TITLE: "Always and Forever"

CHARACTERS: Jack and Kate. (Most of the Castaways Mention or in Story)

RATED: T (language, some adult content)

EPISODES: This takes place after the castaways have been rescued.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of Lost's characters - they're the property of ABC and Touchstone Television.

Jack and Kate stood together on the dock of the rescue boat. Both amazed that this was happening. They had been rescued. After spending five years of their lives on the island they were going home. At least most of them were...

Jack looked down at Kate who was searching through her bag. Panicking she dumped the contents out onto the floor. She threw everything around, but she couldn't find Tom's plane. It had to be here. Where else could it be? Kate looked up...could it still be in her tent? She had to look. She ran off the boat, back onto the beach, and towards her camp. Jack called out after her, but she didn't care she had to find that plane. She finally reached her tent. Nothing was in there except a few blankets and rolled up shirt for a pillow. She threw apart the bed. Looking under everything...it was gone. How could have lost the plane? It meant everything to her. Suddenly someone behind her spoke.

"Hey Freckles," said an extremely amused voice behind her. "Whatcha looking for?"

Kate stood up to find Sawyer standing some five feet behind her. An odd smile across his face.

"How did you know I was looking for something, Sawyer?" asked Kate her temper rising quickly.

"Lucky guess, I suppose." He replied.

"Why aren't you on the rescue boat?" asked Kate walking towards him, hands bawling into fists by her side.

"I dunno," said Sawyer sitting down and crossing his legs in front of him. "I was thinking I would stay here and become king of this little island."

"Do you have my plane?" Kate asked, not replying to his statement.

"Do you mean this?" asked Sawyer reaching into his pocket and taking out a little 747-plane figure.

"You know damn well that's what I mean" Kate replied through gritted teeth. "Give it too me!"

"Well what's in it for me?" asked Sawyer his eyes flickering and the corners of his mouth turning up in an odd sort of smile. "Maybe another kiss would do..."

"Go to hell!" said Kate as she jumped forward to get the plane, landing on Sawyer who rolled out from under her as she hit him square across the jaw.

"Hey Freckles...are you feeling a little frisky?" He said rubbing his jaw. "I just didn't think you were the type to jump on people in the middle of an open area..."

"I wasn-" started Kate, but a voice behind her stopped her from speaking.

Both Kate and Sawyer turned around to see Jack standing there, walking towards them, looking angry.

"Hiya Doc", said Sawyer rolling his eyes at the same time. He was still lying on the sand Kate right next to him.

Jack didn't reply instead he went over to Kate and helped her up. Kate stood up and brushed the sand off her.

"Are you okay?" Jack asked Kate in a whisper.

"Hey, Doc, no need to whisper, okay." said Sawyer annoyed. "I wasn't going to hurt her...I wouldn't hurt a fly. Would I Freckles?"

Kate shifted her feet. She didn't reply. Instead she went and picked up her plane that Sawyer had dropped in their fight. Without looking at Sawyer or Jack, she made her way back to the boat.

Kate sat down on a bench on the deck of the plane. All the castaways had agreed that they were not to keen on the idea of flying in a plane so soon. Kate was glad for the boat ride. That meant it would take longer to get to shore. The more time she had to be free.

Kate looked around her...at all the people happy to be off the island. Across from her stood Charlie and Claire...and of course Aaron who was almost five years old. Charlie had asked Claire to marry him and they agreed to do it as soon as they got into Sydney. Sitting together at bow of the boat was Shannon and Sayid. Nobody was sure if they were together or not, but were never 15 feet away from each other. Jin and Sun had made up and were probably together somewhere, though Kate could not see them. As for the other castaways life had not changed much. Locke was in charge of an expedition on the island. He for some reason didn't want to leave and would be taking a plane back there as soon as possible.. Kate hadn't seen Sawyer get back on the boat and really didn't care anymore. She was sleepy...her vision was fading in and out. Kate closed her eyes...

