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Raven thinks Beast Boy has no talents, how wrong she is when Cyborg goes into Beast Boys room to find a remote but instead comes out with a folder full of pictures of the titans with instruments and poems. Will this new found talent bring them together or farther apart maybe even spike jealousy. Maybe even teach Raven a way to control her emotions in other way then meditation

Chapters 1


Cyborg zipped the folder up and slowly crept out of the pizza box filled room.

He giggled to himself as he past Raven who gave him an odd look.

"What are you laughing about?" she said not even turning to look.

"Come with me" he said leading her out the living room where Starfire and Robin sat talking on the couch watching the Australia Rock concert.

"So Australians are just like us, correct?" Starfire said scratching her reddish brown hair.

"Yep" Robin smiled "But there a lot more laidback then us"

"Hey guys!" Cyborg said jumping onto the couch while Raven slowly settled into her pillow.

"What is up friend?" Starfire smiled

She looked at the big folder covered in brilliant sketches of Guitars, Microphones, Keyboards, drums and subwoofers.

"I went in BB's room and came across this" he said holding up the green folder.

"What's inside?" the boy wonder said as Cyborg handed him the folder.


Robin slowly opened the green folder and pulled out the first paper.

It was a life-like sketch of Robin with a guitar hanging from his neck and a microphone in his hands.

"Whoa cool" Robin smiled holding it out for them to see.

He then took out another of Raven this time.

Raven was very life-like; she had a bass guitar in her hands, hood off and the wind blowing against her cape so it showed her body figure.

"Oooooo I think he put his soul into that one" Cyborg winked at Raven who had the picture in her hands.

Raven looked at the picture of her and gazed in shock. "I never thought Beast boy would be able to draw this life like and graphic"

Starfire screamed in excitement as she held a sketch with her and a D.J board.

Cyborg took out a picture with him and the drums. "I got to say he's great"
"wait have a look at these" Robin said.

Robin said reading lyrics.

"Forfeit the game

Before someone else takes you outta the frame

And puts your name to shame

Cover up you face

You can't run the race

The pace is too fast

You just won't last"

The room was silent but Cyborg put an end to that.

"Wicked!" he shouted.

"Friend Beast boy is brilliant in the sketching of paper and the lyrics on a paper"

Raven grabbed the picture of her and a note book and headed to the roof of the tower.

The sun was setting and it gave an orange glaze on the rooftop.

Beast boy was lying on the rooftop as the wind gushed at his body and kissed his face.

He smiled and looked down at the big pieces of paper with half written songs and quietly sang.

Dreaming of a better tomorrow

Dreaming of the courage to stand up and tell you

The things I need you to know

What I mean to say is I love you.

I know it is hard to believe

Since there is, so much we are yet to achieve.

Telling you makes me struggle to breath.

Please do not turn away I never want you to leave.

He chanted softly as the wind carried the rhythm.


Beast boy gulped and looked back to see Raven walk up and sit down dangling her feet over the edge of the tower with her hood on.

"I know this is not me but that was beautiful" She smiled at him.

BB could see that she was happy because her soft eyes rather then her serious UN emotional eyes.

"Could you do me a favor?" Beast boy smiled resting his head on his hands.

"What is it?" Raven said

Beast boy gazed at her "take off the hood"


"I want to see you face" he smiled.

Raven was curious but did as she was told and removed her hood revealing her lilac hair and crystal eyes.

BB sat there and smiled "you look better"

"Beast boy, you are always appreciated" she said

She said shocked by her own words.

"Thank you Rae"

"Im sorry I have to go," she said putting on her hood and running inside hiding her face.

Beast boy sighed, "She'll never say a thing to me again"

Suddenly his alarm went off

The titans all gathered in the living room when Slade appeared on the big screen.

"Slade you creep!" Robin growled.

