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miruku ga arun?
(got milk?)

a 5 Minute Takari
by guardian forever
(aka Fujita Akiko)

TK took another drink of his milk.

"So, your saying that we find the……"

He was interrupted by a giggle from Kari.


"Here baby, let me fix that up for you.." She giggled again before leaning forward and grasping his head, one hand behind, one hand tilting his chin up

From TK's position it looked like she was going to kiss him, so naturally he shut his eyes expectantly.

Only to feel her tongue run over his top lip, gently lapping up the milk mustache he failed to notice. His eyes shot open in shock and his face turned red. To his credit he didn't pull back though.


"What?" She just sat back and smiled innocently and continued to study.

another short and fuffy peice (-)v promise my next story will be more substancial, but alas, it wont bea digimon story. Check back in about 6 months for my 'big' digimon work.. although it will not be fluffy...