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Chapter 7 - Dreams

Aug 16, Early Morning...


Harry found himself walking through a deep, thick forest. There was nothing but trees tightly bunched together as far as the eye could see. Looking up was no different; the overhead canopy caused by the thick green forest blocked the vertical view even more then the trees blocked the horizontal. Harry didn't know what was going on or why he was even here, however, that didn't stop him from picking a direction to walk in.

After seemingly hours of walking he couldn't help but feel that something wasn't right. The answer came to him: there was no sound of wind, no birds singing, no insects to buzz in his ear, nothing. Almost immediately Harry turned to his left, hoping and dreading that he had heard something.

He called out, "H-Hello? Who's there?"


"Must be losing my mind. How did I get here?" he whispered, asking himself more then anyone else.

Looking down at himself he saw that he was no longer in his pajamas like he should be, but dark brown leather boots, tan trousers that fit well, a dark green shirt, and a long black cloak. His mind couldn't figure out what was going on.

He almost began walking again only to snap his gaze to the right. "Is there anything out here?" he called.


Wait. What was that? Listening closely, he could almost hear a voice, somewhat male. Harry, with no hesitation, started running in the direction that the sounds had come from. As he got closer to where the voice was coming from, Harry thought that just maybe he could make out what was being said, which only served to make him redouble his efforts to reach his destination. With renewed energy Harry pumped his legs for all he was worth, and it became apparent that the trees were thinning out just a little. So much so that he caught a glimpse of something shinny in the distance. It looked like...


The voice was getting louder, but still not enough for him to make out what was being said. It was almost as if something was getting in the way, blocking the sound from him.

Coming to a stop, Harry yelled out, "Who are you?" Then he put his hands on his knees for a moment to catch his breath and tried to get the rushing pounding of his heart to slow down. Listening intently, he could tell that if the source of the voice had heard him that it wasn't changing anything about what it was saying.

Exasperated, Harry yelled out, "I can't understand... I can't hear you!" Again nothing changed, but he did get the feeling that the answers would be there where the water was. Harry took a deep breath and once more started to run toward the sun drenched water.

Then without warning a spell was coming straight at him. On instinct, he dove to the right behind some bushes. Quickly Harry got to his feet but stayed low and started searching for his wand with his hands. Keeping a look out for who ever sent the curse at him, he saw...

Bellatrix and Sirius fighting it out, just like they did at the Ministry of Magic. Harry couldn't do anything, just stood and watched it play out like he had seen so many times in the shadows. Soon he began to shake, the guilt and fear were becoming too much. His breathing became labored, his heart pounded in his chest.

About the time that Bellatrix launched her last spell at Sirius, Harry dropped his wand, so paralyzed that he didn't even notice. Sirius landed on the ground, not moving, not breathing, dead.

Harry glanced over at Bellatrix, something was off.

But then, he noticed his godfather's head move to look at him and it asked, "Why did you kill me?"

Harry's tears covered his face as he trembled, the only thing he could think of was, "NNNOOOOOOOO!!" Long forgotten was the whisper in the wind.

(End Dream)

"NNNOOOOOOOO!!" Harry woke up, his heart pounding its way out of his chest. In a panic his eyes darted around the room, searching for the forest that he was just in. Even though he knew now that it was all a dream, Harry couldn't stop himself from hugging his knees to himself, then rocking and crying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

This continued, while deep in his own mind Harry tried desperately to calm himself down. Nothing worked, at least not until he accidentally turned his gaze to the desk. There, on its clean flat surface, the enchanted book lay. In a crazed rush Harry shot out of bed to get to the desk, grabbed the book, and then darted back to the safety of the covers.

Settled back down, Harry never noticed that his heart and breathing had returned to normal. He was merely intent on talking to 'her'. After opening to a clean page, he steadied himself and wrote, Please be there. I need you.

He started to worry when no response came, though logically he should have known that since he just now opened the book himself. There was no telling if she was even awake on the other side. Not knowing what to do, he simply stayed there and stared at the page. Waiting and hoping for the feelings shared over the connection to spring to life, he just then realized how much he liked and depended on those feelings. He always knew if she was being sincere, joking, or lying. Not that she had ever tried.


Somewhere far away from the troubled Harry Potter there lay a troubled woman. The very same woman that Harry was trying so desperately to get in touch with. She currently lay sleeping on her black silk sheets, though even in the comfortable bed she tossed and turned in her sleep. The scene would give someone the impression of a nightmare, which she had been having a lot of them lately.


She stood as still as she could. In this dark place bad things happened to those that moved too much; they all knew not to move. If they did then there 'Master' on the throne they all surrounded would surely punish them severely.

