Digimon: Digital Monsters
Divergeance Factor
Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, as always.

Plot: Yes, Steeldramon21 has returned at long last to Digimon! I won't spoil the plot here but the couples, as usual, are Taiora with several others thrown in.


It was never a problem pinpointing the very moment when it all went so horribly wrong. Standing here, at the foot of Infinity Mountain where their adventures began so long ago, pulled so many lost memories back from the pages of time. He longed for those simplistic days again, to lead the team as he once did instead of hiding here like a recluse. Yet for Taichi Kamiya, there was no other choice.

He had to bear both physical and psychological pain over they years. As the leader of the DigiDestined, he had no choice but to endure this silently, to bury it lest his team lose their faith in him. With Agumon by his side, the pain was dulled over time but never truly ceased. However, this time the pain was too much to bear in silence. He had to get away from them, from her, if only for a short while.

Taichi had met only a few women in his lifetime. Yet none of them could ever stir his soul like Sora Takenouchi. She was known throughout the Digital World as the Chosen Child of Love. She embodied the best traits of humanity, her gentle nature only enhanced by her natural beauty as a woman. She was an angel sent on wings of fiery amber, a copper-haired goddess sent to cleanse mankind of its hatred. Taichi had always considered her his closest friend, sharing a variety of different experiences with her as a child. Yet now, in his self-imposed exile, he wished to the heavens and Hell that he could banish her memory from his mind.

It never was clear in Taichi's mind when he realized how much he was in love with her. Yet it was a love denied several years before, the day that he and the older DigiDestined spent Christmas with their Digimon in the real world. He had planned to ask Sora to go to a concert with him that evening, not knowing that she had already had her ambitions set on something else. She looked almost ethereal that day, her hair cascading down her shoulders and shining with the light of the afternoon sun. In her hands was a carefully-wrapped gift box, a delicious smell lightly filling the winter air. Something in Taichi's mind told him to expect the worst. Nevertheless, he drew upon the strength of his long-forgotten Crest of Courage and prepared to ask the burning question:

"So Sora, are you going to the concert with anyone? Not that it matters. I was just wondering..."

"Acutally, I wanted to wait and see if Matt was free afterwards."

Taichi's eyes glanced to the ground as he reflected on those innocent-sounding words. He could remember the contented look on Sora's face when she began dating Yamato Ishida. The blond-haired Chosen Child of Friendship was his one-time rival and sole equal among the DigiDestined, sometimes preferring to do things solo rather than rely on his friends. Over the last few years, Yamato finally understood what his crest truly meant and aided the current DigiDestined whenever he could. He was a good friend, Taichi admitted. He had no reason to hate either him or Sora for loving each other. Yet neither of them knew the personal hell the one-time leader had cast himself into.

He glanced upward at the storm clouds approaching, smiling sadly to himself. The weather in the Digital World was merely another symptom of a new problem since the remaining portals were sealed by Azulongmon. After the incidents with MaloMyotismon and Armangemon, Taichi and the others were called to the Digital World once more by the Digital God. He told Taichi that someday a Digimon will come that WarGreymon will be needed to defeat. The power to digivolve to Mega, a gift that he recieved to battle BlackWarGreymon, would never leave him eventually but he still had a choice to make. For him to keep the power and battle the unknown evil would mean sacrificing any chance of a future with any of the DigiDestined women. Taichi glanced towards Sora and Matt as he weighted his odds, seeing them with a look of guilt as they separated their hands from each other. He would never deny his friends and teammates the happiness they deserved. That would be selfish, a trait he never wanted or even considered. The conclusion he reached was also the beginning of his personal banishment into the Digital World:

"I'll keep this power."

Taichi had changed since then, his attitude becoming brooding and more serious rather than his familiar mask of optimism. His pain was now a private one, something he couldn't even share with his baby sister, Hikari. She too was cast into a decision she had no choice in making, not to be with either one of the boys she cared for. Her crest of Light, the most powerful crest ever made, forced her to deny her feelings for both Takeru and Daisuke. Taichi wanted to comfort his sister, feeling her pain mirroring his own hellish torment, but denied himself even that. There was no time for personal lament, not when an unknown threat loomed closer and closer.

Agumon stood beside his partner, sensing that a powerful presense was coming. It felt familiar yet intangiable, as if he had faced it before but forgotten about it. He too had changed, preferring to remain at Taichi's side rather than be with the other Digimon. The orange dinosaur-like creature felt his partner's inner pain at times, part of it reflected within him as well, and also withdrew within himself.

"Tai, something's coming." Agumon said to his spikey-haired partner and friend. "Do you think it's what Azulongmon was so worried about?"

"Maybe." Taichi answered, also sensing a feeling of deja vu. Whatever it was, it seemed so familiar yet unreal at the same time. "We need to stay on our guard, Agumon, and be ready for anything." With that, he drew a pair of black-rimmed goggles out of his pocket, feeling the elastic press into his skin as it slipped onto his head. Taichi glanced once more to the darkening sky, smiling bitterly at his looming fate as he prepared to leave the mountain that held so many memories.