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Chapter 10

Sakura and Kaili spent the rest of the evening with Tomoyo. Sakura explained everything to her while Kaili played at a park they came across. She took special care to not let kaili hear their conversation. "Tomoyo, I agreed to let him see Kaili tomarrow."

"You did? Well, does Kaili know yet?" Tomoyo looked over at her Godchild and smiled warmly toward her as she watched Kaili slide down a twisty blue slide with her hands up in the air like she was riding a rollercoaster. The kid was very energetic.

Sakura watched her child and figitted nervously. "Well, you see, I don't really know how to go about this. All this time Aiden has been a father figure in her life and now I'm going to introduce her to her real father, who she's never even met. She's young so she won't understand what it means that he is her real father, but she's old enough to know that things are weird that all this time Aiden was this and now a new man is. Do you understand what I'm saying?" She looked over to Tomoyo who was rubbing her temples.

With a deep sigh she answered, "Wow, this is all very confusing to me. You know I think you and hi m were destined to be together, but…after what he did to you I was so angry that I vowed to never let him be in yours or Kaili's life-"

"But the cercumstances are different now, Tomoyo, he had reason to-"

"Yes, yes, I know that now, but this is all so confusing still. I don't think there will be an easy way out of this." She sighed again. "Well, what about Aiden?"

Sakura shrugged,"What about him? He knocked me out through some rage fit. I don't know where it came from, Tom, I really don't. He has never been that angry before, and seeing that side of him literally brings chills down my spine. If he had done that in front of Kaili, and she had been in the way I-" she took a few short breaths to calm down. After a few moments of silence she spoke again.

"I still love him, Tomoyo. Shaoran. I still love him so much. I lost my heart and soul when he left me and the only thing I had left of it was Kaili. She carried it. My heart and soul returned with her but some of the original pieces remained with Shaoran."

Tomoyo looked Sakura in the eyes this time. "You two really are destined to be together. I still believe that, Kura, but this is a very tricky situation. If your going to make this work you'll have to wait until the marriage deal can be off. But in order for that to happen you have to wait for another month. You can't be with him for another month. If press were to get ear of this it would be the biggest scandal." Tomoyo paused briefly, "Are you willing to deal with that?"

Sakura sighed. Now she was the one who was rubbing her temples. It really didn't ease the throbbing that was coming from them. Everything was a mess. Why couldn't they all just be happy like things were before? She wouldn't have to deal with the whole issue with trying to explain to Kaili that Shaoran was her real daddy and he hasn't been around because he had to divorce me and marry another because his dead father had required it in order for him to fully take over the family business.


That was way too much for a two-year-old to comprehend. It wasn't Kaili's fault all of this happened and she was going to be confused. She'd have to be put in the mess her parents set for her. Shaoran had said if she had told him that she was pregnant with her she would have given everything up in an instant, but how was she supposed to know that? He hadn't even given her an explaination as to why he had to divorce her in the first place. That was clearly intended to make her feel like there was no love there anymore.

Then, there was the whole issue with Aiden. He did seem sincere in his apology but what he did was crazy. Sakura didn't want to have to deal with him when he did that around Kaili. She couldn't bear to think if something were to happen to her. But other than that day, that had never happened. He really was like a father figure to Kaili and he really did adore her. But did Sakura love him?

She loved Shaoran, that was for sure, but Aiden had lifted her up and carried her when she was down. He was the rock that held her strong. He showed compassion for a mother who was deserted from her husband so shortly after marriage because he just didn't love her anymore. He was there when Shaoran wasn't. She cared for him…but did she love him?

The truth was she never felt the rush and feelings she did with Shaoran. Of coarse, after Shaoran she built up this defence that no one could penetrate besides Kaili. She wouldn't allow anyone to make her feel the way he did. She never wanted to feel that vunerable again. So if she had actually been able to let Aiden in, would she have?

She watched Kaili as she played with a couple other children who were playing on the playground. It was 7:00 P.M. when she looked at her watch. The sun was beginning to set in the horizon, revealing a painting of colors across the sky. She figured they probably should get back to the hotel. Kaili needed to get ready for bed. She had a big day tomarrow.

The next morning, Sakura woke to a knock on the door. She jumped up and looked at the clock. It was 7:00. She thought for a second that maybe she had just thought there was a noise that woke her until the knock came again and jolted her out of her disoriented state. When she opened the door, Aiden was there with a bouquet of flowers. His eyes were sorrowful.

"Sakura, I really am sorry about the other day. I don't know what had gotten into me, but I can assure you it won't happen again. I swear, Sakura. The last thing I want to do is hurt you again or hurt Kaili. You know I love you both." Sakura couldn't get a word in on his rant. "But please, Sakura, say you'll forgive me. I hope this won't effect our engagement. I want to marry you, Sakura. I want to be a father to Kaili. One that will be there and won't abandon her. I want to be that man, Sakura. And we don't even have to tell about Shaoran being the father-"

"Now wait a minute!" Sakura finally cut in. She had been trying to protest the whole time but his rambling had been going on over her. After saying that part about Shaoran the line was drawn. He said "Shaoran" in a distasteful manner, as if he were spitting his name. The interjection finally got his attention.

