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Editor's Notes (Updated March 20th, 2009) – I've been doing a lot of other stuff. Graduated college. Working in real life. Working on some true fiction. So on and so forth. This story has become something so huge for me it's unreal, and I just keep learning the more I write and try new things. Almost 400k words now, and it probably will hit about 450k with the end finally in sight.

As an additional disclaimer to everyone reading this, I must warn you that it will not appear to belong in the Zelda category at first. Truth be told, it really didn't when I began, and I moved it here a while back. Though it started as a simple Teen Titans / Mega Man X crossover based on a few strange dreams I had had when I was younger, it evolved into a story that I thought the characters from many games deserved, especially ones like Mega Man who tend to not get a fair share in the storyline & plot department. This story is a crossover of Mega Man, Mega Man X, Teen Titans, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy 7 & 10, The Adventures Sonic the Hedgehog, and a few others even, but ultimately the plotline is most closely related to that of the Zelda games, and that is why it is here.

Happy reading everyone. I hope you enjoy. Please forgive my early chapters. I've edited these only slightly so that I can preserve and observe my own growth from a very inexperienced writer to one who feels much more comfortable and fluent doing this.

Chapter 1 – A Blue Light

High above the bustling streets of Jump City, hovering just above the atmosphere in orbit of the Earth, a lone ship waited amongst the stars with a single passenger aboard it. This ship was extremely large for a single person, but unless someone happened to be looking directly at the ship with a telescope, nobody was going to spot it, despite its massive size. Perhaps only the most advanced technology would actually be able to penetrate the ship's advanced stealth systems. The being operating the controls figured that this wasn't likely to happen, and therefore he remained calm and cool in that respect. However, the man clad in blue armor had a narrow look in his deep green eyes. He knew that trouble was near. There always was. Mavericks, the rogue machines from his world that he had sworn to hunt down and destroy, were active on this planet, but for what reason he knew not. His computer readout of this Earth before him didn't show anything particularly special in terms of technology or in mineral deposits that could not easily be found in more plentiful amounts on other worlds. Frustrating him even more so, there had been no news on this planet of any attacks by his enemies, and while he was satisfied with the fact that no one had been hurt, it left him pacing back and forth on his ship, studying the movement patterns of a few Mavericks he had located, reading old survey records of Earth and trying to find some clue as to what they were doing.

A wave of anxiousness came over him. The man in the blue armor just wanted to go down to the planet, exterminate them and be done with it, but he was too logical and not at all rash enough for such an act of stupidity. He knew he couldn't do that without the risk of many lives being lost due to some photon missile launcher, planetary plaque, earthquake generator or whatever else he might miss should he dive in and start exterminating without a plan. The only lead that he had was a grid of where his ship's sensors had picked up the Mavericks, and at the center of their activity there lay a small island with a huge tower in the shape of the letter 'T.'

He paced back and forth, looking at the awkwardly shaped tower in an even more awkward place; in the middle of massive river splitting two halves of the busy city below.

"What could possibly be so interesting in that building? Looks like a bunch of spoiled, rich teens or some kind of corporate giant. Who else would make a tower shaped like a "T"?"

He let out a breath of irritation at his ignorance towards the situation.

"They do seem to have a lot of high-tech in there compared to the rest of the city around it, though… and then there's the fact that one of the five life forms present only partially registers on the sensors."

He rubbed his fingers across his chin and thought about this. His eyes rapidly moved while he searched for an answer. It did not take him long to come up with a theory.

"A cyborg, maybe? ……I guess it's possible. This Earth is advanced enough for it. Either that or some small animal that's coming up on the sensors as humanoid."

Regardless of whether or not his theories on that life form were right, it didn't get him any closer to an answer. The Mavericks were far more advanced than any cyborg, and they would definitely have no use for someone's beloved pet. No, they were definitely looking for something else.

"Could just be information…" he wondered, his metallic boots clanging lightly with the even softer sound of a hydraulic hiss as he walked about.