It felt like she had been standing there for an eternity, watching with a blank face while some Muggles were being tortured. Her mind wandered, almost like it was being gently guided away from the here and now. That wasn't good, she knew what could happen when you weren't paying enough attention. The last offender had been a week ago, and there wasn't enough of him to bury really.

Focusing once again on her surroundings she realized that she hadn't been caught. It wasn't long before she found herself once again drifting through her thoughts. This time, however, it took everything she had to regain her focus. Taking a deep breath she stared as hard as she could at what was happening behind her. She didn't relax for several minutes, and then only a little.

Then, almost painfully, her attention was wrenched from her control. She could swear that his voice had sounded in the air. Her vision blurred and her balance became non-existent as she dropped to the floor getting the room's attention. She regained some focus back and became instantly afraid as many were looking at her with disapproval.

That didn't last long though because at the edge of her consciousness she felt a powerful. At almost the same time Voldemort's Crucio hit her body, she was tumbling through the darkness toward a pleading voice crying, "I need you."

(End Dream)


She sat up so quickly that she almost tossed herself out of the bed. Even though she did manage to stay on the bed, her mad rush to get to the glowing notebook landed her on the floor. Rolling to her feet with the ease of a hunting cat, she made her way to her desk, retrieved the book, and went back to her bed.

Settled in once more, she opened the book and grabbed the pen. The force of emotion that rushed into her mind and heart almost shoved her back into unconsciousness. Painfully she managed to keep herself awake. Only with pure will power was she able to see what was written on the paper before her.

Please be there. I need you. She knew Harry's handwriting, but this was very different. It was hasty and scared beyond belief.

Her own swirling emotions threatened to overtake her, she could almost see him crying out for her. It nearly broke her heart. She struggled against herself, but she managed to write back, Harry, I am here. What's wrong? Are you hurt?

Fear and now relief flooded the connection, and she was grateful for the reprieve from his powerful emotions. Watching closely, she waited for Harry's answer.

It was hurried, so it was only half legible. You're there, good, I didn't know how long I would have to wait. pause I'm not hurt, just... I had a horrible dream. I was in a forest all alone, then I could hear this sound which later turned out to be a voice. A man's voice. I started to follow it to see where it was coming from and then, he stopped.

She could feel the pain and panic start to take over again, since it had been greatly reduced once Harry had described what his dream was about. In her own attempt to stop him from going back to that state of mind, she pushed all the caring and compassionate feelings in her toward him. It seemed to have the desired effect as his raging emotions settled down enough for her to center herself once more.

Then I jumped out of the way of a spell and when I looked around. I saw Bellatrix and Sirius fighting, just like at the Ministry. It was horrible. When he was just laying there he looked over at me and asked why I killed him. It wasn't my, again he trailed off.

At this point his guilt had built back up so strongly that even her caring emotions weren't doing much to help. Harry's words started to become distorted, she could only assume he was crying on the other end. As much as she would like to just put the pen down and cut the connect, it wasn't something she could consider, so with all the considerable will within her, she pushed her soothing emotions through the connection and hoped that somehow unconsciousness wouldn't come before Harry calmed down.

Almost as suddenly as she was being overwhelmed, the feelings switched directions completely. Now, all she felt from him was hope, a desperate hope, and it scared her. As she was about to ask what was going on, words started to appear on the page.

I need to meet you. Please. His desperation deepened when her refusal was felt across the link. I know you don't want to, but please, you don't have to show yourself. Harry was more than ready to beg if he had to.

And that is what broke her heart, it was too hard for her to sit here and feel what he was going through when all he wanted- no, needed- was to meet her. She lowered her head, because she just realized that she wouldn't be saying no, and very slowly she wrote: Okay, I will meet with you, but you have to promise me that you will let me keep my identity to myself. You have to understand that I am just not ready to face your punishment.

Harry couldn't believe that she had agreed to meet with him, it just didn't occur to him that she'd ever do it. His happiness flooded the link and he readily agreed to her condition. I promise I'll not ask.

Before we meet, we have to agree when and where. She had now resigned herself to this.

She could feel Harry's gratitude, and that made her smile. Harry was in a place right now where he would probably agree to anything she wanted. I have an idea of where we could meet. There is a park down the street. Hesitantly, he wrote. Is that okay with you?

She sighed and wrote back, Yes Harry, it is okay with me. However, we will have to meet in the night and only when I can get away. Which will give me a day or two to get ready. Deep down she hoped that he could deal with waiting a little while.

Knowing this, Harry finally smiled to himself. Yes, I can wait that long. And don't worry, I won't make you tell me anything you don't want to.

Thanks Harry. Then he felt her tense up and turn nervous. I have to go, a meeting is being called. I will write when I get back from it. Bye. She didn't really want to leave, but had no choice in it. She rose from her seat and left.

