Chapter 9

Luke jumped away from Kyle blocking so many blows. Luke was starting to get tired. He back flipped onto the control panel on his side of the room. Kyle jumped up onto it also. Luke dodged a blow to his feet. Kyle kicked Luke off. Luke landed back onto the floor nearly falling off the cliff.

"I'll give you proof that I know what you did," Kyle said inserting the mini-projector into the control panel. He pressed life size. A giant hologram flew throughout the room. Luke saw himself killing Jan over and over again. He couldn't believe it. He didn't do this. Without even stopping the hologram, Kyle jumped down attacking Luke. Luke blocked all the blows. He back flipped to the other side of the room through the projector. Luke couldn't keep on just defending himself. He had to do attack. No Kyle was his best friend. He wasn't going to hurt him. Luke saw Kyle was about to jump. So he jumped also. They passed each other in the air striking each other's light saber quickly. They did that once more. Luke stood there waiting for Kyle. Kyle jumped over to Luke's side. Luke ducked. Kyle landed rolling over sprawling himself onto the floor. Kyle attacked Luke. Luke once again blocked this blow falling to his back doing a backwards somersault. Kyle brought down a blow after Luke's tremendous role. Luke blocked it. He used his legs to push Kyle back. Kyle went flying. While in the air, he used the Force to call Luke to him. Luke also went flying. They both fell down the shaft. They grabbed onto an edge in the cliff. Luke was right on top of Kyle. Kyle swung his light saber with his free hand. Luke blocked it with his free hand holding his light saber. They did this for a little longer when Han and Leia arrived. Kyle seized this opportunity. He used the Force to call Leia down the shaft. Leia fell screaming. Luke used the force to pull her back up out of the shaft. Kyle tried again. Luke held her where she was with the Force. He fought Kyle's attempt to pull Leia down. He couldn't do this much longer. He didn't have a choice to do what he had to do.

"Kyle, you're forcing me to do this," Luke screamed. He ignited his light saber, swung it, and cut off Kyle's hand that was holding onto the edge in the cliff. Kyle let go of his light saber, and fell down the shaft screaming, "I HATE YOU." Luke used the force to call Kyle's light saber to him. Luke hooked it to his belt, and climbed to solid ground. Leia and Han helped him up. Luke looked down to see water rushing up to the surface up the cliffs. The water system must have blown up. He saw Kyle being forced everywhere in the water. "Come on, we've got to go," Luke said to Leia and Han. But they were standing there watching the life sized hologram of Luke killing Jan in horror. "I swear to God I did not do that," Luke stated.

"You heard him, lets go," Han said pulling Leia. They ran out to the garage. They got into three ships and flew away just in time from being washed away by water.

Kyle was just barely alive. The water was spread everywhere. It washed him out of the base. He was on solid ground on his stomach, crawling. Slain all the sudden walked up, not a drop of water on him.

"You weak minded Jedi," he spat. Kyle was too weak to get up.

"I did my best," Kyle said.

"Well your best wasn't good enough. That was because you weren't trained in the Sith arts. Join me, and I'll teach you all that you need to know," Slain offered.

"Never," Kyle spat. He saw Slain once again had 2 light sabers. He used the Force to call one to him, igniting it, getting up, and attacking Slain with his one hand. Since Kyle was so weak, he could not be as powerful as he was earlier when he fought Slain. Slain withdrew his other light saber fighting Kyle. Slain was going extremely easy on Kyle. He blocked many attacks coming from Kyle. Kyle was making a great effort though. He spun around swinging his light saber to cut Slain in half. Slain blocked the attack, spun around, and brought his light saber up slicing Kyle's stomach open. Kyle screamed falling to his back on the ground. The light saber went flying from Kyle's hands.

"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. Why stick with the Republic when you know Luke's on their side?" Slain asked.

"Because Luke's a traitor. No one knows he's is one but me," Kyle weakly said.

"Exactly, if you join me, we shall hunt down that traitor. We shall start an Empire. We shall rule the Galaxy together. I will help you find and slay that traitor known as Skywalker. We will hang his head high above our Empire to show everyone he was a traitor. All's you have to do is join me, and I will take you as my apprentice," Slain said holding out his hand. Kyle was reconsidering this.

"You promise?" he asked.

"I promise," Slain replied. Kyle seized Slain's hand. Slain smiled. "Everyone shall now know you to be Darth Crusifidge," Slain said.

"Yes Master," Kyle said.

Somewhere out there, Luke sensed Kyle was still alive, and he accepted himself into the Dark side completely. Luke suspected that that was not the last he'd seen of Kyle. Next time they met, one of them would die. Luke could sense it.

The End