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Chapter 1

It had been a quiet day, at least for Kurama. It was almost too quiet for the fox demon; although it wasn't like he minded the calmness that had been absent during the Makia tournament that had been held only a few months ago. Since he had returned from the Makia, Kurama's life had been filled with an unusual normalcy. There had been no reported demonic activates, and as a result, there had been no excitement. This quiet life was more than likely a result of Kurama having a new brother and stepfather.

Kurama leisurely walked home, only moments before he had been able to elude a group of his rabid fan girls. They had surprised him as he was leaving his school, and he been tying to find a way to politely tell them to go away, but as it was, it only took using some of his demon speed to get rid of them. When he only a bloke away from his home, the young red head felt someone start to follow him.

"What brings you here today, Hiei?" Kurama spoke softly, already knowing by instinct that the small fire demon had been following him.

"Hn." Was the only reply that Kurama received.

"Mukuro kicked you out again, uh." The red head stated.


"That long?" Kurama laughed slightly, "Whatever you did must have really made her mad." Another light chuckle escaped his lips.

It was in these few moments that Kurama's defenses were down, that an elderly man was able to come up form behind the reincarnated Kitsune.

"Excuse me young man," the old voice almost –almost­- startled Kurama, " I hate to interrupt your conversation with yourself, but could you perhaps help me?"

The slightest of pinks graced Kurama's cheeks as he studied the man who had mistaken his conversation with Hiei as a conversation with himself. The man was old, well into his late life. A long, white beard covered most of his upper body, which was encased in elegant emerald robes. Light, blue eyes seemed to twinkle with some unknown secret pleasure.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore, or here it would be Dumbledore Albus. Young man, do you think that you could possible help me find the Hatanaka residence? I appear to be lost." His voice was kind and gentle, but it held a tone of exceptional knowledge.

Kurama, not knowing what else to say, nodded sympathetically. 'Hiei?' The thief called through their telepathic bond.

'He's harmless.' Hiei's replied, his voice was soothing to the fox.

'I'm not sure; He's stronger than most humans.' Kurama scratched his chin, to make it seem like he was thinking about the address that the older man had asked of him.

'They are your family, Kitsune. It's your call.' Hiei kept to the shadows in the trees that loomed over the Kitsune that he was so protective of.

'Thank you Hiei,' Kurama reply was dripping with sarcasm, 'you've been so helpful.'

"I know the way." The red head finally answered to Dumbledore, "I can take you there, if you wish."

"That would be most helpful. Thank you very much Mr.….." Dumbledore paused for the young man's names.

Kurama had already started walking, when he realized that he had failed to give his name to the stranger. "Pardon my manners sir. My name is Minamino Shuichi." He bowed slightly at the waist.

"Thank you Minamino-san." Dumbledore returned the bow, before he started to follow Kurama, oblivious to the shadow that followed them.

Once the two men had arrived at the modest house, the younger of the two opened the front door. "Okaa-san, I'm home." Kurama's rich voice filled the house.

"Shuichi, welcome home dear." A middle age woman said as she dried her dish washing, wet hands. "Did you have….? Oh Kami-sama, Headmaster!" Shiori's eyes widened in the shock of seeing her old friend and teacher.

Kurama gave his mother a slight smile, as he led Dumbledore into the living room. "I take it you know this man, Okaa-san?"

"Yes, he's a very old, very good, friend of mine. I haven't seen him since before you were born." Shiori explained. "Professor Dumbledore, would you like some tea? I just made a batch this afternoon."

"Yes, I would very much appreciate a cup of tea. Thank you Shiori." Dumbledore waited until Shiori came back with a warm cup of tea to speak again. "I trust that this fine, young man is your son."

The woman smiled with a mother's pride. "Yes, he is one of them. Professor this is my first son Shuichi, Shuichi this is Professor Dumbledore, and he was my headmaster when I went to a boarding school in England."

"Oh yes, your son introduced himself to me a few moments ago; I was lost and he led me here." Dumbledore sipped his tea, "If I may, Shiori, I need to speak to one of your sons. He goes by the name of Hatanaka Shuichi."