The man in the blue armor had been at this search for nearly a week now, and his patience was waning. Deciding that an hour of rest would suit him well, he began to head towards the automatic sliding door that lead to his quarters. Walking down the corridor, his mind wandered, as it often did. This bothered him, because it always led him to think too much. He often wondered why he didn't just take his ship and live out his life somewhere more peaceful without all the fighting and chaos, but a strong sense of justice within him never ceased to bring his mind back to what he knew was right. As the blue soldier entered his quarters, he prepared his hibernation capsule in the corner of the room; his form of sleeping. The mechanical buzz and low humming noise coming from the capsule let him know that it was preparing, and while it did this, the man in the blue armor looked across the room at a sword that hung on a highly decorated mantelpiece. He stared at it in its gold and purple sheath. Postponing his sleep for just a minute more, he walked over to it and unsheathed the blade. It was beautifully crafted even though it was intended for combat, and the ornate design of three golden triangles connected to each other at the base of the blade always had a way of captivating him. There was no real need for a sword when the arsenal of weapons on his own body could defeat a small army, but when he held the sword in his hands, it felt as though there was a gentle power residing within it; something that felt almost legendary. It was more than enough reason for him to keep it. Out of all the treasures and relics he had collected in his several years in space, it was this sword that held the most value to him.

"What have you got in store for me?" He asked the weapon in his hands, hoping that maybe it would actually give him an answer. It of course didn't say anything in return, but he smiled at it anyway. The man in blue armor placed the sword back where it originally lay and headed for his own resting place, but he would not get the sleep he desired, for just as he was stepping in, an alarm accompanied by the ship's lights turning red alerted him that the Mavericks were on the move. He bolted for the door, but stopped and looked at the sword. With only a moment's hesitance, he grabbed it and strapped it to his back. His pace returning to the bridge was much faster than it had been on the way to his quarters, and when he arrived, his jaw tightened and his face was now very serious. He now hoped that the five inside the T-shaped tower, no matter how spoiled or obnoxious they were, could defend themselves, because three powerful mavericks were quickly converging on Titan's Tower.


A light breeze blew across the short grass covering much of the Titan's island nearby the massive bridge raised across the river. Those driving across the bridge, if they looked closely enough, could see two of the Teen Titans on the beach getting ready to train as they regularly did, so they would be able to better protect the city they loved so much. One of the two, however, was not as enthusiastic as the other.

"Robin, I do not think that I can do this …" said a nervous Starfire as the Boy Wonder Robin firmly blindfolded her. The young alien, usually just referred to as 'Star' by her comrades, always wore a purple tube top and miniskirt. Not because she wanted to be revealing, but more because it was a common outfit on her own home world. Starfire was still catching on to many of the customs of Earth, and her seemingly infinite innocence made it so that it never occurred to her that others might be staring.

"Come on, Star, it's not all that hard," said her partner in training. "You just need to use your other senses instead of relying on sight. Listen to your opponent's move, and feel it when they brush past you."

His encouragement didn't make the young Tamaranian girl feel any better about the situation.

"Robin, I do not think that I will ever have to fight a real enemy while wearing a piece of cloth around my head."

"Don't worry Starfire, I won't go hard on you," the Boy Wonder reassured her. "All right, here I come!!"

The leader of the Teen Titans crept quickly around her in his red and green outfit with his large yellow cape remaining soundless behind him. Starfire stumbled around, trying to hear where Robin's footsteps were coming from, but between his light steps and the sound of crashing waves on the edge of their little island, she didn't have a clue where to start.

"Ow!!" She yelled as she felt a light jab to her side from what must have been Robin's staff. She quickly launched a shining green star bolt from her hand in the direction that she had been struck, but it hit nothing. She felt another jab in her right leg and launched a star bolt from each hand, but again Starfire only heard them hit the ground. After two more strikes, this time to her back, she was not interested in playing the game anymore. She clenched her fists tightly and flung a massive volley of bolts all around her.

"Whoa, Star!" yelled Robin as he strafed and ducked to dodge the barrage of attacks that were only narrowly missing him. "STARFIRE, STOP!!"

The redheaded alien girl ceased and took off the blindfold. "I… did something wrong?"

"No, it's just… maybe you don't need this training," said Robin as he tended to the singed tips of hair on his head.

As Starfire handed the blindfold back to Robin, a dark figure floated across the ground wearing deep blue robes. Normally a visage that would be quite frightening, the two sparring partners knew that this was the ordinary appearance of their friend, and also their fellow Teen Titan, Raven. The only time that they needed to fear Raven was if she was angry. As she lifted her dark hood and let light shine on her face, the pulsating red vein on the forehead of her otherwise pale and colorless face revealed that she was indeed quite angry.

"Uh, Raven? Is… something wrong?" Robin dared to ask. She didn't say anything in response, but her eye twitched in fury as she brandished the backside of her cape, which was now full of scorched holes. Blushing heavily, Starfire backed away from her.

