(I don't own the Teen Titans this is romance little action and humor)

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The Titans got home from another battle and turned on the TV while Raven grabbed a book

'Another Teen Titan fight another disaster, hi im Carn Down with the 9:00pm news, Today the Teen Titans stopped another disaster only to cause another one. We are going to cross live over to Mac Donald, how ya doing Mac'

'Im fine Carn, but as you can see behind me, this building isn't the latest "save" from the Teen Titans turned to a break out of a flame' Mac explained and shook his head

'What a waste of metal and electricity'

'Isn't Cyborg a waste of metal and electricity' Beast Boy laughed but was silenced but a growl from Cyborg

Robin turned off the TV shocked and appalled by the town's people's reactions

He got up and went into the Den and stared in (where all the bad guys' confiscated items are)

Robin sighed and went into his room and closed the door

'Robin seems saddened' Starfire stated

'Who wouldn't if you save the people and you get this trash thrown in your face" Cyborg sniggered

Raven quickly pulled her hood over her head

Beast Boy looked at her and walked over and sat down next to her

'Are you ok" BB asked

'Just leave me alone' she muttered and flew to her room leaving the book behind

BB looked at the book and its title

"Controlling the emotion Love"

Beast Boys eyes widened, he picked up the book and ran down the hall to Ravens room

Cyborg and Starfire followed him with their gaze until he was out of sight of the Teens

BB reached Ravens room and knocked on the door

'Raven you left your book'

Inside Raven gasped and flew to the door and opened it to see Beast Boy holding the book

'Don't get any ideas I have a book for every emotion' she spat and took the book from a giving Beast boy

Beast Boy was about to step in when the door slammed close

'Uh ok ill just… go…and…leave' Beast Boy moaned

No reply

Beast boy walked down the hall to the bathroom

'Ok im having a shower' he yelled

No reply

Robin slid on the tree leading from his bedroom window and smashed to the ground

He slunk to the floor and snuck to the islands edge and jumped into the "T" ship and revved the engine

Cyborg ran to the window to see his precious "T" ship speed off towards shore

Cyborg clicked and ran to Robins room

He knocked and tried to open the door but it was locked

Cyborg changed his finger to a pick lock and unlocked the door with Robin engraved in it

He walked in to find an empty room with an open window

'Damn the boy wonder!'


Beast boy pulled on his super suit and ran to the living room

'What is an alert, alert' Starfire asked

'Ill tell you later Star'

Cyborg and Raven ran into the room

'Don't worry, Boy wonder has gone for a joy ride' Cyborg stated in a matter-of-fact tone

Raven looked at Beast Boy and ran over to him

'Im sorry about before'

'What? No worries' Beast Boy smiled

Raven smiled slightly

'The question is why Robin would want to joy ride the "T" ship' Starfire questioned

Beast Boy jumped

'He wants to see how much damage we have caused this rejecting town' BB answered

'Your are probably right BB' Raven exclaimed

'You never call me BB'

'There is a first time for everything' she looked at Beast Boy and smiled

BB grinned

'Ok let's go find friend Robin' Starfire yelled 'I will carry Cyborg'

BB and Raven nodded and BB turned into and eagle and flew out the room into the cold night air with Raven at his side

Ravens hood blew of making her violet hair blow in the wind

Starfire appeared behind them and they flew right to the "T" ship on the shore

'No damage has been done' Starfire explained

BB flipped and landed as himself

Raven floated over and looked at the big lights of the city, everywhere there was signs everywhere


Raven looked at them and shook her head

'What's up Rae still looking for a Christmas present' Cyborg asked

'No, I have already got you something' she answered

'WHAT? 'Cyborg yelled but then settled himself "O well then we thank you'

'Well have you got us something' Raven asked


'Well its tomorrow' BB said

'Oooooo what is mas of Christ' Starfire persisted

'It's when people give presents to other people and the most important Jesus was born' CY explained

'So it is a celebration... correct?' she asked

'Big one' Raven said

'Oooooo exciting...yes'

'There's Robin' BB screamed and started running

Robin looked at them and started running to them

'Hey guys doing some last minute shopping for Christmas presents' he smiled

'What dude why you didn't take CY and Starfire' BB asked

'Because, they would see what I bought for them'

'Ok now that you bought their presents can you take them shopping me and Beast Boy will put the tree up' raven asked

