Snagging the Malfoy

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Chapter One – The Thing That Should Never Have Happened

Ginny Weasley had always been a very sensible girl. Her excellent sense of preservation for self as well as for others had helped her achieve a lot of things in the past years. Good things. Things like always being the top student of her year. Things like being chosen for the position of a prefect.

This, however, did not mean that she did not occasionally indulge in flights of fancy and daydreams of knights in shining armors. The sixth year Gryffindor was after all, just a girl; and like all girls her age, long to find their perfect mate, that one true love who would promise with words of undying love and adoration, white picket fences and whispers of forever.

But what really alarmed Ginny's sensibilities was the fact that her knight in shining armor was starting to resemble more and more like a certain blond-haired, grey-eyed enemy of her family.

Draco Lucius Malfoy.

'Good heavens,' the littlest Weasley thought morosely to herself when the truth finally saw fit to present itself to her. 'How could this have had happened without even my knowledge of it?'

It was true; Draco Malfoy had had nothing but nasty words to say to her whenever they crossed paths, and he never failed to be on his worst behavior whenever a Gryffindor was present. He hated everything red and gold, and that was just the way things are.

But yet, after all is said and done, Ginny Weasley was still undeniably attracted to him. She really had no idea why either; Draco did not seem to have any nice traits to speak of, and she normally would have preferred boys with a more muscular build and darker features, the complete opposite of what Draco is.

The Slytherin boy was tall and slender, ('Too slender,' Ginny thought with a frown.) with a build more like a dancer than a seeker and possessing movements more graceful than most. His skin tone was milky-white, something most women would have killed for, and his baby-fine blond hair made him look even paler than he already was. Furthermore, with those arrogantly aristocratic features passed down to him thanks to generations of careful inbreeding, it was true that Draco Malfoy possessed the face of an angel and that its so aesthetically pleasing that it was almost androgynous. He had really grown into that long nose and pointy chin, and the nickname 'ferret' could really not be used to describe him anymore. Ginny was not really very happy that this boy whom she had unfortunately taken a liking to might appear even prettier than she was. Really, she would have preferred more masculine boys like…

Like Harry, her mind whispered thoughtfully. Ginny promptly shut down that train of thought; it was sick-making, for she had gotten over her crush of Harry almost right after the entire fiasco that consisted of the Chamber of Secrets. Harry had been too good, too nice for her to have a crush on ever since; so much so that he is almost like another brother; and that had immediately ended all sorts of romantic inclinations that she once had for him.

'So now what?' Ginny asked herself glumly as she sat in the Great Hall during dinner, amongst all her fellow Gryffindors and friends. They had been smart enough not to disturb her tonight; for she had just realized her 'hidden feelings' (Ginny wanted to gag at that) for Malfoy that very morning and had been very surly and grouchy the whole day. It had taken said whole day for her to accept the sad fact of her pitiful life, though she still was not very happy over this new turn of events; but was sensible enough not to deny it. She would rather deal with it instead, and hopefully it would go away sooner or later.

You wish, her mind muttered gleefully. The Gryffindor squashed that irritating voice pointedly and pretended that she did not hear what had been said. She had more important things to think of; like how to get over this new development in her life.

'But how to go about doing it?' Ginny narrowed her eyes at the object of her 'affections' ('More like frustrations,' Ginny scoffed inwardly), who was still blissfully unaware of the impending hurricane that would soon turn his orderly life upside down and inside out.

And then it hit her. The perfect plan. Ginny started to grin, albeit a little maniacally. If she had to suffer being in love with the most insufferable prat in the whole of Hogwarts, there is NO WAY in hell that she is going to suffer alone. The redhead's grin widened, and so involved is she in her plotting that she did not notice the Gryffindors whom had been sitting around her edging warily away. Having Ginny grinning like that often meant that she was up to no good, and this time was no exception.

Draco Malfoy is going down.

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