"Um, sorry Raven. Starfire and I… we were just practicing and, uh…"

Raven's silence said very clearly to them 'watch what you're doing next time.' They both got the point and moved on to other forms of training. Raven grumbled and flew up toward the top of Titan's tower, where she used her spiritual powers to phase directly through the wall into her room so she could change into something else, although it would most likely be another replica of her usual superhero outfit. She always wore a similar attire that she felt suited her best, which was like a long sleeve, one-piece bathing suit (always black) and a long blue cloak with a hood that reached down to her feet. While she was changing, she could hear the two remaining Titans, Beast Boy and Cyborg crashing about the hallways in the tower; probably playing some game they invented which Raven would undoubtedly find absurd and pointless. As she clamped the ruby brooch at her neck that held her robe on, a massive knock from the half human, half machine colossus, Cyborg, prompted Raven to open her door although she was reluctant to do so in the combined presence of he and Beast Boy. After already having one of her outfits made to resemble Swiss cheese, she was not thrilled to see her to fellow titans with ear to ear grins on their faces that were obviously asking her to join in. Raven was a respected member of the team, but her tolerance for ridiculous fun and games was limited. She was always much more interested in reading a good book or meditating.

"Hey Raven!" blurted out Cyborg, the hulking, half human, half machine in front of her. "I know you wanted us to clean out the fridge of all the food with the blue mold on it, so we found a fun and exciting way to do it! The way it works is, Beast Boy morphs into a freaky combination of three different animals, and if you can't guess what he's made of, then you have to eat one piece of the blue furry food!"

Raven could feel her insides steaming at the stupidity in front of her. "Or, we could just have Beast Boy turn into something huge and jam it down his throat, couldn't we?"

"Hey!" Screamed the small, green-skinned Teen Titan, "You KNOW I'm a vegetarian and that furry blue mold definitely qualifies as some kind of weird, meaty nastiness."

"If you two don't clean that garbage out of the fridge and leave me to my meditating, I'll…" Raven couldn't finish her words before Robin's voice came over the sounds system throughout the tower.

"Titans, trouble right outside the tower! Get out here now!!"

Raven immediately sprung into action. Her eyes glowed white and her body formed into the shape of large bird composed entirely of dark energy. She then enveloped the other two Titans and phased directly through the walls of the tower just as she had entered. Landing herself and the other Titans right next to Robin and Starfire, she turned back into her original shape and raised her head to look at the challenge that presented itself to the Titans. The five heroes had confidence in themselves for all the victories that they had had in the past, but the three figures in front of them today looked somehow much more threatening than many of their other adversaries. Three strange machine-like… things… stood before the Titans, each of them inside what looked like huge tanks with arms and legs. The one in the center looked like a small man wearing a black suit of armor with a small t-shaped opening in the helmet, but the Titans were very disturbed that they could not see any face or eyes in the opening. He was obviously the leader of the trio. The machine in the tank to his left looked like an oversize metal bird, while the one to the right had four arms and a tail with a vicious looking stinger poking out of the tank it was riding.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" Demanded Robin, as he was the leader of the Titans.

"My name is Vile," replied the dark metallic voice of the Maverick leader, "And if you do not remove yourselves from this island now, we shall eliminate every one of you."

At this threat, Cyborg, who was now much more serious, shifted his cybernetic right hand. His machine palm split apart and retracted into the sonic wave cannon that he used against the more threatening enemies, and Beast Boy used his shape shifting abilities to expand himself into the powerful body of a triceratops.

"Sorry, Vile, but the Teen Titans don't just surrender to anyone without a fight," grinned a slightly cocky Robin.

Vile was not even slightly deterred by Robin's words. "Very well, foolish human. Your blood will stain the ground you stand on, and we will get what we desire just as easily." He turned to his comrades, "Overdrive Ostrich, Magna Centipede… kill them all."