"Wait a minute, what, Sakura?" He stopped to let her talk.

"Shaoran knows now, Aiden."

Aiden froze and his expression went blank. He was silent for a moment before stupidly responding, "What?"

"Shaoran knows about Kaili now. I told him."

"Why did you do that, Sakura?" He was upset again. His face started to turn cherry red. "Do you realize what you've done?"

"Yes, I do realize what I've done. He deserves to know, Aiden. She deserves to know her father."Sakura was getting fed up. His rages were not him. Why was he doing this?

"You don't understand. I could have been a great father to Kaili. I could've protected her and raised her with you. Now he's going to try to take her away. Don't you realize that?" Aiden was throwing his hands in the air. His hands were balled up in a fist.

" Aiden what is with you? This isn't you. You're anger fits are terrible. I can't deal with it, Aiden. Shaoran won't take her away. I know he won't and I wouldn't let him." He started to calm himself.

"Look Sakura, you're right. I'm not normally like this."

"Well, what is it then? What has gotten you crazy in a rage?"

"It's him."

Sakura looked at him in pure disbelief. "You're kidding me, right?"

"No, I'm not. That Bastard has been taking my business. Little by little he's bringing me down. I am a far better business man than him, and if this continues I will bring him down."

This was unbelievable. "So you mean to tell me that you're pissed that it's the fact that it's Shaoran?"

"It's Li. He makes my blood boil. The fact that he took two of my business deals, is a castastrophe. It pushed me overboard to know that HE was the one who you married and had a child with. What did you see in him, Sakura? He is-"

"Now you wait just a minute. Don't you dare scrutinize mine and Shaoran's history. You have no idea what we've been through. You have no idea the things he did to save my life-" Sakura paused. She got so mad the couldn't think straight. She slipped about him saving her life. So many times he had, but Sakura didn't want Aiden to know why. She couldn't tell him about her powers.

Aiden's rage turned into confusion. "I am missing something, aren't I? Sakura… you don't still love him. Do you?" He studied Sakura's face for any expression. Sakura's eyes softened.

"I do still love him, Aiden," She whispered. Aiden went from hopeful to hurt. He did care about Sakura, and this wasn't what he wanted to hear. "I am sorry, Aiden, but I can't see you anymore."

Aiden was silent for a moment. "We can still be together. It's not too late, Sakura. You can get over this and marry me and I'll let this all pass." It was like a bargain. An in or an out, and Sakura felt a chill run down her spine at the way he said this. His eyes were veiled. It was almost a hint of a threat in his actions.

"Aiden, please leave. We can't be together. Not anymore."

"You're choice," he said sounding like it was the last word…for now. It wasn't over. As Sakura watched him turn and calmly leave, she knew it wasn't the end of what just happened… and that gave her bad feeling.

Sakura closed the door. Many things were rushing through her head that she just couldn't quite figure out. Aiden was acting off. Things weren't right with that. Her thoughts were cut short when Kaili shuffled into the kitchen in her cute little pink pajamas and her hair all ruffled from her sleep. She looked up at her mom with sleepies still in her eyes.

"Good morning, my sweetie." She walked up and took Kaili in her arms.

"Morning. I want pancakes." Kaili looked up at her mom with pleading eyes. The adorable big amber eyes that completely resembled her father… who she was meeting today. "Pwease?" She said, snapping Sakura out of her thoughts.

Sakura smiled warmly at her daughter. "Of course, Sweetie."

Sakura quickly got busy starting the pancakes for her and Kaili to eat. Luckily, Sakura had gotten some mix for the occasion. Pancakes were Kaili's favorite breakfast. The hotel suit had a great little kitchen area. It was perfect for long stays, which was looking like was going to be…about a month.

"Mama?" Kaili looked at her mother in confusion. She wasn't used to her mother being so distant…and she was wondering what's going on.


Shaoran waited impatiently at the private park at his mansion where Sakura had agreed to meet with him. It was private, where no one could see media couldn't know about Sakura and his child. Especially since he had a plan to make everything right again, and he could be with the one he wanted to be with. His heart was pounding so hard, he felt it in his throat. He was going to see his baby girl for the first time. The weirdest thing to him was she wouldn't be newborn like the age most fathers get to meet their children for the first time.

He sighed knowing that it was all his fault. He should've given everything up for them…he should've given it all up for Sakura. She was worth it. She really was…if it wasn't for the fact that his whole family would pay for that decision. He had to do it for his family. Things would've been better if he would've been up front with Sakura.

If he would've told her that if he could. How could he? 'Here, Sakura. I'm divorcing you because I have to marry Meilin to keep leadership of the Li clan and Corp. Don't be mad. Love, Li.' That would've been pathetic. There was no way she would've believed he still loved her. But, now, he had a chance to be with her…and his daughter.