"Good evening Robin, as you may know Plasmas, Cinder block and overload are locked away"

"Get to the point!" Beast boy yelled,

"I think it's in the Christmas nature to give you a present umm lets say release them over the town with a bow on top"

"GRR" Robin said clenching his fists.

"Oh my, it would seem you have a busy schedule...I'll give you the present now!"

Slade pressed a button and the transition ended.

"Man!" Cyborg whined.

Starfire was still trying to guess what Christmas was when she was interrupted.


The Teen titans arrived at the battle scene to see the 3 baddies (sorry I love that word) had morphed into one.

"Dude, that is gross" Beast boy yelled.

Robin was more aggravated then usual and was the first attack.

Robin ran up the wall of a building and jumped onto the right shoulder drawing his extending pole and flipping up onto his face and stabbing the monster between the eyes.

"What in the world?" Robin said in shock as his pole snapped and he was punched to the floor.

Starfire caught Robin in mid air and threw star bolts at the creature.

Raven flew up so she was face to face with the monster.

"Azerath Metrion Zinthos!" She yelled as a black beam flew into his chest.

The monster was forced back but shot an electric pulse towards her electrifying her body.

Raven fell into the arms of Beast boy. "Are you ok?"

"Uh, im fine" she said blinking.

Beast boy slowly let her slide off him. "Combo, Rae?"

"Why not" They smirked

Beast boy hoisted Raven onto his back and turned into a giant eagle and went speeding to the monster.

"Hey you prepared for a zoo of darkness!" Raven said in monotone as Beast boy turned into a dragon a breathed fire on him.

The creature backed away and shot a pulse towards them.

Raven brought a force field around them as Cyborg charged up sonic cannon and shot it in the center of the monster, piercing overloads system and causing the 3 monsters to become themselves.

Overload had been destroyed while cinder block crumbled and Plasmas had melted under the suns heat.

Beast boy flew down and turned back catching Raven and placing her on the ground with the others.

"Yeah man!" Cyborg said high fiving BB. "Pizza tonight"

Starfire smiled and hugged Robin "this is a wondrous victory"

Robin blushed and gave Raven a thumbs up.

Raven smirked "maybe we should get the pizza delivered"
"yeah" Beast boy agreed "it's getting chili"

10:30 PM

The titans had finished there dinner and one by one they began to fall asleep on the couch watching "Horror castle"

Starfire was the first to fall asleep. She leaned on Robin's shoulder and snored lightly.

Robin was the 2nd and placed his head on hers.

Cyborg went to sleep 3rd with his hand in Robin's spiky hair and his head over the rim of the couch.

Raven was 4th and fell into Beast boys lap curled up in her cape.

Beast boy watched the titans fall asleep as the credits began to roll.

"Where's the remote?" he muttered silently so as not to wake them.

Beast boy spotted the remote on the floor below him and shuddered at the thought if one of them were to wake up and see the awkward positions they fell asleep in.

"Uh huh" he smiled slowly taking Cyborg's arm apart and using it as an extension of his own hand.

"Got it" he smiled "and Raven said I didn't have a brain" he smirked proudly at the sleeping figure of Raven.

He pressed the stop button and the TV turned off.

"What a movie" he smiled drifting off with his hand on Raven's hip (covered by cape).

December 20th

10:30 AM

Cyborg slowly opened his eyes to find himself on the couch with his hand in Robin's gel covered hair.

"Oh gross" he said poking his tongue out as the sticky substance dripped from his finger.

Cyborg wiped the substance over Robins face waking him instantly.

"WHAT THE…?" he yelled pouncing off the lounge.

Cyborg burst out laughing to see Robin in a fighting stance breathing heavily with his extending pole in hand.

Then Raven's eyes fluttered open to find her cuddled up to BB.

"Uh" she said sitting up and rubbing her head. "Strange"

Cyborg's laughter had woken Starfire up.

"What is going on friends?"

"Nothing just boy wonder having a bad dream" Cyborg laughed.

11:00 am.

All the titans were awake and all doing there own thing.

