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Chapter 7 Too Much Damage

Raven woke up to the suns rays

She rolled over and saw a picture of the Titans

Raven smiled and got out of bed and got changed

She went to her bedside table and started combing her hair

She opened the drawer and saw a photo album

Raven opened it and saw photos of the day before what seemed like the end, like at the park and the party.

The party Beast Boy made for her.

She smiled and placed it back.

Raven left her room and went into the living room, and sat on her purple stool

She noticed a steaming cup of herbal tea there for her, she grabbed it and had a sip, and it was made perfectly

Robin, Starfire and Cyborg were playing volleyball


'Ahhh' Raven yelped and quickly caught the cup

She turned to see the grinning face of Beast Boy; he was wearing black board shorts

'I see you found the tea I made you' Beast Boy smiled 'wanna go for a swim?' Beast Boy asked

Raven smiled

Raven looked Beast Boy up and down

"Man he's cute!" she thought

'Ok' Raven answered and was lead up by Beast Boy

'HEY GUYS POOL TIME!' Beast Boy shouted

'YAY' Starfire yelled and flew to the bathroom to get changed

Robin ran to the bathroom on the other side

Raven took her cloak off and hung it up

Cyborg jogged to the power panel and pressed a blue button

The volley ball court flipped into a pool

(Do not ask how the water is kept in)

Cyborg dived in

Starfire and Robin emerged

Robin grabbed Starfire's hands and jumped into the pool

Beast Boy walked down the stairs and stuck his hand up

Raven looked at the handsome figure on the steps with his hand ready for her to grab

Starfire, Cyborg and Robin watched silently

Raven smiled and grabbed Beast Boys hand

Beast Boy walked down the stairs and gently glided her into the water

Raven let go and back flipped into the water, soon she emerged at the surface of the water

Beast Boy looked on in awe

Ravens lilac hair had been wet and now it stuck to her shoulders

Her face had water droplets on it and her lilac eyes glowed in the morning sun

Beast Boy couldn't help himself

He jumped on her and gave her a kiss under water

Robin, Cyborg and Starfire put there goggles on and looked under water

They all soon appeared on the surface

Raven looked shocked

Cyborg grinned


Raven swam to the side and got out; grabbed her towel and cloak and went inside

"Oh Crap" thought Beast Boy; he swam to the stairs and ran inside

Starfire decided she wanted to try what Beast Boy did and pounced on Robin

Cyborg grinned and disappeared under the surface

Raven sat on the couch thinking about what just happened

'Raven, are you ok?' asked a voiced

Raven turned to see Beast Boy standing at the door

Raven's strong eyes now seemed to be in deep thought

'Sit' she gestured

Beast Boy sat down on another lounge

'Im so sorry Raven I don't know what came over me' Beast Boy cried and looked at his hands

'Don't be sorry, I rather, how do I put this; enjoyed it' Raven stuttered

Beast Boys eyes lit up and pounced on the lounge Raven was on

He settled down

'Raven, this is really hard for me to say but I love you' Beast Boy mumbled

Raven looked surprised and thought for a moment

'Umm... well... I... sort ta... love you too' Raven replied

Beast Boys heart skipped a beat at the fantastic news

He couldn't help himself and gave her the biggest kiss ever

Cyborg stood at the door smiling

"That's one good pash... Oh I need to get out more" thought Cyborg



'I love you Robin!' Starfire cheered happily

'Uhh Star do you, like, wanna be, like, my girlfriend?' Robin asked

Starfire grinned

'YES!' she pounced on Robin

Cyborg looked on sadly

"The only one in the tower without a relation ship" he thought and sighed



Cyborg answered the phone



'Yes this is Cyborg'


'Do you have to call me Sparky?'




'Tomorrow at 12:30 got it bye'

Cyborg hung up the phone and dived back into the pool

'Make that everyone in the tower is in a relation ship, boo ya' he whispered excitedly

Beast Boy and Raven stopped

Beast Boy hugged Raven

'There never was too much damage' he whispered into her ear

Raven smiled and hugged him tighter

'I love you Beast Boy...'

Raven pulled out and smiled at him

'Why did the duck cross the road?' she said sheepishly

'Too beat up the guy telling jokes about him' he replied

Beast Boy slowly leaned in to kiss her again

Raven closed her eyes and then felt his soft lips, this kiss was more passionate

After a while they stopped to breathe

'How do we tell the others?' Raven asked

Beast Boy went into concentration

'I know...

Robin splashed Starfire and Starfire splashed back

Robin grabbed Starfire around the waist and gave her a kiss

Starfire kissed back and smiled

'This is a symbol of love and happiness don't let it go to waste!' Robin said and smiled

Cyborg smiled at the remark

Robin and Starfire went and sat on the edge of the pool with Cyborg

'Congrats mate' Cyborg said and patted Robin on the back

'Thanks' Robin replied 'this break has really changed the titans, ya know... like Raven being free from Trigon, me and Starfire, you and Bee... what else?' robin smiled

Beast Boy and Raven ran in and dived into the pool

Robin, Starfire and Cyborg watched as they appeared above the surface, kissing like the one they did inside

Robin fox whistled while Starfire clapped

They stopped and looked at the others

'That' Cyborg said bluntly to add to Robins other sentence

'Are you two together' Robin asked

Raven grinned

Robin raised an eyebrow to Cyborg

Beast Boy and Raven floated to the trio

Beast Boy grabbed Robin and Cyborgs hands while raven grabbed Stars and Robins.

'Help us up' Beast Boy said and winked at Raven

The trio bent to help them as Raven and Beast Boy pulled them in

'Argh' they all screamed as they crashed into the water

They all laughed

Beast Boy turned into a eel (not electric) and glided around Ravens body then turned back really close to her

He gave her a peck on the cheek 'Catch me if you can' Beast Boy said and swam away

Raven began her pursuit


The Titans got out and went inside all tired, but seeing that it was 1:00 they didn't go to bed

Cyborg settled into an armchair and immediately began to sleep

Robin reclined his chair and fell asleep with Starfire huddled on the same seat

Beast Boy laid as straight as he could along the back of the couch as Raven laid in front of him

Beast Boy put his arm around her and rested his head on Ravens.

He gave her a kiss on the forehead and drifted off to sleep.

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