The battle had begun. The humanoid tanks that Vile's henchmen were riding surprised the Titans with their incredible speed. They both dashed towards the center of the Titans, causing them to disperse and separate. Raven and Cyborg were driven in one direction by the Overdrive Ostrich, and the other three Titans took on who Vile had called Magna Centipede. Raven launched herself higher in the air as the arm of the Ostrich's tank swung at her and only narrowly missed. Cyborg took the opportunity to strike the tank with his sonic cannon from the side, and as an explosion erupted from where his cannon struck, he slightly lowered his defenses, thinking he was already victorious, but the Overdrive Ostrich drove the tank's fist firmly into Cyborg, knocking the tin man clear out of the fight and into the bay. Raven, now fending for herself, flew several feet out of reach of the Maverick and the land based tank it rode in. Raven moved her arms with careful precision as she threw beams of spiritual energy at the tank, but they had little effect other than irritating the driver. Raven instead then tried to aim her blasts at the Maverick instead of trying to disable the tank, but she could not manage to get a clear blast at the fast moving target. She needed a diversion. Raven lowered herself to the ground, trying to make herself look like she was out of strength and the Maverick took the bait. As the giant fist flew at her, she soared into the air again and gathered enough energy for a single, massive attack intended to eliminate the Maverick, but when she turned herself to face her enemy, she stopped. The tank now lay motionless without its controller anywhere in sight. The dark girl in the air above dropped the energy she was building, and her guard.

"What the…? Where did he… AAAAAHH!!" Raven felt the steel body of Overdrive Ostrich clamp on to her from above and they both plummeted to the ground. Raven would not let herself be beaten so easily, and she phased through the ground, leaving nothing to break the maverick's fall. When her dark figure erupted from the ground, she was face to face with him. The bird-like machine smiled, barely even dented from the fall.

"Sorry to break it to you, little girl, but I can easily jump just as high as you can fly."

She began to glare back at him and his insult, but her stomach contracted in horrible pain where Overdrive's powerful leg struck her.

"Ugh…" she could barely breathe, "So fast…" She was lifted up by her neck, and no matter how hard she tried to release his grasp, Overdrive Ostrich held on firmly.

"Any last words before I rip out your throat?"

"As a matter of fact…" gasped the dark sorceress with what little breath she could muster, "Azarath, Metrion, ZYNTHOS!!!" Blades of energy danced all around and forced the beast off of her. As her lungs sucked in the air she was being deprived of, Raven was just slightly relieved to see that The Overdrive Ostrich was having a little difficulty picking himself up.

"Finally, I think I managed to actually hurt that thing." By now, Cyborg, slightly damp from being tossed in the bay, had swum his way back onto shore to support his fellow Titan. He had learned from his mistake that it was going to take a lot more power and teamwork to take out this machine. The two positioned themselves between the Ostrich and the tank armor that he had previously been riding.

"Whatsa matter, bird-bot?" Taunted Cyborg, "Not so tough without the big guns, huh?

Unlike his leader Vile, the Maverick was furious at the smug expression that the Titan wore, but he was not stupid. "I've got more than enough power to crush you on my own, you inferior piece of scrap!" He leapt high into the air and spread his arms out, releasing bright energy blades of his own that rained down upon Raven and Cyborg. Raven easily put up a dark barrier around them both to stop the attack, but Overdrive's intent was very successful. He was now once again in the carrier tank, and the two Titans were back at square one.

Robin, Beast Boy and Starfire were not faring much better against the Magna Centipede. Beast Boy's Triceratops body, despite its size, was stopped in its tracks by the stronger arms of the Centipede's massive tank. Beast Boy struggled in a battle of pure strength as the tank arms held upon to his horns, and with one deft twist, the Centipede had forced him into the dirt. Beast Boy shifted into an Eagle and rounded about in the sky, preparing for his next opportunity to attack as Robin and Starfire stepped in for a round with the four-armed Maverick. Starfire's star bolts hardly left a mark on the tank, and those were on the occasions when she actually managed to hit her target. The Centipede's tank was just as fast as Overdrive's, and Robin hardly had a chance to fight when he was too busy dodging the machine's massive arms. Robin dodged a punch from the left and then leapt over one from the right.

"Star! Distract him!" Without even having to think about Robin's request, she began to fly around the tank in circles. The Centipede realigned his attention and swung madly at her, only hitting air while Robin climbed up the backside of the machine. He wished that Star could get the Centipede to stop turning the machine around because it was like hanging on to a wild bull without having any hands. The Boy Wonder finally managed to drag himself to the top, and the Maverick was still distracted by Starfire's mosquito impression.

"Great!" Thought Robin as he reached into his utility belt for his ice explosives, but stopped when he felt to cold, metal hands grasp his shoulders. The Centipede had grabbed Robin with the two arms that had been lying dormant while he used the other two to continue to attack Starfire! Robin was flipped around to the Maverick's front side. Robin braced his body as best he could as the machine's solid steel head came crashing into his face.

"AUGH!!" Robin landed hard on the ground and he could feel blood leaking out of his nose. His head was throbbing, and the next thing he could focus his eyes on was the massive leg of Centipede's tank about to crush him.

