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The One Where They Make It, Epilogue
"Where Are They Now?"

~June, 2022~

**Narrator: They were once the biggest band in the world, selling millions upon millions of records. They rode the wave of fame with grace and humour, and relied on strong friendships and an undying loyalty to keep them going strong. Tonight, we will take a look back at the band, and the crazy ride through fame that gave them fortune, glory, and tragedy. We'll look at old clips, talk to the band, and see where they are today.
This is PMQ then...and now.

**Opening Sequence**

**Narrator: They grew from a small college band into one of the biggest groups of their generation. At the height of their popularity, they made millions of dollars, littered the charts with hit after hit, and sold out stadiums around the world. While they continued to rock the world, the members of the band all managed to find love within their own ranks. Lead singer Chandler Bing fell for the band's longtime manager, Monica Geller, and guitarist Ross Geller fell in love with the band's wardrobe designer, Rachel Green. In the most surprising twist in the band's story, womanizing drummer Joey Tribianni fell hard for a woman he met backstage at one of the band's New York shows. Phoebe Buffay, a professor of Literature at New York University, had reluctently accompanied some friends to the show, and had, ironically, caught Tribianni's eye. They were married only months later. The band seemed to be riding a wave of fantastic luck and popularity. But behind the scenes, the world of PMQ was beginning to unravel.

When we return, the death threats and dramatic changes that marked the beginning of the end.


**Narrator: During their tour for the multi-platinum and Grammy winning album "Perrenial", the band was forced to deal with a constant and very real threat on their lives. An unpublisized bomb scare in Salt Lake City was followed months later by an apparent lighting sabotage and a suspicious poisening of Chandler Bing. While the FBI continued their investigation, the band continued touring in support of their record, despite rumours of a break up. As the tour came to a close, tabloids revealed that the band's manager, Monica Geller, was pregnant, and that Chandler was the father. While the band refused to acknowledge the rumours at first, Bing later confirmed the rumour, sending the media and the fans into a frenzy. The pregnancy marked the end of the band's long-running reign on the pop charts, as the members of the band called it quits in 2001.

**Ross Geller: At the time, the band just didn't seem that important. Chandler and Monica were about to become parents, and we were all becoming more committed to our personal lives.

**Monica Geller-Bing: A lot of people still think that the break-up was Chandler's decision, and that he did it because of me. In actuality, the decision was a mutual one. The entire band was ready to move on at that point.

**Narrator: Their 2001 break up was the top news story in almost every country in the world. But mere months after the break up, rumours about a reunion flooded internet chatrooms and message boards. The talk made it's way to the mass media, and, in an interview in the Spring of 2002, Chandler Bing did nothing to quell the rumours.

~The Late Show With David Letterman, April 2002~

Letterman: So, you are solo now, all on your own.

Bing: Yeah

Letterman: Any, uh, any chance of you gettin back together with the other guys?

Bing: Sure, there's always a chance. It certainly isn't the same out there without them.

Letterman: Will we, uh, be seeing all of you together again soon?

Bing: I certainly hope so!


**Narrator: The rumours caused a near media frenzy. But all of that came to a crashing halt, in the now infamous Summer of 2002, when Phil Vincent, the band's original drummer, pulled out a gun, and shot Chandler Bing outside the chapel where he had just married his longtime girlfriend, Monica Geller-Bing. The media, already in Las Vegas for the wedding, stood by, shocked, as Chandler's family and friends struggled to save him. On July 18, 2002, the world stood in a shocked silence, as The Announcement hit the airwaves.

~NBC News Headquarters, Thursday, July 18, 2002, 8:05 pm, Eastern Standard Time~

**Tom Brokaw: We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you some rather shocking news from the world of music. Chandler Bing, the former lead singer of the rock group PMQ was shot in front of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, just forty-five minutes ago. He was pronouced dead at the Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas at about 4:45 pm, Pacific Standard Time, or 7:45 pm, Eastern Standard Time. He was killed as he left a Las Vegas wedding chapel. I'm afraid, that--there's nothing more to say.

(AN: Don't hate me! Don't hate me! Don't hate me! I wanted this to be a truly tragic Rock & Roll story...please keep reading, and don't flame me for killing him!!!)

**Narrator: The days that followed Chandler's shocking murder were filled with a strange mixture of chaotic turmoil and stunned grief. Fans flocked to both the Las Vegas Chapel, and Chandler's New York home, to pay homage to the man and his music. Meanwhile, the man responsible for the murder confessed to previous attempts on Bing's life, including the bomb scare in Salt Lake City, and the poisening incident in Sacramento, California. In a statement made to police, Vincent claimed that Chandler had kicked him out of the band, because Vincent had fessed up to an affair with Bing's ex-girlfriend, Kathy Rigby. Rigby denies Vincent's claims, saying that he had been infatuated with her, but nothing ever came of it. Ross Geller and Chris Salman have also since stated that Phil Vincent left the group willingly.

In nearly every country in the world, candle-light vigils were held in town squares and on neighborhood sidewalks, a testiment to the popularity of the band. While the world mourned the loss of a musician, those closest to him mourned the loss of a bandmate, a friend, a brother, a husband, and a father.

**Ross Geller: We were devestated. None of us knew how to cope with it, and it was hard to avoid all of it. I mean, the footage of the shooting was everywhere. I think we blacked out all tv, radio and internet for a solid month. We all ended up staying and Joey and Phoebe's house for a long time. We didn't want to be apart, and, poor Mon, she couldn't even really get into her house anyway, what with all of the fans camped out there.