Robin was scrubbing everything in the evidence room for the 3rd time this week.

Starfire was in her room drawing her and Robin.

Cyborg was polishing the T car also for the 3rd time in the week.

That left Beast boy and Raven with nothing to do but be bored.

Beast boy slowly picked up the video game controller and flicked on the console.

"Raven, why don't you play with me?" Beast boy smiled in cute way "please play"

Raven looked down at the extra controller and back to him and sighed.

She couldn't help but smiled "one game that will be all"

Raven noticed her expression had gone soft and she quickly put her hood on.

BB got out two games and sat down next to her. "We can play one of these"
Raven looked at the games "Sonic adventures 2 battles or Dark master?"

"Which one do you want to play…I suggest Dark master since it's easier" He said.

BB watched Raven read the back of Dark master and couldn't help think.

Why does she take the time to play with me? I thought she hated me? But she's always been a gothic sort of girl. I bet she needs to have some one to open up to and express her feelings to. Beast boy gazed at her for a while.

"Dark master" she said handing him Dark master.

"Cool you have the same taste in games as me!" he said taking off her hood "you need to see well in this game" he said as the title came up on the big screen.

Raven picked up the controller and looked at the buttons with a look off confusion on her face.

"Don't worry I'll teach you" he laughed.

Beast boy had explained every button that could be explained and they spent hours instead of minutes playing the video game. Raven would hate to admit it but she was having fun and nothing was shattering, it was the best she had ever felt in her life.

Beast boy seemed to be winning but that soon changed he was now equal to her.

"You're good Rae"

Beast boy and Raven were interrupted by nothing other than a …….Power failure.

"Oh man!" Beast boy moaned "I was about to win"

"No you weren't" Raven joked but keeping the monotone.

"Uh huh" BB joked nudging her in the ribs.

"I was the won winning" Raven said folding her arms.

"Ok, ok you won I know" Beast boy said giving her a cool-cute smile.

"But you got to admit I'm good"

Raven put her hood back on "well I kind of got to go and meditate"

"I've got some thing that does the same thing as meditating" he said scooping her up in his arm and running up onto the rooftop.

"Wait here" he said speeding back in to get something.

Beast boy ran into his room and grabbed some clear paper and some of his sketches.

He picked up some pencils and rubbers and headed out to the roof and picking up a note book on the way.

Beast boy went and sat down next to Raven and laid the papers on the ground.

"Im gonna teach you to let you emotions free in a drawing or sketch" he said looking out at the morning sky.

Raven blushed "I can't Beast boy"

"Dude, Sure you can all you need to do is concentrate" He smiled handing her a piece of paper and pencil. "Now just draw anything that you think you couldn't live with out"

Beast boy opened his notebook "I never show people this but I guess you could be the first exception" he said showing her his drawing of what he couldn't live with out.

There was a picture of BB and the titans sitting around a pick nick basket smiling.

"see without Robin I wouldn't part of this team, Starfire makes me laugh ,Cyborg plays with me and doesn't correct me when I do something stupid" Beast boy smiled "And I couldn't live with out you because I'm always trying to make have fun and when you do have fun your like Cyborg except better looking hehe" he giggled.

Raven looked at him "this is so not me but this has been fun"

"See nothing exploded" He said correcting how she was holding the pencil.

Beast boy helped her draw for quiet some time and they were both getting tired as noon arrived.

"Let's get a late lunch what do you think?" BB grinned as he rubbed his stomach.

"Ok" she said standing up and stretching.

"One problem….hehe the only thing I know how to cook is tofu" He smiled sheepishly.

"Let's have tofu" she said.

Beast boy watched her walk off with her cape swaying in the breeze and the sunlight creating shadows in her cape. He caught up to her and looked at her face.

The wind blew off her hood and rested it softly on her shoulders.

Suddenly the alarm sounded through there communicators.

Raven and Beast boy ran into the living room to see Cyborg, Robin and Starfire all staring at the massive TV.

