Time doesn't heal everything, version noire

Writer : Wen

Situation: Allusions at some episodes going until the third season. At the institute there are only: Logan, Ororo, Hank, Rogue, Kitty, Kurt, Evan, Tabitha, Amara, Scott and Jean, but Bobby, Jubilee, Rahne and Jamie arrive later.

Summary : On the road bringing her back from school, Jean is kidnapped… pairing: Jott ; rating : Beware, some scenes can really shock the young-readers or the sensible people (and even their author…lol)..

Category : general/drama

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The bell signalling the short break between classes rang. In no time, the corridors were invaded by students chattering, raging or laughing deeply. Jean forced her way through them. She made it out without difficulty, given that people were avoiding her ever since she had been revealed as a mutant. It was the same for all the X-Men.

Duncan proposed to use her powers to 'their' advantage, cheating on tests in other words. No doubt that was the reason he was her ex-boyfriend now. But he, unfortunately, continued causing trouble to her and to the other mutants. She finally decided to use his own rules against him and threatened him to use her powers to make him believe he was a monkey if he bothered anyone again.

The adolescent smiled at the memory as she was opening her locker door to put away the books she didn't need anymore.

- "Mrs Nicols still doesn't on strike?" she spoke without even pulling her head out of the locker. She knew who it was. She had felt him coming, thanks to their bond.

- "No" Scott answered, disappointed.

After having dragged out from it what she needed for her homework, Jean closed her locker. She turned to him and smiled.

- "Eh, it's not always to the same to have luck" she said by passing her fingers through his face before adding "even if I'd have love to get you out at the same time as me, for spending some time alone Just you…..and me.…"

She started to kiss him, Scott embraced her, but the ill-timed arrival of Kitty and Kurt, chuckling, interrupted them:

- "It'd be good to grow up you two" made Scott notice them by frowning, an arm still around Jean's waist.

They chuckled even more by keeping on their way.

- "I see what you mean by 'just the both of us'" noted Scott.

Jean smiled again the way he loved so much and said:

- "Well, I've got to rush off if I don't want to make you late for your lesson" she briefly captured his lips and added "See you!"

She started to leave but Scott stopped her:

- "Jean, wait!"

He rejoined her, took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly:

- "I love you" he said.

Jean smiled fondly.

- "So do I" she answered before reluctantly leaving his embrace and going away.

Scott followed her with his glance, a smile on his lips, until he lost sight of her; and went to his lesson.

Jean had just left the campus with the wheel of her SUV and headed in the direction of the Institute, five minutes away. The traffic was fluid but she had the misfortune to fall on a traffic light installed because of road work. Strange, this very morning there wasn't going on … but it didn't matter, she wasn't in a hurry. She leaned a little more against her seat, savouring the slight breeze swallowed up by the car's opened window. It wasn't too cold for this beginning of December. She let her mind wander at the sound of the music which was playing on the radio. Her thoughts went immediately to Scott with whom she was dating for four and a half a months now. She smiled without even noticing it, having difficulty understanding why the strong emotions she felt for him hadn't revealed themselves sooner.

The traffic light turned green and she started again, driving dead slow as it was indicated. The street was deserted except for some workmen, there were no cars following her. Suddenly, she felt a shot at the nape of her neck and braked by reflex, thinking that it was only a wasp. But when she reached a hand to touch the sting, she touched something else. She pulled it out painfully and observed it… a hypodermic dart. She instantly felt herself being seized by a woolly wave. She tried to call for help, but found she couldn't concentrate on using her powers. Her sight became more and more blurred, and before her eyes closed themselves, she saw the 'workmen' coming closer to her with victorious smiles on their lips...

Two hours later, Scott was back at the Institute and was parking his car in the garage. Without formality, Kurt teleported himself –probably toward the kitchen–, Kitty phased herself through the door and went after him, and Rogue did the same but in the traditional way.