Harry couldn't help but smile as he closed the book and made his way down stairs. He walked into the kitchen expecting it to be empty, but Remus was already up and preparing to make breakfast. Harry stopped in his tracks, but managed to force his smile down when he saw that Remus was making food for the both of them. Harry said softly, "G'morning Remus."

Remus, who was thinking of a certain pink haired lady, made a startled jump and turned to face him, "Oh, good morning. Did you sleep well?"

Harry could tell that the older man was embarrassed from being caught off guard. He couldn't help but smile genuinely this time, Harry nodded, "I-I slept some."

"Good," Remus didn't miss the fact that Harry looked like the walking dead, but he seemed to be content about something. As before, Remus didn't want to push him into talking if he didn't want to. That was the same mistake all others seem to make when it came to Harry Potter. In fact, everyone seemed to really lose it with anything involving Harry Potter. Remus, however, wanted to try what he thought Sirius would have done in this situation: Let Harry know that he has someone to talk to and wait until Harry came to him.

"I am almost done cooking, why don't you have a seat?" Remus turned back to cooking and Harry sat at the table, waiting patiently.

While waiting Harry, drifted into his own thoughts, thinking about his 'friend', about the talks they had shared and the feelings they had exchanged. He didn't realize it but unknowingly, Harry had a very happy expression on his face.

It didn't take long for Remus to plate the food and turn to the table. When he did he found something odd. Harry's face was calm, tranquil even. Obviously he was thinking about something pleasant, or could it be someone? "Well, Harry, here we go."

The sound of Remus' voice broke Harry from his wondering thoughts. He blinked rapidly and blushed slightly, "Right." They ate in a companionable silence, both just enjoying the morning.

Remus asked suddenly, "So, Harry, did you find anything interesting yesterday during your tour?"

Harry thought for a minute. He didn't want to lie to Remus, he had been such a great help to him so far. However, he didn't want to tell him about the hidden stairs, "Yes, I did. I found a one way mirror in an office next to the sitting room."

Remus nodded, "That is one room I did have a look at once. It was used for the obvious 'spying' on guests when the host is out of the room. Useful, I guess." Remus lapsed once more into a deep thought, just like Harry.

Harry, wanting to break the quiet up a bit, smiled as he glanced over at Remus' smiling face, "So, when are you going to see her again?" It was a very innocent sounding question.

Fortunately, Remus didn't really catch on, not yet anyway, "I was going to see about lunch..." Then he kind of trailed off and looked over at Harry's innocent looking face. He knew that he had been had. Just like James and Sirius, he thought.

Harry just smiled at the older man, "I think I'll go look through the library. See what I can find in there."

Remus, having recovered a little, blushingly said, "You do that, but be careful. There are quite a few books in there that shouldn't be opened, but Dumbledore hasn't been able to figure out how to take them out." After a second of silence, "Are you going to be okay for lunch?"

Harry smiled and got up to leave, "Don't worry, I'll be fine. I have some books that I want to go through and I have a feeling that I need to prepare for the future." With that he walked out of the kitchen and made his way to the library.

Harry spent a few hours reading and then he spent the rest of the time meditating. He didn't know what time it was when he came out of his trance, but Remus popped his head in through the door and said, "Harry, I am on my way out for lunch." He wanted to ask the young man what he was doing, but thought better of it.

Harry smiled. "Have fun on your daate!" he teased, acting his true age for a change, maybe even a little more immaturely then that.

Remus rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything in response.

As Remus left, Harry took the opportunity to eat a small lunch and go up to his room. He found that the book's phoenix was glowing lightly. Harry couldn't keep the joy off his face, the smile was a dead give away, even if no one was there to see it. After settling down at the desk, he opened it up to see what she had to say.

Harry when you get this please write back. 10:13 a.m.

He got a bad feeling about this, but didn't want to get too worked up. Taking up the pen and knowing that she wasn't there, he wrote back, I am here. Is everything okay? Then he waited, hoping she wouldn't take too long. He then picked up his animagus book to read some more, while waiting.

After only half an hour Harry felt the empathic link kick up. He concentrated on the feelings he was getting, which made him concerned. Harry could tell that she was very anxious and that made him nervous.

Only a few seconds of waiting passed before her beautiful handwriting started to appear on the paper. Harry couldn't help but notice that it was hurried.

I am so glad that I caught you. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to write you before I have to leave. Her feelings were angry, sad, and depressed. I have to go out on a mission. It shouldn't be long. While I am gone you can get ready for that meeting you want. This Tuesday should do it.

Harry frowned at first, but then sighed in resignation to the fact that he could do nothing for her. That would be great. I pause wish I could help you. I don't like it that you have to, he stopped abruptly.

She smiled at the other end. I know Harry, but if I want to be able to give you the information you need and make up for the things I have done I have to do this.