It was Kurama that spoke this time, "That would be my brother." He stood up from the chair that he had been sitting in. "Okaa-san, Dumbledore-san, if you would excuse me, I have something that I have to do upstairs. I will send Shuichi down too." The red head bowed to his guest and his mother and walked up the stairs.

When Kurama had reached the top of the stairs, Hiei contacted him mentally. The small fire demon had been sending small, almost unnoticeable, amounts of ki toward the plant wielding demon. 'Kitsune, the toddle wants to talk to us. He wants us there as soon as possible.'

'I understand.' Kurama replied as he moved toward his brother's room. 'I will meet you outside, at the park, in a few moments.' The red head knocked on his brother's door.

"Who is it?" Shuichi's voice was muffled through the door.

"It's Kurama,Okaa-san has a friend downstairs that she wants you to meet." Kurama waited until his brother had opened the door, before heading back downstairs. His brother followed shortly afterward.

Both Kurama and Shuichi arrived in the living room at the same time. Shuichi went to sit down next to his stepmother, while Kurama opted to stand and ask his mother a question, "Okaa-san, may I go out with some friends for a few hours?"

Shiori thought about the request for a second. "As long as you are home for dinner, I think that I can let you go for a few hours."

Kurama smiled brightly and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek. "I will be back for dinner. Thank you Okaa-san." The red head walked out of the room, placed on his shoes and went out the door.

Once Dumbledore heard the soft click of the front door shutting close, he turned his gaze toward Kurama's mother. "I was afraid of this."

Shiori jumped slightly and began to nervously, dry wash her hands. "What were you afraid of, Headmaster?"

"I am sorry to say that your son shows no signs of magical energy." The old man's voice was grave. "I'm afraid that this makes everything more difficult."

"Please explain."

Dumbledore nodded, "I will explain, but first I wish to congratulate young Shuichi. You, my boy, have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding."

The young boy was stunned, though only for a moment, before a wide, silly grin broke out across his face. "Really, wow, this is… well… this is great!"

"What's great Shuichi?" A warm voice called out. A man walked through the front door and gave his family a happy greeting. It wasn't long until the man realized that he a guest. "Hello Headmaster, it's been a while."


"Kazuya!" Shuichi and Shiori greeted.

"Yes, it has been a while hasn't it? It's good to you again, Kazuya." Light, blue eyes sparkled with happiness as they greeted an old friend.

"Yes, it's good to see you again my old friend." Kazuya said as he took a seat next to his wife and son.

"Now that you have arrived Kazuya, I want to talk to you about the reasons that I am here. Firstly, your son here has been accepted into Hogwarts." Dumbledore watched as the father's filled with pride.

"That's great son!"

Shuichi smiled brightly again.

"The second reason why I am here," Dumbledore began, "it to offer both you and your wife teaching jobs at Hogwarts. Some of my other teachers have retired and I could think of no one better qualified for the jobs than you two."

"Professor, are you sure? I-I mean that this is so sudden and we haven't been to Hogwarts in years." Shiori started to ramble.

"Not to worry my dear, you two won't be the only new teachers this year." Dumbledore said in a calming voice.

"It's not just that that I am I worried about, Headmaster. What about Shuichi, not this one, but my older son? You said that he doesn't have any magical energy. You know as well as I do, more so in fact, that muggle born children aren't accepted by all the school. Do you know what could possibly happen to my son, if he were to be corned by one of the muggle hating students and have no magic to defend himself with?" Shiori once again began to dry wash her hands nervously.

Kazuya put an arm around his wife, to calm her. "My wife is right Headmaster. We have to discus this as a family. Would it be possible for us to think about your generous offer?"

"Of course, I will await your owl, but please have it in before July first. Oh and please do be careful, just the other day I tried to send you an owl and well," Dumbledore remembered the poor owl. It had returned to him with the undelivered letters and with its wings wrapped around its small body. The owl was slowly rocking back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth. "He was a little traumatized by what ever happened to him, so please be careful. Thank You for the tea Shiori, but I am afraid that I must return to Hogwarts, until we meet again my friends, good bye." With a quick bow and a parting wave, the old wizard disappeared with a slight pop.

The Hatanaka family waved to their friend and teacher.

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