Okay, so I had this weird idea after watching "The Chris Isaak Show" on Showtime(which you should all check out, btw!)
It's totally ridiculous, but just go with it, okay?
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TOW They Make It

The Set up: Ross and Chandler's college band got a record deal. "Emotional Knapsack" was a huge hit.
They are selling millions of records, and are superstars. Joey is also in the band. Monica is their manager, and Rachel is
their wardrobe designer. They do not know Pheobe. No one is dating anyone at this point.


Ten years on the road, and Chandler still hungered for the roar of the crowd. And tonight's crown did not disappoint him.
When the band took the stage that night, the stadium exploded, and the rafters literally shook. Chandler picked up his
guitar, his blue eyes gleaming, and gave the Minnesota fans a show they'd never forget.

Sitting in the dressing room after the show, Chandler and Ross could still hear the crowd chanting. They'd been offstage
for 20 minutes. Ross popped open his second beer, and gulped it down.
"That crowd is incredible!" Monica said, as she and Rachel came in.
"Tell me about it," Ross said, "They are *still* out there!"
"So, what's next on the agenda, Mon?" Chandler asked.
Monica looked at her clipboard, something that she always had with her. Chandler once joked that her relationship with
her clipboard was the longest she'd ever had.
"Um, Detroit tomorrow, Chicago on Thursday, then back to New York on Friday to do Letterman."
"Letterman! Cool!," Joey said, as he passed through the dressing room, with two groupies on his arm.
"Didn't we just do Letterman?" Ross asked.
"That was Conan." Monica replied.
"Well, I'm takin' a shower," Chandler said, stading up, "I stink."
"Yeah ya do!" Monica joked.
"Oh yeah?"Chandler said, running over to Monica. He threw his arm around her head.
"Take a whiff of THIS baby!!"
"Ew ew ew!" Monica struggled to free herself from Chandler's death-grip-of-stench.
Chandler let her go and laughed triumphantly as he headed for the shower.
"I'll get you back Bing!" Monica yelled.


Joey layed in bed, with two women sleeping next to him. He sighed and sat up. He'd had hundreds of
nights like this one. He never thought that all the sex and partying would get old, but it had.
He longed to have a real, significant relationship for once. He had girls throwing themselves at him
all the time, but he knew they were only into the fame and money. How was he going to find someone who
wanted him for who he was, not what he was?

New York City

Phoebe really did not want to go to this concert. Her friend Abby had an extra ticket, and so she'd
agreed to go, on the condition that they wouldn't be out all night.
She wasn't really familiar with the band, mostly because her taste in music was
anything but mainstream. Most of the bands she listened to were the type that filled small
clubs and cafe's, not the type that filled stadiums.

After the show, Phoebe and Abby headed for the parking lot.
"Abby," Phoebe said, "the car is this way."
"I know," Abby said, as she walked toward a large steel door.
Phoebe rolled her eyes. "What?"
Abby knocked on the door softly. It opened, and a dark-haired woman poked her head out.
"Hey Ab!" She whispered.
"Hey Janice."
"C'mon," Janice said, "Hurry up."
Abby and Phoebe snuck in behind Janice, and started walking down a narrow corridor.
"Abby!" Phoebe hissed, "What the hell is going on??"
"Janice is a freind of mine from school. She is dating Chandler Bing!!"
"The *lead singer*!!"
"Shhh!" Janice said, as they approached the dressing room door.


Monica had Chandler pinned to the couch, trying to feed him something he obviously did not want to eat.
"Monica, get OFF of me!!"
"No way, Chandler. I *owe* you!"
"Chandler", Ross interrupted, "Janice is here."
Chandler groaned and rolled his eyes, as Monica slowly got off of him.
He had made the mistake of sleeping with Janice once, and now he could not get rid of her.
She was under some kind of warped delusion that they were dating.

Monica did not like Janice. She knew that Janice only wanted Chandler for his money.
She was a gold-digging groupie, and she was sooooo annoying.

Janice entered with two other girls. Chandler didn't recognize either of them. One was very
pretty, but totally bald. The other was also very pretty, though she looked extremly bored.
Chandler guessed that she was brought here against her will. Janice walked over to Chandler,
and threw her arms around him, dramatically, in a lame attempt to show-off to her friends.
"How's my little Bing-a-ling?" She cooed.
Chandler smiled half-heartedly, and pulled Janice off of him.
"Hey Janice."
"What are we doing tonight?"
Chandler looked to Monica, a look of desperation in his eyes.
"Actually," Monica cut in, "Chandler has to do that interview with Rolling Stone right now."
"Oh," Janice said, disappointed. "Oh, well, I can wait."
Chandler rolled his eyes, as he and Monica left the dressing room.


Rachel sat down next to Ross, who was now on his fourth beer.
"Ross," she said, touching his arm, "Don't you think you should slow down a bit?"
Ross shot Rachel a strange look.
"What do you mean?"
Rachel sighed in frusteration. She liked Ross so much, but lately his drinking was getting out of control.
She stood up, and wandered to the dressing table, struggling to find something to distract her.
Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Ross being joined on the couch by a bald girl, who happily took
the beer that Ross offered her.

Monica and Chandler found a quiet corner in the back of the now-emptied stadium. Chandler sunk down into a chair,
and plopped his head onto Monica's shoulder.
"I gotta find a way to get rid of her," Chandler said, referring to Janice.
"She is at *every* show!" Monica said.
"I'd tell her off, but she knows SO many people...." Chandler sighed.
"The wonders of the internet," Monica said flatly. She looked over at Chandler, who had his eyes closed.
She brushed the hair off of his forehead and rested her head on his. She closed her eyes, and revelled
in this rare moment of privacy she got to share with her best friend.


Joey walked in and saw a pretty blonde sitting alone in the corner of the dressing room. Ross was busy making out with a bald girl,
and no one else seemed to be around.
"How you doin'?" Joey said, more out of habit than anything else.
"Hey," Phoebe mumbled.
"I'm Joey Tribbiani"
Joey was baffled by this girl. She seemed so disinterested. She didn't respond at all when he told her his name.
He found her indifference intriguing.

Phoebe sat there, bored out of her mind. She knew this guy was just trying to be nice, but she wasn't interested.
She just wanted to go home.


okay, so that's the set up. Let me know what you think, and i can continue.......