'Sure' Robin answered and took Star and Cyborg to the nearest shopping center

'Ok let's go' BB said, turned into an eagle and flew off

'Right' Raven flew off

'Wow a tree inside with decorations on the branches!' Starfire squealed

'Star it's called a Christmas tree' Robin corrected


'Does it look good' BB asked and looked at Raven and his work

'Perfect' Cyborg said 'I have to go wrap these presents'

'I think we all do' Robin guessed

'Yes' Raven, BB and Star said in unison

They all went to their rooms

(Beast Boy's room)

BB entered his room and closed the door

He walked over to his bed and grabbed four bags from underneath his bed

He lied them on the bed and got out a Christmas wrapping paper from within his closet

'Ok' he said to himself and picked up Ravens present it was a necklace it had a dark purple diamond in the middle and the chain was black in a silver box

(Which he made)

He then wrapped and placed a purple bow on the top

Then he grabbed Cyborg's cd case with a cd in it and wrapped it and put it next to ravens

Next he grabbed Starfire's present which was a dictionary, placed it in another silver box and wrapped that and placed a pink bow on the top

Next was the hard part, he had to wrap a surround sound box, but he did so without any help

He put name tags on them and who they where from

(Ravens Room)

Raven got the presents from in her closet

She started wrapping BB's mega monkeys five and then placed a tag on it and picked up Cyborg's present

A tool box she wrapped it and placed a name tag on it

Next Star's present it was a little pink box with purple diamond earrings inside

She then wrapped it up in ribbon and put a little pink stick on rose it the corner and a name tag

Last, she pushed the extendable pole tiny and placed it in a red box and wrapped it placing a name tag with robin on it

(Cyborg's Room)

Cyborg placed the bags on the bed

He wrapped Ravens book and placed it to the side

He got Robins laptop box wrapped it and for a joke wrapped some hair gel

'He, he' he giggled

Next he grabbed a Christmas bag off his door and placed Starfire's purple and pink handbag in it and wrote Starfire on the Christmas bag

He grabbed a green bag and dropped a cookbook for Beast Boy in it

He then labeled them all and wrote who they were from

(Robin's Room)

Robin picked up Starfire's history book, Ravens belt, BB's horror movie, Cyborg's mobile and wrapped them all in their boxes

He then wrote name tags and put a tiny, tiny heart in the top of Starfire's

(Starfire's Room)

Starfire wrapped up all of the presents

Beast Boy's headphones, Ravens blue cloak and Robin's disk man.

But put Cyborg's present (a picture of all the Titans) in a little metallic blue bag

She then put Christmas name tags on them

Starfire walked out of her room and walked to the "Christmas Tree"

She met up with Robin on the way

'Hey Star'

'Robin' she yelped

Robin looked at her blankly

'You frightened me'

'Sorry Star' he apologized

Raven floated straight through them with presents floating around her

Starfire and Robin watched her and then shrugged at the same time and walked to the tree

BB and Cyborg were already there putting presents under the tree

'Hey BB why have you only got 3' Cyborg asked

'Because I need Raven to help me with the 4th'

Raven placed the presents under the tree and walked to Beast Boy

'Ok what do you need me for?'

'To help me carry this one in my room' BB answered

'Ok let's go' she smiled and the 2 walked down the hall to beast boy's room

Starfire and Robin lied there presents under the tree

Cyborg looked through the presents

'Whatever Beast Boy wants Raven to do it's yours Robin' Cyborg stated

Suddenly Beast Boy walked around the corner and so did raven but Raven had a huge black present floating above her head

Robin's eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open

'That's…… mine?' Robin gasped

'Yep' BB stated with a grin on his face as Raven dropped it next to the tree

'Wow' Starfire grinned

'Well it's nearly 11o clock I think we should go to bed oh and no one can unwrap there presents until everyone is awake, that means you BB' Cyborg yawned and they all walked to there bedrooms

Beast Boy's eyes fluttered open and he looked down at his green Christmas pajamas which was a change since he normally just wore green pajamas

"It's CHRISTMAS" he thought

He jumped out of the bed and bolted to the living room where he met Robin drinking milk in red pajamas

'Are you the only one awake?' Beast Boy asked

'Yep and I want to go back to bed now' he answered and made his way to his room

Beast Boy sighed

"Ill set off the communicators" he thought

Beast Boy ran to the giant computer and set off the communicators

The computer screen then broke into 4 screens with each of the titans faces in one

'What's wrong?' they all asked except Beast Boy

'The thing that's wrong is that it's Christmas and you're not here opening presents!'