Scott was about to go in as well, but noticed the absence of Jean's car with added to his overall confusion, combined with the sudden disappearance of their psychic-bond, a little while after she had left the high school. The first time, he had thought that she might be working with the Professor, but apparently it wasn't the case. He shook his head to chase his worry out of his mind, she must simply have gone in town and wanted a little of tranquillity, after all sometimes he blocked their bond for a few hours to be alone with his own thoughts. He chose this hypothesis, a lot more appeasing, and it was in this state of mind that he made his entrance in the Institute with the intention to go to his bedroom, when he passed Logan:

- "Tell me kid, Red was supposed to be finishin' at 4 p.m. today, right?"

The worry remade its appearance in Scott's mind.

- "Yeah, why ?" he asked.

- "She hasn't come back. Wouldn't she have told ya if she was intendin' to go somewhere?""

- "No, we should've met here" he answered, the anxiety taking henceforth the place of the worry.

- "I don't like to see her alone nowadays, with the overall anti-mutant phenomena"

- "Neither do I…" said Scott, concerned.

Storm's voice made itself hear:

- "She's not answering her cell, so that's of no use. I guess she hasn't used it since Taryn gave it to her." she said before arriving near them and raising her eyes, noticing Cyclops at the same time "Scott ! Do you…?"

- "No, I don't now where she is" he answered by touching his hand to the nape of his neck.

Logan observed him for a minute, not missing Cyclops' anxious gesture, and asked:

- "Is there somethin' you shoul' tell us bub ?"

- "Huh ?"

- "Yes, are you thinking about something ?" asked Storm.

- "Actually yes, to the fact that two hours ago, a little while after Jean had left me at the high school, our psychic-bond has disappeared"

- "And this hasn't happened before, has it ?" asked Wolverine.

- "Yes it had, when one of us wanted to have a little privacy in our own thoughts, but now with the fact that she hasn't come back, it's worrying me"

All of them stayed concerned a while before Ororo declared:

- "Listen, it's not yet dark outside and it's probable that we're worrying for nothing and Jean knows perfectly well how to defend herself. The Professor will come back at 8.30 p.m., if we still haven't got any news, he'll use Cerebro to find her, but I'm sure everything is all right"

Two and a half hours later there still wasn't any trace of Jean and when the Professor Xavier entered with Hank, he immediately felt the anxiety of his protégés:

- "What is going on?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

- "Jean has disappeared. It was five hours ago that she should have come back and she hasn't called or even contacted anybody by telepathy" said Storm who, now, seemed to see the things with a lot less of serenity "The psychic-bond between she and Scott has been broken and he's calling everybody he knows, old friends or new-enemies, to see if they've seen her."

- "Hum…" said Charles "That is not like her effectively, I will try to locate her with Cerebro" he announced by starting his wheeling chair toward the elevator which would bring him to the sub-basements with Hank, Ororo and Logan following him.

When Scott descended to rejoin them, he found them at the exterior of the big circular room, with serious looks:

- "You haven't found her, have you ?"

By his question, the professors understood than he hadn't been anymore successful than them.

- "No" admitted Charles "I looked all over for her, but, I haven't been able to locate her" repeated the powerful telepath for his young student.

- "But what does that mean ? I thought that Cerebro was able to detect any mutant in all the world ! " queried Scott without knowing if he really wanted to hear the answer to his question.

- "It can do it only if she uses her powers" specified the Professor "I will carry on the searches"

- "I can't stay here without doing anything, I'm leaving for the town to see if I can find her" declared Scott.

- "I'm gonna follow ya by bike kid, between the two of us we'll cover more ground"

- "I'll call the police and the hospitals" tried Ororo before adding after seeing Cyclops' look "Scott, there's no harm in trying"

Wolverine shook his head:

- "Oh please Storm, don't be so naïve, she's a mutant, the police won't do anythin'"

- "I don't intend to tell them she's one" answered Ororo.

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