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Ch. 1

"Tohru…I…I love you," the words echoed back and forth in her head. She couldn't grasp it…that Yuki, perfect, wonderful Yuki loved her. Her.Tohru Honda... Sure, she had been secretly dating him for 2 months, but Tohru was still as shocked as the day those words fell out of his mouth.


Yuki leaned forward and gave Tohru a quick kiss on the lips. He looked around carefully. Yuki was always very careful on these dates. Akito was always watching…he wouldn't let it happen to Tohru…not her…

"Yuki-kun?" she asked sweetly, pulling him out of his daydream. "Are you alright? Is something worrying you?"

"No! No…nothing." Tohru raised an eyebrow…she looked so funny like that! All at once she and Yuki burst out laughing. He loved her laugh; it was like a chorus of angels…he sounded so corny!

"Sir…your order's here!" said a sing-song and strangely familiar voice.

"Aya! What are you doing here!" growled Yuki.

"Oh! Excuse me!" Ayame Sohma "Is it so wrong for an older brother to pay his own flesh and blood a visit!" Aya dramatically put his hand to his forehead and flipped his radiant, silver tresses.

"And besides…I was always drawn to the romantic and non-chalant life of the Common Waiter!"

"As if that really means anything," said Yuki angrily.

"Oh well, that's beside the point. I really must be going now…" he paused for dramatic effect. "Goodbye, Miss Honda!" he kissed her hand. "I'll be taking my leave…but before I go Tohru…I have one simple favor to ask of you..." Aya whispered in her ear.

"WHA!" Tohru turned cherry red.

"What…Did….You…You…Say…?" Yuki snarled.

"Oh, nothing, nothing! Goodbye dearest Yuki!" and Ayame vanished in a puff of smoke. Tohru's face simmered down to a light pink.

"I'm sorry that idiot interrupted our date, Honda-san."

"Don't worry about it Yuki-kun! It's always…uh…interesting when Aya's around!" Tohru smiled sweetly. Yuki looked at Tohru without breaking the gaze.

"You're so beautiful…Tohru." He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to her cheek.


Koiun looked up from her newspaper and glanced over at the happy couple. They really are cute together. It's too bad.