**Monica Geller-Bing: It's the toughest thing I have ever had to go through. I spent a lot of time being angry, sad, and lost. I am very lucky that I had such a strong support system around me at the time.

**Narrator: It has been twenty years since Chandler's death, and in those twenty years, the face of music has changed dramatically. But no matter what kind of music they play, almost all of today's young band's credit PMQ as their inspiration.

**Chad Shular, lead singer of Graft*: Yeah, man, PMQ. They are like the Rock Gods, and we just, you know, live in their world. Yeah.

**Narrator: No one has been influenced by the music of PMQ more than Chandler's own flesh and blood. Now twenty-one years old, Andrew Bing has begun to come into his own in the music world, though his father's influence is evident in his music. Although he has no memory of his father, Andrew has grown up listening to his music, and has learned about Chandler through his friends, and through Monica.

**Monica Geller-Bing: I have always made sure that Chandler was a large part of Andrew's life. I knew that he would be exposed to the music, but I wanted to make sure that Andrew knew the man as well.

**Narrator: When we continue, a look at the members of PMQ today.


**Narrator: It has been twenty years since Chandler's death, and since then his bandmates and best friends have established impressive lives and careers. Joey and Phoebe Tribianni now have two children, Robert, nineteen, and Anna, sixteen. Joey continues to produce albums for other artists, but has found a new career in acting. A once skeptical Hollywood audience had no choice but to embrace the musician-turned-actor, when he was nominated for an Academy Award eight years ago.

**Joey Tribianni: It's always tough to cross over from singing to acting, and vice versa. People in the industry are always a little hostile to the idea. I found that fighting to prove myself was what made me a better actor.

**Narrator: While Joey strayed from music, Ross Geller has stayed deep in the industry. Two years after Chandler's murder, Ross established his own band, Neutron, and managed to record four chart-topping albums before the band's demise three years ago. Geller has since created his own record label, and has managed to sign some of today's hottest acts. As for his personal life, Geller, a recovering alcoholic, suffered a short relapse in the fall of 2002. The relapse threatened to ruin his relationship with longtime girlfriend Rachel Green, but she refused to give up on him.

**Ross Geller: I would have never made it without Rach. She's my rock, and thanks to her, I haven't touched alcohol in almost twenty years.

**Rachel Geller: He's much, much stronger than he thinks he is.

**Narrator: Ross and Rachel were married in the winter of 2003, and had four children together; Ashley, nineteen, Gregory, fifteen, Emily, twelve, and Joshua, ten. The family still resides in New York, living very close to the Tribbiani family, with whom they spend most major holidays with.

**Phoebe Tribianni: We are basically one big family.

**Narrator: Monica Geller-Bing never remarried. She used her husband's name and part of his fortune to open several music schools in the tri-state area. Her goal was to bring music to kids who had little access to the expensive training and intruments. The Bing Schools are now some of the most well-known and respected schools in the nation. In addition to the schools, Monica has ensured that PMQ's legacy is safe and secure. She owns all rights to the songs her late husband wrote, and, in a savvy marketing strategy, she bought the Vegas chapel where she and Chandler were married.

**Monica Geller-Bing: A year before I bought the chapel, it had been turned into some kind of museum and memorial. There are always fans out front, lighting candles and things. I just thought that it would be better if we could have some control over what they do with that building.

**Narrator: The legacy of the band and the music is indesputable. And the scandals and tragedies that surrounded the band made instant-celebrities out of the people who wanted to destroy them. When "Where Are They Now?" continues, we'll look at the lives of the people surrounding one of the century's most popular acts.


**Narrator: Several people used the band to further their own aganda's, and none more than Janice Stein and Phil Vincent. Vincent's role in the fate of the band is now well known. He was convicted of murder in the first degree, and sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole. He was only in prison for a few months before being beaten to death by his fellow inmates. Vincent's attorney has since said that his client's murder was inevitable, given the publicity surrounding the murder, and the popularity of the victim.

As for Stein, her attempts to win Chandler Bing's heart were well publisized and much talked about. Following the abduction of baby Andrew Bing in the winter of 2002, Janice was committed to Bellevue Medical Center in New York, where she suffered a severe breakdown following Chandler's murder. She has since been released, and lives a quiet, nondescript life in Miami, Florida. Requests for an interview with "Where Are They Now?" were turned down.

**Phoebe Tribianni: It's sad, and a little strange. I mean, I may not have ever met Joey had I not gone to that show. And she was the person that saved me and Joey from that accident we'd had soon after we'd started dating. We all kind of knew she was obsessed...we just had no idea how far it would go.

**Narrator: The story of the band reads like a classic Greek tragedy. But after all is said and done, it has always been the music that has kept the band alive, and it's the music that made the band what they were. Their legacy will not live in an old Vegas chapel, or in all of the books and movies that have been made about the band. Their legacy will live in their music. This week, PMQ's label, Metaphorical Tunnel Records, along with the surviving members of the band, are releasing a long awaited "Best Of" collection, featuring the band's biggest hits, as well as some previously un-released tracks. It's a fitting tribute, to one of the greatest bands in Rock & Roll.

*I made up that band Graft, and uh, I made up Janice's last name. Did she ever have a last name? dunno.


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