Star Wars

Episode 7:

The Rebel Fear

A new Republic has been formed after the defeat of Emperor Palpatine. After 3 years of the defeat of the powerful Sith, the Jedi have sensed many Dark Jedi throughout the galaxy. Luke Skywalker and his followers have been hunting down many professional Dark Jedi they have found throughout the galaxy. Although, Skywalker and his followers discovered and captured a Sith Lord known as Darth Slain. Although, he has escaped from the powerful clutches of the new Republic. The Republic has learned Darth Slain is hiding on a planet known as Corusant. Skywalker and the powerful Kyle Katarn, who had just gotten back from vacation with his wife, Jan, have teamed up to fly to Corusant, and capture Darth Slain. The Republic is very worried that they might have another possible Emperor on their hands. Darth Slain has gathered many followers to fight against the Republic.