"LEAVE… HIM… ALONE!!!" Starfire screamed. She lifted the foot away from her friend with her incredible strength and tossed it aside. The Centipede's eyes widened in surprise and he struggled to regain control over his carrier armor, but the Tamaranian girl was quickly upon him. A powerful laser from her eyes knocked the Maverick away from the controls, and she dove on top of him, which proved to be a fatal mistake.

Starfire felt a sharp stinging in her back, followed by a deep burning in her whole body. A very small hole was left in her lower back where Magna Centipede had injected her with poison from the stinger on his long tail. Starfire's body felt weak and limp. She could barely move, and her eyes began to roll into the back of her head. The Maverick tossed the Tamaranian aside like a rag doll and reactivated his tank once again; more than eager to get back into the fight.

The Titans took a moment to fall back and breathe. They were losing this battle, and the ones on the battlefield who were still able to move knew this. Robin and Starfire could barely move, and were only narrowly grabbed away from death by two massive claws of the eagle shaped Beast Boy. The changeling himself was sore, and Cyborg was damp and beaten. The dust settled as the strange machines in their tanks waited for the Titans to make the next move.

But Raven heard something in her ear. It was a quiet, malicious snicker. Someone quietly laughing as if this bloodshed were amusing. She cocked her head and saw where it was coming from. It came from the machine in the black armor with the faceless visage, Vile. He stood at the edge of the battle, not having moved once since it started, and the idea of killing the Titans entertained him in such a way that was only matched by some of the worst threats that the fivesome had fought over the years. Raven's anger welled up inside her as she looked at Vile's empty face. Her body tightened and she screamed.

"ENOUGH!!" Dark energy flew out around her and began to consume the tanks of both Magna Centipede and Overdrive Ostrich. The two mechanized beings couldn't maintain control over their weapons, and they both bailed out of the way of Raven's fury, leaving their machines at her mercy. The arms on one of the tank armors began to slowly rip off under Raven's influence, but their durability took an enormous toll on Raven's strength.

"RAVEN, LOOK OUT!!" Shouted the changeling from behind, But Beast Boy's words were not enough. Vile saw that he would actually have to dirty his hands in order to finish off the Titans, and he had decided to start with the Titan that posed the greatest threat. The dark sorceress did not realize what was happening to her until it was too late. Vile's tank had grabbed her by the torso and smashed her body into the ground. She felt intense pain from so many places; she felt a rumble through her body from a bone breaking somewhere, but she did not even have enough time to tell where it was before she was picked up again by the monstrous Maverick. Vile began to smash her into the ground over and over again, so brutally that she could barely even think. Her friends rushed to her aid, but the instant they approached her they were beaten back by the free arm of Vile's powerful tank.

"LET HER GO!!" Beast Boy screamed as his body expanded into a powerful T-Rex. The massive reptile roared and showed his teeth at Vile, but the changeling's mere size would not take down this cunning enemy. Now a huge target for Vile, Beast Boy was easily struck by an electrical burst from the laser weapon mounted on Vile's shoulder. Beast Boy was not severely hurt by the blast, but he was forced to change back to his human form, and his body twitched as the electrical surges immobilized him.

Raven could barely see through the hot tears in her eyes. She was afraid. Vile was so horrible, so brutal. Her body smashed into the ground again. She had never experienced anything so physically painful, but she was afraid, too. Her friends couldn't save her. She couldn't see anything anymore, but she could hear her friends failing to save her. She felt her ribs breaking worse with every impact, and she could feel dampness on her body that could only have been from her own blood. Raven was losing consciousness, and just as she was on the verge of death, Vile lifted her up high for one final blow. The young sorceress, with her last bit of thought before she blacked out, knew that something must have happened. Vile did not finish her off. In fact, she thought she even felt the grip on her body loosen. As she collapsed in a heap on the ground, she knew that either one of her friends had saved her, or that she was already dead.

Standing between the battered girl and Vile was the man in the blue armor, holding out the sword he had used to cleave the tank's arm clear off of its body. If Vile had a face that could actually show any expression, it would have been of the most deep and intense hatred that one could feel. He clenched his fists so tight at the blue Maverick Hunter standing before him that he almost twisted his own metallic fingers. The other two Mavericks almost seemed afraid.

"Damn you, Mega Man X!" He spat at the man in blue armor, "Why must you always come between your fellow reploids and what we deserve?"