He nodded to himself. Yes, I understand. I guess I will get in touch with you later.

Yes, Harry. Later. Then, with some effort she released the link and got ready for the mission.


Remus appeared in the same alley that he used every other time. He looked himself over self consciously to make sure that he at least looked presentable. A light blush came to his cheeks as it occurred to him that in all of his life he never really paid attention to how he looked and now he was doing it just for... I will think about that later.

Clearing his mind, Remus made his way up to Tonks' apartment. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door. It only took a few seconds for it to open, Tonks standing in the door way. Remus didn't know for sure, but he thought he saw her eyes light up a little when she looked at him.

She smiled at him, and said, "Well now Remus, to what do I owe this visit, hmm?"

He looked shyly at her for a moment, "I...Well, I just happened to be in the neighborhood and was wondering if you would like to have some lunch with me?" Remus schooled his face, as best he could anyway. He just hoped that she didn't see right through him.

She smiled a little more genuinely, though slyly, "In the neighborhood, huh?" She let him sweat for a bit before she nodded, "Let me get my shoes on and my hand bag. I'll be right out."

Remus only nodded. He couldn't believe what he was doing, but Sirius would have been proud.

A short time later, the clumsy and excitable Auror came out of her door. Starting to walk by, she glanced over her shoulder at him, "You comin' Wolfy?"

He blushed a little, but only nodded and walked after her. What have I gotten myself into?

After Lunch...

Harry felt like he was walking on air, he now had the chance to meet the woman with the beautiful handwriting. He was beside himself with joy. Later that day when he had finally finished reading the book on animagus transformations, he again attempted to meditate. It took almost fifteen minutes for him to center himself enough to actually do it.

Once Harry sank into his open mind, he started to float through memories and thoughts. The book said that this was normal and should be expected. The purpose of this exercise was to search your own consciousness for the animal that lived deep in your soul. An animal that reflected ones personality, at least that was the theory. Harry did as he read, but knew that it would take more time to accomplish the task of finding the creature. After some hours, his concentration was interrupted by a sharp tapping sound.

He blinked rapidly and looked around for the source of the sound. An owl at the window. Harry rose from his carpet and opened the window for the messenger to enter. The owl looked identical to the one that had delivered the magic book not so long ago. The bird hopped in and gazed at Harry, clearly waiting for him to get the note that it was carrying.

Harry liberated the very serious bird of its load and it quickly jumped from the window and flew away. He on the other hand went to his desk and opened the note...


You know that I'd usually tell you this using the book, but I won't have that much time. I'm leaving on that mission immediately and won't be back until it's complete. I promise I'll be back in time to meet you at the park, midnight Tuesday night.

That isn't all. I wanted to tell you that there'll be another attack two days from now, Diagon Alley, around noon. My 'master' wants to keep using the hit and run tactics like we did last time. Thankfully, I won't have to participate in it because of my current mission. Please, do what you can.

Also, if you haven't found the room you really should do so soon, that way you can practice some before school.

Your Servant

He read it twice more before he got up and walked through the house to find Remus, who was in the kitchen again working on dinner. The old wolf heard Harry enter and turned briefly to greet him, but froze stone still seeing the look on Harry's face. Remus frowned, "Harry, what's wrong?"

Harry's eyes seemed to glow with a low light. "I need to talk to you Moony. It's important."

Remus nodded, and turned the food down so it wouldn't burn. "Of course, let's sit."

The young man before him nodded and sat heavily down at the table. While Remus sat opposite him he asked, "So, what do you want to talk about Harry?"

"Can I talk to you without having to worry about Dumbledore hearing about it?"

The question was so serious that Remus just couldn't respond right away. I bet this has something to do with the warning he gave me last time. Sirius would want me to help him. With a deep felt conviction he said, "I will do everything I can to help you Harry. Albus will not hear a thing you tell me without your permission."

Harry looked down at the table and nodded thankfully, "Thanks." After taking a large, steady breath, "In two days there will be another attack, this time on Diagon Alley. It will occur some time around noon, during the lunch rush. It will not take long, as the Death Eaters will go in, kill as many as possible, then retreat fast. Please, help me stop it?!"

Remus was taken aback at Harry's desperate plea. Something was going on, but he wasn't sure that he wanted to know. Then again, that wouldn't make him a very good friend, or guardian. "Harry, you have to realize that even though I don't know what is going on. I trust you. That means I will help you with anything you choose to let me help you with. Okay?" Remus watched as Harry's desperation faded and determination filled its place.

Then he continued, "Now, are you absolutely sure that there will be an attack when you say?"

"I have no doubt." Harry's voice was so certain that even Remus felt no doubt.

"Alright Harry, I won't ask how you know this 'til you are ready to tell me. But, I need to know how you want me to do this. Do I tell the Headmaster or try another way?"