'Alright we'll be right there' Raven sighed and closed her communicator

Raven was seen coming out of her room wearing a dark purple silk night gown with matching dark purple silk pajamas underneath

'So childish' she thought aloud


Raven looked up

'Oh nothing' she replied

Beast Boy sneered at her and she giggled

'Did I just hear Raven laugh?'

'Well it is Christmas' she grinned and floated onto the lounge

Robin came out combing his spiky black hair

Starfire flew into the room with due speed

'It's the mas of Christ!' she exclaimed happily

'You mean Christmas Star' boomed the deep voice of Cyborg

Starfire blushed

'Yeah' she whispered and rubbed her arm in embarrassment

BB rubbed his hands together and lunged for the presents until Cyborg grabbed him


'BB ladies first' Cyborg laughed and Raven and Starfire walked through

'You better go first then CY' Beast Boy laughed

'Oooooo presents' Starfire wailed and slid to her knees

BB ran down to the presents and landed next to Raven

Robin walked over and sat next to Starfire and Cyborg

(Seating goes Cyborg-Robin-Starfire-BB-Raven...ok)

Beast Boy picked up the one from Raven and carefully unwrapped it

'MEGA MONKEYS 5...YES... I wanted this one so bad, Thanks Rae' BB said with a smile mindlessly hugging her

'You're hugging me' Raven muttered into his pointy green ear

Beast Boys eyes shot open and he straighten up immediately

'Well let's see what you got me' Raven said and reached for her present from BB

She ripped it steadily and saw her reflection in the silver box

'Wow ' she gasped

'I made that myself, open it' BB urged

Raven lifted the lid and picked up the necklace

Her eyes sparkled at the diamond

'It's almost gothic' she said

'It's beautiful'

BB blushed

'Gothic and beautiful that was the goal' he smiled

"Just like you" Beast Boy thought

'Can you help me put this on' Raven asked

'Sure' BB replied and squirmed behind her and connected the chain together

'Thanks' Raven praised and then quickly pulled her hood on

Some of the decoration ball thingies on the tree burst

'I shall open Robins first' Starfire announced and lifted the present

She ripped it open but she noticed a little heart in the corner

'What is his-Tory?'

'Read it and you can learn about Earth and wars and stuff that happened years ago' Robin explained

'Are we in it?' Starfire asked

'No before we were born' Robin added

'Fascinating' Starfire cried

Robin grinned

'I reckon I will open BB's' Robin exclaimed and flipped himself to the giant present and started ripping down the sides to reveal...

'SURROUND SOUND... cools!' Robin exclaimed and started reading the instructions

Cyborg grabbed his present from Robin and opened it hastily

'A mobile, and a charger that's good for the phone and for me' he smiled and started reading the writing on the box

Raven decided she would open hers from Cyborg

She unwrapped the box and looked at the book 2in1 emotion controlling book and spell book

'This will be useful' she muttered and glanced at Cyborg and mouthed thank you

Beast boy moved back from around Raven and took up a present from Cyborg

'A night on Horror' he said but edged closer to Raven so he was right next to her I mean next to her almost joined (because his a little scared)

Raven noticed this but didn't care

"Im going to have to read a lot of the controlling the emotion love book tonight...what am I thinking!' Raven thought angrily to herself

2 Books fell out of the bookshelf

'Are you ok' Beast Boy asked concerned

'Fine' she answered in her monotone 'It's just that...'

'I will open Beast Boys now' Starfire announced/interrupted again

She opened the gift and looked at the dictionary

'It's a dictionary you look up a word and then you know the meaning' Robin explained

'Joyous friend thank you' Starfire praised

Robin grabbed his from Starfire

'Lets see' he said and ripped the wrapping

'A disk man!' he smiled and looked at Starfire 'Thanks Star'

Starfire blushed

'Eww' Cyborg snorted and picked up his from BB

'Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park... wicked!' Cyborg cheered

It was Raven's turn again

'Umm ill choose Robin's present now' she stated and lifted the funny shaped present

'It's a belt' Raven explained

BB looked up (Raven stood up)

'It will look good on ya' Beast Boy guessed

'Can you help me here' Raven asked

'Whoa oh sure' BB stuttered and stood up next to her

'Do you want this one off?' BB asked

'Sure there the same anyway but the new ones shiny' she answered

Beast Boy undid the belt and attached the new belt


'Thanks' she replied

'No problem' BB grinned

'Eww' Cyborg snorted

BB blushed, Raven ignored him

'Ok ill take Starfire's prezzie now' BB smiled and took up the present

'Headphones…cool!' Beast Boy cheered and looked at them

'I will open Cyborg's now' Starfire shouted and opened her present from Cyborg

'A hand bag!' she squealed (this she knew was)

Robin grabbed his from Cyborg

'A laptop awesome' he shouted 'and some hair gel… not funny Cyborg!'