"Hello my failing students in semester 1"

It was mad mod.

"I escaped prison and happened to run into someone who is quiet like me…. does mumbo ring a school bell?"

"Yes!" Robin growled

Suddenly mumbo appeared next to Mad Mod.

"Hello, if it isn't Bird boy, mechanical junk, veggie boy, Fire extinguisher and Demon girl"

"What do you want?" Cyborg yelled.

"Well my duckiest student, it would seem we want to give you a Christmas present…meet us at Jump city prison!" Mad mod laughed as the TV switched off.

"I think it's a trap" BB said "we shouldn't go"

"But maybe he will release the prisoners" Robin said "we better just check it out"

"Right" Starfire said grabbing Robin and Cyborg and flying towards the prison.

Beast boy turned into a dragon and placed Raven on his back. "Im faster then you and Star"

Raven grabbed hold off Beast boy's dragon neck and held on for dear life

The titans landed softly near jump city prison and slowly snuck around to see Mumbo talking to mad mod.

"Shh" Robin said "we need to hear what there plan is"

The titans ran into a very cramped corner.

Robin had been squished the whole time as Starfire was pushed into him by Cyborg.

Beast boy was in between Cyborg and Raven. "Argh CY get you metal butt out of my face"

BB whispered.

"Watch where your putting you hand Robin" Starfire groaned


The titans listened to Mumbo speak.

"Remember the plan…grab the alien girl" Mumbo said stroking his hair.

"But Robin favors the girl, he will have an eye on her at all times" Mad Mod questioned.

"Good point…..go for the other women" Mumbo said "if we had her power on our side we could rule the world she is a demon after all"

"Beast man will be at her side" Mad mod "he fancies her I think"

Suddenly they were interrupted by a sonic boom.

"Ahh" they yelled as they were hit.

Beast boy ran out of the mist and turned into a tiger.

Raven came out of the ground as the bird Raven and then into formed into her human figure.

Robin flipped in front of them in a fighting stance.

Starfire and Cyborg landed in a fighting stance behind Raven and BB.

"TEEN TITANS GO!" Robin shouted.

4:00 pm.


"Whoa" Beast boy puffed "that was harder then I thought" he said jumping on the couch and accidentally landing on a squeeze bottle of ketchup sending the ketchup flying onto Cyborg. "Hahaha"

Cyborg ran to the kitchen and grabbed some ice cold water in a bucket and threw the water on BB.

"Burr y…y….you jerk" he chattered.

Robin got the mustard out of the cupboard and squirted it on Cyborg who dodged making it hit Starfire.

"You glurbag" She shuddered whipping it off her and tackling robin.

Beast boy and Cyborg noticed Raven had been reading her book the whole time.

"Lets get the cold water" Cyborg smirked.

"Pool" BB suggested.

"On the count of three"

Robin and Star caught the idea and decided to help.

"1, 2, 3"

They ran at her full speed picked her up and dragged her to the pool.

"Let go of me" Raven groaned struggling.

The titans dragged her up onto the rooftop.

"Don't make me hurt you" she yelled hoping they would take the bait.

Cyborg lifted Raven upward while she nervously tried to kick him.

Beast boy took of her cape so that she wouldn't have to struggle to surface in the water.

"I'm warning you" Raven said trying to get her cape back.

"1, 2, 3 go!" Robin Yelled as the other titans threw her in with a splash.


Raven lunged to the surface coughing.

Beast boy leaned forward to help her out.

Raven grabbed his hand and began to climb out.

Cyborg and Robin nodded and kicked BB in on Raven.

"Hahaha" Robin laughed high fiving Cyborg.

Raven and BB surfaced next to each other coughing again.

Raven gave the others a glare.

Cyborg, Robin and Star got the message and ran inside in record time.

Beast boy climbed out and helped Raven.

"Im sorry" BB said rubbing the back of his head.