"Because it involves slaughtering innocent people," countered Mega Man X. "Now Vile, let me ask you a question. How many times do I have to kill you before you stay dead?"

"I told you, Maverick Hunter, that I would haunt you until the day you die, and I intend to keep that promise!!"

Vile exuded an aura of power, but he was not confident in his chances of beating Mega Man X, especially with the help of Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin, who had all managed to gather themselves again. He tapped a device on his wrist and began to retreat towards the edge of the water with his comrades where a massive ship began to surface. Mega Man X and the remaining Titans started for them, but they could not reach Vile with the speed of his carrier armor, and the Magna Centipede simply vanished when Cyborg used his sonic cannon at him. Overdrive Ostrich was fast on his own, but not fast enough to escape the concussive blasts of Mega Man's X-Buster on his arm. Overdrive realized that his fellow Mavericks were already on the ship with the bay doors closed. They had abandoned him, leaving him in X's hands. Mega Man X and the Titans did not show mercy on him. Beast Boy now towered over the Ostrich, once again as the giant, green T-Rex, and the changeling used his massive jaws to clamp down on the machine and toss it in the air so that Cyborg could finally make a successful hit with his sonic cannon. Robin followed by jamming an ice explosive down the bird's throat before it could recover from Cyborg's attack. The explosion contained within him caused him to shake and malfunction. Sparks shot out of the Ostrich and there were electrical surges across his body. It only took one more blow grand blow to finish him off. Mega Man X's body was glowing brightly as he charged enough energy for the finishing blow. With a shout, he released a ball of blue and green energy from his right arm that completely consumed the Maverick. Those left standing in the battle covered their eyes as the machine blew into pieces. After the explosion had cleared, Robin could see this person known as Mega Man X glowing as small rays of light seemed to join with his body from where the Ostrich had been. He wasn't sure what to think about their savior standing before them…

Silence accompanied the air as the dust settled, and the Titans relaxed their sore bodies, but only for a moment, because they knew that two of their friends were hurt, and badly.

Robin rushed over to where Starfire lay and lifted her head up off the ground. Her body was covered in cold sweat and her skin was tinted as purple as her oufit. "Hang in there, Star," he said softly with worry in his eyes.

Mega Man X was not as concerned. "Don't worry, just get her inside and give her some antibiotics, and she'll be fine." Robin looked at X and did as he was told, knowing that he had no choice but to listen to the person who had just saved their lives.

Cyborg and Beast Boy were not far away, trying to tend to Raven, but the blood stained heap of the pale Teen Titan looked beyond help.

"Cy… how bad is she? She can heal herself like always, right? Right?!"

Cyborg did not even have to look at his sensor readout to tell how bad it actually was. Raven was dying. She was too close to death to put herself into a healing coma.

"B.B… I don't think there's anything we can do, man."

Neither Cyborg nor Beast Boy wanted to believe that they were going to lose their friend. They sat in silence, holding back tears as they looked at her twisted, bleeding body. Mega Man X stared at her a few feet from behind Beast Boy. He hung his head and closed his eyes. A hand went to the red jewel placed in forehead of his armor, and he knew what he had to do.

"Move," He commanded Beast Boy and Cyborg, "I'm going to try to save her." They didn't even know who this man in blue armor was, but they figured he was her only hope.

Mega Man X knelt down beside her and placed his hands just above Raven's broken body. X prayed to himself.

"Please, let this work. Please, let this work!"

The jewel on his forehead began to resonate. It was glowing, faster and faster, and it released a high pitched humming sound. He was taking huge breaths, preparing himself for what he was about to do. He muttered under his breath.

"Almost, almost. Just a few seconds more…… NOW!"

X placed his hands down on Raven's body, and her eyes opened wide and she screamed so loud that neither X nor could the Titans hear anything else. A bright light surrounded them both, and she could feel every wound and every broken bone in her body with ten times the amount of pain she had suffered when it was happening, but as she screamed, X started to scream in pain, too. Her broken bones started to come back together, and X's body began to break apart. The blood stained areas on her body started to seal up, and X's outsides began to rip open. The screaming from them both only lasted a few seconds longer, and then it stopped. Cyborg and Beast Boy squinted, trying to see something; anything. Once the light had faded, they looked at what had happened, and they could not believe their eyes. Raven and X were now both in dire shape, but they would live. Raven's injuries had lessened, and X's had become much greater.

"There…" panted X. He tried to fight the pain, but his face began to glaze and his limbs were limp. Slowly, he lay down next to Raven and shut his eyes.