What seemed like only ten minutes turned out to be five hours. Jin was shaking her. She opened her eyes slowly. The sun was setting...She looked up at Jin.

"You, okay?" asked Jin in his broken English.

"Yeah", replied Kate sitting up. Jin then handed her a plate of food. "Wow...pizza."

Jin smiled and walked away rejoining Sun on the other side of the boat. Kate picked up the piece of pizza and took a deep bite. She gagged on it. Coughing, she stood up. Suddenly there was a gentle pat on the back. She turned around to see Jack.

"You should eat slower." He said in his doctorish tone of voice. "You aren't used to this food. You must start slowly."

"Yeah" replied Kate. She put the pizza back on the tray and walked over to the edge of the boat.

"I'm scared Jack" she said in a soft voice as Jack walked over to her and put an arm around her.

"I know, Kate, you have told me before," said Jack. "But do you remember what I told you?"

"Yes. I remember."

"Then why are you still afraid?"


"Kate" said jack turning her around to face him. He looked into her eyes and saw fear. She was afraid. He would have to make her see." I promised you I would never let anything happen to you while we were on the island. And that doesn't stop that we are off of it..."

"But Jack" replied Kate. "I am going to jail. As soon as we step off this boat, I shall be taken away."

She put her head into Jack's chest. Jack looked down at her head. He gently put his finger under her chin. He slowly lifted her chin up and looked her straight into eyes.

"This is not the last time we will be together", Jack said matter-of-factly. "Yes you may end up in jail, but not forever. You did not commit the murder...you may have robbed the bank..." Kate smiled slightly and very innocently. "But we will be together. I will wait for you."

Kate smiled. Tears still rolling down her eyes. Jack wiped away her tears with his fingers and then placed his hands on the side of her face gently. He bent down and kissed her. Very softy...waiting for Kate to return the kiss. Kate pressed her lips against his and her body. Kate put his arms around her waist and Kate put hers around his neck.

The only sound that was made during the night was Hurley who mumbled. "Dudes, get a room" as he walked past Kate and Jack kissing.

Five hours later. They found themselves looking at a familiar site...Australia. Kate joined the rest of the castaways as they stood on the dock waiting to be back on the mainland. Jack came up behind her and slipped his hand into hers. As the boat hit the dock everyone cheered...everyone except Kate and Jack. Dozens of cameras began to click and television anchors began to talk loudly.

"Its amazing these people survived..."

"Lets see if we can talk to one of them..."

"That woman there had a baby on the island..."

"Look its Charlie from Driveshaft!"

Everyone began to climb out of the boat as Jack pulled Kate aside.

"There are cops over there." He said nodding to some men in standing over near a shop." And before they take you I just want you to know something."

Kate didn't reply instead she looked over at the cops. Suddenly Shannon came running up to her.

"Kate" she said quickly. "There are some men here looking for you...I think they want an interview or something. "

"Thanks, Shannon" replied Kate quietly and Shannon nodded and ran back over to Sayid.

"Kate" said Jack taking her hand. "I love you."

"I know," said Kate quickly. As she saw the cops coming towards her. "I have to go."

"You are not going to run," said Jack. "If you do, we will never be together."

The men were next to Kate now.

"Katherine Austin?" asked the taller of the two cops. Kate nodded slowly. "You are under arrest."

"I know," she said simply. "Just give me a moment...I won't run."

She looked back at Jack.

"Goodbye Jack." she said. She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you Kate," said Jack again. "Tell me you love me, Kate..."

"I can't" she replied tears beginning to run down her cheeks again.

Jack said nothing, but walked past her into the crowd of people. Kate turned back to the cops. One was taking out his handcuffs. But didn't have to time to place them on her...

Kate was running threw the people. "Jack" she called out. "JACK!" Jack turned around and Kate spotted him. She ran towards him slamming into his body and throwing her arms around his neck. "I love you Jack Shepard," she said. "always and forever".

To be continued...