"I trust your judgment Moony, though I would be hesitant to go to the Professor again. He failed last time." Harry said this last part with half veiled disgust.

Remus was, surprisingly, also feeling the same way. Both fell into a deep silence, thinking of what was making them each feel the way they did. I don't want to think it, but maybe I can't go to Albus with this. I mean, I don't know what happened. However, Harry doesn't seem to want him involved, so what do I do?

As these thoughts were going through Remus' mind, similar ones were going through Harry's. Damn you Professor! I know somehow that the last attack wasn't stopped because of something you did. Or didn't do. I WILL NOT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT! But, what do I do? What can I do? I'm just... just Harry.

Even with all these things going through their heads, each came to the same end. Almost thinking it at the same time, Sirius would want me to help.

Remus looked over at Harry when the younger man looked over at him as well. "Harry, I think I know what to do. Let me take care of this. Trust me?"

Harry stared at Remus in the eyes, the other man had to admit it was a bit unnerving, it was one hell of a stare. He finally nodded, "Okay."

After that they moved onto other topics and ate dinner, though each of them were deep into their own private thoughts. Dinner was finished and Harry went to the library, he wanted to look for some books on shielding his mind. He didn't want the headmaster or Snape to find out what he had been doing. This was war and he needed to be prepared, that's why before he went to bed, Harry promised himself that he would try to get down to the secret room again the next day.

Harry didn't find anything about Occlumency by the time he got too sleepy to keep looking. "I give up." he muttered. With that he walked up to his room and climbed into bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

Remus was different; he went upstairs directly after dinner. Contemplating just what to do, he knew he couldn't do this alone. He would have to trust someone with the information. So, he carefully wrote a letter.


Remember that thing you helped me with? Well, something has come up and I believe that you are the only person I can come to for help. I need to know that I can trust you, because the Headmaster is not to know anything about this. If you can help me then meet me for lunch at the same place tomorrow that we went to today. I will be waiting.

If you don't think you are willing to help, then burn this letter and we can forget about this. I hope to see you there.


He read it just to make sure it was the way he wanted it and then sent it off with Hedwig, who was absolutely loving her new home at the top of the house. Once he got back to bed, sleep eluded him for some time. He knew he was doing the right thing, but at what cost?

The next evening... Aug 17

Harry had been trying all day to either find his animal form or work on shielding his mind, neither of which were working very well. He didn't mind too much, since he was preoccupied. All day he had been avoiding the one thing he knew he should do: listening to the smart woman on the other side of the book and practicing in that room. Okay, I can do this.

After making his way to the closet Harry went to the hidden door and opened it. Taking many deep breaths he made his way down the stairs with a flashlight in hand. As he got closer to the door the same three figures on the door became alive again, the rat remaining dormant. They seemed to move toward him, as if they were coming closer to him. Taking another deep, steading breath, Harry walked closer and stopped in front of it. Thoughts of Sirius instantly came to mind when the black dog on the door began to try and sniff at him, just like the other figures were. He slowly offered his hand to the figures, whom seemed to test Harry's scent.

Harry jerked his hand back when the figures all reared up as if to strike at him, but instead began to run around the door as if... They are happy. He knew then that the door recognized him and that Sirius, Remus, and his father's images were happy to have him find this door. He watched as the images made there merry way around the door until they came to the right side. That is where they came together and, with a flash, a handle appeared.

Harry smiled sadly, but quickly brought up thoughts and feelings of the woman in the book and the promise that he had made to her. After grasping the knob he gave it a twist and pulled gently. Slowly, the door opened...

As the door creaked to a halt, a few torches along the walls flared to life, which made Harry startle just slightly. The sight that met his eyes astonished him out of that feeling. As he stepped slowly through into one corner of the the room, Harry looked around in wonder. This hidden room was large and dark, but not sinister. In the middle of the room, sunken three feet into the floor, was a dueling arena with several practice dummies. The corner to his left was taken up by a fireplace along with a large comfortable looking chair before it. Over its mantle hung a portrait, which almost brought tears to his eyes, young James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. Though, to Harry's satisfaction, Wormtail's body was distorted and faded, as if his betrayal had removed him from the scene.

Across the lowered arena, in the far corner, stood a few book shelves. Most of the shelves had many old books on them. Harry almost couldn't wait to see what he could learn from their contents. In the third and last corner, was a Muggle motor bike, along with a work table with slightly rusted tools on top. Harry couldn't help but smile at that and think of all the hours of fun Sirius had working on the bike. This was perhaps the first time in a while that Harry had thought of him and not broken down crying.

