The night was cold and Stephanie turned over, waking up from her dream to see Jeff standing by the window watching her. He was like her protect the way he would never let anyone hurt her. She smiled a little, it felt so right to have him back in her life but the weight of her secret made her feel cold and she rolled away from Jeff's presence.

There was a knock on the door and Stephanie jumped up from the bed turning quickly.

"Jeff!" Came from an familiar voice.

"Be right there, Matt." Jeff said getting up from the floor and putting on a t-shirt. Stephanie got up scooting into the bathroom until Jeff make sure it was okay. Jeff walked to the door and opened it slightly looking out cautiously. Matt and Amy stood in the hall,

"Well, you going to let us in or make us stand in the hall all day long?" Matt asked pushing into Jeff's room.

"Well, come in." He said sarcastically. Matt looked around as Jeff shut the door.

"Okay, so where is she?" Matt asked. Jeff looked at him,

"Where's who?" Jeff asked stupidly.

"Jeff, the whole hotel is buzzing about Triple H and Stephanie's fight last night and how banged up she is. Hunter's been beating everybody up looking for her." Matt said still looking around.

"Matt, you didn't tell him anything did you?" Jeff asked worried,

"Relax, like I would talk to that ape anyway, Amy's still beat up from that attack. " Matt said pointing to her. Jeff was going to speak when the bathroom door opened and Stephanie peeked out. Matt shook his head,

"I knew it. You two just can't seem to stay apart or get together without getting into trouble." Matt said in his older brother voice, Amy sat down on the chair near the window and tried to stay out of the bickering Brothers battle. She had learned her lesson on getting in between them and she still wasn't feeling well. Jeff went to Stephanie, as she walked out. Matt saw the wounds inflicted by Triple H and gasped,

"He did that?" Matt asked pointing at her neck.

"Yeah." Stephanie said sitting down. Matt just couldn't take his eyes off the gash on Stephanie's forehead as Jeff looked at him again,

"Well, you got any ideas, big brother, how we're getting out of this hotel without Triple H seeing us?" Jeff asked. Stephanie looked up at him,

"We don't!" She said rubbing her neck. Jeff looked at her,

"Stephanie, what are you talking about." He asked looking at her.

"I think I should go back to him and talk to him." She sighed.

"Are you crazy!" Jeff yelled. Stephanie looked at him,

"Jeff, it will give you a chance to get out of here and I know how to take care of him." She said.

"Steph, what if he hurts you again!" Jeff said kneeling in front of her and holding her face.

"I've got to take that chance, He'll find us anyway." She said starting to cry. Jeff hugged her,

"No, No, you're not doing that!" He said. Stephanie shook her head,

"I've got to. He was just upset...I can talk to him." She said pushing him back and standing up.

"Steph,..." He started but she stopped him.

"Please, Jeff. I'll be okay." She said straightening her clothes.

"You can't be serious!" Matt said looking at her.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. I'll see you guys tonight and you'll see. He loves me and everything will work out." She said trying to smile. Jeff tried to stop her but she was out the door before he could stop her.

"Jeff. Just let her's better this way.." Matt reasoned.

"Better for who, you?" Jeff snipped, pushing passed Matt and following Stephanie out the door but she was gone.

The WWF building in North Carolina was drafty from the air conditioning as Stephanie stepped inside. She had went back to the hotel room and Hunter was no where to be seen so she quickly changed and called her driver to talk her to the office, no doubt Hunter was spending his day kissing up to her Dad. She contemplated the plan they had were talking about yesterday but brushed it off. This was her life, it had been for 2 years, she had to get use to it sometime. The Elevator dinged and she stepped off on the top floor, glancing in the direction of her Father's office but she turned and headed towards her owe instead. She needed time to think and compose her thoughts before she went to talk to Hunter or Father and hopefully she could talk to them together, then she would have to worry about Hunter losing it again. The door to her office was closed and she sighed, opening the door to find it dark and empty. A feeling of relief came over her and she sighed, closing the door and sitting behind her desk.