Raven pushed him back in. "no your not" she said in a lighter tone.

BB jumped out "no really I am"

Raven went to push him back in but he caught her hand sending them both in the pool.

"Its fun" BB laughed, "Being in the pool don't ya think?"

"All it is is water" She said getting out and using her powers to grab a towel.

BB walked over and grabbed a green towel and began drying his spiky green hair.

"What's with boys and spiky hair" she thought drying her tights.

"Do you hate me Rae?" BB asked emptying his gloves.

"No" Raven said in monotone turning to grab her cape and hood.

"You don't" Beast boy folded his arms "so you like me"

"As a friend I suppose" she said. "upleasent but i don't hate you"

"C'mon lets go inside and eat dinner" BB laughed "im starving"


All the titans were asleep in there rooms as the titan tower lights switched off automatically.

Cyborg was getting charged in his room ready for the next day of fighting.

Raven's cloak hung from her raven stand while she slept in her king size bed.

BB slept on his top bunk mumbling "will I go out with Raven? What kind of news reporter are you?"

Robin slept in his room full of presents awaiting Christmas and Starfire was out like a light in her room.


Raven's eyes snapped open and she bolted out of the room only to run into Starfire.

"Ouch" she moaned.

"I am truly sorry friend Raven" Starfire whispered dusting herself off. "did you also hear that loud noise?"

"Yeah...any idea where it came from?" she said getting to her feet.

"Beast boy's room" Starfire said pointing to the room across the hall "oh where is you coat Raven?"

Raven noticed she wasn't wearing her cloak "it's a cloak and I don't sleep in it"


They slowly crept down the hall and put there ears up against Beast boy's door and listened.

"Yeah she's hot"

Starfire and Raven looked at each other puzzled.

"You may not think so but I bet you couldn't save the world"

"Who is talking about?" Raven muttered.

"Robin?" Starfire said oblivious to the stupid thing she just said.

Raven stared at her blankly and shook her head.

"Yeah but I think she hates me" bb said again.

Starfire opened BB's door slowly to see him on the floor.

"Looks like grass stain had a little fall" said a loud voice from behind them.


Raven and Starfire screamed clinging to each other.

Beast boy in only his boxers was startled and jumped up in a fighting stance.

"Come and get so...Uh first of all, why is you here? Secondly, where is your cloak Raven? And last but not least why am I on the floor?" He said recovering from fright.

Raven quickly let go of Starfire "uh to answer the questions...1st we heard a bang from your room and came to check on you...2nd I don't sleep in my cloak it is in my room...and last you had a bit of a fall" she said regaining monotone.

Beast boy whipped his eyes and looked at his Teen titan clock, it had Beast boy in the middle in a fighting stance, right next to him Raven had her arms folded the with the cloak flying, Robin was in the corner with Star arm on her shoulder, and Cyborg in the left corner holding out his arm.

The clock read 6:00 am.

"Dude, that's a record," he smiled "I can't believe I almost lasted the whole night without sleep walking and sleep talking" he smiled punching the air.

"Quitting sleeps walking you have achieved but sleep talking? Not so much" Starfire smiled.

Beast boy blinked and a sweat drop dripped down his cheek "who heard?"

"Friend Raven and I" Star smiled "you must tell us who you think is so called hot?"

"Did I say any names?"

"No" Starfire said.

BB was so nervous he had gone red from embarrassment, Raven seemed to have picked it up and came up with an idea"

Raven gave BB a weird look as her eyes dropped to his Christmas boxers. "Uh Star could you go to the T car and look for my book?"

Cyborg jumped "oh no if you want to check the car I got to come to"

"Very well Cyborg"

They walked off.

Raven turned to leave but was stopped by BB

"Thanks Raven" he smiled.

Raven continued to walk out but slowed her pace down. As soon as she passed the door she heard him mumble.

"I hope she didn't find out"

Raven noticed this but ignored it

'What does he mean?'

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