Starship Troopers: Crack in the System

Disclaimer: I do not own the movie Starship Troopers… and I don't want to own it, rights nor a copy. The plot was shaky, the acting wooden and the premise utter shite. But it got me to think: how did a bunch of militaristic meatheads like the 'veterans' gain control of the entire planet, and why are there hoards of large insects on a planet apparently devoid of life? This is my theory, I hope you like it.

Late 23rd Century, Klendathu

The tunnels were dark. That could be seen as the natural order of things, lack of sunlight and all. Giant insectoid warriors meandered in rough file through the larger halls while small workers crawled through tight tunnels tending to the workings of the hive. Having gotten this far, a member of the mobile infantry would be most likely being taken to a brain bug to have his brain sucked out or be dead, food for the warriors. Going further into the tunnels, a friendly would begin to find things not typical of an insect colony.

First off, there were strings of lighting fixtures running along tunnels with level floors, fixtures that looked strangely mechanical. Secondly were the humanoids rushing through these corridors carrying racks of small serum vials, each filled with genetic material for creating ever stronger and faster assault insects than the last batch did. These were the Klendathi, a people who had once basked in the wealth and splendour of being the sovereigns of 5000 worlds, and a population of over ten trillion citizens. They had also had strong ties with Earth, back when its strong democratic tradition was still upheld by all people of eligible age.

The main reason they were here, however, was not to invade anyone. This planet had once been their home, a world of lush plant and animal life with myriad diversity… before the Big Boil, a thermal cascade that had scorched everything down to the bedrock and had boiled the entire water table. Terraforming and repopulation were the order of the day, but someone always had to crash the party: in this case Earths new regime. They had caused the Big Boil, and had recently fielded hundreds of thousands of poorly equipped troops onto the planets surface to meet the insectoid defenders of the colonies in open war… an incredibly one sided conflict if there ever was one.

The point was that these humans were clearly not the individualistic bull-headed free spirits that the Klendathi had learned to love in their 120-year relationship. They had become almost as mindless and quick to fight as the insects their former allies genetically engineered. And much deeper in, two surgeons had just cracked the code of this strange behaviour.

"Well I'll be damned. The Colonel was right!" Said the middle-aged female as she beheld what lay in the surgical tray. It appeared to be a small square of silicon and not much else. "This explains how they were able to break the sprits of all the men and women that they're throwing to the insectoid masses. What about her?" The male, apparently in his mid twenties, motioned his head to indicate the female human with the shaved head and surgical scar along the side of her head who was unconscious in the surgical chair.

"The colonel said he wants to get her on the up and up once she's awake. After that… well, its up to her really." The female replied as she updated the patients' chart. "Why did he insist on faking this ones death? She doesn't seem very spectacular."

"He said something about her having 'spirit' or something. I think he watched too many DreamWorks ™ films as a kid… not a bad thing though." He added hurridly.

And if the observer had been able to read Klendathi, he would have noticed the name of the patient: Drina "Dizzy" Flores.

Drina in Spanish means "Helper and Defender of mankind" so it makes sense… sort of.