Author's Note: Yet another dark little piece.

Disclaimer: All characters are own by Leroux.

He whimpered softly as they broke the kiss, hating the betrayal of his body as it demanded air. Panting slightly, his eyes glowed brightly in the candlelight.

"Erik," she whispered, eyes wide and frightful as the sounds of the approaching mob finally reached her ears. "They are coming to kill you!'

"You…You…You chose the scorpion." He murmured in pure disbelief. "You chose me." Reaching out he brushed his trembling fingers along her sweet lips.

She blushed gently under his soft caress. "Yes, my angel, I chose you. But we must go before they find us."

He sighed, leaning in once more to capture her lips, her warm skin a soothing balm against his ravaged face. "I…I…I kissed you," he stammered when they parted. "And you…you did not die!"

"Of course not," She soothed, sympathetic of his insecurity. Jumping at a sudden shout echoing across the lake, she gasped in renewed terror. "Please, we must leave now. They are nearly here.'

"My living bride" he cooed, as though oblivious to her fear. "Mine forever."

"Erik we have to hide." She begged desperately, ripping herself from his grasp. "I can not be a dead man's bride."

"But…but you promised." Frowning sadly, he reached out to her as a pair of tears escaped from his burning eyes. "You promised to be mine."

Evading him she shied away like a deer in flight. "Erik! Erik, we must run!" she cried out, her own tears of panic and dread staining her beautiful dress.

"You would run from me?" he sobbed, heartbroken. "You would turn away from your angel once more?" Lunging forward, he captured his Christine who fought against him as though a frightened butterfly, frantically beating her flimsy wings against him.

"You promised me!" he screamed in agony at her rejection and betrayal. The demons trapped within his mind hissing in anger, flooding his senses with hate, blood filling his vision. "You promised!"


"There you are, my dear," Erik whispered lovingly moments later as he carefully set his broken angel down and moved to sit next to her. Smoothing her tangled curls gently back from her peaceful face, he tenderly kissed her cool porcelain brow. "Our wedding guests will be here soon, and we must greet them properly."

He glanced up as the mob stormed through the portcullis. "My beautiful bride," he proudly whispered against her skin as her head hung limply against his shoulder. "Mine for ever and always."

Smiling contentedly as the first guests approached warily, he playfully nuzzled her lifeless shoulder. "And soon we will be together," he promised as the shots rang throughout the cavernous lair. "Forever and always."