Quickly chasing those thoughts away, he looked down at his watch to find that he had been down there for almost half an hour. Meaning, it would be dinner time about now. So, he took one last look at the room, turned and started up the stairs. The door slowly creaked closed behind him. He didn't even notice the shadows moving around him, all he thought about was how he couldn't wait to tell her that he finally gotten into the room.

The next day at noon...Diagon Alley...Aug 18

Everyone in Diagon Alley was just going about their business like always. All the shops had students running from store to store getting school supplies. An old woman with long gray hair sat drinking a cup of tea, just enjoying the day. She loved watching the children getting ready for school as she used to.

Taking a sip, she was thrown out of her chair onto the ground by a powerful explosion. She groaned as she sat up and looked around in horror. There was a burning building right next to the tea shop and several burning bodies lying there, most likely dead. Quickly she stood with speed that belonged to a younger woman, reached into her pocket and disappeared with not a sound.

The old woman reappeared in the designated spot in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and made her way to Director Bones' office. As she moved her face changed slowly as well as the rest of her. By the time she got to the door, Nymphadora Tonks had taken the old womans place. Not bothering to knock, she opened the door quickly and stepped in.

"What's going on Auror Tonks?" Amelia asked angrily. She didn't like it when someone just barged in of her like that.

Taking deep breaths, she hurriedly said, "Diagon Alley is under attack by Death Eaters."

That was all she had to say, Amelia was up and out of her chair and in her element. In less then a minute, she had dispatched two squads of Aurors with orders to proceed to the Alley.

Half of the Aurors arrived at the Leaky Cauldron side of the Alley, while the other half appeared at the Gringotts side. They further split in half so that some Aurors were close to each side of the street for cover. Then they moved toward the center of Diagon Alley at the same time. The raid didn't last long after that, four Death Eaters had been stunned before the others became aware that they were no longer alone in the alley.

The leader apparently noticed and yelled, "AURORS! PORTKEY NOW!"

And with that all Death Eaters left as quickly as possible, which pissed Tonks off something fierce, "DAMN IT!"

One of the other Aurors smiled at her, "Cool it Tonks, we got four of them. And stopped them from doing more damage."

Tonks took a deep breath to calm herself and nodded, "I guess that's something."

From the Gringotts side, Amelia walked over, "Alright everyone, you know what to do. You three start getting statements and the rest of you secure the area. Make sure we don't have any stragglers." Her commands were followed to the letter, which pleased her, but she was curious about something. "Auror Tonks, how did you know what was going on?"

Tonks went over to her, "Director, I was actually drinking a cup of tea at the time. When it started, I activated my Auror Portkey to get to the Ministry. Then I went to your office and you know the rest."

"Alright then, good work. Here, take these portkeys and tag the prisoners to be transported to the Ministry holding cells."

"Right away, Director." Tonks took the portkeys and did as she was told, happy that the attack was stopped before it could get too dangerous. Not only that, but we got four prisoners. Remus will be glad... Why do I keep thinking of him?

A moment later she vanished with the prisoners.

Later that evening...

Harry was kind of nervous, most of the evening his scar had been hurting him a little. Nothing to get into a twist about, more like a dull ache than a sharp pain. Just with that alone though, there was no way to tell if Voldemort was happy or angry. That, of course, was not what was on his mind. He couldn't help but feel anxious about if the attack was stopped or if he would have to carry around more blood on his hands.

Remus was also thinking about the very same thing. Tonks still hadn't contacted him yet. He hoped that she was alright and that the reason for the silence was paperwork or something like that.

In the mean time, he finished up supper and was about to call out for Harry when he heard the fireplace flare. He knew that no one outside the Order could come here so he wasn't worried, but that didn't stop him from taking out his wand. He started toward the parlor when he heard and felt a thunk, then a girlish yelp. Smiling to himself, Remus shook his head, Tonks.

Said female was exiting the parlor at the same time he got to the door. She looked up at him in surprise, then narrowed her eyes at him seeing the amusement on Remus' face. He was about to say something when he got a warning look. She ground out, "Stow it you. I don't want to hear it right now." Then her expression changed to one of happiness, "Well, I smell food and I have news. So, get a move on. I'm hungry." Her stern yet playful glare got him moving.

As she passed him to go to the kitchen, he couldn't help but think that he had gotten in over his head with this girl. With a sigh, he looked up the stairs and called out, "Harry, foods ready."

"Coming," was the only answer Remus got back.

When Harry got to the kitchen he froze for just a second, he didn't know that Tonks would be here.

"Wotcher Harry," she said with her usual enthusiasm.

Harry smiled and went to his place at the table, "Hi Tonks." Giving a nod to the elder man.

After they each got some food, Harry casually asked, "So, Tonks, how was your day?"

She took a few bites from her plate then answered, "It was okay. Except for Death Eaters attacking Diagon today."

