I want to make it work. . .I love to be with you, it's the most amazing feeling I've ever felt with anyone."

"You're hurting her."

Auron's words pained me as he continued saying it over and over again. His voice was dry and angry. I closed my eyes bitterly,

"I never thought I'd do anything against Sir Auron's voice—"

"Yun, Auron's just an old man who pities himself because he doesn't have anyone to love, don't listen to him, listen to me. . ."

"Okay, . . . fine. I trust you."

"You're making a big mistake."