Postcard From California

Disclaimer: Don't own anything.

Rating: T

Pairing: Lucas/Peyton

Post-Season 2 Finale

Song: Tori Amos "A sorta fairytale"

On my way up north
up on the Ventura
I pulled back the hood
and I was talking to you

Peyton twisted the dark pink comforter between her fingers, exuding tension through her pores. He watched her mutely, not daring to break the somewhat deafening silence that settled thickly upon the room. She looked stunning in that certain Peyton way, which made boys think she didn't really try at all. Yet he knew that she really didn't care much for physical appearance and perhaps that's what attracted so many to her. The quiet beauty, cerulean eyes, and shy demeanor that once you got to know her expanded into something more; these all played factors in their current position.

He didn't remember or more correctly didn't want to remember how they ended up her on this Sunday morning-a few hours shy of picking up Brooke from the airport-wrapped up in the intruding sunshine spying on them from her west window.

"What are you thinking about Luke?" Her smooth voice penetrated his thoughts with utter welcome. He turned over on his side, admiring the affect gravity had on his counterpart. Peyton rolled her eyes at the direction of his gaze and stopped fiddling with the duvet.

"We have to pick Brooke up in like an hour and a half. Do you think we have time to confess our sins?" He asked dryly.

"Too many sins, too little time." Peyton let out a heavy sigh, symbol for the general mood of the sunny morning.

And I knew then it would be
a life long thing
but I didn't know that we
we could break a silver lining

"Too true Peyt." He reached out, suddenly gaining the courage to touch her soft skin again, a flashback of the night before ran through his mind like a kaleidoscope. Lucas shut his eyes for a moment, before laying a gentle kiss on Peyton's forehead.

She curled up next to him, desperate for the warmth he had to offer, even though the sun shone directly at her. It was absolutely terrifying how quickly they could switch from fear of one another to complete need for one another. She looked up at him, and this time Lucas couldn't resist the taste of her lips, and dove for a wet kiss. Peyton reciprocated against her will, almost thirsting for redemption that she knew she didn't deserve.

They pulled apart for a moment, simply to access the damage of their situation, but quickly forgetting the consequences as their naked torsos came into contact with each other. Passion ignited by two sparks that had yet to burn out, and neither minded, at least for the moment, the adultery they were committing.

She-cheating on her best friend. He-cheating on the love of his life.

And I'm so sad
like a good book
I can't put this day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

For a second time, their eyes connected with an intense union neither experienced before, not even in their previous lovemaking. Both realized it had been the understanding that they had overstepped the boundaries silently set to test them the first day they ever met.

Peyton ran a reluctant hand through his hair, admiring the soft curls that weren't hers to touch and Lucas quickly grabbed her wrists, drawing soft patterns on her arm, as if silently reassuring her that this wasn't the worst possible thing she could do to her absent best friend at the moment. Even though they both knew she couldn't have done anything worse.

"I'm horrible." She whispered almost inaudibly, but Lucas refused to let her take responsibility for his lust.

"No, you're just a victim of my spontaneity." He replied, though she had not been awaiting that answer, he was sure of it.

"It takes two to tango Lucas." Lucas looked at her intently, trying to surmise any sort of emotion on her perfect face.

"Peyt-…" But she was too quick and too realistic to want to hear his words. She silenced him with a kiss and then looked him candidly in the eye. Something Lucas realized she never really did before.

"Can you just-…" The blonde let her voice trail off, hoping Lucas would understand.

"Yeah." He whispered back, though there was no more need for words.

Things you said that day
up on the 101
the girl had come undone
I tried to downplay it
with a bet about us

A few hours later, Peyton was pushing 60 on the highway going toward Charleston International Airport. Lucas was sipping a coke and fiddling with the radio, refusing to look her in the eye.

"We're going to have to talk about it sometime." She finally allowed the silence to be broken, sunshine be damned.

"I know." Lucas sighed, then added humorously, "Yet, you and I have never been good with words before."

Peyton couldn't agree more, but for some reason it uneerved her that he was so right about it.

"I couldn't imagine why. You have no problem confessing your feelings to Brooke, though your timing is a little off."

Lucas froze at her rashness. Her voice sounded rough and uninviting, especially under the circumstances.

"Very nice of you to throw that in my face." He commented, and Peyton could only imagine the dirt he was too afraid of assaulting her with. Unfair of her, but she didn't care, you don't just fuck her best friend's ex boyfriend without having the balls to piss him off.

"I'm sure you have a few dirty secrets to throw back at me. I promise I won't hold it against you." She assured.

Lucas snorted uncharacteristically. His head whipped passed the exit to the airport and he looked intently at the driver.

Her golden locks were billowing in the wind, clearing her face and exposing her truly exquisite, if unnoticed features, Lucas thought she never looked more beautiful.

"Would you mind telling me why your boring holes in my face blondie?" Peyton addressed him unhurriedly, yet knowing that pretty soon the real charade would have to take place. She wouldn't be able to talk to him so openly if a bit rudely without considering Brooke's feelings, and suddenly and overwhelming feeling of dread came over her.

Lucas was about to respond but she reached out across the stick shift and grabbed his hand, squeezing it as hard as she could, "Don't say anything." She whispered and Lucas nodded, squeezing her hand back.

Way up north I took my day
all in all was a pretty nice
day and I put the hood
right back where

A few minutes later, they drove up to a smiling Brooke, all ready with her luggage and as customary, some painfully good looking employee making his way over to Peyton's truck with all about three suitcases in tow.

"How much baggage could one person possibly need?" Lucas murmured, and Peyton let out a hoarse laugh.

"It's Brooke. Think about it." She grew anxious as the familiar brunette eagerly made her way over to them.

A moment before Brooke was within earshot, Peyton murmured sardonically, " It's quite ironic. I met you first."

Lucas didn't say anything, and Peyton was thankful.

You could taste heaven perfectly
feel out the summer breeze
didn't know when we'd be back
and I, I don't didn't think
we'd end up like, like this