"Shaoran." Sakura greeted him, pulling him from his thoughts. He jumped in a nervous manner. He was more nervous than he had thought. He looked up at Sakura, who was so beautiful standing ten or twelve feet away from him. Then he looked down and his breathe caught in his throat.

There, holding on to the hand of the woman he loved so much, was a little girl. She was so beautiful. She looked just as beautiful as her mother, only there were hints of him. Her big amber eyes gave it all away that she was his. She had a confused look at the stranger and a shy smile. The other hand that wasn't hold Sakura's was holding on to Sakura's pant leg, and she was looking at him in curiosity.

He fell to his knees. Sakura walked up to him, silent, stopping a foot away from him. She knelt down beside Kaili, right in front of him. "Kaili, this will be hard for you to understand, Sweety, but you will understand as time passes by. This is Shaoran…he's your daddy."

Shaoran's heart started to race at her words. Daddy. The word both warmed his entire soul and made his stomach flutter at the same time. He was her daddy.

Kaili looked up at her mom, to Shaoran, and back at her mom as if she was thinking through a problem. It made her look older than she was. She was pretty mature for her young age. A few seconds passed until she smiled. Her face bright, she said, "My daddy like Natani daddy?"

Natani was one of Kaili's playmates back in Japan. Her parents were together still and she was a daddy's girl. Kaili often used Aiden as a father figure but Sakura explained to her early on that he wasn't her real father. It helped having Aiden around but it wasn't the same. "Yes, Darling, like Natani's daddy he is your real daddy, and he loves you very much." Kaili looked at Shaoran with bright and shining eyes. Her excitement was jumping out of every part of her little body.

Shaoran smiled warmly at his daughter. "Hi, Kaili. I'm your daddy, and I do love you very much." That was all he could say before tears started to well up in his eyes and his throat started to choke up. That was also all Kaili needed before she let go of Sakura and ran into her father, hugging him in joy, acceptance, and love. He hugged her tightly to him, relieved how well it was going.

Shaoran finally let go of Kaili after a couple minutes of tearful joy and looked at Sakura. She was still kneeling in the same place with her head down, hiding her face. Shaoran reached over and lightly lifted her chin up so she could look at him. She was crying too. He searched her eyes that held sorrow and sadness.

"I'm so sorry, Shaoran." She whispered, "I'm so sorry I kept her away from you." She started to cry some more in guild which made Shaoran's stomach turn in disgust. He moved in and kissed her closing the gap between them, and pulling her into his arms. He pulled away reluctantly but kept her in his arms.

Searching deep within her eyes he said, "You have nothing to be sorry about. This is my fault, not yours. And I'm going to fix this…If you'll let me."

"You have to last another month before you can get divorced."

"I know, Sakura, but if you can forgive me, I want to make all of this up to you. I love you, Sakura. I want to be with you, and Kaili –" he looked at Kaili, who was playing right by them "– after all of this is over…If you can find it within your heart to forgive me." He breathed in her scent, missing the times when she was his and he could breath her in at any moment. He missed being able to touch her, and her touch. It sent shivers down his spine.

Sakura felt the same way. She longed for his touch so long that being in his arms made her heart flutter in faintness. His breath on fell on her skin and gave her goosebumps like it always used to. She ran her hand up his chest and shoulders, then lightly around his neck. She knew exactly what she wanted…she wanted him. "Shaoran, I want nothing more than to be with you."

Shaoran smiled in happiness. It was the smile he never had. Only she had the power to bring it out in him. She was his soulmate and he was hers. They would make it through this. Somehow he would make it work. He hugged her tighter and they laughed through their tears of joy and love.

Kaili giggle and ran up to them. Shaoran and Sakura opened up their arms and hugged Kaili between them. They were all a family together…for the first time.


"Aww…They are so KAWAI!!!" Shaoran's sisters quietly squealed. They, along with Yelan, Meilin, and Tomoyo, were hidden in some bushes in the garden about a hundred feet away from the happy family. They watched the happy reunion.

"Keep it down or they'll hear you." Meilin quietly scolded the four who were quietly babbling on about how cute the whole scene was. Everyone felt that way. Shaoran had been so emotionless and empty for so long, and everyone liked to see the smile and love back in his eyes. They loved to see him smile. It was the same with Sakura. They were all truly happy for all this.

"So how is this going to work, Meilin, with you two being married? I know you two will divorce when it's legally right, but what then?" Tomoyo asked.

Meilin shrugged and smiled smugly. "We announce our separate ways, I still work in the Li Clan and Shaoran and Sakura get back together. The rest will work itself out. I think Shaoran has a plan."

Yelan smiled in so much joy she was in tears. Her boy was happy again and that was all she could ever ask for. "Ok, now, let's leave the happy couple alone a while." The girls all made noises of disapproval but they all obeyed their mother. Tomoyo and Meilin agreed and they all silently snuck away from the scene before them…A scene of true happiness.


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