Cyborg giggled as he got his from Raven

'Tool box' he yelped 'Yes I just broke three of my other ones, thanks Rae'

Raven picked up hers from Starfire

'Another cloak!' she exclaimed

BB picked his up from Cyborg

'A cookbook, good and if this was supposed to be a joke it's not funny' BB explained

Cyborg giggled

Raven smiled at Beast Boy then noticed what she was doing and put her hood on

Starfire was already opening hers from Raven

'Earrings how pretty' she drooled

Starfire's eyes sparkled at the dazzling earrings

Robin opened his from Raven

'A new pole…now this is cool!' he said and opened the case

He stood up and started flipping the pole around

Cyborg grabbed his from Starfire

'Oooooo hehe look at Robin' Cyborg burst out laughing at the picture

It had Raven at the front with Beast Boy's hand around her waist, with Cyborg in the back doing the bunny ears on Robin who had his arm around Starfire's shoulders

Robin stopped and looked at the picture

'Hey you ruined a perfectly good photo!' yelled Robin angrily

'Do you know what that means?' BB asked

'Obviously I don't!' Cyborg answered

'But you still ruined the photo' Robin shouted again

'I know that' Cyborg laughed harder

Robin turned off Cyborg

'Hey…y…y' Cyborg turned off

'He might go into overdrive' Robin smiled but had an evil smile on his face

'ROBIN!' Starfire shouted

'Ok' Robin moaned and turned Cyborg back on

'Y…y… Hey!' Cyborg growled and glared at Robin

Robin giggled

'Hehe… can't beat Robin especially if you're a robot!' Robin laughed

This set Cyborg off and he marched to his room

'Umm not the smartest thing to say Robin' BB groaned

'Be quiet Beast Boy' Robin snarled

'Hey, dude this is not the Christmas spirit is it bird boy' BB retorted

'Well im sorry BEAST boy' Robin snorted

'Robin, Beast Boy… please I think the only thing you should be doing Robin is apologizing to Cyborg' Raven stated and used her powers to float Robin down to Cyborg's room

'O…k' Robin said and allowed himself to be pushed to Cyborg's room

Starfire followed in case (in her words) things got nasty

'I don't think so Starfire' Raven had said

But, still Starfire had followed

Beast Boy (still waiting for Robin, Star and Cyborg) had decided to play Mega Monkeys 5

'Come on, play Raven it's a two player game' BB whined

'What are two player games?' Raven asked

BB was flabbergasted

The girl he (secretly) liked didn't know what a two player game was!

'It's when two people play the game' BB answered

Raven just realized what a stupid question that was

'Uhh ill pass on that' Raven stuttered

BB turned into a dog and did the puppy dog eyes

Raven looked down

"He thinks he can get everybody with those ey… maybe one turn" Raven thought

'One game' Raven sighed

BB turned back

"No one can resist the face…except Starfire when she's mad" BB thought

Raven took up the second controller and looked at the buttons

'This one…..'

BB was cut off

'I know the buttons Cyborg's always explaining the buttons' she interrupted

'Ok' BB smiled and turned on the console

Immediately Mega Monkeys 5 jumped onto the screen

'Cool!' BB yelped and sat down next to Raven

They played for what seemed like ages, but they both had fun which is a change for Raven

Suddenly Cyborg, Robin and Starfire came back

Raven jumped up and grabbed a book in record timing, BB's ears drooped and he looked at the three sadly

'What took you so long?' BB asked in a forced on happy voice

'Cyborg wouldn't open the door' Robin laughed

Raven looked up from her book, as soon as the communicators came on

'Titans trouble' Robin flipped into action

'No… just one of those stupid hackers!' Cyborg explained

'How do they do that?' BB shouted

'Umm they use their brains' Raven answered in a monotone

BB frowned at the girl that just seconds ago was having fun with him.

"Why is she nice when it's just me and her" BB thought