The lobby was crowded and loud as Jeff hung back from everyone else, looking to see if anyone had recognized him, it didn't seem like it since he wore a hat over his tangerine color hair and had put on a pair of sunglasses. The receptionist was busy talking on the phone and chewing gum as he stood at the counter waiting to find out if Stephanie had come there, there had been no answer at the hotel when he brided the bellboy to tell him what room was hers. The obvious guess would be that she came here to talk to her Father or headed home for the long weekend. The receptionist was still gabbing on the phone as Jeff tapped his fingers on the counter to which she looked up and smiled graciously at him. He mimicked her and waited until she looked away to lean over the counter to her daily planner, Stephanie's name was starred as being in the office. That was all he needed to know, so he stepped back from the counter and moved towards the elevator. Looking around he found a security guard standing near the elevator checking ids. He had one but Vince couldn't know he was here. He had to find a way up that elevator without letting anyone know he was there.

Stephanie stared out the window and thought back to the night before. So much had happened, could he really still be in love her after everything she'd done. He didn't know the biggest thing she'd done to them and he shouldn't have to bear the weight of her secret. Turning back to her desk she opened the top drawer and took out the letter she had written over and over again trying to explain to Jeff why they couldn't be together and everything that she'd done. Maybe if he knew, he'd leave her alone but she never had the heart to send it. Her eyes glanced over the words she'd written over and over so many times, she threw the note down on her desk and moved to leave the room, she had to talk to Hunter and her Father.

As she approached the office, Stephanie could hear voices on the other side, she leaned against the door and listened, trying to figure out who it was.

"I don't care what kind of history there is.. She's my wife!" Hunter yelled as a glass broke.

"That was real crystal you idiot!" Vince's voice rang out as another sound of breaking glass rang out. "Look! We will find her and then you can do whatever you want with her, just keep her away from the freak...We had an agreement."

"Yeah, well, you think I planned any of this!" Hunter's voice bellowed again.

"Look, she's still my daughter and I don't want you beating up on her too much! Now just go find her and stick to the plan, you make this marriage last and you get your money..." Stephanie gasped, this whole time, this whole thing from Andrew and hers Wedding disaster to everything she went through with Jeff, it was all her Father. He paid Triple H to marry her and he didn't care what the outcome of this marriage was as long as I wasn't with who she wanted to be. She was shocked, who else was in on this, everyone? Austin? Her Mother? She had to get out of her before they saw her, she had to get away from Triple H. How could she be so stupid? To actually believe Triple H loved her, that he wanted to help her get even with her Father, the last 2 years had been a lie. Everything was a lie! She moved to run when the door to the office swung open and Triple H's eyes bore down into hers, the fear was overpowering and before she could even scream, he had her by the arm, dragging her into the office and slamming the door.

Vince McMahon sat at his desk, a look of disappointment resonating in his eyes as Stephanie was pulled from the door by Hunter. She let out a small cry grabbing at his hand to let her go but he wasn't complying and practically threw her down in the chair across from Vince.

"Stephanie...We've been looking all over for you. Where have you been?" Her father's eyes were like lasers boring a hole through her. A million lies popped into her head at once and she debated on which one to tell them.

"It doesn't matter, now look, Hunter's told me everything that's happened and I want you know to know he's really sorry. He didn't mean to take that out on you." Stephanie could not believe this was coming out of her Father's mouth.

"Dad, What did he tell you... I hope he told you that he tried to kill me..." Stephanie said her voice getting louder. She tried to stand and Hunter held her firmly in the chair. It was unbelievable, he was just going to sit there and Hunter man-handle her the way he was.

"Now, Stephanie, I think you're exaggerating a little bit. We really don't want rumors like that starting to be spread around." Vince laughed a little as Hunter smirked with his laughter.

