Author's Notes: A very short and rather dark one shot. Dedicated to my dear FJ.

Disclaimer: I belong to no one but the characters are already spoken for.

"Are you very tired, Christine?" he whispered gently, turning slightly to ghost kisses along her temple. The flickering candlelight glowed upon her pale skin, an angel in repose.

"Oh Erik," she cried softly, snuggling closer to his side as the last notes drifted away into the night. "That was beautiful."

"For you, my darling," he breathed, kissing away her tears, lingering on her pale lashes. "Always for you."

She sighed sweetly, her breath warm upon his shoulder. "My angel," she whispered affectionately as she entwined her soft fingers with his.

"Come," he murmured into her silken hair. "It is quite late." Rising gracefully he effortlessly captured her in his arms. She smiled warmly and wound her willowy arms about his neck.

"My knight in shining armor," she purred as he carried her to bed.

"My gentle lady," he reverently replied as he carefully laid her down amid the thick covers which protected her against the chill air of his lair. Tenderly brushing away the hair from her face, he pressed a velvet kiss to her forehead.

"I love you Erik," she promised as he tucked her in, her soft voice sending soothing warmth into his heart.

"And I love you, Christine," He sighed breathlessly, capturing her lips in a burning kiss.

Snuggling under the covers beside her, he smiled as she gazed adoringly at him, her clear blue eyes so innocent and trusting, so full of love for him alone.

She will always love me, he promised himself as he looked deeply into her blind eyes. I have made sure of that.