Love's Obstacles

Chapter 1: The Past

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"We're here, you can open your eyes now!" Shaoran Li said to his new wife Sakura. They were in the doorway of their new home where they would spend their lives in. Sakura opened her eyes on his consent and her emerald eyes went wide with excitement and shock. She gasped in utter surprise.

The house was simply beautiful. It was a big room that had the staircase leading to the upstairs three bedrooms and two bathrooms right as you go through the front door. And then above that was the attic room. All the rooms, including the huge kitchen and the living room were neatly decorated and had its own theme to it. The master bedroom was the best, though.

In there, the walls were a light pink and had cherry blossom trees painted on there with cherry blossom pedals falling from the tree. There was a huge king sized canopy bed that was draped with a darker shade of pink sheet that was almost see through. The bed itself had pillows and the comforter that had the two different shades of pink combined together. At each side of the bed was a stand that had the normal things a stand would have and two lit candles. It was a very romantic atmosphere.

Sakura turned to her new husband and fell into his embrace and passionately kissed him. When they parted Sakura said, "You did all this for me?" Li just smiled down at her with love in his amber eyes.

"I would do anything for you and I never want to leave you. Sakura I love you with all my heart and always will." Whit that said they kissed again taking in every moment of it like they were never to kiss again. The two were so love struck and it seemed like nothing could turn that around. They parted once again, but stayed in each other's warm embrace. "Sakura, you know how I told you that I get to take over Li Corp. when I turned 21? Well, I have to go to Hong Kong for awhile since my birthday is a couple weeks and they have to read it off of my father's will. I may be gone for a few weeks to get everything organized. I am so sorry that I'll have to leave so soon."

Sakura's face fell a little, "When do you have to leave?"

"Unfortunately, tomorrow. My mother informed me of that yesterday night." He said looking into Sakura's sad emerald eyes. His embrace on her tightened and her brought her closer to him.

"So that means we won't be together for a little while."

Shaoran smiled a little trying to stay on the optimistic side. "Hey we have tonight to be together, don't we?" That surely made Sakura smile. With that all said Shaoran kissed Sakura and then set her on the bed. He wanted to make it a night to remember for he both of them.

At the Li Mansion two weeks later

Shaoran sat in the commander chair in the big conference room of the Li Manson, in front of a long table that had members of the Li family and lawyers sitting around it. Beside him on one side was his mother and on the other were his sisters. The main lawyer sat up holding a bundle of paper presumed to be his fathers will. For two weeks they had been reviewing his little wishes and getting them organized before his major wishes, which would be named today. Today was Shaoran Li's 21st birthday and it was in his father's wishes that it only be told on his 21st birthday.

The layer cleared his throat, "It says that the Li Corp goes to his heir and only son Shaoran Li who is presumed to 21 today. Is that correct?" Shaoran shook his head in agreement, and the lawyer proceeded, "It is also in his wishes that the major Li Mansion goes to Mr. Li and the rest of the mansions go to his sisters…" All of his sisters squealed in joy of what they got and for Shaoran. About a minute later the lawyer yelled for the room to quiet down.

"There are more instruction Mr. Li and they need to be discussed right away." Shaoran told him for proceed. "Well, it says that you have to be married in order to take full control and-"

"Well, that is no problem since I am already married to my wife Sakura."

"And she is a wonderful young woman might I say," his mother said with a smile on her face that was loving and kind. Also in her face was approval of Sakura.

"But that is not all. It states that you are in an arranged marriage with your cousin Meilin Li. It states that it in his best wishes and demand that you marry her and two Li's control Li Corp incase of any fatalities, that way Li Corp isn't brought down to pieces." Silence. That was what it was for about a minute, because everyone was in utter shock.

"WHAT!" Shaoran jumped from his feat and slammed his fists on the table. And a fight began.

With Sakura

Three weeks had passed since Shaoran had left for Hong Kong. But Sakura hadn't heard from him in a week. They were keeping contact before and last she talked to him was the night before his 21st birthday. She hadn't heard from him since. Maybe he was just really busy getting things rearranged for Li Corp. Sure she respected that but she had some news for him and it was making her a little inpatient. She wanted to tell him that she was pregnant.

She had just found out the night before with the support of Tomoyo at her side, of coarse. And the thought of her and Li starting a family together just made her smile. It just worried her that he hadn't called. Just then she heard the ring of her door bell. She walked over to her front door and opened it. Outside was a mail man with a thick package. "Ma'am are you a Sakura Kinomoto?"

"Kinomoto is my maiden name I am Sakura Li now."

"Oh, well this is a special order from Hong Kong. Could you sign this release form to signify that you are the one who receives it?" Sakura agreed and signed the form. The man gave the package to her and shook his head, "Too bad you're a gorgeous woman." And with that said he left leaving a very confused Sakura. She shut the door and ran onto the couch. It was from Hong Kong meaning that it was from Shaoran.

Inside there were a few sheets of paper that looked like a contract or something. But what really caught her eye was the small envelope with her name written on it. She opened it and a very small note was in there and it said:

'Dear Sakura,

You may not ever forgive me but I want you to know that I am sorry.

Shaoran Li'

Sakura read it about four times and didn't get what he was talking about. She then looked at the other papers and atarted to read. When she read the title her heart nearly stopped beating and she felt as if she was about to faint right then and there. It was Divorce Papers, and on the bottom there were two lines for signatures. One was already signed….by Shaoran. Sakura's hand started shaking and tears started to fill her eyes.

She ran out the door and ran straight into Tomoyo's house. Tomoyo jumped up from the couch and looked at Sakura worriedly. There in front of her was Sakura with a tear stained face. She tried to speak but she just started to cry even harder. She fell to the floor and Tomoyo went over to her and saw papers that Sakura had dropped.

She read it and her eyes went wide. She too dropped the papers and put Sakura into her comforting arms. She started to cry as well, seeing her best friend in so much pain. How could he do this to her? I thought he loved her. Sakura balled in Tomoyo's arms for a few more hours until finally she couldn't cry any more.

Tomoyo then led her to the couch and gave Sakura a pillow and blanket. She went into her kitchen and brought out hot cocoa. She didn't know really what else to get since Sakura was pregnant…. and with Li's child. After about another hour of silence for everything to calm down, Sakura finally told.

"I hadn't heard from him for a week, and then next thing you know I get a package with a small note that said he was sorry. Why would he do this to me? I thought he loved me, and what am I going to do, Tomoyo? I am pregnant with his child."

"If you two haven't talked or a week then he doesn't know that your pregnant does he?" Sakura shook her head no with her head hung low. "Then, maybe you should tell him before you sign it-"

"Are you crazy? He already wants to divorce me and if he found out about me having his kid who knows what he'll do." Sakura's eyes filled with tears. The rush of pain and heartbreak went through her. "No, he can't know….it's better this way," she said quietly. "Do you have a pen?"

Tomoyo handed her a pen and Sakura picked up the papers. She was shaking, ready to break down any second. But she went through it. She signed the empty space on the paper. She then set it down and fell into the couch with her head hung low and tears forming in her eyes. She said in a shaky voice, "Tomoyo? Will you please send that back, I can't bring myself to do it." Tomoyo shook her head and grabbed the papers sadly. She out it in an envelope and was getting ready to leave to the post office.

"Alright I'll be right back but I want you still be here, your not going back to your house alone." She said it sadly, and then left out the door. She then made a silent promise to herself, 'I will help Sakura through her pregnancy and help raise the kid but I will one day tell Li about it and all the pain he caused Sakura.'

End of Chapter

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