"Let's just all pretend last night never happened. It's better that way.." Vince almost cooed before standing up from his chair. "This is really a matter for the two of you to work out on your own, so I'll let you two take the rest of the day off to work things out.." He waved them out, coming to sit on the corner of the desk.

"What, Dad, don't do this. You know I'm telling the truth." Stephanie pleaded, her eyes beginning to tear up, she'd trusted him. He was her Father, he was supposed to protect her from anything. "Dad?" She called again as Hunter moved her from the room, keeping a tight grab on her arm. He closed the door behind them. The pain Stephanie had felt before doubled and it felt like someone had stabbed her in the chest. She couldn't breathe, her whole world was a lie. Hunter was like a zombie, he leading her to the elevator and out of the building.

Jeff Hardy stepped off the elevator on the opposite side of the building and looked both ways. It was really blind luck that he knocked over that statue causing the security guard to run to catch it and then the receptionist to end her phone call to try to help him stand it back up so he could breathe. He moved quickly down the hall, remembering the way to her office, he'd only been here two times before but never directly to her office. The door sat open and the light was on as if she had just left. No one really took notice of him as they walked by, just figured he was there for a meeting being he was the new Intercontinental Champ after last night. He looked around for a sign of where she may have went but nothing seemed to pop out at him. Then he saw it. An envelope addressed to him, sitting clearly on the desk in front of him. He picked it up to study it closer, it was her handwriting. She must have known he was coming and this would tell him where she had gone. He quickly torn the envelope open and scanned the words in his head.

"I so sorry about the way things ended..." Jeff mouthed to himself, suddenly confused, he looked at the date and realize this letter was written right after she stopped talking to him, October of that year to be exact. He started at the beginning,

Jeff I'm so sorry to do this to you, I hope that one day you'll understand. We can never be together, we're just too different and too much has happened, that I fear you'll never be able to forgive me. I'm sorry about the way things ended, I guess they really haven't yet but in my mind, they're over. Jeff, I love you so much. The night that we were together, we created something that I should have protected. We created a life, we created a baby.

Jeff had to sit down before he could continue

I know, I never told you this because I didn't know until a few days ago but it doesn't matter now. Our baby is gone and it's all my fault. Maybe someday I'll explain this to you, maybe someday, you'll forgive me enough to listen but I won't hold it against you if you never want to speak to me again. I know I'll never forgive myself. I don't know, maybe I'm being foolish to think you'd even care, I haven't heard from you since that day I left you in North Carolina. Maybe that night was all you wanted. I doubt I'll even send this letter but if it finds it's way to you just know, I love you so much and I'm so sorry. Steph

Jeff, let the letter fall from his hands to the floor, how could he be so thick? How could he not remember and put the pieces together that that's what she'd been trying to tell him. Every time she came close to letting herself be with him again, she'd felt the weight of her secret bear down on her and that it was her fault. No one should have to go through that alone. Why didn't she call him, why didn't she trust him to stay with her. He would have found a way to get there and held her though everything.

"Find anything interesting?" Vince McMahon's voice broke his thoughts and he looked up a feeling of hatred boiling in his blood.

"Where is she?" He asked, not caring how he was talking to his boss.

"With her husband, they're working things out." He smiled his smug grin making Jeff want to punch him in the mouth. He quickly grabbed the letter from the floor and shoved it in his back pocket.

"Do you even care that your daughter could have been killed last night." Jeff asked. Vince had that look of craziness in his eyes as Jeff came to stand toe to toe with him.

"I'd rather have her with Hunter than with you." Jeff scuffed and pushed passed him.

"You're never going to get near her again, It'll be over my dead body." Vince promised as Jeff turned around,

"Then Shane better be ready to take over the company.." Jeff replied, Vince's face reddening at the thought of his ungrateful son and that jezebel Trish Stratus, he hoped he'd never hear their names again.

Jeff stormed out the front door of Titan towers with a resounding bang of the glass door striking back against the building as it popped open. He didn't care if he attracted attention to himself, he had to find her before something happened, he had to tell her that he knew.