Chapter 40: Epilogue

June 1st, 2030

This was Jack's idea mostly. I mean don't get me wrong, I love to write…obviously. But a journal kind of is not my thing. But this was a Christmas gift from Audrey and Gracie. I had put in my dresser and honestly…I forgot about it. But Jack found it the other day and told me it would be a good idea to right in it. He said so I can look back on it and remember the little details not just the big things. I think he is trying to say that I can have it for when we really get old and I can't remember a thing.

Well, I don't know where to start really. Audrey and Gracie graduated high school a week ago. It seems to crazy that they have already grown up and now they will be going off to college. Well, like Boone, Christian, and Hannah they will be going to the University and living at home. Secretly, I am very happy that they chose that.

Audrey looks like me, or that's what everyone says anyway, exactly like me according to Jack. I think she looks a little bit like me when I was on the island, except the dirty part. But she does have Jack's eyes… Gracie is quite shorter then the rest of the family. She barely reached five foot five. She is very slim though. Slim and short. She has long back hair that reaches her mid-back and bright almond shaped eyes. Audrey is always going on and on how much she wants Gracie's eyes.

Boone…where do I get started on him, he is still as crazy as ever. He and Christian built a house together. It is one huge house divided exactly in two that way they each have their own separate parts, but are still together. Typical twins. He is still at the fire department and Laura became an English Professor at the University. Jack and James are both 16 and have embraced their father's mischievous ways. They are almost worse then Boone and Christian. A couple years after the twins they had a daughter named Katelyn Natalie. She is the spitting image of Laura, and they have an eight-year-old son named Cameron. He is the exact opposite of his brothers…that is probably good for Laura and Boone's sanity.

Christian and Emma…well they didn't reach the goal of a dozen kids…not yet at least. They have eight little munchkins running around. Lucy is 18 and graduated with Gracie and Audrey this year. There twins, Genevieve and Amanda-Ashley were born a month premature, but were fine despite a few scares. Three years later came Aiden. And then the big surprise… the quadruplets: Ralph, Leo, Mikey, and Donny. Figure out where they got the names. :) Now can you imagine the size of the house that Christian and Boone built? Christian became a teacher as well and teaches 6th grade social studies, he is everyone's favorite teacher of course. Emma became a grief counselor and works at a free clinic in downtown Sydney.

Hannah finished her Medical School and now is working at the hospital, where we pretty much have our own floor now. She is a heart surgeon and becoming one of the finest in the country...which is not surprising. She has doctor genes running threw every inch of her. She is 4th generation doctor after all. Jake is still at the firehouse as well, he and Boone are still partners and since the collapse the warehouse, they have had no other major scares. As she had said from the very beginning, Hannah and Jake waited until she was down with medical school to have kids. She and Jake have two, Julianna and Jake Jr. They live on the other side of us, in there own house, no other siblings.

Matthew finished his education at Harvard and never left Boston. He works as a research scientist and has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize three times. He met a woman named Erin about ten years ago and they were married two years later. They have two kids also, Ethan and Jasmine. Matthew as you can imagine spends all his vacation time in Australia. Boone and Christian give him a hard time about living so far away, so just to annoy him they drop in on him at random times during the year.

As for Shannon and Sawyer, well they still live behind us and they still walk into the house without knocking, but would we ask them to stop? Nah, it keeps life interesting. Claire and David just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, even though we had always felt like sisters, we had acted just like teenagers when she told me the news. Hurley and Diana of course show up at random times, just like always. Sometimes we find them sleeping the guest room when we wake up in the morning because they arrived at an ungodly hour and they know what happens when you wake up Jack in the middle of the night, it's not pretty.

We lost Aunt Lorraine ten years ago after a bout with Leukemia. In the end she had chosen to stop her treatments at that time Jack and I flew to Los Angeles and brought her here to live with us until her time was over. My Dad and Kristin are still kicking it at their ripe old ages. My Dad is nearly ninety and Kristin's 87. They are still completely independent and don't look a day over 60.

Well as for Jack, and me we are definitely getting older, but hey, I am doing my best to embrace it. We aren't like the annoying kind of old people. Haha. We don't drive obnoxiously slow and we don't hit people with our canes (not that we even have those yet). Maybe the only thing that has changed is our looks, I'll admit that I've got some gray hairs and a few wrinkles, but my health has been never better, Jack's too. And that promise that he made me the night of Hannah's wedding…he has kept, there has never been a moment when I have doubted his feelings for me or the commitment he has to this marriage. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to me if I had not been on that plane and it scares me. I am so lucky that sometimes it seems like I am living in a dream. I have an amazing family, children and grandchildren. I have the most amazing friends who have been here since the beginning of this crazy adventure. And I have Jack, and I will have him always and forever.


Jack gave me these lyrics the other day. I'll keep them to here so they stay safe…

Always and forever
Each moment with you
Is just like a dream to me
That somehow came true, yeah
And I know tomorrow
We'll still be the same
'cause we got a life of love
That won't ever change and
Everyday love me your own special way
Melt all my heart away with a smile
Take time to tell me you really care
And we'll share tomorrow together Ooh baby,
I'll always love you forever (always forever love you) Ever, ever, ever
There'll always be sunshine
When I look at you
It's something I can't explain
Just the things that you do ooh babe

If you get lonely

Call me and take A second to give to me
That magic you make
And Everyday love me your own special way
Melt all my heart away with a smile
Take time to tell me you really care
And we'll share tomorrow together Ooh baby baby,
I'll always love you forever (always forever love you)
ooo babe
yeah babe, forever (always forever love you)
love you, love you, you
Always, Always
ever, ever, ever
Forever (always forever love you) and Always
Oooooo Aaaaaah Love you ever, ever, ever
and always now love you ever, ever, ever
Guess I'm the one who loves you
Always and forever
I love you

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