Harry stopped then looked at her, worry apparent on his face, she quickly put in, "Oh, don't worry. They didn't do too much. No one dead, just some injures and property damage. The Aurors stopped them." With that she looked at Remus in the eyes to make sure he knew that his warning had been right and that they were successful in stopping it. That means that she missed the relieved and grateful look on Harry's face.

The rest of the night went off without any hitches. They talked, joked, and in general became better friends. Harry retreated before too long, saying, "Well, I'm going to bed then. Don't stay up too late now." That last part being called back over his shoulder as he made it half way up the stairs.

Remus just blinked a few times, so did Tonks, but then together they laughed to themselves. Both glad that Harry had as least felt good enough to make jokes like that.

Harry ran into his room and immediately jumped onto the bed. On his back he looked up at the ceiling and smiled, "I am glad no one died. I hope you would be proud of me Sirius." This was one of the first times his godfather's name was spoken by him in a long time.

Unfortunately, in the dark places in his room, shadows shifted, and moved the way they had for him these last months. With the powerful guilt pushing down on him, Harry closed his eyes, but quickly opened them again. Shaking slightly, he gulped and lay there in the light. The images in the shadows now appeared even when not in the dark.

Harry stayed awake for some time waiting for sleep to take him, but as he closed his eyes, the images and voices came to him, Sirius' voice, "Why did you..."

Two days later... Aug 20...

His body was filled with anticipation and excitement. If all went well, Harry would get to meet with the mysterious lady on the other side of the book. He almost couldn't wait, every second of the day seemed to crawl by, taking its sweet time.

However, Harry tried to keep himself busy, going through the small library down the secret door. He was actually having a nice time separating all the books into different categories. One shelf for the more offensive books, one for the defensive books, one for the Dark Arts, and one shelf for the books he didn't have a clue about. Which means that unlike the others, Harry opened it up and either didn't know what it was talking about or didn't know really how to read it.

And all of this was done after he saw Remus off to go on a date with Tonks. 'A real date,' as Harry called it, but Remus denied it adamantly. Remus said that he would be back late and that Harry shouldn't stay up too late, to which Harry just looked at him with familiar innocent eyes. The old wolf quickly looked away and wished the young boy... man a good night.

When Harry finished sorting through the books he was pleasantly surprised to find that it was about one and a half hours from midnight. If he wanted to be on time, he had to get going. So with that in mind Harry dressed in dark, warm clothes and wrote in the book.

I am on my way.

Wearing his fathers invisibility cloak he made his way out the back of the house and over into the alley. Slowly he got closer to his destination and he was getting nervous, for a moment he couldn't remember the last time he felt this good. His nerves only grew as he got to the park. Looking around he could see that no one else was around, and there was still fifteen minutes until the appointed time.

So there he waited; tick, tock, tick, tock.

Then the time arrived and in the distance he heard the ringing of a old church bell. He looked around quickly, almost thinking that she wasn't going to show, worry and sadness started to engulf his mind. Right there, on the other side of the park, a figure moved from shadow to shadow, making it's way toward him. The closer the person got the faster Harry could feel his heart hammer in his chest.

Then he heard it, the sweetest sound ever, she spoke, "Harry, are you here?"

At the same time as the voice reached his ears, Harry began to step out of his hiding place. It was almost as if he couldn't control his body. When he got himself back under control Harry noticed that they were standing just a few feet from each other. They gazed at one another for what felt like an eternity, each memorizing the other's face.

They whispered at the same time, "Hi." They almost had the very same thoughts, Couldn't I have come up with something more original?

The woman that Harry has dreamed about sense his birthday was standing in front of him, not ten feet away. She stood a little taller then him with fair skin, shoulder length dirty blond hair, and pretty honey brown eyes. She appeared to be in her late twenties, or at least her early thirties.

With a light blush on each of their cheeks, each waited for the other to say the first word. After a few embarrassing and failed attempts at starting at the same time as the other, Harry opened his mouth to say something, but the woman cut him off as she slowly took out her wand and ran it over her palm. Once it started to bleed Harry stepped forward to help her, even if he was confused as to why she was doing it.

"Please wait," Harry stopped, "I have to do this."

She knelt down in front of him, "Ego voveo ut ego mos nunquam recubo ut differo Potter in poena of poena." A light glow surrounded her body.

She smeared her blood over her wand and raised her voice, "Ego voveo ut ego mos nunquam vendo differo Potter in poena of nex." The glow became brighter and then she looked at Harry and asked, "Please, accept the vow I have given you?"

Harry was confused and a little scared, "What have you done?" He thought he had a good idea of what she did, he just hoped he was wrong.

She sighed with some difficulty, "I have done an ancient spell that binds my word. I have promised to not lie to you and to never betray you. Please, accept the vow?" The strain of the magic was getting to her.

Harry couldn't help but get angry, "Why would you DO something like this?"

"I did it so that you knew you could depend on me and so that you... knew that I was being truthful." She was starting to get weak.

In his anger he didn't notice the weakness, "But I already knew that I could trust you. How do I stop this... this... what ever you did?!"

She smiled at him, "I'm sorry Harry, but there isn't a way to stop it. Once this is started there are only two outcomes, acceptance and... Well, I don't want to think about the other way out of this."

Growling in frustration, "Fine. How do I accept this vow?"

"You must join your blood with mine... cut your palm and take my hand. Then... you must say... 'Ego differo Potter recipero is voveo in phasmatis is eram donatus. Per pectus pectoris quod animus.'" She couldn't help the smile that pulled at her lips at Harry's confused look. "I know it seems like a lot but it really is... simple."

Harry gulped and asked, "But, I am under age, do I need to use my wand?" In which she shook her head no.

Harry nodded with determination and reached into his cloak to pull out the dagger he found inside the hidden room. It had been on a small table next to the fireplace, and it was still as beautiful and sharp as if it were new. Drawing the blade slowly out he took a deep breath, then quickly made a small cut on his left palm. Wincing from the pain, Harry glanced down at the blood and a strange little smile appeared on his lips.

That's when Harry discovered something he would one day regret, pain felt pretty good.

The weakening woman didn't notice his face, and her quick intake of breath brought him out of his pain filled world. "You must take my hand to seal the vow."

Harry nodded and quickly stepped closely to her, he reached out and did as he was instructed. A tingling sensation replaced the pain in his hand and a bright glow covered their bodies, only to disappear moments later. The womans breathing started to slow down, he looked at her to see if she was alright when he took his hand out of hers.

Wow. Harry noticed that her cut was completely healed leaving no mark behind. Then looking down at his own hand he saw the same thing. No cut, no mark.

The woman took a deep breath and bowed shortly before Harry, "Thank you for accepting me my lord. You will not regret it."

The horrified look on Harry's face may have been funny in another situation, but this was not one of them. "WHAT?! Don't call me that! How could you do this to me?" His vehement cry made her snap her head up to look at him. What he saw was enough to stop his anger dead in its tracks: tears.

She silently cried at his furious expression, "I'm sorry. I just wanted to reassure you that I could be trusted to help you in all ways possible. Please, forgive me."

Harry quickly knelt down with her and awkwardly put his hands on her shoulders, "Look at me." I didn't mean to make it sound so commanding. "I would have trusted you without the magic vow. I-I just don't like the idea of..."

She smiled a little at his discomfort, "At the idea of you ordering me around?" Oh, Harry, why do you have to be so nice to me? I don't deserve it.

Harry gulped and nodded, "Yeah."

She got up slowly, pulling Harry with her to the standing position. Harry noticed how nervous she was and asked, "A-Are you alright?"

She smiled reassuringly, "Yes Harry. I just have to ask one thing of you now that we have met."

When he nodded, she continued, "Not to tell anyone."

"I wouldn't dream of telling anyone, I don't want anything to happen to you." Harry blushed a little after saying that, he didn't mean to sound like such a love-struck boy.

She just smiled at him, Why does he have to be so caring? She was going to say something, but Harry got there first, "So, exactly what am I supposed to call you? I know you don't want me to ask your real name and for now that's fine, but I need something to call you."

She smiled sweetly at him, then stepped right up to him and placed a hand softly on his shoulder. She could feel him tremble against her hand, "I have always been fond of the name Ellan."

Harry was red, no getting around that, but he nodded and stepped back a little, "Ellan, I like it."

Ellan backed off, giving him a little room, "Well, now that you have me here, and I am bound to be loyal, what do you want to do?" She couldn't help but pick at him some, it was just too fun.

Harry gave her a smirk, "Well, if you must know, I want you to help me prepare for Voldemort." He stopped for a moment when she looked a little fearful. Taking a big breath, "I need you... I need you to help me learn about the Dark Arts, so that I will know what I am up against."

She closed her eyes, not believing what he was asking her to do. No, please not this. I don't want him to lose himself to the dark. Even if she didn't want to, Ellan did have the feeling that he wasn't going to lose himself to it. I will make sure of it. Looking right into his eyes, the determination was there and she knew at that moment that he wouldn't back down. "I know that you have to fight that thing one day, so in order for you to know what you are up against," She sighed, continuing reluctantly, "I will teach you. Now, you do realize you will also be learning to actually use the Dark Arts as well. If you have a good knowledge of the feel of them, you will have a better chance against them."

Harry gulped. He didn't know how he felt about casting the spells, but he had figured that at some time he would have to learn. So, in order to take control of his life and end the life of Voldemort, Harry nodded, "I will do what ever you ask. Teach me."


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